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This just happened in Portland Oregon. I’m a little shook. 2 shots were fired before I started filming. I saw 3 gun shot victims that all fled the scene before police arrived. #pdx #massshooting
The man in the white shirt is holding a weapon at his side in the beginning
Witnessed one victim before I filmed
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@TBCommunicator please apologize to "obvious non journalists" who may feel slurred by your mis-statements.

when referring to corporate media, refer to their advertising revenue constraints.

when referring to "independent journalists" do not call them "obvious non journalists"
corporate media is constrained by the economic viability of selling ad revenue and subscription. it is not accurate to refer to @tbottomly's employees as "independent" when they are dependent on ad revenue, sales, editorial discretion.
truly independent journalists are rare.
"obvious non journalists" in the context of your text to @tedwheeler
is a slur seeking to delegitimize the content producers
non-favorable to your regime.

Tim Becker
@TBCommunicator what you seek is propagandist, and that has nothing to do with "independent journalism"
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GOTTA TAKE A STAND: I hope my fellow journalists know what’s happening out here in the Pacific Northwest.

Hard to keep @MrAndyNgo down.

@aaja @aajaseattle @aaja_pdx

#Portland #PDX #Seattle
The images of journalist Andy Ngo being targeted and brutalized by a violent mob is truly disturbing. It could have happened to any one of us in the field. As a fellow Asian American journalist in the Pacific Northwest, I stand with Mr. Ngo during his recovery and urge others...
in the journalism community to publicly condemn this on going hate and harassment. As minority journalists trying to fairly and accurately cover our communities, we also need law enforcement and elected officials to refocus efforts to protect journalists on the front lines.
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A car just drove thru a crowd of protesters, dragging one on his hood, during a peaceful demonstration in SE #Portland.

The group of approx. 25 temporarily occupied an intersection in an act of civil disobedience in a demand for the abolition of police.

#pdx #portlandprotests
There seems to be some confusion re: the circumstances here.

No one attacked this car.

The majority of vehicles (several hundred over the course of approx. 30 minutes) chose to drive around the block rather than confront protesters.
Only this vehicle and several others instead turned and drove into the group.

The man who ended up on the hood of the car was standing there when the car drove into him.

To anyone hung up on the term “peaceful”, I maintain that this was a nonviolent demonstration.
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Happening Now: Portland Antifa Gather At Brooklyn Park To Burn Flags.. #Portland #PDX #Antifa
The Group Has Now Started Marching..
#Portland #PDX #Antifa
This Was Their Flyer For The March #Portland #PDX #Antifa
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Happening Now: An American Flag Was Set On Fire By One Of The Antifa Group Members Outside Of The Ice Facility #Portland #Oregon #PDX

Source: Gravemorgan
Just Earlier The Group Set A Trash Can On Fire Nearby The ICE Facility #Portland #Oregon #PDX #Antifa Image
After Some Of The Group Took Photos Of The Burning American Flag One Of Them Proceeded To Smash The Access Control Panel For The Entrance At The ICE Facility

Source: CarissaDez (twitch)
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[Thread] Portland Police Commander Erica Hurley telling ant-homeless group to vote out @DAMikeSchmidt while complaining about decrim of drugs
Full video
Officer Hurley blames increase in homicides on lack of GVRT and the DA not prosecuting crimes, like property destruction at "riots". Property destruction is being prosecuted and homicide spiked nationwide and in Portland before dissolution of GVRT. 2/6
LNLA member falsely claims the homeless camp by his house is "violent anarchist" rioters and Officer Hurley replies "And they likely are, I'm not disagreeing with you, but I have no crime" 3/6
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Right Now: Chapman Park.. Fire Department Arrived To Put A Trash Fire Out #Portland #Oregon #PDX
Antifa Was Responsible For The Trash Fire #Portland #Oregon #PDX

Via: @fvckcommies
☕🦇🔍 Image
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Happening Now: BLM/Antifa March In The Streets Of #Portland #Oregon #PDX
Current Size Of The Crowd #Portland #Oregon #PDX

The March Continues #Portland #Oregon #PDX

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Happening Now: Antifa/BLM March In The Streets Of #Portland #Oregon #PDX
Current Size Of The Group... Also, An Armed Individual Can Be Seen In The Crowd #Portland #Oregon #PDX
Update 2 Armed In The BLM/Antifa March #Portland #Oregon #PDX


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Just Earlier: Anitfa Vandalize And Damage USCIS FED Building In Downtown #Portland #Oregon #PDX

Source: Alissa Azar (Antifa Media)
More Video Footage Of The Anitfa Taggings On The USCIS Building
#Portland #Oregon #PDX

Via: @DrewCMarine

@DrewCMarine Another Video Of The Tagging From Earlier
#Portland #Oregon #PDX

Source:@ gravemorgan (Antifa)
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Earlier A Small Group Of Antifa Gathered Outside Of The ICE Facility Leaving Various Object On The Property While Shouting At The Officers #Portland #PDX #Oregon

The Group Of Antifa Also Started A Dumpster Fire While Piling Up Nearby Materials #Portland #PDX #Oregon

Source: @ cozca503 - (Antifa)
Another Angle Of The Trash Burning As Antifa Faced Off With The Officers #Portland #PDX #Oregon
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Happening Now: Antifa Have Gathered Outside Of The Portland ICE Facility
#Portland #PDX #Oregon

The Small Group Of Antifa Seem Bored Waiting To Be Pepper Balled...☕
#Portland #PDX #Oregon
The Antifa Group Continues To Throw Rocks At The Security Cameras Outside Of The ICE Facility #Portland #PDX #Oregon
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BLM/Antifa Protesters Gather In Prep For A March In The Streets Of #Portland #Oregon #PDX

