Day 1 of 40 Ways to Fight Fascists!

We are collaborating with Spencer Sunshine (@transform6789) to release this resource for practical ways to engage in this critical moment

To fight fascism, we must first understand fascism!


#40DaysOfAntifascism An overhead illustration of...
Day 2 of 40 Ways to Fight Fascists!

2. Find collaborators

We can only do this work together! Sharing notes, checking work, avoiding duplicate efforts & supporting each other during these difficult times is critical!


#40DaysOfAntifascism Protesters standing togethe...
Day 3 of 40 Ways to Fight Fascists!

3. Keep an eye on the local far-right

A critical part of antifascist work is keeping tabs on far-right figures. Knowing where they are & what they're planning is key to community defense

#40DaysOfAntifascism A pair of giant binoculars ...
Day 5 of 40 Ways to Fight Fascists!

5. Remove and replace far-right propaganda

We do not want the far-right recruiting and we don't want community members seeing their vitriol. We are strong and messaging around our neighborhoods should reflect that!

#40DaysOfAntifascism Image
Day 6 of 40 Ways to Fight Fascists!

6. Push public groups to oppose fascism

It is critical that we bring as many ppl as possible into this fight. In order to defeat fascism we must build a mass movement

illustration from @/queeriam on IG

#40DaysOfAntifascism Image
Day 7 of 40 Ways to Fight Fascists!

7. Make it difficult for far-right groups to organize

Whether it's counter-protesting, deplatforming, disrupting comms, etc, it's critical we throw a wrench in the gears of far-right organizing

Antifan img by @TooSphexy

#40DaysOfAntifascism Illustration of cartoonish ...
Day 8 of 40 Ways to Fight Fascists!

8. Refute their lies

It is critical for us to counter far-right messaging. We must educate our communities about the lies and propaganda fascists put out and we must do so without providing them a platform. ¡no pasarán!

#40DaysOfAntifascism A photo with a chud in a MA...
Day 9 of 40 Ways to Fight Fascists!

9. Use the court system

Litigation against the far-right for their violence, for their harassment, can be a powerful tool to disrupt their work. From the streets to the courtrooms, we will fight on every front!

#40DaysOfAntifascism Illustration of a gavel wit...
Day 10 of 40 Ways to Fight Fascists!

10. Expose Fascists At Home and At work!

After identifying key Far Right activists find out where they work and live. Call their boss and pressure them to fire the fascist in their midst.
Tell their neighbors too!

#40DaysOfAntifascism Image
Day 11 of 40 Ways to Fight Fascists!

11. De-platform fascists online

Fascists rely heavily on platforms like Facebook and Twitter to recruit and spread messaging. We must deprive them of this space where we can. Shut it down!

#40DaysOfAntifascism A klansman standing atop a ...
Day 12 of 40 Ways to Fight Fascists!

12. Prevent the far-right from crashing progressive events

When we build / organize together, we are focused on the work & sharing community space that is ours. A key aspect of antifascism is protecting these spaces ✊

#40DaysOfAntifascism A posse of hood wearing kla...
Day 13 of 40 Ways to Fight Fascists!

13. Drive wedges between individuals and groups

When we understand ideological differences between right-wing factions, we can drive wedges to discourage more widespread adoption of far-right tendencies

#40DaysOfAntifascism A cartoon newspaper with th...
Day 14 of 40 Ways to Fight Fascists!

14. Find new collaborators

The struggle against fascism is an #EverydayAntifascist fight! We have to organize outside our bubbles and sync up with everyone we can to be successful

(Illustration by @TooSphexy)
#40DaysOfAntifascism Image
Day 15 of 40 Ways to Fight Fascists!

15. Organize anti-racist bar crawls

When fash post up at a pub, organize your anti-racist crew to hold space. Build relationships and put the chuds on notice: we cede no space for fascist organizing!

(Img by @TooSphexy)
#40DaysOfAntifascism Photo of a hand holding a b...
Day 16 of 40 Ways to Fight Fascists!

16. Help fascists become formers

There must be a path for fash to transform & commit to something better. It's difficult work and not for everyone, but we must be here for it

(illustration by bad.fats on IG)
#40DaysOfAntifascism Illustration of a butterfly...
Day 17 of 40 Ways to Fight Fascists!

17. Get your message out first

It's important to show that our community is united against fascist organizing. Flyering, canvassing, media. Fash aren't welcome here & they must know it!

(Image by @CouldYouJustN0t)
#40DaysOfAntifascism Illustration of a protester...
Day 18 of 40 Ways to Fight Fascists!

18. Build educational programs

Public talks, reading groups, classes, mentorship... beyond individual study, we must put this into practice & build #EverydayAntifascist educational programs together!

