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1. Somali media is awash with reports that the UAE recently conducted an airstrike against Shabaab in central #Somalia, though this is so far unconfirmed. If true, it would mark the Emirates' first air strike (and perhaps first military op) in the country.
2. UAE has long supported elements of the Somali military with funding, supplies, and training as part of the wider Gulf competition against Qatar (who is also involved in Somalia). UAE boosted security ties with Somalia just earlier this year.…
3. For instance, UAE said in March it plans to build a military base in the southern city of Kismayo, which will allegedly be used for "direct participation" in the fight against Shabaab.…
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1/12 📢 BREAKING: The #Puntland Government of #Somalia has issued a comprehensive proposal on solutions to the challenges of the state-building process in the country.…
2/12 #Puntland has raised concerns over the Federal Government's lack of political will & systematic delays in reaching negotiated political settlements, and now opts for bilateral negotiations. #SomaliPolitics
3/12 The proposal outlines ten key challenges facing the state-building process, and offers potential solutions to each. Here's a breakdown: #SomaliaStateBuilding
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@iltasanomat #Vantaa-#HellOnEarth
'Pahoinpitelyn jälkeen nuorisoporukka poistui paikalta juosten kohti Länsimäen kirkkoa.
Rikosnimikkeinä toimii tällä hetkellä törkeä #ryöstö ja törkeä #pahoinpitely.'
@iltasanomat @kokoomus @Demarit @vasemmisto @persut @keskusta @KDpuolue @sfprkp @vihreat #Koraani.
#IslaminPerusteet - #mus­limi on määrätty #taistele­maan fyysisesti myös #väärä­uskoisia vastaan.
Muhamma­din vaikuttava #sotilas­ura on todistuk­sena siitä, kuinka keskeisessä asemassa #sotilaal­linen toiminta #islam'ssa on.
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Our research on the links between climate, environment and conflict in #Somalia focuses on the impact of the devastating drought, compounded by conflict and Al-Shabaab’s harsh policies, on the displacement of millions.

🧵 for #WorldEnvironmentDay.
Deforestation in Somalia for wood burning and charcoal production leads to catastrophic consequences.

It exacerbates the effects of drought and floods and provides funding opportunities to the militant group Al-Shabaab.
According to @UNEP, deforestation threatens drought-tolerant trees like the Acacia.

For @HodderClimate, the regeneration of the environment is important for soil health and also to ease tensions over natural resource competition and reduce displacements.…
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New Update | CrisisWatch

⚡ Four conflict risks in June

↘️ Twelve conflict deteriorations in May

❗ Country in focus: #Pakistan 🇵🇰

⚡ Conflict Risk Alert | #Sudan

Hostilities escalated between the army and paramilitary Rapid Support Forces, notably in Darfur region, where the growing involvement of tribal militias and armed groups threatens all-out civil war.
⚡ Conflict Risk Alert | #Somaliland

Fighting between government forces and Dhulbahante clan militias spread in the Sool region.

As parties recruit new fighters, the conflict could ripple into other parts of Somaliland.…
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AFRICA Herbs to the WORLD: This beautiful and detailed #map shows every #herb that grows native in #Africa and gives an idea of the countries and #regions where the herb is most common: Birthplace of Man-(and Woman)-Kind! The second largest continent on #Earth, Over 11 MILLION Image
square miles and over 1.4 BILLION people!

#Africa has such a huge variety of #geography, #flora, #fauna and #people that make it one of the most fascinating mix of #cultures and #traditions stretching back over 150, 000 years of #evolution.

With the culture of folk medicine,
cooking and the incredible array of native #plants Africa is truly a jewel of wealth when it comes to herbs.

#Thyme, a hardy #drought resistant plant, grows in the dry landscapes of #WesternSahara.

The #DemocraticRepublicofCongo with 80 Inches of rain a year, the highest
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The role of 4.5 in democratization and governance in #Somalia: Implications and considerations for the way forward Image
The 4.5 formula was first conceived in 1997 as a temporary arrangement for managing political representation.

