I don’t have anything to add to this utter debasement of the Department of Justice we’re seeing with Barr throwing himself of Trump defend his private misconduct.

Other than “I told you so that conservative lawyers were always full of shit and have no objective legal principles”
Everybody who ever carried water for Barr, @FedSoc or any of these conservatively align groups or persons who will say nothing to stop them, should really think about how their desperate search for both sides allowed them to suborn monsters.
I’ll remember this as the Trump legal cretins spread from this administration to all the usual halls of power: at law firms, law schools, judicial appointments, and so-called debating societies.
But most people won’t and will try to “make nice” after this.
It’s basically the Kavanaugh Complex. Elites have trouble, believing fellow elites are depraved charlatans who will do or say anything to get more power.
And they never learn. They never fucking learn because the next cocktail party or conference is around the corner.
... I guess I had something to add. This shit is disgusting and too many people who were complicit in this happening, for decades, are going to go to bed thinking “Man, that Barr is a bad Dude.” No. NO. People LET him get like this by supporting is ilk for too long.
For those wondering... I still expect the President to lose. It's another delay tactic. We're in "Caesar crossed the Rubicon to avoid getting sued by Cato" territory.

• • •

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27 Aug
It’s not a “race war.” It’s white people killing unarmed black civilians, justfying the killings to each other, and encouraging other whites to do the same.
Whites erupting in violence against black people happens here every few decades.
White people get scared or pissed off about something. They start killing black people. Black people object so whites kill or hang or roast or drown MORE Black people to teach the Black people who objected to the first killings a lesson.
The fever breaks when the underlying conditions for white people improve: usually they steal more wealth from blacks or foreigners and that makes them feel better.
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24 Aug
This #DeJoyHearing is a mess.
* The objective should be to get DeJoy to commit to restoring service and, failing that, set the grounds to impeach him if he doesn't or jail him for tampering with the mail.
* Instead Dems are making speeches about how important the post office is.
By the way, the tech issues now plaguing Rep. Clay... this is just another reason why the Dems should have had one or two people do ALL the questioning, instead of the Little League Baseball rules where everybody gets to play.
AS USUAL, Most Dems act like the point of the hearings is to *show* how much they care, instead of impeaching or jailing Trumpers.

Like Lynch right now. HOW IS THIS HELPFUL? He's just giving a speech about how DeJoy is bad. HOW DOES THIS HELP US STOP HIM?
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21 Aug
I'm still floored by the Brayden thing. My mom is a speech pathologist. She was like *coaching* him through his amazing moment.
And, so, it just wasn't lost on me that Biden was, even in his greatest moment, also showing Brayden that everything in life is possible for him.
You can have a stutter still become the guy who holds millions of people in rapt attention with your oratory.
Further: Public speaking has always come super easy for me. But because of my mom's work, I've always been attuned to those for whom it does not. And to see a guy like Biden, for whom it is hard, reach these heights tonight....
So many kids, man. SO MANY KIDS are gonna see that.
Read 4 tweets
20 Aug
A. Before we get to "should we forgive Thom Brennanman" street can we stop by "who the fuck still says that" town? B/c he's had a LONG time to excise that word from his lexicon
B. We don't know the context. I've got $5 on "context will make this worse" He wasn't trying to be nice
C. Did he mean he considers himself "a man of faith" as if that's contradictory to being a raging homophobe? OR that though he may be a raging homophobe, we should overlook it? OR did he mean it justifies homophobia? I legit don't know his meaning, but it's maybe not great.
D: Similarly, when he says people will vouch for him, did he mean that people will vouch for him that he's *not* a homophobe? OR that he's a good guy *despite* homophobia? Because the former would be relevant, I suppose, while the latter is, you know, inaccurate.
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10 Aug
My god, I'm listening to people talk about reopening college dorms, and one of the advice is "stay in bed if you are feeling sick."


You don't have parents to bring you stuff, you have to get up and go get it.
This is especially true for students on a meal plan who don't have a lot of disposable income for delivery. They've got to *GO* to a dining hall (a large communal space with buffet style serving). How are THOSE kids gonna "stay in bed" when they're sick?
Oh yeah, communal bathrooms. COMMUNAL BATHROOMS Y'ALL!

I made a deal with the girls downstairs that I could use their bathroom on Sunday if we threw a party upstairs on Saturday, because the upstairs bathroom would be A GODDAMN SUPERFUND SITE.

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7 Aug
I don't know who needs to hear this, but whenever white folks take their foots off our damn necks for long enough, YOU HEAR PLENTY OF DIVERSITY OF THOUGHT in the "African-American" community.

Hell, even under extreme duress, you'll hear PLENTY of thought-diversity if you listen:
I might say "Don't shoot me, asshole." Another might say "Why are you shooting at me?" Still another might opine: "If you shoot me, you best not miss."

Even among Blacks who reach the same conclusion that we ought not die, the intellectual journey is DIFFERENT FOR ALL OF US.
I'd LOVE to trace these different intellectual threads back to specific countries of origin, different cultural cauldrons that produced their own distinct ways for dealing with torture and death.

Read 5 tweets

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