How long do you need to self isolate if you test #COVID19 positive? It depend:

📌symptomatic: 10 days from symptom onset & extra 3 days w/o symptoms.

📌asymptomatic: 10 days from date of PCR (+)test

➡️ And if we had cheap antigen home testing, we’d have even faster isolation.
2) How do we know this? From this study. “SARS-CoV-2 appears to be most contagious around the time of symptom onset and infectivity rapidly decreases thereafter to near-zero after about 10 days in mild-moderately ill patients”…
3) However authors point out, “and 15 days in severely-critically ill and immunocompromised patients”.
4) “The longest interval associated with replication-competent virus thus far is 20 days from symptom onset”
5) For example, for a patient with symptoms for 14 days, the patient can be discharged (14 days + 3 days =) 17 days after date of symptom onset; for a patient with symptoms for 30 days, the patient can be discharged (30+3=) 33 days after symptom onset).…

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12 Sep
📍FACT CHECK Scott Atlas: you’re not telling the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. You claim you’ve *never* advised opening schools that is not according to safety/science. Hmmmm, then explain this evil “no risk to children” twin of yours? #COVID19
3) Trump also knew it affected young people too. He admitted it on tape. Does this mean you know less than Trump?
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12 Sep
Holy shit—Trump HHS is censoring the CDC’s @CDCMMWR for unflattering science?!?! Folks—the MMWR like one of the most holy sacred epidemiology texts that has ever existed!

Trump CDC is dead to me if they muzzle the MMWR. To kill the MMWR is akin to burning science. #COVID19
2) MMWR is like the weekly digest of all things public health and outbreaks from the CDC unfiltered. It is the NYT/WaPost equivalent daily periodical of the CDC. To muzzle and censor it is just one of the worst thinks you could ever do.
3) Who’s behind it? Former Trump campaign staffer turned HHS Assistant Secretary Michael Caputo... and he’s also... wait for it... former media consultant for... Vladimir Putin! Can’t make this stuff up.…
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11 Sep
PROVEN: Kids do get infected at day care centers. Kids do transmit to others and do bring the coronavirus home to family members. #COVID19
2) What is added by this report?

12 children acquired #COVID19 in child care facilities. Transmission was documented from kids to at least 12 (26%) of 46 nonfacility contacts. One parent was hospitalized. Transmission was observed from 2 of 3 kids with asymptomatic COVID-19.
3) What are the implications?

#SARSCoV2 among young children acquired in child care settings were transmitted to household. Testing of contacts of lab-confirmed COVID-19 in child care, including asymptomatic, could lower transmission from child care attendees to family members.
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11 Sep
RISKIEST PLACES: Restaurant eating + Bar drinking stands out as the two leading risk factors, according to latest CDC @CDCMMWR report.

📌Restaurants have 3x higher odds

📌Bars have 4x higher odds of infection.

HT @donwinslow for the good reminder. #COVID19
2) I was reporting the 3x and 4x adjusted odds ratios among those with no close Covid contacts. Among overall it was 2x.…
3) Official overall results are that “Adults with positive SARS-CoV-2 test results were approximately twice as likely to have reported dining at a restaurant than were those with negative SARS-CoV-2 test results.”
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10 Sep
COVID & BRAIN damage—half of patients report neurological symptoms, including headaches, confusion and delirium. A new study offers the first clear evidence that, in some people, the coronavirus invades brain cells. 🧵#COVID19…
2) #SARSCoV2 seems to suck up all of the oxygen nearby, starving neighboring cells to death. It’s unclear how virus gets to the brain or how often it sets off this trail of destruction.
“If the brain does become infected, it could have a lethal consequence” says @VirusesImmunity.
3) “In the new study, Dr. Iwasaki and her colleagues documented brain infection in three ways: in brain tissue from a person who died of Covid-19, in a mouse model and in organoids — clusters of brain cells in a lab dish meant to mimic the brain’s three-dimensional structure.”
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9 Sep
I knew in January, but nobody wanted to listen. Our leaders have blood on their hands. We have to go forward from here. #COVID19
2) "I wanted to always play it down. I still like playing it down because I don't want to create a panic."

"plenty of young people" are vulnerable -- this is also completely opposite what Trump and Scott Atlas keeps saying.
3) Trump also said all this in Feb / March very early.
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