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Where’s the response/follow-up @judylthomas @kcstar — or do hope this will all just go away??? #journalism #standwithjaden #AmericaFirst
What about you, @MERCnewsroom @byRafaelGarcia - are you going to follow up on @mcneiljaden ‘s response to the SPLC-esque smear report on #americafirst students or do you only regurgitate left-wing press releases and call it journalism? #standwithjaden
And what about you @YorkDispatch @jonwalexander - are you going to let a 20-year-old kid defend himself or whitewash away his response? Is that ethical journalism - or search & destroy propagandism? Are those @mcclatchy values?#standwithjaden @McNeilJaden
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You know ConInc is cheering @YouTube even as they pretend to champion #freespeech. They didn’t stand w/ #LauraLoomer or #GavinMcInnes. They tried to kill my career over defending @nickjfuentes & #AmericaFirst kids. They’ve done nothing to help @McNeilJaden. #freespeech poseuers!
Laura Loomer on YouTube ban of @NickJFuentes : “He shouldn’t have been silenced.” #loomerforcongress #stopthebias
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Criminal Alien Who Avoided Deportation Now Accused Of Smothering 22 Elderly Women In Texas

“These murders were 100 percent preventable. Where are the outrage, congressional hearings, or even news reports on this case?” -@RMConservative…
“In Chemirmir’s case, he was offered a green card based on such a marriage in 2007, despite having remained here illegally for 4 yrs. This is a loophole DHS can end tmmrw. It’s the loophole that likely led to the horrific deaths of at least 22 seniors.”…
This is the most infuriating part of all.
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Google data-mining predators are ushering in an invasive K-12 social credit system with hardly a peep of opposition, even as story after story of its privacy breaches makes headlines. #DeplatformGoogleFromAmericasSchools…
PAY ATTENTION: #BigTech & #BigBusiness are hijacking our schools, purging the Right/#AmericaFirst users off social media & screwing American workers/STEM grads. RNC fundraising letters & a few supportive GOP tweets aren't going to cut it. DO SOMETHING.
"Why is Big Tech silencing journalists & censoring speech?"
Answer: Because nobody in the Beltway Swamp will DO something to stop them.
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Attention #AmericaFirst job-seekers - US Census is hiring. If American citizens don't do this job, it will be Soros minions in charge, as I have warned repeatedly:…
If you are #AmericaFirst and looking for a job, work for the Census and protect American interests. CAIR/DREAMers/SJWs are lining up. Spread the word. ==> /2
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Attention @realDonaldTrump Don't forget American tech workers. You campaigned with them in 2016. You promised to stand with them. Will they get a mention in your State of the Union address tonight? #AmericaFirst #HireAmerican @4US_Workers @AmWorkCo @jackjaypalmer @ColumbiaBugle
@realDonaldTrump @4US_Workers @AmWorkCo @jackjaypalmer @ColumbiaBugle @Deloitte @IvankaTrump "57,259 H-1Bs approved by DOL...actual number of workers who hold the visas is fraction of applications @Deloitte submitted last year...Deloitte also stands out for contracting H-1B workers out to other firms [3rd behind Cognizant & Infosys]." /3
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Largest most balanced trade agreement ever achieved signed today!

Will add 1.2% to our DGP and countless jobs...massive gains for our nation's citizens. Replaced outsourcing with jobs right here in America!

A partnership with Mexico and Canada against the world :-) Great day for all 3 countries.
1/5 manufacturing jobs lost under #NAFTA
2 decades of politicians vowed to replace NAFTA but never tried. They sold out.
POTUS not like other politicians

#USMCA is key to #AmericaFirst
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@DNC @DNCWarRoom #democrats

Just Like Any Other Federal Proceeding... You Are Afforded This Singular Opportunity To Denounce The Actions Of & Renounce Your Membership In A Corrupt Political Party. You Do Not Have To Align Or Join @RNC #Republicans Or Even Love @realDonaldTrump
But If You Value Your Political Career & Your Integrity NOW IS THE TIME.

