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In an age of disinformation, 'fake news' propaganda fed by anonymous bots, it's tiring to respond to erroneous accusations. But it's precisely because of the age in which we live that it is important to do so when one can: especially when you're not an Anglo-Saxon male. #Thread
I have to say, I came to this realisation late. For years, I ignored scurrilous attacks on my own work, because ignorance doesn't deal well with knowledge. It's all too often a ploy to just whip up anger and hate, instrumentalising a writer or author in order to do so.
But, I've changed my policy in that regard. Because the reality is, this is not merely about one's own reputation: it's about the state of knowledge production at work. If ignorant attacks are left unchallenged too often, ignorance becomes the basis of public narrative.
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You meet your old friend after over 15 years. He looks good and it’s certain he has “made it”. You banter and exchange numbers. You call him later that day and the first thing you do is ask for money.

Sorry pal. You have just lost a friend.

Do you want to keep friends in high places? Then don’t be a financial burden on them. Rich people also have problems. Don’t add your own. If you feel he’s not a good friend because he’s not giving you money, then you are not a good friend either.
You need to differentiate yourself from everyone asking him for money. When he sees your call, what does he think? Oh he’s going to ask for money again. You should call and he’s happy to pick. He will call you more than he calls others. Favours will naturally come on the way.
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#thread La France est-elle un pays inégalitaire ? Le fossé entre pauvres et riches se creuse-t-il, et notre pays compte-t-il plus de démunis que ses voisins ? C'est notre fait du jour, et nous publions aujourd'hui un dossier pour répondre aux idées reçues…
«[La France est], de toutes les nations, une des plus fraternelles et les plus égalitaires», écrivait Emmanuel Macron dans sa lettre aux Français, brandissant en exemple le système de sécurité sociale et de redistribution français. A-t-il raison ?…
Oui, la France reste un des pays d'Europe où l'argent est le plus généreusement redistribué. Pourtant, Danemark, Finlande, Irlande, Slovénie et Belgique vont plus loin qu'elle dans la réduction des inégalités…
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There is a myth going about. It is spoken on our news. It is taught in our schools. Liberal free thinking allies and racists alike tout it. It is an image that is much more a mirage of a colorblind hero in the body of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Gather round. #MLK2019 #MLK #MLK90
Let's jump right in with a quote from the "I Have A Dream" speech.

Dear White People,
Dr. King's mind was on a lot more than Black kids and White kids holding hands. Read this part: #MartinLutherKingJr on #PoliceBrutality. How #BlackLivesMatter of him...
Schools don't teach that #MartinLutherKing began the Poor People's Campaign, believed in Americans having a universal guaranteed income, and stood vehemently against the "evils" of capitalism and the Vietnam War. His dream went so exceedingly beyond "content of character".
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Chez les hommes de 25 à 54 ans ?
A la veille de la Grande Récession cette catégorie de la population avait un haut taux d'emploi.
Si déficit il y a il semble plus "conjoncturel" que "structurel". Il manque encore ~3 pts de % de taux d'emploi. Nouvelle baisse en 2018T3...
L'🇩🇪 est revenue au "plein emploi" tandis que les 🇺🇸 (en bleu clair) comme la 🇫🇷reste en deçà de son niveau d'avant crise. L'🇪🇸 descendue très bas remonte la pente et dépasse l'🇮🇹qui se remet très mal d'un "double dip" (Grande Récession+ crise de la zone euro).
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#Thread #art48