It was formalized in 2000 at the Arta Peace Conference in Djibouti.
The clan representation existed in Somalia since the independence.

Although there was no formal clan-based power- sharing system in place, some communities expressed concern that they were being marginalized in the first 123-seat ‘National Assembly’ Image
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LIVE: Opening of the 76th World Health Assembly with @DrTedros. #WHA76…
@DrTedros "In 1977, Ali Maow Maalin was a 23-year-old working as a hospital cook in the port of Merca, #Somalia.

In addition to his duties in the kitchen, Maalin had worked as a vaccinator in WHO’s #smallpox eradication programme, which had hunted down the last remaining cases of smallpox……
@DrTedros "In October of that year, two children with #smallpox from a nomadic group were sent to an isolation camp near Merca. The driver who was transporting them stopped at the hospital where Maalin worked to ask for directions.

Maalin offered to accompany them. The driver asked if he……
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President HSM’s first year in office has been victorious. #Somalia is winning under his leadership.

#UPD plans to organize ‘1-person 1-vote’ for the upcoming elections.

3 task forces should be organized:

1️⃣Legislative Task Force
2️⃣Executive Task Force
3️⃣Popular Vote Task Force Image
The Legislative Task Force will consist of 10 parliamentarians from each Federal Member State: 5 federal MPs & 5 regional MPs.

This task force will have the responsibilities of designing a new permanent constitution & organizing a constitutional convention for its finalization. Image
The Executive Task Force will consist of the President of #Somalia & the regional presidents of the Federal Member States.

This task force will have the responsibilities of developing a voter registry & organizing polling stations in preparation for a constitutional referendum. Image
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Samawade's Take: 10 points for Dan Qaran government to stay in power!… #DanQaran #UPD @HassanSMohamud @HamzaAbdiBarre #Somalia #4MoreYears #1M1V
1)Build a strong military and security forces. The government must be able to protect its citizens and territory from threats, both internal and external. This includes defeating al-Shabaab and other terrorist groups, as well as preventing clan violence.
2) Improve the economy. The government must create jobs and opportunities for its citizens, and improve the standard of living. This will help to reduce poverty and instability, and make people more supportive of the government.
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In another tweet which I will append below, I write about the dizzying diplomacy that #Eritrea #Sudan #Somalia #SouthSudan are going thru. Here, I am going to include momentous changes all happening at once. A New World Order?

This happened, via #China…
“Last week, #SaudiArabia and #Iran announced that they would reëstablish diplomatic relations after seven years of severed ties. The two nations pledged to reopen their embassies and also agreed to begin coöperating in areas such as security and trade.”
(3) Then #SouthKorea and #Japan decided that focus on the future is more paramount than letting your interpretation of history keep u estranged for 12 yrs. #NorthKorea shot an ICBM to remind them yeah, we should meet.…

Reason over passion.
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Somalis are appalled @ATMIS_Somalia allowed #Ethiopian army in #Baidoa to abuse the proud military #history of our @SNAForce by adoring and glorifying #SovietUnion alliance’s acts of aggression against #Somalia in #Karamardha as part of 1977-78 #WesternSomalia #Liberation War-1/4
These abhorrent antics are not only an affront to Somalia’s sovereignty, dignity and sensibility but are also against the Status of Mission Agreement #SOMA signed by @amisomsomalia. Article VI addresses conduct of #AMISOM and #ATMIS personnel who are required to always adhere to……
#Somalia must demand answers from @ATMIS_Somalia and @_AfricanUnion for #Ethiopia’s appalling violations of #SOMA. @MOFASomalia must also summon Ethiopia’s Ambassador and demand an apology from @mfaethiopia for the abuse of Somalia’s military #history and national sensibility-3/4
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#Russia #cyber ops in the war on #Ukraine - "We continue full spectrum operations w/a series of partners to include Ukraine to provide them assistance as they battle the Russians" @CYBERCOM_DIRNSA Gen Paul Nakasone tells lawmakers
#Russia "a very capable [#cyber] adversary" per @CYBERCOM_DIRNSA "We continue to work very tightly w/our other partners within the US gvt -CISA, @FBI- to ensure our US critical infrastructure is protected, and @NATO in general"

