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The #NewEducationPolicy is Rajaji's caste-based education by proxy. But it's more than merely education.

How is that? Let me elaborate.

Thread. #RejectNEP

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There are 3 policies of the BJP regime one needs to look at before #NEP.

1. NEET.
2. Demonetization.
3. GST.

One may ask: We can understand NEET, but why demonetization and GST?

In hindsight, that's where everything started. Let me elaborate further in the following tweets.
Who were most badly affected by demonetization? Informal businesses and MSMEs.

Who runs them? Usually OBCs, SCs and STs.

Yes, MSMEs and informal businesses are mostly run by non-UCs. They were most badly affected by demonetization and couldn't run their businesses.
Many of them shuttered their businesses while some of them even committed suicide.

But that wasn't all. GST followed very soon. Again, who was most badly affected? MSMEs and informal businesses.

The BJP regime's disastrous war on the informal economy primarily hurt non-UCs.
Standardization was touted as an excuse to impose NEET.

But is NEET really worth? See:…

Students who scored well in just one subject got admitted. For instance, you could get negative scores in physics/chemistry, but if you did well in biology, admitted.
The problem with NEET is, you churn out half-assed doctors. Without physics/chemistry, how do doctors prescribe or develop the right medicines/drugs? How will they know which chemical reactions happen inside the body? How will they develop medical devices without physics?
This is what Sanghis tout as "standardization" and mock Tamil Nadu's education wherein students have to get very high scores in all 3 subjects: physics, chemistry and biology, in order to qualify for admission!

This happens every single time.…
Again, who can write NEET confidently? Students whos parents can afford to send them to separate coaching classes for the same.

Also if you have enough money, you have a much higher chance of securing an MBBS seat than those from poorer backgrounds despite Sanghi propaganda.
DMK fought hard so OBCs got their reservations for MBBS. Otherwise the BJP regime was steadfast against giving them even one seat.

Make no mistake, the same pattern will be followed vis-à-vis the nationwide "standardization" tests for admission into arts and science degrees.
And then cutting scholarship funds for poor people from OBC/SC/ST backgrounds. Not to mention EWS category for UCs earning less than $10,000 per year (they're also given ridiculously low cut-off scores for admission).

The BJP regime it seems is also phasing out M.Phil degrees.
On the other hand, Sanskrit is being aggressively pushed on everybody. The CBSE syllabus is also being purged of all vital topics.…

It's been reduced by a whopping 30%.…

At the same time, Vedic "math" and "science" are being pushed.
This will acutely hurt the poor, even if they manage to get an education and get through school. Only rich kids who can afford to go to separate coaching classes for JEE and NEET will have a better chance of getting by college.

The BJP regime is basically making education/
inaccessible to the poor.

The categories that'll suffer the most will be OBCs/SCs/STs. Even UCs will have a hard time if they can't go to a coaching school.

There's only one class that'll benefit tremendously: Coaching classes. Everybody else stands to lose. And terribly.
Back to the Rajaji era.

→No money? Don't study.
→There are castes (i.e., Brahmins, Banias, Jains, etc.) who'll study.
→You learn and do the profession of your forefathers (i.e., caste-based jobs).

Rajaji openly said this because society was largely unaware and ignorant.
People from OBC/SC/ST communities didn't even realize that they were human beings worthy of equal rights.

What was possible for Rajaji isn't so easily possible for Modi.

What Rajaji did openly and blatantly, Modi is doing through other means (i.e., death by a thousand cuts).
But Modi is the symptom of a much bigger problem, i.e., RSS.

They're not against reservations because Brahmins AREN'T getting admissions in colleges. They're against reservations because OBC/SC/ST communities ARE getting admissions in colleges. That to them is unacceptable.
Is it impossible for the BJP regime to, for instance, start a separate university in every state exclusively for Brahmins/UCs in collaboration with prestigious foreign institutions, all the while maintaining other systems already in place?

It's possible. But they won't do it.
Never forget: RSS/BJP oppose reservations because poor people from OBC/SC/ST communities ARE getting an education when (in their eyes) they shouldn't, not because Brahmins AREN'T getting them.

It's not possible to say "OBCs/SCs/STs should go back to villages and work in farms."
BJP will lose all elections and return to zero. So they introduce "standardization tests", purge CBSE and other BJP states' syllabuses of important topics and also introduce public exams all the way from 3rd grade.

That's how RSS/BJP plans to filter out those pesky lower castes.
Death by a thousand cuts.

Now you see every major policy decision by the BJP regime since demonetization in your country and tell me if I'm wrong.

There's a good reason the BJP regime isn't giving states their GST dues. Federalism, democracy and secularism are anathema to RSS.
That's why the BJP regime took religion into its hands.

Religious politics is a toxic cocktail that's dangerously addictive. People high on that cocktail can be convinced to do anything they wouldn't do normally.

While people are kept engaged on that front, the BJP regime/
snatches away their rights silently.

It's the equivalent of amputating/hacking off a person's hands and legs after drugging him to the extreme or giving him anesthesia and making him lose all his senses.

It's not possible to chop them up to pieces when they're aware and awake.
Religious bigotry was how RSS inducted OBCs/SCs/STs into its fold. By painting concentric circles on the backs of Muslims and Christians, the lower castes were kept engaged while the BJP regime took away their rights.

In that sense, every "award" or "recognition" offered by RSS/
and its affiliates to OBCs/SCs/STs is an attempt to undermine those communities whilst pretending to care for them. A very smart move, must admit.

You needn't do anything for lower castes, you can even persecute them, but doling out a few "awards" will wash away all your crimes!
Remember: Hindu Rashtra is Brahmin/Bania/Jain Rashtra.

See what they really think about OBCs/SCs/STs.

This is the end of my thread.

Thank you all for reading.

Good morning. Have a nice day.
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