"ll suffragio universale, ovvero il diritto a partecipare alle elezioni conferito a tutti cittadini maggiorenni, uomini e donne, è, infatti, una conquista del XX secolo e segna il fondamentale passaggio dallo Stato LIBERALE alla moderna DEMOCRAZIA COSTITUZIONALE"
Solo con l’affermazione del costituzionalismo moderno e del principio di uguaglianza viene accolta l’idea del voto come diritto individuale («un uomo, un voto»)
In Europa le legislazioni elettorali si sono per lungo tempo ispirate al principio del suffragio ristretto, stabilendo dei requisiti di reddito (suffragio censitario) o di cultura (suffragio capacitario).
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This is an interesting article about Jewish-American "political consultants" who are allegedly behind Orbán's anti-Soros campaign. But it totally oversells their importance, similarly to media coverage of Bannon. Some quick thoughts #thread…
1. I lived in Hungary in 1998-9, during first Orbán government, and (antisemitic) opposition to Soros was already widespread within Hungarian far right (including MIÉP).
2. While Fidesz was not radical right yet, it had a major problem with antisemitism within its party as well as an (enduring) problem with historical revisionism. Moreover, antisemitism is widespread within Hungary, including among better educated.
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Base on this quoted tweet replies ,i decided to do a thread “NGWA CLAN and OUTLANDISH MYTH of CANNIBALISM”. Though the replies were unwise as i asked “What did you hear about Ngwa girls“ not what you heard about Ngwa land / History.

Read on 👇🏽
For those asking what /where is Ngwa.

Ngwa is the largest clan in Igbo land - South Eastern Nigeria situated in the tropical rainforest of southern igbo plain in present Abia State.
With 59.9% of the state population & 78.2% of the state natural resources.

*Habours Aba the commercial & heart of the state.

With a distinct dialect.... People make fun of it, saying it sounds funny.
Yes it does, i learnt how to speak my native dialect by mimicking & laughing at people when they speak it.

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Last February, USCGC Diligence, aided in seizing over $190 Million dollars in pure cocaine. Not bad for a ship nearly 60 years old.
This January, the USCGC Dauntless, who responded to the 1986 Challenger disaster, now just over 50 years old, interdicted a 20 foot boat with 11 Dominican migrants attempting to illegally reach the shores of Puerto Rico.
Last week, a Station Barber’s Point MH-65 Dolphin Helicopter (built in 1980, new engine in 2004) rescued a 37 year old fisherman off of Kaui.

Coast Guard Small Boat Station Hoboken, New Jersey, rescued five duck-hunters using a 24-foot Special Purpose Craft (2008)
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Was sagt Fremdenkriminalität über Integration aus? Leider ist der Zusammenhang nicht ganz so einfach. Weder "beweisen" niedrige Kriminalitätsraten gute Integration, noch deuten höhere Raten bei der 2. od. 3. Generation auf Des-Integrationsprozesse hin. #thread
Integration zeigt sich nicht durch völlige Unauffälligkeit, sondern durch „normale“ Kriminalitätsraten. Angezeigt werden & anzeigen verweist auf Überwindung des eigenen Milieus, gesteigerte Erwartungen an Freiheit & Teilhabe, und Vertrauen in öffentliche Institutionen.
Das ist besonders bei Gewalttaten in der Familie der Fall, welchen u.a. interfamiliäre Konflikte aufgrund voranschreitender Emanzipation und Aufbegehren der Frauen/Töchter zugrunde liegen (Stichwort "nichts mehr gefallen lassen").
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#Thread ini adl kompilasi interaksi dlm grup WA berisi puluhan simpatisan ISIS. Saya ingin memberi gambaran mengenai alur pemikiran ekstremis shg kita mengerti dn mengambil langkah yg tepat terhadap upaya pemberantasan terorisme. Untuk melawan,kita musti tahu siapa yg kita hadapi
Unggahan pada 1/12/2018; Ekstrimis menolak demokrasi, pemilu. Lihat screenshot (SS). Keinginan melakukan kekerasan dg alasan Jihad sangat besar (poster ajakan perang) buatan Gen 5.4. Proganda bisa berupa foto,video,audio,narasi2 dsb. Melalui medsos,grup wa,telegram dll.
Krn itu generasi ekstrimis saat ini terpencar2 dan tidak terpusat. Mrk bisa mengakses info dn konten radikal dr mana sj. Rekaman2 ceramah ustadz radikal beredar di kalangan mrk. Seorang ekstrimis muda bilang bahwa dia dengar ceramah bkn dr pengajian,tp dr "guru"nya melalui mp3
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Welcome to #SinglePayerSunday!
January 20, 2019
RT from this #Thread and take part in the National #MedicareForAll
Week of Action!
Compare Democrats’ many Medicare-for-All proposals with this chart…
#SinglePayer #MedicareForAll #SinglePayerSunday
Life, Death and Insulin…
As the cost of the lifesaving medication skyrockets, some desperate diabetics are rationing — and risking their lives. Was Alec Raeshawn Smith one of them?
Demand #MedicareForAll!
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Where have "Women's Waves" gone in the past?

