📙 Excerpt from Michael Cohen’s book “Disloyal, a memoir”:

RE: White House Correspondents' Dinner, April, 2011

Unknown to the world, only a few hours earlier, Obama had ordered the operation to kill Osama bin Laden, so the fact that the President had such...
📙 Cohen book (cont'd)

...incredible comedic chops was amazing to me.
"Now, I know that he's taken some flak lately, but no one is happier, no one is prouder to put this birth certificate matter to rest than The Donald," Obama said.
📙 Cohen book (cont'd)

"And that's because he can finally get back to focusing on the issues that matter—like, did we fake the moon landing? What really happened in Roswell? And where are Biggie and Tupac?
📙 Cohen book (cont'd)

But all kidding aside, obviously, we all know about your credentials & breadth of experience. For example—no seriously, just recently, in an episode of "Celebrity Apprentice"—
📙 Cohen book (cont'd)

...at the steakhouse, the men's cooking team did not impress the judges from Omaha Steaks. And there was a lot of blame to go around. But you, Mr. Trump, recognized that the real problem was a lack of leadership.
📙 Cohen book (cont'd)

And so, ultimately, you didn't blame Lil Jon or Meatloaf. You fired Gary Busey. And these are the kind of decisions that would keep me up at night. Well handled, sir. Well handled."
📙 Cohen book (cont'd)

The room exploded with laughter as the celebrities turned to catch a glimpse of the reddening face of Trump. Many in the media have speculated that his animus for Obama came from that night—the humiliation in front of a room of power players—
📙 Cohen book (cont'd)

...and was what made Trump want to run for the presidency. I can tell you with absolute certainty that wasn't true. Not even in the slightest. He hated Obama long before then; the hatred that would animate him in the years to come needed no further fire.
📙 Cohen book (cont'd)

But it did seal Trump's resolve to run, I thought.


• • •

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17 Sep
📙 Excerpt from Michael Cohen’s book “Disloyal, a memoir”:

RE: the lawsuits against the now-defunct Trump University that Trump ended up paying $25 million for in January of 2017.

George Sorial [EVP & legal counsel, Trump Org] was in charge of dealing w/ the many formal complaints from students & regulators, including negotiations with TX that promised to be resolved with a mutually agreed settlement to cover the most egregious legal violations of Trump U.
📙 Cohen book (cont'd)

"We should be able to close out the entire matter with a settlement of $500,000," George told Trump during a conference in the Boss's office.

"What?" Trump said. "I don't settle. We did nothing wrong.
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15 Sep
⛪️ Trump's reaction to evangelical leaders putting their hands on him: "Can you believe that bullsh*t? Can you believe people believe that bullsh*t?"

📘 Excerpt from Michael Cohen’s book “Disloyal, a memoir”:

📸Photo: Joyce Boghosian Image
📘 Cohen book (cont'd):

>50 religious leaders came to Trump Tower before the election

As an organizer, I went to watch the proceedings, and what I saw was amazing, to put it mildly. Sitting around the long conference room table, the group started to discuss...
📘 Cohen book (cont'd):

...Trump's three marriages, his views on abortion, homosexuality, family values, America's role in the world, and God's place in the Boss's heart. As a little kid, Trump's family had attended Marble Collegiate Church in Manhattan, where he listened...
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14 Sep
🚨 If you are Hispanic and are planning on voting for Trump, please read this short thread.

📕 Excerpt from Michael Cohen’s book “Disloyal, a memoir”:

In August 2015, Univision anchor Jorge Ramos tried to ask Trump a question and this happened.

🗣️ "Go back to Univision!" Trump shouted. Then Trump got his bodyguard Keith Schiller to throw Ramos out.

📕 Excerpt from Cohen book

Calls of protest from Univision executives began to flow in to myself and Larry Glick, who ran the golf operation.
📕 Cohen book (cont'd)

Hispanic executives were dismayed and disgusted by Trump's comments and his ongoing assaults on Jorge Ramos, which perfectly combined his disdain for the media and Spanish-speaking people.
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13 Sep
📘 Excerpt from Michael Cohen’s book “Disloyal, a memoir”:

Watching Obama's Inauguration in 2008 with Trump, with the massive, adoring, joyful crowd on the Mall, incensed the Boss in a way I'd never seen him before—he was literally losing his mind watching a handsome...
📘 Cohen book (cont'd)

...and self-evidently brilliant young black man take over, not only as Commander in Chief, but also as a moral world leader & guiding light. It was just too much for Trump. I thought I'd seen the worst of Trump then, but when Obama won the Nobel Prize,...
📘 Cohen book (cont'd)

Trump went ballistic, as if the universe were playing some kind of trick on him to drive him out of his mind. It was almost like he was hearing voices, the way he ranted and raved about the idiotic Obama and how he was beloved by so many Americans.
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25 Apr
⚡️ Trump UNFOLLOWS Piers Morgan after yesterday’s column:

PIERS MORGAN: Trump's batsh*t crazy coronavirus ‘cure’ theories are not just shockingly senseless & stupid—they’re going to kill people

His first line?


🗞 Morgan via @DailyMail on Trump’s daily briefings:

Throughout this coronavirus crisis, the leader of the free world has turned the daily White House task force briefing into a rambling two-hour self-promoting rally.
🗞 Morgan via @DailyMail cont’d:

He's devoted large chunks of them to trashing the media, attacking political opponents, telling us how great he is, and re-writing history as he tries to defend all the mistakes he's made since the virus first erupted.
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20 Mar
🦠 Several governors including Governor Andrew Cuomo, Governor Jay Inslee & Governor J.B. Pritzker should form a #COVID19 committee and give daily press briefings, preempting Trump’s angry outbursts, lies and dangerous #disinformation.

Every channel should carry these pressers.
🦠 Each governor should have their experts on standby so they can answer all questions possible.

Other governors will follow their lead and learn from their experiences.

Our governors and #WeThePeople will lead us out of this mega-crisis.
📺 No network should air Trump’s bogus press conferences anymore as that just leads to fact checking, which leads to exposing Trump’s lies & odd behavior & monopolizes the news on a daily basis.

#WeThePeople don’t need this type of news.

We need information we can trust. NOW!
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