#StormAhead There Will Be No 2nd Chance To Salvage Your Careers.
The Left Is Out Of Control & You're Either Part Of The Solution Or Problem. Choose Wisely.
#WWG1WGA #EVERY #AmericaFirst
@threadreaderapp please unroll
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An excellent interview with @Dalia4Congress that sheds light on her views on #BDS, #Israel-#Palestinian issues, #Miftah and more. Read below 👇…
A welcome take from @Dalia4Congress on her view of #AmericaFirst, #Immigration, and national security. From her interview with @J_Insider…
Is @IlhanMN and the “squad” the new face of the Democratic Party? Is Antisemitism a prominent new feature of the new Left? @Dalia4Congress shares her thoughts on the subject 👇🏼
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❤️🇺🇸 Lucky TEXAS 🤘🏼 Our Very Favorite President put our great Farmers and #AmericaFirst.
❤️🇺🇸 The President's motorcade is rolling at 12:37 from Trump International Golf Club en route to Mar A Lago, supporters were gathered on the usual corner.

Signs reading:
Dogs for Trump
NYPD for Trump
Chants of "Four more years"…
❤️🇺🇸 Motorcade arrived at Palm Beach International Airport at 2:44 PM. The President climbed stairs and boarded immediately by himself.
Signs along the road included:
Greeks for Trump
We love Melania
Fake impeachment

Air Force One reg today is 29000. Wheels up imminently.
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#Thread They tried to shut her down but America First prevailed! @michellemalkin giving her speech for the @umaineCR.

@michellemalkin: "It is not racist, it is not anti-immigrant, it is not xenophobic for American citizens to stand up for their homeland!"

#AmericaFirst 1/
@michellemalkin @umaineCR .@michellemalkin Calling Out the Refugee Resettlement Racket & the GOP Governors Putting their Citizens Last

"Follow the money, find the truth."

"America First, American Citizens First." 2/
@michellemalkin @umaineCR .@michellemalkin's Full Speech for University of Maine College Republicans. 3/

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Screw you #cancelculture and God bless you, #AmericaFirst citizens in Maine - I will never forget your persistence & patriotism! 🇺🇸🔥❤️💙 @umaineCR @MaineMayorNick @AdrienneMaine…
Despite FOUR cancellations & spiteful, lying campaign to stop our event, @PressHerald reports on “200+ packed house” last night for our #OpenBordersInc event w/@umaineCR kids. #fightback
@PressHerald @umaineCR Watch @umaineCR event that defaming speech-squelchers on Left & Right didn't want Maine to hear. We are inspired by LOVE of country, family & faith, not hate. Smash false narratives & gatekeepers. Shame on @umaine & you, too @yaf @tpusa - you lose.==>…
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THREAD: President @realDonaldTrump just signed a historic Phase One trade deal with China.

He’s keeping his promises to make trade FAIR again for U.S. workers!

Check out the details…
China committed to purchasing at least $200 billion in American products and services over the next 2 years!

This is a huge win for American manufacturing and energy workers, and for our great farmers.…
The trade deal also includes stronger legal protections for US patents, trademarks, copyrights, and against pirated and counterfeit goods.

A big win for American innovators!
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In case you don't know ~ President Trump has negotiated trade deals that are the dawn of new day to ensure it will be an #AmericaFirst Century.❤️🇺🇸

❤️🇺🇸 #AmericaFirst does not mean America alone. China🇨🇳 now understands President Trump's favorite word. #Reciprocity. Not negotiable.
❤️🇺🇸This is a Win / Win for ALL American's and long term it will help China 🇨🇳 too. #Winning
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Cancel culture strikes again: #MalkinBannedInMaine…
Censors, send thnx to Keepers of the Gate @yaf @benshapiro @tpusa @umaine @ASFried @washexaminer @NYPostOpinion @thebulwark @DavidAFrench @thedailybeast @HuffPost
We WILL find a venue. Stay tuned.
@yaf @benshapiro @TPUSA @UMaine @ASFried @washexaminer @NYPostOpinion @TheBulwark @DavidAFrench @thedailybeast @HuffPost Here are all the venues/organizations that have canceled me since the launch of #openbordersinc : /2
@yaf @benshapiro @TPUSA @UMaine @ASFried @washexaminer @NYPostOpinion @TheBulwark @DavidAFrench @thedailybeast @HuffPost Almost forgot Missouri Catholic bishop Edward Rice, who forced pro-life @VitaeFoundation to disavow me over my criticism of @USCCB 's open borders racket & threatened their funding for inviting me to speak: /3…
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Mission accomplished, cowardly free speech hater. I hear you got an assist from Univ. of Maine officials, too. Taxpayers should know their $ is being used for cancel culture campaigns against #AmericaFirst students & speakers. (Good job @yaf & @tpusa - you got the ball rolling!)
@yaf @TPUSA Event organizers are working to find a new venue. I'll keep you posted. /2
@yaf @TPUSA I believe that President Trump signed an executive order protecting free speech on publicly-funded campuses. Is someone Monitoring the Situation? /3
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@Bebe111 @derekjames150 a) if we stop paying £7.9bn/yr (official figure) to EU dues, we also lose the £80bn/yr in benefits it yields. What's the plan to compensate our economy for that?

b) the UK govt divied up the quotas & OUR fishermen sold them. Those contracts will still apply post-#Brexit.

