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Vox Populi de hoje dá vantagem bem menor a Bolsonaro do que Ibope e Datafolha.

Bolsonaristas duvidam do levantamento (pago pela CUT). Haddadistas dizem que o instituto foi o que + acertou no 1º turno.

Foi isso mesmo? Qual instituto acertou/errou mais? Siga a #thread e #descubra
O levantamento é em cima das últimas pesquisas de 8 institutos diferentes: Vox Populi, Ibope, Datafolha, MDA, Veritá, Ipespe, Big Data e Datapoder. Elas foram divulgadas nos dia 5 (sexta) e 6 (sábado). A eleição foi dia 7 (domingo).
A análise foi feita na projeção dos institutos, comparado com os resultados no domingo de 10 candidatos que pontuaram nas pesquisas e foram os 10 primeiros colocados na eleição: Bolsonaro, Haddad, Ciro, Alckmin, Amôedo, Cabo Daciolo, Meirelles, Marina, Álvaro Dias e Boulos.
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Here is the comparison between two countries popular among the Nigeria students: Canada vs Germany 󾓨. This #thread will help you choose your study destination on cost of living, visa and work opportunities.

Retweet someone your TL will need this. See
1. Popular courses:

GERMANY: Computer science, Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical engineering, Physics & Life science.

CANADA: Business management, Media, Nursing, Engineering, Computer science and Hospitality.
2. Eligibility/Requirements: For undergrad, you need to have completed 12 years of schooling to get admission. Take SAT exam. Duration of degree course is 4 yrs and that of a diploma is 2 to 3 yrs.

In postgraduate courses, getting admission in vocational courses is easier as...
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Ok. It’s time to go into Joshua’s memory box and tell his story #thread
Joshua was very much a rainbow baby 🌈 and we were so excited and over the moon when I finally made it into the second trimester. (Alex and I are both big rugby fans!)
I was working as a 1st year Registrar in A&E when I suddenly broke my waters at 24 weeks. I was transferred to Southampton @UHSFT who have a specialist level 3 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. They were wonderful, and did everything they could to stop my labour over Father’s Day.
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You can't understand #JamalKhashoggi assassination without knowing the following:
1. The industrialized world's relationship with raw materials-producing nations like #KSA #SaudiArabia produces corruption on both sides…
2. The Arabic-speaking countries, for the most part, even if they don't depend on mineral exports, are dependent on similar relationships, often mediated through the wealth on neighboring raw materials-producing nations or security arrangements made to protect industrialized
nations' interests in the mineral-exporting nations or in the Zionist settler-colonialist project (Egypt. Jordan).

3. When thousands of youth in these nations revolted against these systems in 2011 & subsequent yrs, the industrialized world supported the regimes through military
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#Thread: Press Conference today regarding TheEastLight's recent events regarding the band's abuse and assault by Producer A and CEO KimChanghwan "B" (leader Lee Seokcheol) and his lawyer at Choyeongrae Hall
Lee Seokcheol shares that both he and his brother, Lee Seunghyun have endured being beaten by Producer A

Lee Seokcheol shared that Kim Changhwan, their CEO, was aware of the situation and would watch the two of them be beaten up in the 5th floor studio
Seokcheol shares for the past 4 years, beginning in 2015, he and the members would be clubbed by a baseball bat, the abuse would occur everywhere within the company, studios, practice rooms
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#Sabarimala #FemaleReporters
Those accusing our organisations of sending female reporters to gain trp, you should know this. When we give them the slightest hint that things are not okay, first thing they tell us is "waha se niklo fataafat (leave from there immediately).
Saw a tweet that said only national channel reporters were attacked. Not Malayalam channels (later they were also targetted), because the latter have common sense. Yes, they do. Because they know you well? For those outside, Kerala is/was god's own country full of literates. Hmm.
Most reporters covering south for national channels are women. Same with @thenewsminute . All 6 reporters covering 5 south Indian states for @CNNnews18 are women. When additional reporters are required during a major news event, reporters from the nearest bureau are sent.
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Allez. Dernière vague #antinucleairesVSclimat avec la deuxième moitié de cette page de l'infographie anti #nucléaire et anti #climat de @sdnfr. Ça devrait être un #thread relativement court, encore une fois 🥴
La première moitié de l'infographie, on l'a vue hier, ici :

On commence gentiment avec « Extraction de l'uranium, construction des centrales, gestion des déchets : la filière nucléaire émet aussi des gaz à effet de serre ».
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This week, for #GlobalEChats I want to create a #thread to help any roadside, gerai, rickshaw stall owner on how they can embrace #tech in #IR40!

Tak semestinya kalau kita jual pisang goreng, kita tak boleh #techsavvy dalam era arus kemodenan internet kan?

Ini adalah thread!
Macam mana nak luaskan pasaran pelanggan kita? Kalau pelanggan tak datang ke gerai kita, kita gerak ke mana ada ramai pelanggan! Make yourself #mobile, use #foodtrucks.

