I get the seduction of this narrative that all mothers are equal, but sorry, Yvonne and the rest, I don't agree with you.

This isn't a mothers issue. It's a political issue of land grabbing and inequality, and I resent that motherhood is being used as a distraction. #Newsgang
We know Mama Ngina not because she is a mother but because she has power to promote her clearly spineless son, and to amass property. It's really an insult to all decent, hardworking mothers who brave the odds to raise kids with better manners to put them in the same boat as her.
The fact that we can forget land injustice - which is what kills us every five years - in the name of motherhood, demonstrates that motherhood is so cheap that we joke, banter about it and fight toxic NIS narratives.
Anyone whose mastered Cambridge Analytica tactics can see this motherhood thing was a political stunt. I don't know about Sudi's motives, but the ready hashtag, the quick mobilization of support of a Kikuyu president who lacks Kikuyu support, is too planned to be a coincidence.
The lesson from the fact that motherhood could excite people and make them forget our political context of land grabbing, violated women and squatter families is that Kenya cheapens motherhood. It's not that mothers are equal.

Equality is an annoying, cheap, liberal narrative.
And in fact, Kenyans, you should be very worried when motherhood becomes the butt of political jokes and media sermons to cover up injustice. A research on Kenyan psyche and PEV stated that the PEV demonstrates a clear hatred of women and motherhood as a life force.
In other words, our hatred of women, our violence against women and expressed through rape and disemboweling of pregnant women is a sign that Kenya is a suicidal country.
When Mama Ngina's land ownership, which is part of a system that makes women and mothers poor, she loses the right to be comsidered a mother like others. Yeye na mwanawe wajitetee in the political sphere and leave the rest of women alone. She has the power to do it anyway.
These political fights are not ours. As we cheer politicians using sexist jokes to taunt each other, we are preparing for our own funerals in 2022. I'm tired of this cycle of cheapening our lives as we head down to a bloodbath in which only we die.
Sex and women's bodies are always used by the political class to excite and entertain us so that we don't focus on the thugs in power. We should not so easily accept the bones thrown at us to chew. This is a power game, and we need to name and shame the powerful.
From Sudi to Waiguru, politicians should all be condemned together for cheapening political discourse as they impoverish us. This is not the time to do gender mathings. The problem is power and the whole political class. All of them. Mama Ngina included.

• • •

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20 Aug
The war of the Kenyan state and capitalist godfathers against pastoralism is more than a fight to grab land. It's a philosophical fight about demobilizing Africans. Capitalism can't exploit people who are moving. It needs people who are still and in one place.
Demobilized people are are easy to control because politicians can keep forcing people to vote how politicians want, under the threat of being uprooted and displaced people, and they can force people to seek employment at low wages.
With pastoralism, it's difficult to exploit people when they are moving. They are not where you are the last time you saw them, and if you try to fix them to a program, they'll tell you "we'll think about it and whether it fits on our schedule."
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3 Aug
At the height of Nyayoism, KANU hawk Kamotho said that pictures of Moi should be hung in our bedrooms. That's how reactionary politics had invaded our intimate lives.

My generation was sexually repressed, which is linked to the way we are also politically and socially stunted.
This sexual repression came in the promotion of the purity movement among educated, Christian youths of the 80s and 90s. The sexual purity movement targetted educated Kenyans (hence its prevalence in schools) and was an overt political project.
The purity movement was vicious and traumatizing. It made youths sit on their sexual lives. A certain book "I kissed dating goodbye" taught against any form of intimacy before marriage. It was circulated and used in Kenyan church circles.
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29 Jul
Uthamakism is rooted in white pathology and works like fascism. It's European in thinking, no matter how many proverbs, spears, gourds and mutura GEMA elites throw into the picture. Kenyans who can't deconstruct white pathology will find it hard to understand uthamaki fascism.
The first thing to understand about #uthamakifascism is that it is European, not indigenous to Kikuyu or Africa. Second, uthamaki comes from white pathology which crushes diversity and forces people to swear allegiance to one identity. European kingdoms did it in Europe as well.
#uthamakifascism has crushed the complex histories of the former Central province and melted them into one history that makes Kikuyus have a European style king. The ideology is then repeated until it appears like truth. @MutemiWaKiama broke it down here theelephant.info/radio/2017/08/…
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28 Jul
If you knew that someone is planning to kill you to prove a point to his friends, what would you do?

Would you go to his friends' meeting to ask for "inclusion" in the game, as a strategy to protect yourself? Or would you smash the game and disempower him?
The strategy we wananchi are playing with #bbireport is the same. These politicians negotiate with each other on the basis of how many members of their own tribes they can give up before the Anglo-Americans intervene. And instead of us smashing the BBI game, we ask for inclusion.
Politicians negotiate on how many of us die, not on what we want. Tekayo won in 2013 on nothing else but the Kikuyu bodies of 2008. And because @EUinKenya @UKinKenya @USAmbKenya think Africans are literal and stupid, they support #BBIReport based on its literal claims.
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27 Jul
The other white pathology narrative that has confused Kenyan elites is that annoying word called "privilege."

Here goes the thread.

That story of 'privilege" makes our every day life sound like we walk around with tickets which we use to open doors.
It's like I go to an office and there's a check list:

"White? No.
Male? No.
Upper class? No.
Educated in the Roman imperial system? Yes.

Here's your place."

So you find people saying stuff like "your male privilege," "your elite privilege," "your American privilege."
But that is not how race, tribe, class and gender work. They work from loyalties, not access. So, for example, white people are asked to be loyal to the imperial aristocracy by virtue of being the same skin color as the aristocrats.
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27 Jul
The Kikuyus who want to die for the Tekayos should just register with State House and we finish with that story. Some of us are tired of living under a seige mentality. What this cannibal is doing is preparing an altar for blood sacrifice.

Tekayo is blackmailing home guards of other ethnic groups with a slice of the unnecessary and overrated Kikuyu vote.

For me, I will probably not vote.

I refuse to keep going to polling booths terrorized by strange fruit, swinging on the trees, blood on the leaves, blood at the roots. They killed Msando, mocked him, then we voted like nothing happened.
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