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1. Is anyone willing to admit letting relationships slip?

Anyone feeling like important ties that bind to friends and family are swirling down?Somewhere around our checking accounts?

This is dangerous to our mental and spiritual health and we must reverse the trend
2. Are just political differences driving us apart?

What if we are being programmed to eschew each other in favor of social media? A precursor to the more recent and more wildly blatant closure of churches, recovery programs, senior centers and gyms?

What if this was planned?
3.Many traditional ways of doing business have been replaced by “middleman”tech from yard sales (ebay)to taxis(uber)the hotel industry (airbnb)and dining(doordash)

All “connect”us,by separating us.

What if this separation is social engineering designed to weaken us?

Is it?
4.Why would the elusive 1%, the widely despised deep state and its shadow government powerbots want us separated from each other while lulling us with rank replacements of human relationships?

Social media is an all-powerful forum, a global conversation

(that they control)
5. What if strange things started happening around us? Things that simply did not exist in the 90’s or anytime previously?

What if, simultaneously the economy was replaced as well?

What if people were so broke and so stressed they failed to notice either?
6. And even if we did notice some, many, or all of these changes, there was no one around to talk to about any of it?

What if masters of manipulation and greed knew we wouldn’t like what we are being served so first, they quietly took control of our means to discuss any of it?
7. What if rivers ran red?

What if Alzheimer’s and autism shot up, sickening our most defenseless in the 10,000th percentile?

What if almost no one had any money by the third week of the month?

What if people all over the world reported strange booms and blaring sounds?
8. What if it seemed like time was moving double speed?

What if you were trying to live on what you made 20 years ago?

What if it seemed like books, movies, products and songs were...changing.

Who would you discuss it all with? Facebook friends? Twitter followers?
9. What if a majority of our truths were delivered through screens in our pockets? Screens controlled by bad companies, running evil software and owned by bad men?
10. Imagine having lunch w/ a friend in 2000. She leans across the table and says “I like my new job but I’m making the same amount my mom made in 1980.”

You would’ve thought”wow, that’s terrible. I’ll get this” and reacted for the check

7 out of 10 Americans are in this boat
11.Except we no longer meet for lunch. At least, not the half of the country trapped in blue states. And before commenting, please remember a lot of tried n true conservatives are STUCK in blue states:jobs,upside down homes, ailing parents,deep family ties

Not everyone can move
12. We are about to hit the “reversion” radius of the tech-debt cycle.

What does that mean? It means that in hundreds of areas of both the private and public sector economy the average person can no longer afford “average”anything

And we’re facing it alone
13. It is getting harder to keep qualifying America as a capitalist country.

We no longer run on earned capital.

We run on debt.

Technically, America is conducting a new cacophonous symphony of destruction: debtism.

Government debt. Corporate debt. Consumer debt.
14. We are being driven (at first commercially but now by totally unlawful ‘mandates’) further and further away from one another.

My best friends live in: Georgia, Ohio, Michigan, Florida and Connecticut.

I live in the Pacific Northwest.

We cannot grocery shop w/o a mask
15. We are simultaneously witnessing bizarre changes to our sky, health, food, water, history and even pop culture while being starved financially down to subsistence(or worse) government dependence levels and all the while prevented from gathering for a hug,a cocktail or prayer.
16. Why are “tiny homes” so trendy? Because millions of Americans cannot afford a regular house.
17. Same with the nomadic “boondocker” lifestyle. More people can afford to convert a van to an ersatz Class B RV/camper than can afford the down payment on a “stick built” house.
18. And the job market is so lightening-dynamic that many see living mobile as an easier way to transition from one gig to the next.

The two primary culprits that guarantee Americans continue to get by longer on less are:

Central banking
globalist immigration.
19. Central banking jacks the cost of everything.

Globalism reduces the value of talent in the work force.

You pay more and more...

and earn less and less.
20. Central banking is such a wicked curse upon this land and our people, books in excess of 500 pages decry the abomination of “diverse weights and measures” and “the borrower being slave to the lender”

Combined with globalism it is satanic sickness on God’s children
21. Why is nothing ever done about immigration reform?

I will tell you why.

Because NOBODY in “the club” wants it.

Democrats want low information voters.

Republicans want the cheapest bottom line.

Translation: immigrants are the cheapest labor pool.
22. When President Trump talks about improvements in the economy he is not telling us the full story. Neither did any of his predecessors.

This is not a slam on POTUS. I love him.

I am voting for President Trump.

But Trump is a businessman. And a successful one at that.
23. Trump is on record as a “line item” guy.

Interviews dating back to to the 80’s mention:he knows what lightbulbs are in his hotels and the thread count in the sheets. So surely he knows the magnitude, the profundity of that second line in America’s budget?
24. The line right under “military expenditures”?

The line that says “interest paid to the Federal Reserve”?

We spend $800 billion to $1 trillion on military and in the same year $400 to $700 BILLION goes directly in the pockets of a few elite banking families
25. You read that correctly. In the same years that the US Federal Government borrows well over $1 trillion bucks to cover the balance sheet, we are paying at least half that amount to .01% European banksters and their American puppets

Our entire financial infrastructure is DEBT
26. When the initial covid panic first manifested across the United States, the Federal Government wrote a rubber check for over a trillion dollars in one day.

Yes, some of that money helped American families. But most of it went straight to Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan
I remember 2012.