Nak tahu macam mana nak start foodtruck? Dengar abang @Humblechef berkongsi cerita:…
Tapi kita kena consistent, lokasi kena ada separa-tetap (#semipermanent). Waktu jualan kena konsisten. Steadyyyyy. Ada juga perniagaan separa-#mobile seperti YooHoo Hot Dogs oleh @tonyeusoff.

Nak tahu jalan cerita #yoohooshack? Dengarkan kat sini:…
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Allez, voilà ce qui est devrait être l'un des derniers #thread dédié à l'infographie #antinucleairesVSclimat de @sdnfr. Ils nous affirment, cette fois, que le #nucléaire serait « totalement hors délai »... Really ?
Pour rappel, le précédent thread est là :

Et un autre encore avant, et encore d'autres chez @astrochnis, @spades_libre et @altern_is. On rassemblera tout ça, pas d'panique :)
Et ça commence fort avec « en moyenne, 10 ans pour construire un réacteur ». Là, j'ai deux options. La première, c'est de faire l'idiot, et abuser de leur manque de contexte. Dans ce cas, je regarde différents parcs nucléaires mondiaux.
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[Petit #thread du mercredi] Ca fait quelque temps qu'on avait l'impression de voir moins de fausses infos sur Facebook. Impression ou réalité ? On a essayé de d'avoir des réponses 1/n
Pour ça, on est partis des sites francophones du #Décodex et on a étudié les "j'aime" / partages / commentaires qu'ils ont généré via Buzzsumo, sur la période janvier 2015 -> septembre 2018 2/n
Où l'on s'aperçoit que si les 10 sources les plus "virales" sont des médias traditionnels, des sites comme santé+mag et lagauchematuer supplantent, par exemple, @LePoint, @libe ou @Europe1 #aïe 3/n
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Après la #perquisition menée à son domicile, Jean-Luc Mélenchon s’est rendu au siège de la France insoumise, également perquisitionné.

Voici la scène hallucinante devant la porte de son propre local. ⬇
Suivi par Alexis Corbière, des députés et des militants de la France insoumise, Jean-Luc Mélenchon entre finalement à l’intérieur du local, face à plusieurs policiers. La #perquisition se transforme alors... en scène de catch.
Excédé par la situation au sein du local de la France insoumise, Jean-Luc Mélenchon finit par pousser le procureur venu encadrer la #perquisition.
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Late yesterday @secAzar went on state run media to tout a new law that would require manufacturers to list the price of drugs advertised on TV. Sounds so great; Right? #Thread
Here’s the link to the HHS mouth piece on what they were talking about.

Let’s break down what’s wrong with all of this propaganda. First off this is a proposal not a law. Meaning it would have to be voted on & we all know that won’t happen.
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John Brown: "I have, may it please the court, a few words to say...." #Thread
"In the first place, I deny everything but what I have all along admitted - the design on my part to free the slaves."
"I intended certainly to have made a clean thing of that matter, as I did last winter when I went into Missouri and there took slaves without the snapping of a gun on either side, moved them through the country, and finally left them in Canada."
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Bon, reprenons avec nos amis #antinucleairesVSclimat de @sdnfr. J'ai laissé en suspens le #thread ci-dessous à mi-parcours, alors qu'on se passionnait pour leur infographie sur le #nucleaire et le #climat.

Je vous remets l'image juste là ; on s'est déjà payés la première moitié, attaquons la deuxième.
Et on commence avec « 300 000 tonnes de combustibles nucléaires usés accumulées dans le monde ».
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In my history of consumption class, I teach about #Sears, but what most people don't know is just how radical the catalogue was in the era of #Jim Crow. #twitterstorians
Every time a black southerner went to the local store they were confronted with forced deference to white customers who would be served first.
And the store would be filled with racist caricatures of black people in an effort to sell to white people.
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The Gap (It's Where Everything That Leads To Success Lies)

So what is "The GAP"?

It's what's in-between your desires and your achievements.

It's the distance between where you are now to where you want to be.

The GAP is ever present in your life, in everyone's life, including
Here's how it works.

You want to go from A - B as quickly as possible. How do you do that?

By using inputs, which then combined in a variety of ways leads to an

What are the inputs?
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Démarche très intéressante de la sénatrice du Massachusetts Warren, officialisant sans le dire, sa candidature pour la présidentielle 2020 contre #Trump.
Elle répond au président qui remettait en cause ses origines amérindiennes et par la science (ADN), et par la famille.#thread
2) D'1 part, #Warren, par sa démarche, est la 1ère à proposer 1 remède à la pratique de l'étiquetage par #Trump qui a tant fait pour son succès en 2016 et après. Trump étiquette par le surnom 1 identité politique négative à son rival qu'il oblige ensuite à être sur la défensive
3) Low Energy Jeb (#Bush), Little Marco (#Rubio), Crooked Hillary (#Clinton) peuvent témoigner depuis leur tombe politique nationale de l'efficacité de cet étiquetage de #Trump: force de la formule bâtie sur la dérision, très facilement mémorisable pour être répétée et scandée...
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“ You are worth saving” #thread

This week’s #10ThingstoKnow on Burnout is by Simon McCormick @DrSimonMc an EM Consultant at Rotherham. Simon spends most of his time teaching as he is in his 2nd spell of ‘burnout sabbatical’ but is slowly working his way back to clinical medicine
Simon has incredible blog site, the Broken Toy ( where he writes about his experience with burnout, some thoughts on wellness and what he has been up to in medical education. Here is Simon’s #10ThingstoKnow about Burnout @DrSimonMc

#burnout #thread
1. What is Burnout?