“If the conflict continues to not go well for #Russia, there is some chance that Russia will be increasingly brazen in its cyberattacks” an NSA spox told @VOANews “...will increasingly look outside of Ukraine's territorial borders"…
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Just IN: Somali-Dane Indicted for Forcibly Circumcising And Selling His 12-Year-Old Daughter As Sex Slave In #Kenya And #Somalia!

#Denmark: A 44-year-old Somali-Dane has been indicted by a Danish court for selling his 12-year-old daughter into sexual slavery in Kenya and Somalia ImageImage
and forcibly circumcising her.
The trial against the 44-year-old, who was arrested in January of 2022, began this week on Tuesday at a Danish court and is related to allegations that the man abused his daughter and his son in Africa between June 2017 and December 2021.
indictment claims that the 44-year-old took his two children, aged nine and 12, from their home in the Odense district of Vollsmose to Africa where both were subjected to Muslim “re-education” with the aid of family members.
The girl was forcibly subjected to #FGM by her own
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⭐️About 180 migrants from #Iran, #Afghanistan, #Somalia and #Pakistan were packed into a 17m wooden boat that foundered yards off the coast of southern Italy on Sunday after sailing from #Turkey.
Officials have listed 63 dead, including bodies found at sea and washed up on the beach at Steccato di Cutro in Calabria, and 81 survivors, meaning another 36 people may be lost at sea – taking the total killed to about 100
Survivors of a shipwreck in Italy that killed scores of migrants have claimed they were hurled into the sea by traffickers trying to lighten the boat before it broke up in a storm.
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It has come to @USAIDSomalia's attention that an individual or a fictitious organization by the name Global Entrepreneurship Network posted a @USAID funded grant advertisement on Google and Facebook claiming to be in partnership with the @MoF_Somalia.
The message asks businesses to submit applications that include payment of application fees. @USAIDSomalia is NOT partnering with the @MoF_Somalia on any grant opportunities at this time. This alleged Business Support Fund is a SCAM. USAID/Somalia urges our partners and the.....
...public to exercise caution whenever they come across grant application processes that require an application fee. Neither @USAID nor its implementing partners in #Somalia require applicants to pay any sort of fee to participate in a @USAID-funded program.
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🧵 “Somalia’s Looming Constitutional Crisis”

Does the Constitution allow for the dismembering & fracturing of established provinces (i.e. whole regions)?

Let’s analyze the highest law of the land: #Somalia’s Provisional Constitution. Image
The Constitutional requisite for establishing a FMS (federal member state) is:

“Based on a voluntary decision, two or more regions may merge to form a Federal Member State.” 

– Provisional Fed. Const. June 12, 2012, art. 49, §6 (Som.). Image
We must utilize the legal technique known as “statutory interpretation” to properly analyze and interpret this law.

The “Plain Meaning” rule is one of the cannons of construction (a vital legal doctrine used to interpret and apply laws).
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Read the latest Salafi-Jihadi Movement Weekly Update from @criticalthreats & @TheStudyofWar covering activity in #Somalia, #Mali, and #Afghanistan: Image
2/ #Somalia:

