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The argument an MP gave on Citizen TV for BBI is the same argument kumirans gave for voting for the ICC suspects in 2013: we're traumatized and tired of dying. We'll do anything for "peace" and "development."
"And anyone who tries to say that we can't keep on letting politicians lynch us is an insensitive ethnic supremacist who doesn't know what suffering is."
Surely, what kind of a conversation is that, where we are comparing not ideas and dignity, but whose wounds are more painful?
This Kenya is just toxic. Politicians are a lynch mob who hang us every 5 years precisely so that we can say "Stop! Do no more harm." When do we end this cycle of violence, and blackmailing each other with our trauma?
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.@JerotichSeii this is a history of the politicians using public participation to sneek in their personal agenda.

The Universities Act was amended by Matiangi by having a party in a hotel. Image
For #hudumanamba, the government performed a joke of public participation where even the members of the public called them out.

And they convened the meeting away from CBD to limit the people who could attend.
The other way in which politicians have bulldozed #bbireport is through intellectual and emotional abuse. They tell us that we don't read, we should not discuss documents before they're released, they limit us to the text and refuse to discuss context, etc…
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As @RasnaWarah says here, the 2013 election was an election of fear. And I would add that this fear is not accidental. Politicians kill us during elections, with help from the US and UK, pricisely so that we can always be afraid.…
Our politicians are a lynch mob. They organize for our bodies to be mutilated so that we face our cultures and our politics with fear and dread, and get blackmailed to support #BBIReport.

Kenyan politicians are terrorists.…
Tekayo and the US knew they would rig the 2017 elections and knew people would die. They even sent body bags in advance. That's the level of cynicism around our elections. The politicians and their sponsors prepare to kill us and blackmail us to accept what they want.
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We are not saying that we intend to vote "no" IN a referendum. We are saying "no" TO a referendum in the first place.
The proposed referendum is
1. selfish and designed to protect the family power and business interests of politicians
2. divisive and polarising and will prepare Kenya for war
3. a dishonest mini-election
#TekelezaKATIBA #KatibaAt10
The proposed referendum is
4. a waste of taxpayers money. Healthcare has no money. Even if schools were opened, many children still don't have schools. Many Kenyans dont have steady income. The proposed referendum is an "eff you" to Kenyans
#TekelezaKATIBA #BBIReport
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It time for those in the arts do take over this topic like Muluka has done. We are the ones to tell Kenyans that election violence isn't about our ethnicity or constitution or whatever politics, law or racism tells us. The violence is a ritual for elites.…
I said recently that election violence is used by the ruling elite to scare us to the ballot box. They are already sounding the drums of war to blackmail us into supporting #BBIReport. We must not accept.

Wasanii wa Kenya, naomba mtusaidie.…
Kenyan artists: we don't need more peace messages. Or more songs telling us there's something wrong with us. We need songs and stories and visual arts to expose the current politicians as the real warlords who will spill our blood to continue making money. #BBIReport
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The only thing that makes #BBIReport persist is that GoK is working with Western governments on a racist narrative of "Kenyans always fight tribal wars over elections."

Euro-America needs a simplistic story to keep the GoK going. That's they only thing that is keeping BBI.
We have to understand that electoral violence is necessary for politicians. They need it to keep the racist narrative alive for wazungu, and to traumatize us to accept anything they ask for.

If we can break through the self-blame about elections, #BBIReport is dead on arrival.
Break through begins with knowing that electoral violence was started in 1957 by the British. With accompanying peace messaging.

The British hated Jaramogi and KANU because it was associated with Mau Mau. So they sent the army to Nyanza during the 1957 elections. True story.
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The war of the Kenyan state and capitalist godfathers against pastoralism is more than a fight to grab land. It's a philosophical fight about demobilizing Africans. Capitalism can't exploit people who are moving. It needs people who are still and in one place.
Demobilized people are are easy to control because politicians can keep forcing people to vote how politicians want, under the threat of being uprooted and displaced people, and they can force people to seek employment at low wages.
With pastoralism, it's difficult to exploit people when they are moving. They are not where you are the last time you saw them, and if you try to fix them to a program, they'll tell you "we'll think about it and whether it fits on our schedule."
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Uthamakism is rooted in white pathology and works like fascism. It's European in thinking, no matter how many proverbs, spears, gourds and mutura GEMA elites throw into the picture. Kenyans who can't deconstruct white pathology will find it hard to understand uthamaki fascism.
The first thing to understand about #uthamakifascism is that it is European, not indigenous to Kikuyu or Africa. Second, uthamaki comes from white pathology which crushes diversity and forces people to swear allegiance to one identity. European kingdoms did it in Europe as well.
#uthamakifascism has crushed the complex histories of the former Central province and melted them into one history that makes Kikuyus have a European style king. The ideology is then repeated until it appears like truth. @MutemiWaKiama broke it down here…
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If you knew that someone is planning to kill you to prove a point to his friends, what would you do?