Congress threatened to shutdown when we hit the $16 Trillion debt ceiling.

Today that number is quaint.

In eight years we have exceeded it by over $6 trillion more and there is no end in sight.
28. As we careen into the strangest General Election of our lifetimes the single conundrum that not only puzzles me, it leaves me incredulous:

Why can’t everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE agree we are getting screwed?

Back to our individual finances for a moment:
29.Have the Reagan Era warnings against Soviet style communalism (aka communism)wormed their way into our lives?

Not directly from DC policy makers but SF techies?

We are sharing cars, rides, even lodging with complete strangers.

Why? Because it’s cheaper

And we’re broke
30. Technology changed the job market and globalism changed the labor pool.

A job opening in 1980 drew talent regionally. The commute was born.

In 2000 employers shopped talent nationwide on the net.

Today, Americans compete w/similarly skilled talent worldwide.
31. If you own a business and need an IT Tech why hire someone from a neighboring state at $80k per year(or across town at $100k per year)if you can hire someone from Sri Lanka for $40k? This simplified model is why no one earning a wage or salary can “get ahead”in today’s world
32. What about advice?

Technology and the constant demand for greater and greater debt (referred to as ‘economic growth’ by both Democrats and Republicans) renders much of the advice passed from one generation to the next as moot, quaint or in many cases just plain wrong.
33. There was a time, that all Baby Boomers and perhaps the older Gen Xers can remember, when a dedicated individual could start as a cashier at Target and thirty years later, be Regional Manager.

Now the average professional American changes jobs every 3-5 years.
34. Imagine trying to get by in the year 2000 on the same wherewithal that covered professionals in 1980.

Yet that is precisely what is happening today

Now imagine a day not too far in the future when some random “fact checker” decides they don’t like that statement
35. We are at an apex of the dynamics in the way we work, where we work and how we interact with each other

Many companies, seeing the margins of a “work from home” protocol are going to dump expensive commercial leases.

No commute

No social interaction either
36. Many recently unemployed were astounded to receive almost double from “government resources” than they made at their $18 an hour job.

How will they be incentivized to return to a $560 per week (after taxes) job at Autozone when they got $1100 for essentially nothing?
37. Do you ever move through your day and look around at your fellow man and think to yourself “how is anyone getting by?”

I do.

The next thought is invariably “how am I getting by?”

And everyone, in Los Angeles, Pennsylvania, Dallas, Washington, everyone looks so...alone.

How is an individual who makes $48,000/year supposed to rent an apartment at $1400 per month?
$16,800 per year

Utilities $2400/year

$1800/yr cell phone

Hamburger $6 per pound

Gas $3/gallon

The government takes its pound (or 10 pounds)of flesh there is zero left. ZERO.
39. Is it any wonder that Social Media Influencer is new blinger lifestyle that so many Zoomers and Millennials aspire to?

Sounds simple: build a big following and get paid to say you like something. Even that path is constricting w/ recent ‘deductions’ on twitter and elsewhere
In 1980:
1. Earn money
2. Deposit in a savings account
3. Savings paid 4%
4. The bank used that capital to make loans
5. Loans created more jobs
6. As long as inflation was less than 4% we kept our heads above water

In 2020:
1. double digit inflation.
2. Savings pay 0%
41. Bill Clinton changed all of that in 1993 when the firewall between commercial banking and investment banking was eliminated. Within a few years, banks became casinos. Gambling with your money.

Folks, do you remember? Banks used to PAY YOU to use them.

America ran on capital
42. Now banks create money out of thin air and charge exhorbitant interest to anyone who borrows it. And they know they can get away with it in perpetuity because (per previous examples) no one can actually save money anymore.

Costs are too high.

Earnings are criminally low
43. If we do not re-elect President Trump in 84 days the chances of finance or banking reform are zero.

Biden is 1000% “in on it”. Just look at Ukraine.

Similarly, the chance for immigration reform, leading to higher earnings is also zero

And we—
we need to come together
44. We need to stop accepting digital communication in lieu of human contact
45. Look at the little ones walking around in masks. How many members of our future are getting negative formative impressions at age 3 or 4 that will serve as their earliest memories? We are poisoning early development.

And consigning them to entire lives of debt slavery.
46. Closing churches and forbidding the gathering of the brethren would have had the WW2 generation reaching for their shotguns

America’s churches must open immediately

This is a criminal anomalous act, politically motivated& must be mitigated immediately
47. All 50 states must reopen AA meetings, NA meetings and other group recovery efforts now!

How many great men and women had years of sobriety under their belts?

Were working, making a car payment and living a life before the covid panic?

How many died? Alone and wasted?
48. Schools must reopen and parents need to (if necessary) sacrifice sleep in order to reevaluate the entire “leftist teacher” epidemic in America.

60% of Antifa arrested are teachers, educators or work in the “education system”

These dirtbags are poisoning our kids’ futures
49. Each of us must make new and better personal choices starting now. We must remind ourselves: civilization as we know it was 99% built without cell phones or the internet. Humans are SOCIAL. We need each other. Not via Zoom. Or Facetime.Heck, I could really use a hug right now
50. Lastly,most importantly, we must pray FIRST THING everyday.

If you don’t know what to pray,

Pray the Lord’s Prayer and read Ephesians 6:12-18 out loud.

1 of 2 things are coming:

Huge earth shaking changes

or war.

I will pray for changes.

God bless you all.
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