There is no specific agreed definition so this can make it difficult to diagnose. It isn’t about having the occasional bad day, or even bad week, at work but instead usually involves a sustained negative change physically, emotionally, behaviourally.
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The Claim:

Atiku claims he ran the Nigerian Economy as Vice President under President Obasanjo.

The Truth:

2/ Obasanjo did not have an Economic Team until Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala became Minister of Finance in 2003.
3/ In her book, Reforming the Unreformable, 2012, she writes (page 8): “I flew to Nigeria in May 2003 to discuss the scope of my job and to get President Obasanjo’s agreement on the formation of a Presidential Economic Team.
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I think it's important to note that you can be deeply introverted like me, without being shy or self-deprecating. A long time ago I realised that I would be poor and led by fools, if I continued to be shy. #Thread #Introvert #Shy
I needed to speak up about my ideas and ideology. I needed to be bold about my contributions and talents, before other people's mediocrity killed me.
I decided my route to leadership and prosperity would be by "doing". I would work harder than anyone else. I would volunteer for things no one asked me to do. But, I didn't just "do", I claimed what I did. I published my achievements and gained recognition. I began to lead.
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How To Judge A Book (or Course or Training) You Pay For


In 2009, a friend of mine made =N=1.4 million selling a 5 page ebook he had written.

It showed how one could get a laptop for =N=15,000 . Laptops sold for =N=70/80,000 back then so it was a draw and it was real.
He ran an ad, explaining the specs of said laptop and how you could buy his ebook and learn the strategy (a form of MLM).

Anyways, I was speaking at an event last year and shared the story. A member of the audience who bought that met me and said he didnt use the info because...
the ebook was just 5 pages. In his words, "why would he charge so much for 5 pages"? (it sold for =N=3,000).

It made me laugh because as I said to him, "Who cares how pages it is as long as it achieves for you the real reason why you bought it" it was clear to me this guy...
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Si alza l'asticella della provocazione. Il timore è che si voglia arrivare allo scontro sociale, ideale cortina fumogena per devastanti operazioni speculative e pretesto per la limitazione della libertà. L'alternanza delle dichiarazioni destabilizzanti è sempre più
frequente e impegna tutte le forze di governo. Le giustificazioni, invariabilmente insignificanti e ulteriormente irritanti. Non c'è più distinzione tra le parti, evidente segnale di un'organizzazione pianificata a tavolino, rivelatrice di un piano già pronto, prima ancora del
voto di marzo. Devono esserne al corrente anche coloro che ne appoggiano il disegno eversivo, fin dalla prima ora: giornalisti, opinionisti, anchorman. Difficile quindi, non tanto riuscire a far sentire voci antitetiche alla leadership, quanto rendere efficace il messaggio, in
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Et salut @sdnfr, je rejoins les amis @astrochnis, @spades_libre et @altern_is pour dénoncer votre démarche #AntinucleairesVSclimat.
Et c’est de cette infographie que je vais dire deux-trois mots ! Un #thread spécialement dédié à la désinformation du réseau sortir du #nucléaire.
@sdnfr @AStrochnis @spades_libre @altern_is Bon, on va y aller tout doucement, en plusieurs fois, parce que c’est du très, très lourd, très, très dense. Comme du Pu. L’image est découpée en trois parties, alors je vais me contenter pour le moment de la première, la moitié haute.
En plein centre : TCHERNOBYYYYL. 5 millions de personnes en zone contaminée : « en zone contaminée », ça ne veut rien dire. Des traces de retombées parfaitement inoffensives suffisent à parler de zone contaminée.
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"Sur le renouvelable oui il y a intermittence […] il y a une bonne méthode pour raccourcir la nuit, c’est d’avoir une interconnexion entre l’est et l’ouest"
-- Yannick Rousselet sur Thinkerview

Ah oui, vraiment ?

Let’s #thread !
La question sous-jacente c’est : quel système faudrait-il en France pour "raccourcir la nuit" ?

Mais d’abord un préambule sur la production photovoltaïque, on parlera du raccourcissement de la nuit après.
On va commencer par enfoncer une porte ouverte : la production des panneaux photovoltaïques, c’est 0 la nuit jusqu’à ce que le soleil se lève, maximum vers le midi solaire (13h ou 14h donc), puis boum ça retombe à 0 le soir.
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