These women were in positions of power - responsible for crimes vs humanity, wars, ethnic cleansing & more!

Know yr history. DON'T repeat it!

We don't need another #WomensWave. We need #revolution!
.@HillaryClinton's crimes are many. Just a few:
-massive assaults on poor people
-labeled Black youth "super predators"
-carried out US wars in Middle East as Senator & Sec'y of State
-backed the coup in Honduras
-preached abortion should be "safe, legal, & *rare*"
Golda Meir, PM of #Israel
-supported the 1947-48 #Nakba
-backed war against #Syria & #Egypt
-refused to recognize the right of 350,000 #Palestinians to return to the homes they had been driven from during the 1967 war
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As a citizen who enjoys things like planes not running into each other in the sky, safe food, etc. I support federal workers. As a journalism professor who sometimes teaches about what makes charity effective, a couple of thoughts. #Thread
I am glad that people are stepping up to help. But #ethics!
The people in line in pictures like this are doing something humiliating. Covering this? Frame the shot so you can't identify people.…
The story mentions people donating cans of soup and boxes of ramen. Donating rocks, but try to donate things YOU would want to eat. Food banks often have a list of wanted things want on a web site. Here's Capital Food Bank
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आज काश्मीरी पंडितों के नाम एक पत्र.. #Thread

हे पिंगल,पाणिनि कल्हण और अभिनवगुप्त की संतानों.

भरत,क्षेमेंद्रआनंद वर्द्धन के पुत्रों। क्या विडम्बना है कि तुम्हारे पूर्वजों ने ही समूची दुनिया को पहली बार बताया था कि क्या है संगीत ? साहित्य क्या है,क्या है,रस,भाव और अनुभाव,विभाव ?
लेकिन आज तक तुम्हारे आँसूओं पर हिंदी के मसीहाओं द्वारा एक कविता न लिखी गई...एक उपन्यास नही है तुम्हारे पलायन पर जिसे साहित्य का सबसे बड़ा पुरस्कार दिया जाए..। एक नाटक भी न खेला गया होगा। गीत की कल्पना हम क्या करें..
दुःख तो ये है कि एक भी ट्रेन न चली तुम्हारे नाम पर...जबकि दुनिया के सारे पुस्तकालय तुम्हारी किताबें से भरें हैं..उस वाग्भट्ट,भामह,और रुद्रट जैसे सैकड़ों मनीषियों के नाम से दिल्ली में एक सड़क भी न होगी..
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Bon, habituellement, j’utilise twitter pour dire tout le mal que je pense de plein de choses.

À l’heure du grand débat, je vais tenter de faire une proposition pour modifier en profondeur l’exécution des peines et l’associer à la transition écologique.

Ma réflexion est partie de deux choses: en tant que juge de l’application des peines, on m’a parlé de la ferme de Moyembrie à peu près au même moment que sur France culture, ils parlaient des « villes en transition (écologique).
La ferme de Moyembrie est une structure associative qui reçoit des personnes condamnées sous écrou mais qui purgent leur peine en placement extérieur.

Voici le dernier passage télé sur la structure :
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To My Fellow Countrymen!


An epistle of conscience to Nigerian Youths; a people in dire need of emancipation from mental slavery. A clarion call to stall an impending repeat of an evil cycle.

