Please don't obey the #RuleOfSix. It hasn't even been passed thru parliament as an act of law. No vote has taken place for it. We're at the stage now where the government is ruling by decree. If you obey this rule, you are endorsing a dictatorship.
Never mind that it makes no sense anyway. It's not 'only ever be near the same 5 people', it's 'dont be near more than 5 people at any one time.' so you could move from group to group and all intermingle and if there was a deadly virus it'd get around everyone anyway. 2/
Except it's not even that. It's not 'dont be near more than 5 people at any one time', it's my more like 'dont do anything for fun or with political purpose with any more than 5 people at any one time'. 3/
Cos you can still be surrounded by dozens of people at the supermarket or on the bus or at work or the gym, church or any number of other places. Basically no parties. Just don't have any fun.
It is utterly pointless. And if we agree to this, it will not stop. 4/
We were told lock down would be for 3wks to 'flatten the curve', that happened in May.
More people have died from regular flu than CV19 since mid June.
As we enter flu season there will be hype about a 2nd wave, just like there was hype all summer after various mass gatherings 5/
Nothing happened. Don't let them trick you into believing flu season is a second wave. It's not. It's flu season and it happens every year. It's sad that some people are more vulnerable to respiratory disease at that time of year, but it will never not be a thing. 6/
Handing over freedom in the name of trying to stop respiratory disease from occuring is futile.
Build your immune system (inc socialisation, the opposite of #RuleOfSix) & shield the vulnerable. Don't go round your nans house if you're ill. But we've always known that. 7/

• • •

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4 Sep
THREAD: Ooj, Brick Wall Whisperer

In reply to a recent accusation of tin-foil hattery, I replied thus:

I've not come to my understanding of these things based on journos opinions, but on my own analysis. In fact I've lost comrades because of my stance. (1/19)
The indie left media is by & large not questioning these things and are supporting calls for stricter rules. It has disappointed me.
And no I don't watch infowars or anything like it.
You ask cui bono. There is a supranational agenda, (2/19)
whether lunatics say there is or not, one that has had the effect of decimating small independent businesses and making hay for the mega corps, who have been able to accommodate social distancing, online shopping etc. The gov provided insulting 'aid' to small businesses, (3/19)
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12 Jul
THREAD: Money for old rope.

Today's 'i' has a summary of how much public money Johnson & Sunak have thrown at completely unqualified and even non-existent providers of PPE. It's many, many millions. And they are a rogues gallery of Tory donors & tax avodiers. 1/
PPE Contractors to HM Guv:

1.   Ayanda Capital Limited: £252,000,000. Owned by Hortick family through holding company in tax haven of Mauritius. Specialises in currency trading, offshore property, private equity and trade financing. 2/
2. Luxe Lifestyle Limited: £25,000,000. No employees, no assets, no turnover. Director Karen Brost. Produces handmade designer masks at £25.00 each.
3. Ayanda & Luxe connected through Times Place Brasseries Limited. Former directors include Tim Whyte, Karen Brost’ husband 3/
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10 Apr
THREAD: The #Covid19 Plandemic.

I have a friend who works in an infectious diseases ward. She tells me that of all the people who have been admitted w/ symptoms, every single one has recovered & gone home well. That's not to say the virus hasn't legitimately caused deaths... 1/
... but she is astounded by the way people w/ other very serious conditions are bein written off as having died BECAUSE of CV19, rather than died 'with' CV19.
Novel viruses are dangerous, as humans don't have immunity to them, but the greater theat is oppressive laws passed.. 2/
.. justified by dealing w/ the crisis. The Corona Virus Bill sets out long lasting powers that reduce liberty & remove accountability & transparency of the authorities.
Reducing checks on dead bodies, which existed to protect against malpractice or error, raise red flags. 3/
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13 Feb
THREAD: The 'Labour Trans Rights' Pledges.

Such a delicate & complex issue cannot be done justice in a single tweet. I've tried, having been irritated by leadership candidates endorsement. Critique of this pledge requires unpacking as it is certainly not about hatin on trans. 1/
Pledges 1-3 are broadly unproblematic. However, while it is right to oppose hatred, there needs to be a conversation about what constitutes 'transphobia'. The pledges label progressive, inclusive orgs like WPUK (who are attended by trans people) as 'transphobic hate groups'. 2/
Pledge 4; the demand for unequivocal & unqualified endorsement of the proclamation 'transwomen are women'. That sounds like a statement of fact. It is not. It is a statement of courtesy to alleviate the dysphoria of those who feel they were born in the wrong body. 2/
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12 Dec 19
THREAD: no final victory, no final defeat.

There has never been such an all pervasive, coordinated, underhand operation to rig an election as occurred with #GE19
The huge strides achieved by Corbyn since he began Labour's long overdue journey back to the left must continue. 1/
It is quite phenomenal that he's achieved so much, with that cloud of arrows blocking out the sun, many from his own inherited set of Blairite charlatans. Thru wave after wave of despicable sabotage he stood strong. They questioned his mettle, he never, ever stumbled. Granite. 2/
What made this happen was not the antisemitism smears concocted by Israeli assets like Shai Masot, nor the hack journo stream of bullshit about IRA support, or faking train problems or not liking poppies enough, all of that could've been surpassed. It was PV wot done it. 3/
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3 Dec 19
THREAD: The sad decline of @georgegalloway

On last weeks #MOATS, @ggmoats angrily lambasted a caller for suggesting George had been "disloyal to JC". The caller was right. Tho he once followed me, I'm now blocked, for questioning his regular attacks on JCs #brexit strategy. 1/
GG has fuelled unfair criticism of Corbyn. He must know JC could not simply dictate his personal preference to be party policy. Labour has been democratised & that is a good thing. GG must know JC had to triangulate in order to keep his majority remainer party on board. 2/
Corbyn has done the impossible and corralled a hostile Blairite PLP well enough to reach another election with the party more unified & stronger than anyone could have predicted, given the unprecedented tsunami of sabotage Corbyn had to contend with. 3/
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