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British Airways pilots went on strike for the first time in the company's history this month. It's the latest case of aviation workers showing the power of organized labor.
Read @JenLouiseWilson's #thread on recent strikes of the sky: (1/10)
On Sept. 9, pilots went on a two-day strike over compensation issues. Hundreds of canceled fights meant a loss of $49 million per day for British Airways. Pilots just called off a second strike, but with no settlement yet, there could be more walkouts.…
Aviation strikes are hugely disruptive, and thus hugely powerful. Earlier this year, the U.S. government shutdown came to an abrupt halt after TSA workers began calling in sick & the flight attendants union (@afa_cwa) threatened a general strike. (3/10)…
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Congratulations on your first video. I look forward to seeing a lot more from you. I do have some feedback for your consideration. Feel free to completely ignore it if you disagree with it.

You are attempting to cover way too many subjects in a single video. That makes it difficult to prepare for the video and you set yourself up too high. Take small steps and keep going forward.
On the other hand, because you have now made this video, you can use the many subjects in this video as stand alone videos for deep dives on those subjects in future videos.
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Près des zones urbaines on voit souvent ce genre d’installation avec des cheminées qui fument.

Ce sont des incinérateurs à déchets.

Celui-ci situé à Paris porte de Bercy est le plus grand d’Europe.

Et vous allez voir ce que ça signifie.

#Thread ⬇️⬇️
Construit en 1969 et actuellement exploité par @suezFR, c’est un des 6 incinérateurs du grand Paris, et un des 3 situés juste en bordure de la ville qui sont gérés par @LeSyctom .
Le Syctom, c’est la structure intercommunale chargée de la gestion et du traitement des déchets pour près de 6 millions d’habitants.

Et des déchets, il y en a.

Plus de 2,3 millions de tonnes en 2018.
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Ein #Thread zum Klimawandel, was man weiss, was man nicht weiss, über den unwissenschaftlichen Unfug auf allen Seiten und warum Waldbrände et al. so gerne als Folge der "Hitze" und des Klimawandels umgelogen werden.

1. Präambel: Es gibt keinen vernünftigen Zweifel an einem 1/
...substantiellen menschlichen Anteil am Klimawandel. Das zu verneinen, ist unwissenschaftlicher Blödsinn.

Der Anstieg von Temperatur und Taupunkten ist an fast allen Standorten signifikant und ohne anthropogenen Einfluss nicht erklärbar.

So wie die 2/
...AfD mit ihrem unwissenschaftlich-stalinistischen Ansatz, das nicht sein kann, was nicht sein darf ein politisches Süppchen zu kochen versucht, wird das auf grüner Seite vor allem durch Verbände wie @greenpeace_de, potsdämliche Professoren und von manchen 3/
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In a conversation with an Indian entrepreneur;

1. Your country Nigeria is similar to ours in so many ways. The rich are so rich, while the poor only know abject poverty. The middle class are just very little. Your country has high level corruption just like my country
2. We have so many ethnic groups & religions, same as you do. Our country has a huge population problem (we are over 1bn), Nigeria has the biggest population in Africa. We have so many problems the same way your country Nigeria has many problems. Are you aware problems are good?
3. I mean coming from a country with problems is a good thing. You want to know how/why I say it? With problems come solutions, be a problem solver. Think solutions & put your solution out there, people will pay for it. I am sure you have heard of the Indian caste system, the
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Today, with support from @TrustAfrica, we launched an unprecedented database of over 1,250 corruption cases in Nigeria.

The database provides information on ongoing and decided corruption cases, judgements and ACJA/L downloads.