Would you go to his friends' meeting to ask for "inclusion" in the game, as a strategy to protect yourself? Or would you smash the game and disempower him?
The strategy we wananchi are playing with #bbireport is the same. These politicians negotiate with each other on the basis of how many members of their own tribes they can give up before the Anglo-Americans intervene. And instead of us smashing the BBI game, we ask for inclusion.
Politicians negotiate on how many of us die, not on what we want. Tekayo won in 2013 on nothing else but the Kikuyu bodies of 2008. And because @EUinKenya @UKinKenya @USAmbKenya think Africans are literal and stupid, they support #BBIReport based on its literal claims.
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The Kikuyus who want to die for the Tekayos should just register with State House and we finish with that story. Some of us are tired of living under a seige mentality. What this cannibal is doing is preparing an altar for blood sacrifice.

Tekayo is blackmailing home guards of other ethnic groups with a slice of the unnecessary and overrated Kikuyu vote.

For me, I will probably not vote.

I refuse to keep going to polling booths terrorized by strange fruit, swinging on the trees, blood on the leaves, blood at the roots. They killed Msando, mocked him, then we voted like nothing happened.…
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For the longest time, the British were frustrated by the Kamba. Like the Giriama, the Kamba didn't enter the cash economy. They used cattle as a medium of exchange for food, dowry and other transactions.

The colonialists came up with a plan. Destocking. #politicaleducationKE
The colonialist claimed that the Kamba had too many cattle. But more than that, in 1938, the colonial governor wrote an order commanding the Kamba to give up their cattle to a slaughter house in Athi River called Liebigs. And the Machakos DC was going to get a cut.
The order was brutal. In places like Kangundo, people were losing up to 90% of their stock. So the Kamba mobilized people to resist the order, and held a six-month sit-in to protest. The British pulled back the order because they were afraid that the struggle would turn violent.
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When I raised the flag about the sale of Makini and Riara to foreigners, people rudely told me it's simply business and shouldn't concern me.

Truth is, Kenyans thought they would afford those schools and wanted to give their kids an elite education, so screw the public schools.
But with the pandemic, we saw what happened. You could no longer afford the schools, and the owner showed you the finger.

So why would a British elite school buy another school in Kenya when Kenyans can no longer afford them?


The schools are not for Kenyans.
The British elite schools are expanding to foreign markets, but the world's global elites cant afford prices in Britain in pounds. They can get British elite education cheaper if the go to a Kenyan satellite campus.…
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You know what is annoying about this Nairobi metropolitan project that is responsible for the KDF coup and the #KariobangiEvictions?

It's just concrete. These black colonial settlers think that putting up concrete makes a city. It's a really bizarre way of thinking.
Concrete and wealth don't make cities. People do. And this Tower of Babel which Muigai wants to construct to make himself a god will fall like other cities before Northlands.

It will have company.…
With #KariobangiEvictions and the Nairobi metropolitan project in #BBIReport it is becoming clearer to Kenyans that Nairobi is not for Africans. And CBC is designed to train KYMs to maintain the city.

Muigai is targetting white people to live in his Nairobi Tower of Babel.
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Let me use this tweet about medical training to explain, yet again, how corruption is destroying our education and professional training.

To understand how the system works, you have to understand some theory. Yes, that word which parasite sector and government have made the devil incarnate of education.

By the time I finish this thread, you'll see why they hate theory so much.
Theory is very simple. It's a narrative about patterns. Theory explains how things are related to one another, and how each event will happen together with another event in whichever sector you go. So this theory applies to health, #CBC, unis, anywhere there is a social service.
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Mutahi Ngunyi popularized the idea of "tyranny of numbers" and gave it an aura of credibility. The idea was used by Cambridge Analytica, Bob Godec and Jubilee Party to create a sense of defeat even before the vote, and has boosted the arrogance of uthamakistan as unbeatable.
Tyranny of numbers was a lie. It still is a lie. The Kikuyu are not enough to even be a swing vote. Even if they were to vote to a man (women are bonga points) for the same candidate, which is impossible, they cannot decide a vote on their own. But Mutahi legitimized a lie.
"Tyranny of numbers" is a curse which has so engulfed the Kenyan political imagination, that politicians spend every 5 damn years circling around Mount Kenya hoping to be the chosen partner by election time, instead of discussing governance and the social issues that affect us.
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We need a movement to change Kenya. Not a party, not an institution, but a movement of people choosing to do life differently from what the state, the church and the media demand and manipulate us to do.

Because autocracy has now captured our institutions.
Kenya is an autocratic state. Idi Amin of the 70s is Muigai of the 21st century.

