The Biden family connection to Chinese investment partnership runs through Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs Yang Jiechi currently serving in the Politburo and as the Director of the Office of Foreign Affairs of the Communist Party of China. #Biden #China
Yang served extensively at the Chinese embassy in Washington meeting with Senator Biden regularly. The Hunter Biden investment partnership was managed through Ministry of Foreign Affairs institutions designed to garner influence with foreign leaders during Yang’s tenure as FM.
Chinese financial industry sources indicate that the partnership is believed to have a direct line to the Politburo. Background research supports this assertion.
The primary broker arranging the Bohai Harvest Rosemont investment partnership Michael Lin is a Taiwanese national living in Hong Kong who has worked for key Chinese state firms known to engage in illicit technology transfer as head of their international investments.
During his time running Thornton, Mr. Lin worked primarily for Chinese state institutions under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Chinese state-owned enterprises. Separate national intelligence agencies have confirmed that Michael Lin is person of interest for his work in China.
The BHR investment partnership is entirely a state managed operation. Bohai is a state owned entity and the BHR partnership is under Bank of a China a major state owned bank.
The investment partnerships and clients are primarily state owned and engage in financial transactions that have little reason other than to funnel revenue and assets to the BHR partnership. The BHR investment partnership has no reason for existence other than political payoff.
Hunter Biden remains invested in the BHR investment partnership holding 10% through a Washington DC based holding company.
His visits to China meeting with state owned companies that would become investors began prior to his father’s election in 2008 and continued regularly even likely meeting the Ukrainian prime minister and his entourage during one trip to Beijing.
Given the Chinese state client and state backed investment nature of the fund, it is difficult to see what Hunter Biden provides to the investment partnership.
Chris Heinz and his step father Secretary of State John Kerry appear to have clear ethical problems with Chinese investment. Evidence indicates that Kerry was invested in, directly or indirectly, via Kerry Heinz family trusts in the businesses of his step son Chris Heinz.
During his tenure as the Sect of State, his step son Heinz was selling assets to China in which he had a direct or indirect financial stake through family trust vehicles and investing in a Chinese state owned partnership investment firm. This seems to present clear ethical prblms
Based upon current state assets under management of $6.5 billion and industry standard fees and conservative estimates for capital appreciation, the Hunter Biden stake in BHR would likely be worth at least $50 million USD.
Based upon an original investment of $400,000 this would represent a gain of 12,400% from 2013 to 2020. Given the circumstances, this seems problematic on many levels.
This is in brief of intelligence dossier on Biden & his links to China. The source of dossier is private & confidential. Thus Americans have a clear choice either too elect @realDonaldTrump make #AmericaFirst or vote sleepy Joe Biden making it #ChinaFirst !!
On September 5 2007, associates of Hunter established Thornton, which acted as a government relations
consultancy in the US and China. Thorton Group LLC along with American NGO SLFF worked & met with National People’s Congress of PRC in October 2011 as part of Delegation.
Just added this to make it clear :)

• • •

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11 Sep
Ram Setu & sand is abundant in Thorium. India can extract thorium to boost its Nuclear Power self sufficiency program of unlimited energy w/0 dredging the Setu. But if Ram Setu is declared National Heritage monument then Govt of India cant mine the sand around it hurting country
You dont need to break the Setu to mine the sand on TN Coast for Thorium. Now the Question is of u declare that a national heritage monument then u loose right to mine Thorium nearby costlines. It has got nothing to do with Setu Samudram. Foreign Powers dont want India to mine it
So naturally the given how critical India’s Thorium reserves are to energy plan it begs the question why would someone seek an impediment in that as India has probably last resources of Thorium reserves in the world. Fast Breeder Reactors in Kalpakkam, TN to which many protests.
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11 Sep
ICMR Sero Survey released till month of May says nearly 64 Lakh people infected by COVID-19 in India till then. If you add the reported cases in addition to we are looking probably looking at 1 Crore infected persons approximately.
With just 75,000 deaths so far in effect means CFR (Fatility Ratio) drops drastically to 0.07% meaning COVID-19 is not as fatal as thought earlier though its super contagious virus.
The sero survey till May 2020 results explain why the Government went in for Unlock Phase from June 2020. Globally also they dont recommend lockdown more than 2 months. Shows Government of India went by most scientific advice in dealing with Pandemic.
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4 Sep
If the Vaccination is not compulsory then probably i wont go for it. Anyway one has antibodies and B & T Memmory Cells to fight a reinfection. So far cases of Reinfection have been virtually nil across India & even the world far & few.
The concept behind vaccine is they insert a dead virus in ur body to which ur immune system reacts in way of B Cell & T Cells forming the anti bodies to the virus. Now Anti Bodies will peter out over time but the memory of infection is stored in Immune Cells of the Body.
People with co-morbid conditions, aged & high exposure may need 2 shots 6 months apart just to be in safe zone either way primary function is same to produce antibodies & develop the memory B & T Cells which prevent a reinfection. In Sars CoV (2002) the memory last for decade.
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3 Sep
Ketu is now Gandant in Moola Nakshatra where the Grahan of 26th December 2019 took place. A vakri guru in same Rashi, Vakri Shani we see these nos in India. Dhanu Rashi is astham bhav of India & its marak grah is in Marak sthana. Rahy & Ketu transit on 23rd Sept should help.
Guru gets Margi on 13th September, Rahu & Ketu move to Vrishab-Vrischik on 23rd September 2020 followed by Shani getting direct on 29th September 2020. That is when i expect things should start getting under control finally however ot would be slow then Guru moves towards Pluto
However Guru will in Graha Yuddha with Pluto from 8th November to 20th November in Dhanu Rashi around 28.45 Degrees so we could see further prolonging of this wave. Ideally it should give relief but Guru gets debilitated in Makar at 5 Degrees and the conjuncts Shani on 21/12/2020
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2 Sep
China Provoked India in Latest Clash, U.S. Believes - The incident near the Pangong Tso Lake this week has deeply puzzled U.S. intelligence officials and analysts, who don’t understand why Beijing would ‘shoot itself in the foot.’…
The U.S. believes Indian forces have prevented any loss of ground, according to a source familiar with the assessment who spoke on the condition of anonymity, following the latest faceoff.
"We are staggered at the timing of the Chinese actions," according to the intelligence assessment, "but shouldn't complain either if Beijing shoots itself in the foot."
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2 Sep
There has been very unfair targetting of Nirmala Sitaraman & Government of India over economy before the Pandemic hit our economy had slowed down but Government had taken a lot measures from Private Sector to Taxation to Public spending not bothering to for the fiscal deficit.
The measures were taken last year July-September were appreciated by everyone but then Pandemic hit which is once in a century event & had we not locked down it would have been humanitarian disaster as our health care facilities would have been overwhelmed & caused huge deaths.
The choice was clear do not lock down and run risk of deaths in probably lakhs or lock down save lives, prepare health infrastructure to cope with ultimate peak which was inveitable anyway. You cant stop the virus from spread but u can surely prepare for it.
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