The database will allow citizens to search and monitor ongoing cases in court and also download and share cases in a simplified infographics.
Journalists and active citizens will also get information on #UpcomingCorruptionCases in various courts from the database to enable them track and report ongoing cases.
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Il @sole24ore ci ricorda che l’8 agosto #Salvini annuncia la #crisidigoverno che ha portato poi alla nascita del #governogiallorosso e le banche italiane guadagnano grazie al calo dello #spread la bellezza di 2.4 miliardi. Cosa torna e cosa no in questo articolo? (1/8) #thread
Ricordiamo intanto che lo #spread è la differenza fra quanto rende un #BTP a 10 anni e quanto invece un #Bund. L’inesattezza principale del @sole24ore sta prima di tutto qui. Non è lo spread ad incidere sul valore del portafoglio titoli ma il rendimento degli stessi (2/8)
Qualora lo #spread diminuisca perché aumenta il rendimento del #Bund mentre quello del #BTP rimane costante è chiaro che il valore del portafoglio titoli non si sposta di un centesimo. Questa precisazione all’articolo del @sole24ore è quindi doverosa. Ma andiamo avanti (3/8)
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Meet Jaquon Croom. He’s another example of how the #California criminal justice system is failing us all. Let’s hope that you don’t meet him on the streets of #SantaMonica.

This will be a long #thread. Please follow along. ⚖️

@santamonicacity @SaMoCole @SaMoMayor @tedlieu
Jaquon is originally from Chicago and was a frequent flyer at the Cook County Jail. Previous convictions include multiple assaults and a criminal trespass, with his last arrest (with info available online) in 8/2015.
Some point thereafter, he packed up & moved to #CA, where he heard that he would be welcome to live his criminal vagrancy lifestyle. Jaquon knows the SM/LA County criminal justice system well. He’s been arrested 14 times by @SantaMonicaPD since 10/2017 & has served minimal time.
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ANNOUNCEMENT: President @MBuhari has approved the appointment of Dr. Mrs. Folashade Yemi-Esan as the Acting Head of the Civil Service of the Federation with immediate effect.

Dr. Mrs. Yemi-Esan, who is the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Petroleum Resources, takes over from Mrs. Winifred Ekanem Oyo-Ita, who has been directed to proceed on an indefinite leave to allow conclusion of the investigation being carried out by @officialEFCC.
The President has also approved the extension of the tenure of seven (7) retiring Permanent Secretaries for a period of one calendar year with effect from 1st October, 2019 [...]
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I've gone back and transcribed the Arlene Foster doorstep. The key points (she has opened the window slightly for a "unique" arrangement for NI and for a tweaking of the backstop, but only if both nationalists and unionists are onside) are below.

#Brexit #thread
Asked about possibly accepting proposals seen as "unique to NI" she basically said possibly:

"Well I think it's important, if you look at that letter of August 10 2016 (with Martin McGuinness), we did talk about were there were differences in Northern Ireland because of (cont)
(cont) "the very fact we're on an island, we do exist and will have a land border unlike the rest of UK, that was in the context of also respecting the constitutional position of NI."
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To reduce the cost of drugs and high mortality,it is important the receiving shelter for you new stock is clean and bio-safe
Give atleast a minimum of 3 weeks interval before stocking of new chicks
Kindly follow back
Before chicks arrival, the following are necessary:
1. Take out all equipments and clean with fresh water, then soak in disinfectant water containing Formalin or Viracid
2. Remove old litters,clear cobwebs, scrape and wash the floor using Caustic soda using pressure hose.
3. If available, pply white lime on the walls and floor and leave the pen for another one week. Remove all grasses and vegetation around the poultry house.
4. Make the air tight brooding house. Spread the sawdust. Fumigate again with formaldehyde based liquid such as Formalin
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The new electronic taxi service administration mandate covers critical directives simultaneously it is a hindrance to the advancement of utilizing technology in the private sector. (practically laughable).
#Thread #Ethiopia
(5.1. ii) It requires the backend data management system of the dispatching service software to physically reside in the country. What if the private entity wants to use a cloud service which is much robust, scalable and secure?
What about the backup system? What is this trying to resolve? Unless the objective is to confiscate(physical server/drive) at whatever point the bureau pleases.
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À chaque mois de l’année son flip sur l’alimentation. On a eu l’eau (si peu) radioactive cet été, voici le poulet de la rentrée. Mais à bien y regarder, c’est plus tordu que ça en a l’air (#spoiler et c’est souvent les mêmes qui trinquent) C’est le #thread du mercredi. #déroule
Alors que nos chères têtes blondes ont (enfin) retrouvé le chemin de la cantine, voici que sort une information pas banale. Des centaines de tonnes de filets de poulets fournis aux associations caritatives ont peut-être été gonflés à l’eau……
Une info qui survient après une autre du même genre qui date du mois de juin lorsque des steaks hachés bizarres, pour le moins, avaient été également fournis à des associations caritatives.…
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#HappeningLive The 11th Inaugural Lecture for the 2018/2019 academic session at the J. F. Ade. Ajayi Auditorium. #UnilagNigeria

