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This graph has been making the rounds today on the effect of masks at reducing #SARSCoV2 #HCoV19 #COVID19 #coronavirus transmission. There's a lot more going on here than mask/no mask
First, there was so much mask-wearing in China that in early February there were mask shortages. China manufactures 20 billion masks a year, so those shortages affect places in the "masks" group too.…
Also China made mask-wearing mandatory in numerous provinces and cities in early February. China is not in the "no mask" category.…
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.@WHO sent out email this morning, dealing with question of airborne spread of #covid19. A few quotes to come. Bottom line: "According to current evidence, COVID-19 virus is transmitted between people through respiratory droplets and contact routes.”…
@WHO How does droplet transmission work? Being within 1 meter or so of someone who has respiratory syndromes (coughing, sneezing) can expose mucosae (mouth and nose) or conjunctiva (eyes) to infectious droplets (generally considered to be > 5-10 μm in diameter).
@WHO This can be indirect too via so-called fomites. So, transmission of #covid19 "can occur by direct contact with infected people and indirect contact with surfaces in the immediate environment or with objects used on the infected person (e.g. stethoscope or thermometer)"
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Lessons from past #coronavirus & #influenza #epidemics suggest that #viral #infections can trigger acute coronary syndromes, arrhythmias, exacerbation of heart failure owing to a combination of a significant systemic inflammatory response plus localized vascular inflammation.
#COVID19 may either induce new cardiac pathologies &/or exacerbate underlying cardiovascular diseases. A large proportion of patients have underlying cardiovascular disease &/or cardiac risk factors. Factors associated with mortality include male sex, advanced age, comorbidities.
Acute cardiac injury determined by elevated high-sensitivity #troponin levels is commonly observed in severe #COVID19 cases & strongly associated with mortality. Acute respiratory distress syndrome is also strongly associated with mortality in patients with #SARSCoV2 infection
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Genomic sequencing of viruses from the #COVID19 pandemic can help reveal transmission patterns. Thanks to data sharing through @GISAID from groups all over the world, @nextstrain is now showing 1882 #SARSCoV2 genomes. This is an update on a few aspects of what we're seeing. 1/14
Here, you can see the Jan/Feb epidemic in China that was brought under control by the end of Feb, followed by epidemics in Europe and the US that pick up during the course of March. Figure from @WHO sit rep.… 2/14
This can also be seen in the genomic data, where the Chinese epidemic dies out during Feb, but by this point the damage was already done and sparks had landed in Europe and the US. These sparks grew into fires and lead to the current epidemic. 3/14
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I did an interview with Leah Bedrosian, MPH @goop about #SARSCoV2 #HCoV19 #COVID19 #coronavirus. For all the people about to shout "GOOP?!?!?!", I'd like to say a few things about why I did this interview.…
Historically, I've had a lot of issues with the recommendations that @goop has endorsed (think jade eggs, vaginal steaming, "dusts", cures for emotional vampirism, vitamin B shots, supplements, etc. etc.) Providing pseudoscientific health advice is tremendously harmful.
I've also had major issues with the attacks on experts like @drjengunter who called them out for promoting pseudoscience. Dr. Gunter's expertise in gynecology/obstetrics is beyond reproach and I summarily reject the "both sides" argument used to negate her expertise.
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🔸️Thread C
1.5 Million Confirmed #COVID19
cases in #China
"Guo Wengui"
A powerfully connected Chinese businessman is putting his life in danger to to warn us.

