#THREAD: List of FOREIGN films I LOVE.

- Mostly crime thrillers, action and intense drama.
- OTT will be mentioned in the tweet. If not, please help yourself.
- No #Korean here, separate thread for that.

Do share your opinions!
1. #Incendies (Arabic, French)

This film is first on the list cos I believe no other film can match up to the impact that it left with me. Was shell-shocked watching the climax. IMO, Denis Villeneuve's best work till date. Image
2. #TheRaid: Redemption (Indonesian)

The first fit into the tag of a 'complete action film' for me. Non-stop fun with all ranges of mixed martial arts and tense situations. I revisit this whenever I need a shot of adrenaline. Streaming on AMAZON PRIME. Image
3. #ASeparation (Iranian)

Asghar Farhadi's highly engrossing and dramatic relationship tale is one for the ages. It's amazing how he strung together such an emotionally hard-hitting film with just five characters and a couple of locations. Streaming on AMAZON PRIME. Image
4. #Zinzana (Arabic)

A smashing low-cost thriller that almost entirely takes place inside a police station. Sets up the plot beautifully and delivers a knockout in the climax. Streaming on NETFLIX. Image
5. #Champions (Spanish)

Filled with touching moments and absurdist comics all round, this is one film that had me laughing out loud and also got me teary-eyed at the end. Bet it's unlike any other sports drama you've seen. A must watch for anybody who prefers the genre. Image
6. #TheInsult (Lebanese)

A very gripping and thought-provoking legal drama that shows us how one silly incident turns into a big courtroom battle and even creates political unrest. Splendid performances with some really sharp dialogues throughout. Image
7. #Headhunters (Norwegian)

A swift, highly entertaining thriller that puts two smart men against each other and lets us watch the fun. The narrative is packed with clever twists and you'll definitely fall in love with the characters. Image
8. #BadGenius (Thai)

A ceaselessly entertaining film that kept me on the edge of the seat throughout. The fresh concept of an exam-cheating business is ingenious and there are a lot of wow moments throughout. Amazing is the word. Image
9. #Exiled (Cantonese)

Recently discovered Hong Kong filmmaker Johnnie To's filmography, and I've been in awe ever since. If you wanna start too, pick this one first. Style, shootouts, melancholic music and a big ton of fun! Image
10. #Capernaum (Lebanese)

An absolutely heartbreaking feature about a 12-year-old who sues his own parents. The film continuously takes many shocking turns and keep you pinned with its emotional baggage. A bit tough to watch, but completely worth it. Streaming on NETFLIX. Image
11. #TheInvisibleGuest (Spanish)

By now, you've probably seen at least one version of this film, but the original is where all the brilliance came from. An arresting crime drama that throws jaw-dropping twists at you. Oriol Paulo, remember the name. Streaming on NETFLIX. Image
12. #TheNightComesForUs (Indonesian)

An explosive action flick that never lets the energy die from start to finish. Such gorgeous violence all over with innovative stuntwork that makes it a new benchmark in the genre. Don't mind the red? Just go ahead. Streaming on NETFLIX. Image
13. #DistrictB13 (French)

A superfast action thriller with speedy runs, rollicking action and some good twists. The Parkour chase in this film is amongst the best I've seen. Great fun at a runtime of under 90 minutes. Streaming on HUNGAMA. Image
14. #TheGuilty (Danish)

A one-man perspective film that will keep you glued from start to finish. The twist is so well-placed and the emotions are real. One of the very best in the contained thriller space. Image
15. #WildTales (Spanish)

The film which introduced me to the concept of 'anthology'. Six tales based on the themes of power and revenge, narrated in a terrifying and entertaining style. Streaming on AMAZON PRIME. Image
16. #DrugWar (Cantonese)

A kickass thriller from Johnnie To, who delivers pure action porn through his extremely well-shot setpieces synced to stylish music. It's straightforward, but pretty engaging with a bloody climax. Image
17. #Loft (Belgian)

A steamy, smacking crime drama where five friends buy a house to spend time with their mistresses; a murder screws it all up and opens a can of worms. Lots of intertwining and some nice twists at the end, the 2-hour runtime flew by in a flash. Solid stuff! Image
18. #Bacurau (Portuguese)

A strange yet fascinating film that mashes up many themes and topics to bring out a ruthlessly terrifying tale of a village standing up against wrongdoings. The setup takes time but boy the final hour goes bonkers. Very Tarantino-ish. Streaming on MUBI. Image
19. #AboutElly (Iranian)

A heavy, heartbreaking film to carry with its characters experiencing an endless list of problems breaking out one after the other, and ultimately leaving a big, lasting impact once the credits roll. Another gem from Asghar Farhadi. Image
20. #JuliasEyes (Spanish)

A fantastic thriller that takes the concept of progressive vision loss and spins a thoroughly gripping, knuckle-tensing narrative around it. Made on a small budget, but still packs in great tension and a memorable climax. Image
21. #Mustang (Turkish)

A strong emotional drama about five orphaned sisters and the troubles they go through in the conservative society that they live in. Realistic, unsettling and hard hitting. Watched it years ago but still remember it so well. Image
22. #TheHunt (Danish)

A very matured take on sexual abuse and how people around us look at it. The core idea of the film is very uncomfortable but it is handled so well. Especially, loved the way how the problem is dealt with and brought to a closure. Great film. Image
23. #Mirage (Spanish)

A clever & deliciously twisted time-travel thriller that has an inventive turn in the plot. Packed with surprises, this one was a superb watch even though I felt it could've been a little shorter. Streaming on NETFLIX. Image
24. #NineQueens (Argentinian)

Small but sublime crime caper that takes place within just 4-5 locations, but manages to deceive and surprise you. The acting is on point and I loved the drama between the characters. Excellent climax! Image
25. #TellNoOne (French)

A patient but sublime mystery drama that takes off from the very first scene & keeps you guessing right until the end. Apart from the romance that is peppered throughout the film, the chase scenes are a real smash. Good twist too! Image

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