(Img by @TooSphexy)
#40DaysOfAntifascism An image showing a circular...
Day 19 of 40 Ways to Fight Fascists!

19. Hold memorial events

Y'all are our community - our partners in the struggle. We are in this fight together. Stay together, stay tight; and never forget those stolen from us! ❤🔥

(Img: @/queeriam_art, IG)
#40DaysOfAntifascism Image shows an altar. Flowe...
Day 20 of 40 Ways to Fight Fascists!

20. Make a spectacle

Spectacle? Did someone say #Spectacle?! This work is hard; let's bring joy where we can!

(Img from @/bad.fats (IG) based on a performance by House of Flora and Ada countering PBs in #PDX)
#40DaysOfAntifascism A group is gathered togethe...
40 Ways to Fight Fascists!

21. Organize trainings & resource fairs

First aid, self-defense, personal / tech security, political education, etc... we have so much to share w/ each other! What trainings have stood out to you?

(Img from Chalice Mitchell) #40DaysOfAntifascism Illustration shows a poster...
40 Ways to Fight Fascists!

22. Form emergency response teams 🚑

Fascism is inherently violent. We need well-rounded emergency resp teams that can quickly mobilize to keep our community safe from the fash. We protect us!

Big thx to @lolololodex for img!

#40DaysofAntifascism A collection of name tags w...
40 Ways to Fight Fascists!

23. Recruit early and often

Capacity is critical! There is so much work to be done in so many different areas. Too many ppl are doing way too much. We need to consistently be bringing in new folks!

(Img from @/be.pleasant on IG) Illustration of folks engag...
40 Ways to Fight Fascists!

24. Fundraise before you need it

We should always be deliberate about how / when we fundraise. But the last time we wanna do so is amidst busy event or action planning. Be prepared to move quickly!

(Img from @/bad.fats on IG)
#40DaysOfAntifascism A sunflower against a blue ...
40 Ways to Fight Fascists!

25. Win public opinion

Antifascism is a mass movement. To succeed, we must know our audience, carefully establish messaging aligned w/ our values, and communicate effectively & accessibly!

(Img from @/be.pleasant on IG) An illustration showing a b...
40 Ways to Fight Fascists!

26. Push local officials to do the right thing

Even if it's not our main focus, this pressure can be a strategic component of broader efforts.

From city hall to the streets, no justice, no peace!

(Img from @/bad.fats on IG) Illustration of folks on th...
40 Ways to Fight Fascists!

27. Organize counter-demonstrations

We do not allow the far-right to have space to mobilize, intimidate, assault community members, or recruit. Period. When they show up, we shut them down!

(Img from @/be.pleasant on IG) Illustration has a light gr...
40 Ways to Fight Fascists!

28. Pressure local businesses

Any reasonable business is gonna be on board w/ refusing space for fash & the far-right. Just a matter of educating those establishments & supporting them to do the right thing!

(Img from @TooSphexy) Cartoon klansmen flee an es...
40 Ways to Fight Fascists!

29. Document their rallies

Carefully collecting high quality photos / videos of individuals and their actions at far-right rallies can be vital for us to establish relationships and identities!

(Img from @/Chalicemitchell on IG) Illustration shows a hand h...
40 Ways to Fight Fascists!

31. Call out fascists and call in colleagues

To defeat fascism, we need a broad movement. We will be militant about about opposing the far-right, but we must work through internal issues intentionally ❤

(Img from @lololobotomy) Illustration of a bullhorn ...
40 Ways to Fight Fascists!

32. Support people being threatened

To get doxxed, harassed, or attacked can be terrifying. When this happens to community members, we must rise to the occasion and fiercely support each other. We keep us safe!!! ♥️🏡✊

#40DaysOfAntifascism An illustration of an indiv...
40 Ways to Fight Fascists!

33. Establish a safe house

When folks are threatened and don't feel safe at home, it's critical to have a place to go. We must build networks to protect each other in case of emergency!

(Illustration thanks to @/bad.fats on IG)

#40DaysOfAntifascism An outline of a house is su...
40 Ways to Fight Fascists!

34. Help the families of victims

From 2008 to 2019, the US far-right committed over 360 murders, meaning thousands of ppl lost family members. Reach out & offer support to their loved ones ♥️

(Illustration thanks to @TooSphexy)
#40DaysOfAntifascism Illustration shows outreach...
40 Ways to Fight Fascists!

35. Aid the injured

We're so grateful to street medics like @PDXActionMedics / Rosehips. Whether we're injured on the streets or elsewhere, it's key to care for folks injured in the fight!

(Img thanks to @/ChaliceMitchell on IG)
#40DaysOfAntifascism illustration shows someone ...
40 Ways to Fight Fascists!