#Coronavirus truth in China is being hidden from the world

This is a 15 page thread on the origins of #COVID19

Included are scientific reports from the #Wuhan Virology Lab confirming a man made #coronavirus using the #SARSCoV2 virus strain.…
•21 Million cellphones have been dissconnected in China.
•In #CommunistChina it is not possible to survive without a cellphone.
•China has made it mandatory to have an app that stores all personal I.d, bank numbers, health records etc..
•A digital #COVID19 certificate
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1/x To everyone from our government leaders to middle managers in our hospitals. No more gaslighting! Stop lying to us! Stop patronizing us! #SARSCoV2 #COVID19 #coronavirus
2/x I am unbelievably disappointed in Deborah Birx's misrepresentation of modeling studies at yesterday's press conference. @ImperialCollege's @Neil_Ferguson
3/x Yes, @Neil_Ferguson & colleagues made some revisions to their model, which they presented to the UK's parliamentary committee. The major change in their estimates? That #SARSCoV2 #COVID19 #coronavirus may be MORE TRANSMISSIBLE than initially thought. NOT less lethal.
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Alle paar Tage bekomme ich ein Video/Audio von einem Freund/Bekannten, das er auf Youtube gefunden oder per WhatsApp erhalten hat. Zynischer Tenor: #Coronahysterie, solche „Grippewellen“ gab‘s immer wieder, statistisch doch alles im Rahmen, sterben tun die Menschen immer, ... /1
Das Schlimme ist:
(1) Diese Freunde/Bekannte sind oft intelligente, gebildete Menschen.
(2) Es sind nicht selten auch diejenigen, die „das mit dem #Klimaschutz“ auch alles übertrieben fanden. /2
Die Psychologie der „Argumente“ #Coronahysterie / #Klimahysterie ist: Man lässt sich aufgrund (1) Verdrängung des wissenschaftlichen Konsens („Das *darf* doch nicht wahr sein“) und (2) konservativem Egoismus („Es muss alles so bleiben, wie es ist“) verführen! /3
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Misinfo regarding #SARSCoV2 #COVID19

Q is Why so much misinfo
Ans is:

1.Free (anonymous) SM account available to ALL
2.Cheap data (unlimited packs)
3.Free time (offices closed)
4.Experts have other priorities than to counter
Psychology behind viral msgs/ propagation of misinfo

1.For fun (or time-pass)
2.For honest socializing (trying to help all contacts)
3.For mischief (deliberately done for agenda)
4.Just being dumb bots (forward all msgs)
Do's (better utilization of time)

