Conman, oil man, cheap man. Mr 7 Minutes, walaadan soo noqon. Put that in your fake wadani heart, while you try to sell #Somalia oil to the lowest tuugo cadaan bidders, while taking advantage of a traumatised people oo iska kaa aaminey! Greedy lowlife in expensive suit!!! #Kheyre
We thank Fahad and Farmaajo for removing you, the universe used them to get rid of you. Now is their term to be gotten rid of, before they kill the remaining residents of #Mogadishu and the whole country. No more brutal and khiyaano aan iska ogolaaneyno. Waa la soo toosey!!
Farmaajo and Fahad can try all their tricks, ma waari doonaan. Qarax, xasuuq, jidad la xiro, been iyo khiyaano, saxaafadihii oo lala dagaalamey, iyo in weligeen aan isjiidjiidno - cunto la'aan iyo fatahaadna ay nagu soo bateen. ENOUGH. 30 sanadood ayaan halaag ku jirney, ENOUGH.
Kheyre wants to come back for 2 reasons:

To revenge

To finish the oil xaraash process he started.

Farmaajo wants to stay for 1 reasons:

He feels kursiga isaga iyo reerkiisaa leh! #Entitlement


He is the dark horse, toxic/broken beyond believe and armed with bombs!!
The only 'power' tuugo, especially Fahad Qaraxman has is dirty cash from increasingly shrinking pot - thanks to Corona virus halting free cash flow. He has absolutely no real power, him and all the others. Beggars who act bigger than they are, practically laundry boys for ajnabi!
If ajnabi slavery cash gave anyone real 'power', Kheyre couldn't have been removed in 7 record minutes!! They all act tough and big, but in reality it is all an act. Slaves with script and rented suits, they take their orders, kowtow to masters: agents of halaag for their own!!
Mr 7 Minutes, didn't even fight! Ex #Mogadishu mayor Thabit put up a bigger fight and resistance than this fake suit oo faraha taagtaago! He is a coward, who paid the ultimate price for not standing up to Farmaajo iyo Fahad.

Wuxuu yiri, "waa la ila soo taliyey" by jiniyaashiis!
Tragic thing about Conman is how so many young Somali men looked up to him, bought into his fake act and shiny suits!!! If that is the role model large parts of young Somali male population look up to and want to emulate - #Somalia qarax aad buu ugu sii badan doonaa, ilaa tuulo!!
Conmen are running the show, true gentlemen who have achieved so much in this world are silent and live quiet private lives - denying young men of healthier role models!! Boys and young men admire thugs, murderers, & sadistic clowns!! And then we wonder why it is taking us long?!
Our boys and men, not all but big parts, lack substance because they lack good examples of male role models. They are exposed to tuugo, runaway fathers, single mothers too stressed to provide for their emotional needs. Masaakiintaan need help, they need good men to show up!!

• • •

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7 Sep
Before you get raged by 70% of #Mogadishu students being failed, think about this: Suuqa xoolaha 'education' system for sale/rent/bribe! These kids were being robbed from day one! Most are sitting at home unemployed after expensive miseducation, with no job prospects, much poor!!
Last time I checked, #Mogadishu alone had 63 universities...For an estimated 2 million population. There is no standard for education. If you can rent a house for $2 and hire anyone to teach, you can establish uni. Ministry of education is more interested in 'registration' cash!!
How do you expect the same institution that cares more about the little cash they collect from any kiosk university to deliver on their mandate? How do you expect these guys who let anyone teach anything, often really detrimental to mind and country, put student interest first?!
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30 Apr
The smoothest slave #Somalia has produced is current PM, Kheyre!!! Watch every single video of him talking so rudely to fellow Somalis, and compare these to his body language when he speaks to cadaan!!! Markuu cadaan la hadlaayo wuu qushuucsanyahay!!! #HouseNigger for oil masters
Soomaalideena cadaanka mudo ku soo dhax noolaa sheekooyin badan baa jira aynaan Soomaali qoraxjoob la qaybsan. Waana muhiim in ay sheekooyinkaas soo baxaan. Waxaa ka mid ah, Soomaalida sida ay cadaan ula dhaqanto markey qaxootiga yihiin iyo markey wadanka gudihiisa joogaan!
And the whites in Xalane, the neocolonialists in humanitarian suits, love a house nigger! They gather around him, enchanted by how speaks and dresses like them, how he would jump at a chance to explain to them how he is brutalising his own to get approval and support from them!!!
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11 Feb
Video by #Ethiopia officer lecturing Somali troops (mostly child soldiers!!) sent to #Gedo: "we are one nation and one people"!!! Ethiopia is no longer even hiding their plans and ambitions in #Somalia!! The is the end of #AMISOM in Somalia!! #Jubaland…
Ethiopian troops have killed 11 civilians and one member of parliament during elections in #Baidoa. They have sent a plane full of soldiers to try and intervene in #Kismayo during elections. How is this country a contributing member of a 'peace-keeping' mission in #Somalia?!!!!
#AMISOM is discredited and now directly and openly involved in Somalia politics and internal affairs!! Exit plan needed and urgently. They went from a 'peace-keeping' mission to a threat to stability of Somalia!!!
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12 Nov 19
I spent years having some regrets about doing both undergrad and masters in political science, specialising in African politics, my thesis on #Somalia state collapse. I felt it was a bit of a useless degree, maybe something technical or arts was better. I am glad it was politics!
I subconsciously must have known the only way to come back and make sense of this level of madness, had to be well prepared and to understand not only events in #Somalia, but global events that give a wider context to our local problems. Women have to come back extra prepared!!
Political science degrees; global nomadism, thanks to a totally nomadic Somali genes; journalism/storytelling, and genuine interest in human stories - the preparations I needed to come back to #Somalia permanently, and keep my sanity living in a country and society bullied!!!
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15 Sep 19
"IC & #UN watch while Mr. Farmajo is weaponizing international aid when political disagreements surface. How else can one evaluate the unilateral decision of Farmajo suspending all projects and aid, including food aid to the IDPs in #Jubbaland." #Somalia…
On #Somaliand Vs #Jubbaland treatment "Decisions pertaining to Somaliland are done by IC & as such it is untouchable by #VillaSomalia. Otherwise, given his narrow approach to Somali politics, Mr. Farmajo would have vindictively punished Somaliland harsher than he did Jubbaland."
"Current stalemate is crisis of sovereignty & autonomy of member states. Mr. Farmajo is inadvertently weakening the sovereignty of #Somalia by provoking citizens to take extreme measures. If this provocation continues the elasticity of the nation’s sovereign status will shrink"
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31 Aug 19
#Somalia under Farmaajo is moving closer and closer to loose confederation at best, #Yugoslavia-style split of the nation at worst!! It seems N&N are totally opposed to the very idea of federalism and prefer a return to the dictatorship days! Nostalgia for doomed days is madness!
30 years of brutal civil war, recurring droughts/famine, serious corruption, high levels of unemployment, and short sighted/very selfish politicians - with no solution in sight is pushing some of us to consider the unimaginable: to save Somalis #Somalia might have to be split-up!
Last December I worked on a 'resilience' research in #Kismayo, #Baidoa, and #Beledweyn. My team and I interviewed nearly 500 people in these cities on how they cope with displacement, conflict, climate change. The answers were heartbreaking! Their living conditions traumatizing!!
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