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You know, it's funny...

For years now the leftist censors have long tried to convince the greater public that people were being "radicalized" by conservative speakers who merely called things as they saw them, instead of bowing down to the garbage PC narratives.

As we see now -
...the greatest "radicalizations" or push to the right we've ever seen in this country have come directly from the actions of the left, of Marxist BLM & ANTIFA burning down cities, attacking innocents and using their fascist tactics to shout down speakers or drown out differing-

They've pushed millions to the @RealWalkAway mvmt

They've pushed thousands of Democrats to @realDonaldTrump rallies.

The hoax reporting of NYT, Time, CNN, MSDNC and others have cratered their viewership & readership.

Millions of those once in the center are now -
...decidedly right, finally having a clear view of exactly what the leftist tyrannical would-be overlords plan to do with any power they're given.

Tens of millions of us decidedly on the right finally have the pleasure of seeing our countrymen & women around us wake up to what-
...we've been trying to tell them for decades.

But there is another group the left really needs to worry about.

While the modern day Brownshirts, street thugs & Marxist guerilla soldiers of the Democrats think they're hot shit because they received some Marxist, activist & -
...revolutionary training from college professors, politicians and 60s-era revolutionaries & domestic terrorists who've been long out of practice, there are quite a few of us who look at your training and laugh.

We've been held back by a respect for the nation, for the rule of -, and by a desire to see things brought to an end by law enforcement without massive collateral damage or harm to innocent civilians.

We're known to some as "masters of chaos," men who were trained in the forests of North Carolina, Georgia & Northern Virginia to -
...unleash hell on any targets who stood against our nation.

We swore an oath to defend her against all enemies, both foreign & domestic.

We've had 2 decades to hone those skills in the desert wars and low-vis proxy & unconventional wars around the globe that you don't even -
...know are being fought.

Do you really think, soyboy white middle class son of a professor, that your tactics will stand up against those who've depended on their skills to keep themselves & their Brothers alive?

Do you really think that as you fight to gain power for the-
...tyrants who fund you, that your passions will keep you in the fight against men who are willing to die for the flag of this nation, the men on his left and right or who swore to defend the Constitution that you're trying to shred?

I have pity for your naïveté now, as I - every night how brave you are when the police are held back, but how quickly you scream & cry & scurry away once they start going on any sort of offensive.

How do you see that playing out against men who aren't held by any rules or regulations?

By men with no worry-
...of a pension to hold on to or badge to lose?

You see, the very thing that you're fighting for will be your downfall.

If the laws & police you so hate are taken away, and the rule of law is gone, we have no reason to stay on the sideline and watch.

If you continue to burn -
...down cities, we have no reason to hope for their preservation.

If you continue to harm innocent civilians, we have no reason to worry about collateral damage, as it's apparent you don't and won't.

Quit while you're ahead, children.

There are professionals just waiting -
...for the signal to put this down for good.

Be careful what you wish for, it won't turn out how you expect.

Tojours Pret: alway ready
Semper Fidelis: always faithful
Nous Defions: we defy, we defend
Virtus junxit mors non separabit: who virtue unites, death may not separate
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