1.Teach kids at home
2.Help in house hold chores
3.Sharpen own professional skills
4.Pursue hobbies
5.Take care of own & family Health
6.Follow official updates ONLY
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Study of 206 monoclonal antibodies against #SARSCoV2 isolated from 8 #COVID19 patients. Some antibody clones are highly effective at neutralizing live SARS-CoV-2 virus in cells, suggesting that we now know human antibody sequences that would be effective COVID-19 drugs. (1/2)
In addition, the authors observed interesting cross-reactivity of antibodies against SARS-CoV & MERS-CoV trimeric spike protein, but not against SARS-CoV & MERS-CoV spike receptor-binding domain, suggesting unusual antibody response viral specificity (2/2)…
(Other neutralizing human monoclonal #SARSCoV2 antibodies have also been recently reported, such as the one described here, and those in development by biopharma companies, summarized in an earlier tweet):…
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"During the initial isolation of 13 individuals conf'ed + w/#COVID19 infection, air & surface samples were collected
in 11 isolation rooms to examine viral shedding from," the patients.
"While all 15 indivs were conf'ed + for #SARSCoV2 symptoms...viral shedding to the environment varied considerably. Many commonly used items, toilet facilities, & air samps had evid of viral contamination, indicating that #SARSCoV2 is shed to the environment..."
" expired particles, during toileting & through contact w/fomites. Disease spread through droplet & person-2-person, as well as indirect (contaminated objects & airborne) are indicated, supporting the use of airborne isolation precautions."…
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A paper just published today in Cell: "A Genomic Perspective on the Origin and Emergence of #SARSCoV2". The lead author Dr. Zhang published the world's first genome sequence of #SARSCoV2 on an open-access site, on January 10, 2020.…
Dr. Zhang's laboratory at the Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center was ordered to shut down a day after his team first shared the genome sequence of #SARSCoV2 with the world 🤔…
3/ Now back to science: "While this again suggests that the market played an important role in virus emergence, it is not clear whether the samples were derived from people who inadvertently deposited infectious material or from animals or animal matter present at that location."
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WHY ITS SO HARD TO CONTROL: “becoming clearer that this virus is exquisitely suited to spreading. Old SARS mainly transmissible when people sick or hospitalized, #Covid19 transmits very early in infection, even before people start to become unwell.” 🧵…
2) “When people have a disease that is only contagious once they start to get sick, it’s much easier to order them to isolate themselves the moment they feel unwell. But that doesn’t work with this virus (#SARSCoV2).” #COVID19
3) A number of studies have reported that a significant portion of people are even spreading the virus while presymptomatic — in the day or two before they start to feel ill. Presymptomatic spreaders are, well, gonna spread. It’s not their fault. #COVID19
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Dado que se está hablando mucho de este vídeo y sus implicaciones clínicas creo que puede ser de interés hacer unas cuantas aclaraciones.
A ver si soy capaz.
Voy con #HiloYTal
El #SARSCoV2 es un virus muy hideputa.
Sin más.
Pero el modo en el que hackea la respuesta inmune aún está en estudio. Eso no quiere decir que ignoremos todo, pero sí una parte. Aunque se sabe más o menos cómo suena el río y el agua que lleva.
Este virus es capaz de alterar la respuesta inmune innata mediante la vía del interferón.
¿Y esto qué es?
Una movida.
El intereferón para la respuesta primaria frente a un virus es como las balas para una pistola.
Puedes hacer que disparas pero no das una sin ellas.
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[1/n]. #FlattenTheCurve #SocialDistancing
After #China, #Italy and #Spain, #UnitedStates may be d next #COVID19 epicenter. @WHO situation report dt 25th Mar 2020 shows 9750 total confirmed new cases & 202 new deaths (as on 25th Mar 2020) in the US. URL is
[2/n]. Total number of new #coronavirus deaths in Italy (743), Spain (514) and #France (240) was too high as on 25th Mar, 2020. #Iran faced 1762 total confirmed new cases and 122 total new deaths (as on 25th Mar 2020). @journojitendra @USATODAY @FollowCII @ThePrintIndia @AFP
Please check screenshots too. #COVID19 Situation Reports of @who published on a daily basis available at URL:… #SARSCoV2 #SocialDistancing @swarajexpresstv @anindobanerjee @scroll_in @the_hindu
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I told myself after reporting on the West African #Ebola outbreak to stay away as much as possible from stories about models in an outbreak. Now I've written a story about #covid19 models (with my colleague and editor @martinenserink). Quick thread.…
@martinenserink First of all what’s the problem with models?
For science journalists:
1. Most of us are more familiar with reading (and writing) about cell cultures than computer models. We tend to ignore or gloss over the assumptions that go into a model (if we even understand them).
@martinenserink 2. Models appeal to the worst instincts in journalists. We end up presenting the most extreme scenario often neglecting the uncertainty around it or the spread of possible outcomes. One of the #Ebola models I wrote about was this CDC projection:
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This is now up a notch in terms of #COVID19 detection.. Loss of smell & Loss of taste are REAL symptoms expressed by 2 individuals at 2 different ends of the Earth !!
First it was @rudygobert27 of @utahjazz.. prompting a shutdown of the @NBA #NBA .. 1/n
Then on our home front.. we have a young Malaysian returning from the UK with minimal symptoms except for Loss of smell & Loss of taste.. She was subsequently tested and was positive #COVID19 .. 2/n…
Screenshots of the story of Katelyn who came back to #Malaysia from the UK as below.. In fact, it was "a very slight loss of taste and smell".. #COVID19 #COVID19malaysia .. 3/n
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WHAT IF...#Wuhan is an inverse Theresienstadt? Theresienstadt served an important propaganda function for the Nazis, cynically described as a "spa town" where elderly Jews could "retire" in safety. In reality, it was a collection center for deportations to ghettos/camps.
The Nazis permitted an International Red Cross visit to Theresienstadt in 1944. It an elaborate hoax: the ghetto itself was "beautified" and they made a display of social & cultural events, making it look essentially just like w "Jewish District" rather than a death factory.
My theory: #Wuhan could be a #CCP version of Theresienstadt.
Instead of displaying of how nice it is, maybe they made a hoax display of how devastated it was. We rely on Beijing numbers for #covid19 stats, but in reality we'd never know if it was 20 dead or 20 million.
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HELP! I have a family member in Orange County, CA on a vent in critical condition for #COVID19. We are urgently seeking a person who has recovered from #coronavirus infxn w/ no symptoms in past 14d & able to donate plasma asap. Irvine/Tustin or LA area. DM me w/ leads. Pls RT.
Tweet #2: Thank you SO MUCH for your kindness! I'm getting many Qs, so answering them here for efficiency. People are asking what criteria they need to meet to donate plasma & which patients with #COVID19 can get plasma & how. See here:
Tweet #3: Others are asking if the donor has to be where the recipient is. The answer is no unless there is time urgency to get the product to the pt. Blood products are routinely collected at blood drives & shipped where the need is, but that does introduce a delay. #COVID19
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Les voy a plantear algunos datos curiosos sobre el #COVIDー19mx, no lo saquen de contexto 🙄, sólo son datos que me llamaron la atención, a ver a ustedes qué opinan, todo está basado en evidencia #científica... 🚨🚨🦠🐍🚨🚨 Aquí va. Abro hilo 👇🏻
Los #virus emergentes q se propagan a los humanos desde un huésped animal son comunes y provocan enfermedades ( #zoonosis ), algunas de ellas graves. Analizado el perfil genético del #SARSCoV2 q provoca el #COVID2019, una HIPÓTESIS propone q proviene probablemente de una 🐍 / 🦇.
Existe evidencia de q la #hipertensión arterial PUEDE estar asociada a un ⬆️ del riesgo de #mortalidad en pacientes hospitalizados con COVID-19. Se ha HIPOTETIZADO q los efectos adversos de los #IECA y los #ARA -II tienen relación con esta evolución.
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1. Some of you are aware that #SARSCoV2 #CORONAVIRUS is an engineered pathogen resulting from the covert global #BioArmsRace. Most of your normie friends are not.