2. Today’s Inaugural Lecturer is a Professor of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering and Director Central Industrial Liaison and Placement Unit (CILPU), Professor Olaosebikan Abidoye Olafadehan, a proud alumnus of the University #UnilagNigeria
3. Prof. Olafadehan is speaking on “Modelling and Simulation: The Under-Tapped Golden Resource and Implications for Process Industries.” #UnilagNigeria
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Pourquoi il faut manger moins de viande

🚨 Encore un article à charge dans @le_Parisien

Avec bien sûr de nombreuses erreurs que je vous propose de détailler dans un #thread #threadagri ⤵️

@InstitutElevage @ChouetteAgile @agrikol @MacLesggy @agritof80…
1⃣ "il faut 16 800 litres d'eau pour produire 1 kg de protéines de boeuf"
Ce chiffre reprend une méthodologie qui prend en compte "différents types d'eau".
@InstitutElevage donne 50 à 70 litres d'eau par kg de viande vive
@Interbev_fr @cniel
Sur le sujet, je vous conseille aussi l'article de @NicolasBDN récemment mis à jour et son infographie ⤵️
Il conclue sur 351 litres d'eau par kg de viande vive mais on peut difficilement le taxer d'être "pro-élévage" 😉
L'article complet ▶️…
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#Thread Donc c'est une "prétendue marginalisation"!?
Meme Abouem A Tchoyi (et plusieurs du regime) qui a été un proche colloborateur de Biya dit le contraire. Sa publication de 2017 est on ne peut plus claire sur la question 1/…
"Nommez nous meme un francophone à condition qu'il parle anglais". La question se posait déjà meme à l'époque d'Ahidjo /2
Il y'avait déjà des griefs de marginalisation dans la période de transition i.e. 1961~1965. Les anglophones voulaient "une participation effective et non nominale ou formelle". Donc pas juste une histoire de poste, premier ministre... 3/
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(Re: Buhari directs Osinbajo to seek approvals for agencies under him)

Our attention has been drawn to a sensational report by The Cable published on September 17, 2019, which claims that His Excellency, President @MBuhari, has directed Vice President @ProfOsinbajo, to seek approvals for agencies under him.
The report suggests, FALSELY, that agencies under the supervision of the Vice President do not normally comply with established rules where presidential approvals are required.
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Automation Tools To Ease Your Data Science Project

Working on Data Science Project can be overwhelming for beginners esp student that intend to carry our a research in this field.

Below are some automation tools that data science professional can use.
#DataScience #Thread
Weka is a collection of machine learning algorithms for data mining tasks. It contains tools for data preparation, classification, regression, clustering, association rules mining, and visualization
#WEKA help you discover practical data mining &learn to mine your own data
#WEKA make it easy for you to play around with data and it gives you test options regarding how you split your #dataset.
I once used WEKA to get result 'clue' for Classification of EEG signal using AIRS, Immuno, CLONALG.