1./ Politics may be a choice, but governance is not. Those who say they don't care about who leads them because they hate the dirt and evil of politics will reap without doubt the fruit of governance... whether good or bad. [Cont'd]
2./ According to Pluto, "one of the penalties of refusing to participate in politics in that you end up being governed by your inferiors". And these penalties we've suffered as a result of decades of a collective behavior of self-denial like the proverbial ostrich.
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Foi há pouco mais de meio século, em um compromisso pelo emblemático Staples Center, quando o Golden State Warriors ensaiava os seus primeiros recados para a NBA.
Embora, na visão de alguns, o processo estivesse adiantado por temporadas anteriores, existiam pilares a serem moldados – enquanto outros sequer eram descobertos.
O compromisso se desenrola da forma como a franquia nos acostumou atualmente, mesmo com Stephen Curry muito distante de alguns atributos que reverberam seus arremessos contemporâneos e eloquentes. Klay Thompson, famigerado pela mecânica calibrada, contribui com 38 pontos.
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Le @CollectifCoSE a publié dans le journal Le Monde un article qui alerte sur les dangers des écrans.… Malheuresmenet le constat fait repose sur des erreurs d'interprétation voire de fausses allégations #Thread
La tribune du #CoSE fait état d’une “épidémie des troubles mentaux” chez les écoliers en faisant état d'une hausse de 24% des troubles intellectuels et cognitifs, de 54% pour les troubles psychiques et de 94% pour les troubles de la parole et du langage;
Pour le #CoSE cette augmentation n'est pas liée a l'application de la loi de 2005 sur l'inclusion scolaire pourtant mais cette affirmation n'est pas étayée. C'est donc tout simplement une opinion non fondée
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Long #THREAD discussing questions:

💭 What is intersex?
💭Is ____ intersex?
Preface: everyone is different, this is of course one opinion. Also, while they are common themes among intersex people, medical trauma, non-consensual surgeries, or even a diagnosis are not requirements to ID as intersex, and we don't endorse gatekeeping.
What is or is not intersex is somewhat subjective. At its simplest, IDing as #intersex is about having experiences with your body's inherent sex differences, and if that word feels right to you.
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#THREAD: the #Epstein case vs the #MichaelJackson case: for those talking about "getting away" with "crimes", let's take a look at how (white) privilege really works. And why nobody talks about Epstein, while #MJ is being subjected to another slanderous mockumentary. (1)
For a good comparison, we'll take a look at the timeline of the #Epstein case versus that of the #MJ case. You'll see the differences in approach, treatment and mediatic consequences by yourself. #JusticeforMJ #ExposeTheLiars (2)…
As per screenshot 1, the parents of #Epstein's alleged victim, a 14-y.o. girl, reported the alleged crime to the police. In 1993, the first allegations against MJ started with an extortion plan and a search for a "highly profitable settlement". (3) More:…
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Something really important and outrageous just happened today in Brazil that exposes the corruption at the heart of the Bolsonaro movement — the exact type of corruption that they promised to stamp out. #THREAD
2 On December 6, @Estadao broke the story that a govt body investigated the finances of Rio state legislators and their staffs and discovered a US$320K in "irregular" bank transactions by a staffer to @FlavioBolsonaro, @jairbolsonaro's son.…
3 The staffer, Fabrício José Carlos de Queiroz, is a cop and worked as Flavio's driver. His monthly salary was $2,272 plus another $3,361 from the police. Queiroz made large cash withdrawals and received deposits from 8 of Flavio's other staffers.
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#Thread --> De olho no enorme potencial de se abrir dados do governo, o jornalista Léo Arcoverde criou, em 2015, o portal Fiquem Sabendo. Desde então, publicou cerca de 500 reportagens com informações inéditas obtidas usando as ferramentas disponibilizadas pela Lei de Acesso.
Entrando em seu quinto ano, o Fiquem Sabendo cresceu e agora se tornou uma associação sem fins lucrativos. De um site jornalístico, o objetivo agora é se transformar em uma agência de dados públicos.
Agora, somos quatro jornalistas (@mavilaunberg , @toledoluizf , Matheus Moreira e Léo) na luta para empoderar outros colegas, cidadãos e pesquisadores na obtenção de informações públicas.

👉Acesso à informação é poder!👈
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Update: After series of consultations across our zones, we have come to a conclusion that......

It's a #thread
The Academic Staff Union of Universities @ASUUNGR have asked @AsoRock to release N50 billion to demonstrate its commitment to the revitalisation of public universities, in line with previous agreements with the union.
The ₦50 billion will form the first tranche of the ₦220 billion government agreed for the project this year which will be added to the ₦20 billion earlier released for the year.
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