But I ask you--USA, CHINA, Others--is it worth it? 🤔👇
2. We've spent ~$150 billion since 9/11 on direct "defensive" (supposedly) biological warfare R&D. Driven massive worldwide proliferation of BSL4 labs & bi-owea-pon investment. What have we gotten for it?


3. Did the US's massive "defensive" bi-owea-pons program prevent 2002's SARS? 2009's Swine Flu? MERS? Ebola? Hoof & Mouth disease?

#COVID19 #coronavirus #WuhanVirus?

NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. & NO!
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#CoVID19 Sobre #mascaretes i #guants (per cert, i l'edició catalana?) i aprofitant aquest bon article que ens cita a Julia Vergara i a un servidor, unes precisions o ampliacions. Hi ha menció a guants de làtex, correcte. Mirin de fer servir, si poden, guants de nitril. El làtex..
sobre tot si el #guant, a més, està empolsegat, és força més alergènic que el nitril, més neutre. Si el fan servir molt sovint potser alguns desenvoluparan problemes a la pell; demanin a personal d'estabularis. Per altra banda, el guant de nitril és més resistent a químics i a...
puncions, a estripar-se; per contra #guant de làtex és més "biodegradable" i dona més control tàctil. Jo sempre escullo nitril si he de portar una sola capa. És més durable i més impenetrable, i si està trencat ni q sigui amb un petit forat, ho mostra; el de làtex, ho "compensa".
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Daily @WHO presser on #covid19 starts with @drtedros praising “difficult but wise” decision by Japan and the IOC to postpone @Tokyo2020 Olympic Games. "The pandemic continues to take a massive toll not just on health but on so many parts of life. "
@WHO @DrTedros @Tokyo2020 "Already we have lost more than 16,000 lives. We know we will lose more”, says @drtedros. “How many more will be determined by the decisions we make and the actions we take now."
@WHO @DrTedros @Tokyo2020 And again: "Asking people to stay at home and shutting down population movement is buying time and reducing the pressure on health systems. But on their own, these measures will not extinguish epidemics.” They just buy a “second window of opportunity”: to attack #SARSCoV2.
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Treballes de cara al públic i tens dubtes sobre el #SARSCoV2 i la #COVID19? 🦠 Vols saber quina és la persistència del virus a l’aire i en diferents superfícies i com desinfectar-les?

Ens ho respon l'equip expert de l’@irtacat-@CReSA_r.

Comencem el fil (1/13):
Quant de temps roman el virus a l'aire❓

El #SARSCoV2 es manté en suspensió unes 3⃣ hores, però això no vol dir que durant aquest temps sigui igual d'infecciós. En un espai obert i/o ventilat, el virus es dilueix en l’aire i baixa el risc de contagi.

Ventileu sovint!
Quant de temps roman el #SARSCoV2 en les superfícies❓

♵ Plàstics rígids: fins a 16 hores
🔧 Metalls: fins a 4 hores en el coure i fins a 13 hores en l'acer
📦 Cartró: prop de 9 hores
👔 Roba o llençols: és poc probable que hi persisteixi
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