Source: PDXNinja (Twitch)
Chants Of "Fuck Ted Wheeler" Can Be Heard From The Crowd As They March #Portland #Oregon #PDX
The Group Shouts The Usual Chants As They March Through The Streets.. "If We Don't Get It Burn It Down"...#Portland #Oregon #PDX
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Antifa/BLM Gather Outside Of The ICE Facility In Portland #Portland #Oregon #PDX

A Loud Pop Goes Off And Antifa Goes To Investigate #Portland #Oregon #PDX
The Group Finds A Empty Bottle And Suggest It Was Jake From BehindEnemyLines Who Put That There...#Portland #Oregon #PDX
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so @tedwheeler did you hear? today we are discussing "public whippings" thanks to @JamesBuchal

its a great chance to study the history of public beatings.
understandably, women feel threatened.
#PDX #tourism
PORTLAND. Or., June 7—The whipping post law passed at the last session of the Legislature was Into execution for the first time today, the victim being Charles Mcdlnty, convicted of wlfe-beatlng
whip was a braided blacksnake, made of rawhide, with four lashes. ..hustled to jail, stripped to the

waist, manacled, and his hands tied to the door high above his head. The whipping was as severe as the powerful deputy was capable of administering. Blood drawn on the 4th blow.
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this man just pointed a gun directly at me.

he then got out & threatened the group of 30+/- ppl near the ICE building in #Portland

he said that "all lives matter" & that he was military

the vehicle is a dark Land Rover with no plates

#pdx #portlandprotests #thisisamerica
This is some of the altercation that followed.

I know I’m fortunate it took until 33 to have a gun pointed at me but damn. That was rough.

This man needs to be held accountable.


#portland #pdx #portlandprotest #thisisamerica
@RedheadNomad was on scene & to captured clear images of both men involved (man in green sweatshirt helped to de-escalate; he is not w/ them).

I’m near certain we’ve confirmed their names & places of work.

Dear Internet: What would you do?

#portland #PortlandProtests #pdx
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HAPPENING NOW: @tedwheeler calls destruction amid last night’s #PDX protests “obscene” & the smashing of windows/attempts to burn (according to @ChiefCLovell) @OrHist “ironic”. Says he will never condone violence.

Watch here:…
.@OrHist exec director Kerry Tymchuk: most of damage limited to smashed windows. 3 flares thrown into museum scorched carpet, but no exhibits damaged.

One thing stolen: an African American heritage Bicentennial quilt, made by local Black women. Police found it blocks away, wet.
.@OrHist exec director Kerry Tymchuk says this morning, he found a note inside the museum with $1 attached.

A homeless man named Oscar wrote he didn’t have much to give, but he saw the damage & wanted to help, adding “You once gave me a free tour. So this is a thank you.”
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John Jackson believes someone shot through a couple windows at his restaurant & perhaps damaged another window with a bat. #koin6news #PDX #PNW #Oregon #Portland #protests #PortlandProtests
Heroes American Cafe Owner John Jackson: “It’s extremely tough, probably the toughest time in small business history right now. Just making it day today is tough enough without $3,000 worth of glass (damage) on top of it. #koin6news #PDX #PNW #Oregon #Portland #protests #riot
John Jackson: “To the business owners & the people, hang in there. We are all in this together. This type of violence makes no sense. It only hurts the small guys like myself. We are just here providing a service to the community.” #koin6news #PDX #PNW #Oregon #Portland
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There is no legitimate reason to carry a weapon such as this in public much less to a large gathering. #pdx #ProudBoys

@andrewkimmel cropped from
/status/1309943333137952768 Image
Pro-Trump mikitia group + #proudboys. Not a coincidence.
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Proud Boy from NC in Portland OR for today's hate-fest. #PDX

I have to say that the LOOKS like the stereotype, complete with that KKK symbol of hate.
Learn how the "Confederate" flag has been a symbol of hate since its introduction in the early 20th century. From five years ago:…
Here's Jeremy Bertino with Alex Jones, one of America's most virulent hate-mongering conspiracy-theorists (aka, liar).

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At Delta Park in Portland Oregon, the Proud Boys haveing been planning a rally here for weeks. An Antifascist rally is happening at Peninsula Park. #ProudBoys #Portland #deltapark #antifa #PortlandOregon
Lots of riot cops and state troopers in the surrounding area where the Proud Boys are and another counter rally near Vanport. #ProudBoys #Portland #deltapark #antifa #PortlandOregon
At the north entrance of Delta Park. Portland Police are staged there, across the way from the Proud Boys. #ProudBoys #Portland #deltapark #antifa #PortlandOregon
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A few videos from last night’s protests in Portland that I didn’t have time to post in my original thread.

Don’t think anyone was arrested in this clip, just shoved around.
#PortlandProtests #BreonnaTaylor #BLM #PDX #antifa #JusticeForBreonnaTaylor #BlackLivesMatter  #portland
Officers aggressively approach someone filming who is legally crossing the street.

Then push multiple journalists as they legally cross the street to see what’s happening. #PortlandProtests #BreonnaTaylor #BLM #PDX #antifa #JusticeForBreonnaTaylor #BlackLivesMatter   #portland
Someone calls for a medic & helps out a lady who’s hurt after federal agents stormed a city park & pushed out protesters that gathered there & homeless people who live there. #PortlandProtests #BreonnaTaylor #BLM #PDX #antifa #JusticeForBreonnaTaylor #BlackLivesMatter #portland
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