@Bebe111 @derekjames150 cont...

Why will those contracts still apply? The #RuleOfLaw is a cornerstone of our constitution. Contract law is local, UK law. Without it nobody who trades or transacts business of any kind could have confidence in engaging in any form of commerce in the UK.

@Bebe111 @derekjames150 cont...

Furthermore UK will still have to operate fishing quotas to protect the sea from overfishing and the fish from extinction - something our govt has kept v. QUIET about!

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❤️🇺🇸 The President & First Lady departed the White House en route to Joint Base Andrews to depart Washington, DC, en route to Kenner, LA

The President & First Lady to arrive at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport
en route to arrive at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome
❤️🇺🇸 The President and THE FIRST LADY attend the College Football Playoff National Championship 🏈
Mercedes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans, LA

We killed him. And when the Democrats try and defend him, it's a disgrace to our country. . . it's not working politically very well for them. So we killed the number one terrorist in the world, Soleimani, and it should have been done 20 years ago.…
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This is the intersection of BigTech, #OpenBordersInc & FedEd/Common Core that I spoke about at @AliceLinahan ‘s summit in Texas this weekend. Vital for parents to see the big picture so they can fight for their children & identify who really represents #americafirst !
@AliceLinahan Pay attention to which side ConInc donors are on: They pour tens of millions of $$$ into campus groups that demonize & stifle the voices of #AmericaFirst kids who tell the truth about #OpenBordersInc racket ==>
@AliceLinahan Happening now: Indian outsourcing lobbyist NASSCOM is protesting H-1B/L-1 visa fee hikes/restrictions by USCIS that put #AmericaFirst. Trump's DHS Secretary Chad Wolf is a former paid lobbyist for NASSCOM.…
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Talk about a gut punch this one takes my breath away.
@IngrahamAngle reminds .@POTUS that he ran on educating and training American workers #Americafirst

@realDonaldTrump says we're not smart enough. He says he asked his friend Japan's President Abe Shinzō to build a company here and he needs smart people.
@IngrahamAngle @POTUS @realDonaldTrump Three years ago I came to Twitter to support President Trump, I started researching in order to understand what was happening to our country. Here is what I found.

The threat on US soil is thriving because of Trump's immigration practices above.
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I've been reporting this for awhile folks. I'm not happy to tell you but reality is what it is & we cannot deal w/our problems without facing them honestly first.

The fix was in, the coverup is ongoing, and no one is stopping it. Tell your @POTUS that this is not acceptable.
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@realDonaldTrump My 'thing' has always been to find politicians who share my biggest issue. Then work to compromise lower priority issues. MY biggest? FOREIGN WORKERS & SPOUSES IN USA. Abuse of qualified citizens forced to train foreigners or not get final check. U lied. @OANN
@realDonaldTrump @OANN You gave your son-in-law what he asked for - Cheap labor for his Tech Friends-biggest companies in the world! Now foreign workers have MORE control over MONOPOLIES AGAINST AMERICAN DREAM. You lose votes, they won't vote 4 you. WS laughs & you believe your Democrat advisors. @OANN
@realDonaldTrump @OANN You are praised as mastermind, genius, ultimate deal maker. What you are not praised for in every poll we fill out is Forgotten Americans First. Your big deals have not touched college kids, avg workers training others OR older workers trying to stay in the game #CollateralDamage
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God Bless You @IngrahamAngle for Holding Pres. Trump's Feet to the Fire on His Immigration Promises!

Laura expresses the concerns of many America First Conservatives at the WH's plan to import more foreign "high-tech" workers to compete w/ Americans.

"You ran on America First."
President Trump must not be fooled by the same globalist lies peddled by the #AmericaLast Chamber of Commerce and Koch Network! There’s nothing #AmericaFirst about filling our nation with foreign factories staffed by foreign laborers!
American workers telling their stories about how Big Business replaced them with cheap foreign labor using the H1B Visa program.

"It was the most humiliating & demoralizing thing I've ever gone thru."

President Trump promised to end this.
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