Download WEKA:
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Excessive salt intake can expose one to health problems such as:

- Hypertension
- Heart disease
- Stroke
- Kidney disease and much more.

But how much salt is really too much? Check out this #Thread for a detailed analysis.
Sodium — often simply referred to as salt — is found in nearly everything you eat and drink.

It occurs naturally in many foods, is added to others during the manufacturing process and is used as a flavouring agent in foods cooked at home and in restaurants.
For some time, salt has been linked to high blood pressure, which causes damage to your blood vessels and arteries when chronically elevated. In turn, this increases your risk of heart disease, stroke, heart failure and kidney disease.
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One of the very interesting things @NNPCgroup is doing is their refinery collocation initiative, that allows private investors to develop brownfield refineries near existing NNPC refineries, so that they can share facilities - access to crude etc.
One of the Cos taking advantage of this Initiative is African Refinery Port Harcourt Ltd. It’s set to relocate a 100,000bpd crude oil refinery - which used to be owned by BP, in Turkey; and which it has since acquired - to Nigeria, for collocation with the NNPC Refinery in PH.
“ARPHL signed a framework agreement with the NNPC on 24 July 2017, whereby ARPHL will own and operate the 100,000BPD refinery on a proposed 45 hectares of vacant land within the battery limit of the Port-Harcourt Refinery Complex in Rivers State, Nigeria.”
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.@NigeriaGov has taken another determined step in its bid to recover over N5 Trillion outstanding debts owed the Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON), with the formal inauguration of an inter-agency Committee to speedily resolve the challenges in recovering the debts.
Vice President @ProfOsinbajo inaugurated the Committee on Monday at the Presidential Villa, Abuja, tasking its members to turn the tide in what has been a rather difficult process where debtors have continued to default in their payment obligations.
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There has been a new wave of phone theft and subsequent money transfers through USSD.

It's still a mystery how the thieves get hold of some victims' PIN.

But here are 3 proactive steps to take to protect yourself in the event that your phone gets stolen.

@nogofallmaga @Cc_HUB @Xymbiz @she_secures @shehacks_ke @cyberexpertsng @CyberSpeakLC @nacsss_futmx 1. Encrypt your phone. This ensures your password is not easily bypassed if your phone is stolen.

Here is how to.…
@nogofallmaga @Cc_HUB @Xymbiz @she_secures @shehacks_ke @cyberexpertsng @CyberSpeakLC @nacsss_futmx 2. Lock your sim. This ensures that if the thief takes the sim out, he would require a passcode to use it on another device.

Here’s how to:
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1/ [Data #Thread] *Klaxon for all those interested in potential Twitter manipulation*. Here I compare a large sample of pro and anti-Trump Twitter accounts. Sample A includes around 137,000 pro-Trump Twitter accounts, and sample B, 65,000 anti-Trump accounts #disinformation
2/ Both Samples involved downloading Twitter accounts based on data from their Twitter bios. Pro-Trump accounts were selected if the contained terms such as #MAGA, #KAG #WWG1WGA #AmericaFirst (and similar). Anti-Trump accounts were chosen to see if they contained #Resist
3/ #DumpTrump #ImpeachTrump etc. While obviously not exhaustive, the sample is large. The first obvious potential finding is that there are clearly more overtly pro-Trump Twitter accounts in terms of biographical detail. Interesting when you consider that he lost the popular vote
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A Chart: Fascist Attacks Against Immigrants Just in Past Two Months, as of September 14, 2019
There is a massive refugee/immigration crisis around the world. Tens of millions of people are desperately fleeing for their lives.
July 14
Trump unleashed barrage of racist, anti-immigrant tweets directed at 4 Democratic congresswomen of color. He demanded the 4 “go back to the crime-infested places from where they came.”…
“The Demonization, Criminalization and Deportations of Immigrants”
From Bob Avakian's speech "Why We Need An Actual Revolution And How We Can Really Make Revolution"

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