Several large-scale al Shabaab attacks on military bases across Somalia highlight that Somali counterterrorism efforts have not weakened the group’s attack capabilities.
3/ Meanwhile, al Shabaab is also well positioned to take advantage of a festering clan-based conflict in northern #Somalia’s disputed regions. A prolonged battle would reduce counterterrorism pressure on al Shabaab and Islamic State havens in northern Somalia.
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1. New UN report on AQ and IS is out, here are the most interesting tidbits in my opinion: Like this paragraph saying that several member states noted IS-#Somalia's Al-Karrar office sending $25k a month to IS-Khorasan via crypto…
2. Obligatory mention that everyone's least surprising candidate to succeed Zawahiri is indeed Sayf al-Adl and AQ's silence is meant to protect the Taliban
3. Buried in here but yet should be WAY more significant is the assertion that veteran AQ leader Abu Ikhlas al-Masri, captured in Kunar #Afghanistan in 2010 and freed during the Taliban takeover in 2021, is now leading an AQ unit in Kunar. AQ presence in Afghan is very undersold
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How ISLAMIZATION occurs when
there are sufficient MUSLIMS in a country.... #Thread

When culturally diverse societies agree to 'the reasonable'
Muslim demands for their 'religious rights,' they also get the other components under
the table. Here's how it works...👇🏻👇🏻 Image
📍 As long as the Muslim population remains around 1% of any given country they will
be regarded as a peace-loving minority and not as a threat to anyone.

(#UnitedStates --1.0%; #Australia --1.5%; #Canada --1.9%; #China --1%-2%; #Italy --1.5%;
#Norway --1.8%)
📍 At 2% and 3% Muslims begin to proselytize from other ethnic minorities and disaffected
groups with major recruiting from the jails and among street gangs.

(#Denmark --2%;
#Germany --3.7%; #UnitedKingdom --2.7%; #Spain --4%; #Thailand --4.6%)
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1. 🌍🔥|👉 Comenzamos #Hilo sobre las #Guerras en el mundo en este 2023🗓️

🪖🌐👉 Actualmente hay unos 60 #Conflictos además de la #InvasiónDeUcrania 🇺🇦🇷🇺, de diferentes niveles. Hablaremos de los 10 más importantes

#Geopolítica #ElMundoEnConflicto

#Hilo 🇪🇸🌐⬇️⬇️ Image
2. 🌍🇲🇲🔥|👉 La #GuerraCivilDeBirmania comenzó de nuevo después de las #Insurgencias de larga duración de #Birmania que se intensificaron en respuesta al #GolpeDeEstado militar de 2021 🟨🟩🟥

#Geopolítica #ElMundoEnConflicto

#Hilo 🇪🇸🌐⬆️⬇️ Image
3. 🌍🇮🇱🇵🇸🔥|👉 El #ConflictoÁrabeIsraelí es un conflicto social y armado en curso entre #Israelíes y #Palestinos por el control de la misma #Patria, que se remonta a principios del siglo XX 🇮🇱🇵🇸🕊️

#Geopolítica #ElMundoEnConflicto

#Hilo 🇪🇸🌐⬆️⬇️ Image
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"Ilhan Omar Is Not Mama Africa" . . . If you responded to @IlhanMN 's claim to be the voice of the continent on the House Africa committee, I might have quoted you here. Sorry I couldn't include everyone. #Somalia #Ethiopia #Eritrea #Rwanda #DRC…
There've been some problems with the Black Agenda Report @blkagendareport website in the past few days, but I hope they've been corrected or will be soon. Last I heard it was possible to get to the site from a phone or a Mac, but not from a PC.
The House voted to remove @Ilhan from the Foreign Affairs Committee last night. @IlhanMN
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Two weeks after forces in Puntland killed IS-Somalia's head of ops, Abu-Albara Al Amani of Ethiopia, US forces conduct a rare raid in #Somalia targeting Bilal al-Sudani, a top Islamic State figure seen as a key facilitator for ISIS's global network. 🧵
Bilal al-Sudani, aka Suhayl Salim Abd el-Rahman of #Sudan, was designated under the US #Somalia sanctions program in 2012 for facilitating the travel & financing of foreign fighters for #AlShabaab since 2007. He later joined the IS splinter faction.…
Al-Sudani was linked to a South Africa-based ISIS facilitator, Abdella Hussein Abadigga, that was designated for sanctions in early 2022.…
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