The only difference is that Muigai doesn't always need the cops to destroy us. He just keeps pushing our buttons, that we destroy ourselves on his behalf.
Muigai has penetrated our minds and souls with a junk curriculum, a tyrannical business sector, #hudumanamba and #BBIreport, so that we do the work for him of destroying ourselves so that there is nobody or nobody strong enough to resist him. #BBINonsense
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Over the last few days, I've been having a fun time reading about the intrigues of colonial Kenya. Some of the most entertaining readings for me are about how European settlers were frustrated with government.

So the settlers came in 1902, some of them Boers who didn't like how the war with the English in South Africa turned out. Once they landed, they complained about land taxes, delay in obtaining titles deeds, and laws against hunting and killing as much wildlife as they wanted.
The settlers were racist rogues, carrying out public lynchings or our people.

They also complained that they weren't getting enough Africans to work on their land, and that the government was doing nothing to force our people to work.
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Interesting arguments in Henry Bienen's, "Kenya: The Politics of Participation and Control."

1. scholarly interest in Kenya is dominated by colonial era more than for other African countries, where people are interested in party politics and personalities.
For me, that explains whey few people outside Kenya know Kenyan political figures. We may talk about them so much here, but Kenyan politicians are uninspiring and relatively unknown outside Kenya.
Besides Jomo, who was a fraudulently propped up as a hero by the British, few Kenyan leaders are known the way we Lumumba, Nyerere, Senghor, Nkrumah or Sankara.
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I've committed myself to reading more on the economic history of Kenya.

Interesting facts I discovered.
The kipande system was a badge of slavery used to track labor supply and tax people for merely existing. Once someone was registered on the kipande system, they could not be deregistered. If they deserted anemployer, they could be returned by force.

Kipande entrenched low wages.
Because kipande also meant the ability to tax everyone and by demanding taxes, forcing people to work in bad employment for slave wages. And if they escaped from the employer, you returned them to the employer.

If it sounds familiar, that is what #hudumanamba is all about.
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Western barbarity, self proclaimed civilization, is the only culture in which economic debt never ends. All other societies have a form of the Jubilee, where debts are cancelled.

But ironically in Kenya, it is the ICC self-named Jubilee Party that has put us into unending debt.
#BBIReport is going to make us further indebted to Muigai himself. Someone told me that the point of BBI is about making counties more accessible to exploitation by his Majesty in Nairobi. Hence #hudumanamba.
And the West has an interest in power being centralized because Muigai can be the sole home guard they deal with, and his unpopularity will make him more dependent on the West for weapons to shoot us down with.
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I don't get these conversations about 2022.

People saying "Nani can never be president" as if it's Kenyans who decide.

People saying "Nani is better than Nani" when all the Nanis are thieves.

And then we call all this soap opera and betting "politics."
But when some of us do real politics, which is about who owns what and how they own it?

We start splitting hairs, avoiding issues, blaming ordinary Kenyans for their problems and punching holes everywhere, to avoid this reality:

8,300 Kenyans own the same as the rest of Kenyans

8,300 Kenyans own the same as the rest of Kenyans

Education in Kenya is about the 4%

The goal of government is to serve tourists and investors

Our economy is settler driven, favors land owning over innovation and ideas

Our policies are colonial and racist
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So this is how @ntvkenya refuses to talk about people let down by the education system.

And I'm offended by the equation of studying music as a last resort after poor grades. Studying music is not an apology for not entering another program.
There are serious cultural and political issues to be tackled through studying music and other arts. If the arts were that useless, #BBIReport wouldn't be proposing that the president dominates them.
Arts are about our ideas and creativity in addressing real issues, not just about jobs for people who fail to get into prestigious programs.…
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Akoko Akech points to something interesting about the Bomas launch of #BBIReport. Murkomen being booed was a replay of Moi's conviction during Lancaster negotiations that the Jaramogi-Jomo arrangement of KANU marginalized Kenyans of other ethnic groups.…
Prime-ministership is a return of the pre-KPU KANU arrangement. That arrangement does not challenge the politicization of ethnicity because it is based on the belief that Kikuyus will always be in power, and Luos will always have the biggest negotiating room. #BBIReport
A parliamentary system means that politicians can negotiate power with each other without us having a say. So smaller Kenyan tribes will never sit at the table, and when they slip in, they will do like Moi, play Kikuyus and Luos against each other in order to survive #BBIReport
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This is what the #BBIReport metropolitan proposal means for black Kenyans (because it's for wazungu)

1. Nairobi will be exempt from democratic oversight in both parliament and the Senate. Uthamakistan can do what it wants, and there will have no legal way to sanction him
2. Nairobi can make decisions over other counties using its economic strength and superiority to other counties. And since Nairobi wont be subject to Senate or Parliamentary oversight, governors will be powerless over Nairobi. So #BBIReport is lying about strengthening devolution
3. Uthamakistan will gentrify Nairobi so that it limits the ability of non-Kikuyus people to settle in Nairobi. They'll be told to go vote in their "home counties." That means that control of Kenya through Nairobi will remain Kikuyu-centric. So #BBIReport is lying about inclusion
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