36. Support those targeted by the law

Facing brutality, surveillance or prosecution can be devastating (physically, emotionally, financially). We have to rally to support each other in these times! ♥️

(Img thx to @TooSphexy)
#40DaysOfAntifascism Illustration shows two figu...
40 Ways to Fight Fascists!

37. Support imprisoned activists

Incarceration is horrible. Letters, phone calls, visits, commissary help, and other support to prisoners is so important. ❤

You will not be forgotten

(Img thx to @/queeriam_art on IG)
#40DaysOfAntifascism Illustration of a letter se...
40 Ways to Fight Fascists!

38. Warn people who are threatened

When we say "we protect us", we mean it. Researchers & others privy to actionable info... a key part of the work is to give folks a heads up when they're targeted

(Img thx to @lololobotomy)
#40DaysOfAntifascism Illustration of an old scho...
40 Ways to Fight Fascists!

39. The far-right is violent. It's critical to document this and expose the threats and attacks against our community. We keep us safe!

(Img thx to @TooSphexy)
#40DaysOfAntifascism Illustration of a far-right...
40 Ways to Fight Fascists!

40. Support communities pushing back against fascist recruitment

Countering recruitment is both essential and, at times, dangerous. We must support folks doing this high-stakes work

(Img thx to @TooSphexy)
#40DaysOfAntifascism Illustration of an antifasc...
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28 Oct
The community has repeatedly and consistently demanded cuts to PPB. But as other city services have been slashed, Portland continues to fund the unaccountable cops attacking us in the streets.

It is long past time to actually listen to community demands.
Extremely nervous about where things are at now...

Fitting that @AmandaFritzRN may once again utterly ignore the will of the people as her time on council comes to a close:

Lol just heard someone open testimony with a "Fuck you Ted Wheeler". Nice

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28 Oct
So the PNW Community Action Network received an email from, so let's be crystal clear that Boogaloo leeches are 100% unwelcome at our events.

Accelerationist chuds in Hawaiian shirts fantadizing about civil war not welcome (a short thread)

Being anti-state or anti-police does not mean we share fundamental values.

We aren't on the same page and we will not allow Boogs to latch onto movement work when they are not remotely in solidarity with said movements.…
It is such a gross thing that these pathetic actors try to use #BlackLivesMatter demonstrations or other movement-oriented mobilizations to try to grasp at some legitimacy.

No. Not welcome. GTFO

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18 Oct
Not even outside the intro yet and we had to take a sec to encourage y'all to read @chick_in_kiev's incredible new book: Culture Warlords.

6 pages in and Talia Lavin is already powerfully capturing why uncompromising antifascist work is so essential From Culture Warlords:  [But the effect of these ideas when
One critical point she makes early on... those on the far-right are not exceptional. They do not represent some special evil. They are just people.

This is why we must not give these ideologies any space; for they will use it to spread.

Shut. It. Down.
Also appreciate the honesty from Lavin about the rage & hate this work has surfaced for her.

Another liberal myth to quash... not all hate is the same. Not all hate is bad. Sometimes it is a natural & motivating response to bigotry and violence that must be smashed to bits
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30 Aug
Tensions are rising as Trump supporters thought it was wise to attempt a multi-hundred vehicle caravan through the streets of Portland creating a traffic jam and riling local residents. Predictably, they've turned to assaulting Portland residents. Tonight's gonna be a long one.
Deleted the photo just posted of the gunshot victim from above due to there being too much visibility of the victim's face. We will post more as more information comes out.

This was predictable.
This was preventable.

The most aggravating thing about it is that we all know that.
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11 Aug
Critical follow up from @_jlevinson and @MrOlmos regarding the alleged pipe bomb attacker Garrick Fernbaugh:…

Former Red Frog partner Shannon Monihan has confirmed that video from @_WhatRiot indeed shows Fernbaugh

Def worth nothing that Shannon Monihan and Red Frog want nothing to do with Garrick Fernbaugh at this point... [Fernbaugh was a brand ambassador for Red Frog Team, a femal
Monihan confirms that Fernbaugh is indeed the person in @_WhatRiot's video. We have also received confirmed reports coming from other individuals close to Fernbaugh that it is him in this video [At OPB’s request, Monihan reviewed the video of the momen
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8 Aug
We aren't leaders, but we are momentum experts.
The momentum is back!
Dang PDX, you beautiful honeybees, let's go!
PPB: bUt WhY WoUlD tHeSe vIoLenT aNaRchisTs bRinG sHieLdS if NoT fOR tHe CRIMEZ?!

*ahem... exhibit 141727 of 8172549*

Our new favorite absurdist art project: the creative rapscallion on the faux LRAD relentlessly heckling PPB

(not all heroes wear capes)

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