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In the 2014 Ukraine presidential election, Russia launched a wide ranging series of attacks aimed at wrecking the elections.

Ukrainian officials said this was narrowly defeated by government security experts.

#ONEV1 #OVElections #RussiaReport…
“This is the first time we’ve seen a computer hacking organization act in a malicious way on such a grand scale to try to wreck a national election,” says Joseph Kiniry, an Internet voting systems security expert. #OVElections 2/
- The Russians planted fabricated election results showing a win by their favored candidate.

The fake results gave ultra-nationalist Dmytro Yarosh a winning percentage of the vote (instead of the 1 percent he actually received.) #OVElections 3/
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11 yrs ago, I returned to Lebanon where I’d lived previously to write one of those ‘Beirut so hip’ articles. It *was* breathtakingly hip. Also: breathtakingly corrupt. Looking at the images of a city destroyed, I can’t help think: this is where it leads. This is the road we’re on
Politics is a family business in Lebanon. And govt contracts are dispensed as political favours. This week, Johnson parachuted his brother into the Lords & millions of £ of Covid contracts is going to cronies with no oversight. This is neither trivial nor inconsequential
This isn’t a slow slide into cronyism. It’s a headlong fall. How else to explain gross spectacle of Johnson appointing Lord Lebedev days after parliament slammed his suppression of #RussiaReport & called it a security risk?

And then there’s this:…
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Peaceful revolution in the UK: some personal thoughts on the need for #SystemChange and the potential for making it happen. [thread] 🤨✊🌹🇪🇺#ToryCorruption #ToryTraitors #resist #revolt #remove #JohnsonMustGo
In the wake of the #RussiaReport ⬇️ & the ongoing #COVID19 & #ToryCorruption scandals, there has been a noticeable increase in talk about protest against this obviously compromised “government”… 😠✊🌹🇪🇺 #resist #revolt #remove
For many, the flagrant corruption of the new “honours” list feels like the last straw. We can let this anger & stress gnaw at us, or we can harness it against these disgraceful crooks… 😖✊🌹🇪🇺#ToryCorruption #ToryTraitors #resist #revolt #remove…
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Quick throwback to that time when the ISC #RussiaReport said that the crooked Tories DID NOT WANT TO KNOW about the Russian attack on our democracy. ⬇️ If our systems were working properly, this “government” would have fallen...
😯✊🌹🇪🇺 #ToryTraitors #ToryTreason Image
The alarming fact is even more stark in the evidence submitted to the ISC by Christopher Steele... ⬇️ The pretend patriots of the Tory party would rather have Brexit than defend this country from attacks. 😳✊🌹🇪🇺 #traitors #ToryCorruption #ToryTraitors #resist Image
Steele’s evidence was also robust about the Russian threat. ⬇️ We must never forget that the Tory party did not even try to defend us against this. 😠✊🌹🇪🇺#ToryTraitors #ToryCorruption #treason Image
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This is what the Russian Ambassador had to say about wrecking the UK ⬇️😠 How do #Brexit types still think that *they* are the patriots?! 😖✊🌹🇪🇺 #RussiaReport #ToryTraitors #ToriesOut #resist @BylineTimes @peterjukes
Here’s Ambassador Yakovenko with beshitted Russian asset “Boris” Johnson. As a brainless narcissist, it’s possible that Johnson is oblivious to Russian aims, but an unaware asset is nonetheless an asset. 😖✊🌹🇪🇺 #ToryCorruption #ToryTraitors #Russia #RussiaReport #treason
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At 05:00 today, desperately hoping to find someone in podcast world who thinks, even vaguely, as I do that the #RussiaReport exposed a fundamental & dangerous set of flaws in our democratic processes & security, for the first time in months I listened to the Remainiacs.

Having enjoyed their output in the days when stopping Brexit was a thing, I thought if there's anywhere that my anger & certain belief that we must know which elections were affected, & as far as possible, to what extent, would be represented it would be among a group..

Of people who always knew the critical damage that Brexit would do to this country, and its security, and the importance, above all things, that integrity, truth, & the rule of law should play in our democracy.

But no.

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Let's look at Johnson's record since he has been PM:

- illegally porogued parliament
- only appears to announce good news otherwise hides from public scrutiny
- took 2 week holiday during a deadly pandemic
- tried to force herd immunity & untold deaths on us

@LBC #r4today
- lied about 'following the science' & as a result over 30,000 people died unnecessarily so far
- tried to blame scientists, medical staff and care homes for the deaths he caused


@LBC #r4today #c4news #newsnight #bbcpm #bbcaq
- apparently got away with funneling trips & public ££ to a woman he was having sex with while married & in public office
- enabled Cummings to break lockdown law & helped to cover up for him
- enabled Jenrick to break lockdown law & helped to cover up for him
@LBC #r4today
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So I've read the long-delayed #RussiaReport. (Read it for yourself here:…). A quick reaction. 👇🏿
1. The report reasonably highlights certain activities the Russians have carried out over the years. Litvinenko & Skripal each get a mention and so do Russia's cyber activities, including disinformation. The overall take is that Russia poses "an all-encompassing security threat."
2. The discussion of Russia's intentions are very blurry. In the ambitious section called "What does Russia want," we have an unsubstantiated reference to Moscow seeing foreign policy as a "zero-sum game" (blatantly untrue, as evidenced by Russia's position e.g. on arms control).
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In light of the #RussiaReport, I remind you of Foundations of Geopolitics, considered by many to be Putin's Playbook, which says:

The United Kingdom, merely described as an "extraterritorial floating base of the U.S.", should be cut off from Europe.…
England is geopolitically the least European state, whose strategic interests are traditionally opposed to the Central European powers and, more broadly, continental trends in Europe. ...
However, in parallel with the strengthening of the role of the United States and its seizure of almost complete control over the British colonies, the strategic role of England has significantly diminished, ...
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Russia Report. Why did UK ignored growing threat?

I still cannot get over that MI5 gave the ISC just six lines of text on the Brexit referendum, instead referring MPs to open source material.

What if the threat is from our Government…
The proof of weakness in all security services in the face of political pressure is now multiple.

Some of this maybe resource issues, but others seem to stem from the improper role of politics when the threat comes from politicians & their personnel.

We see it in the USA too
How can we ensure that politicians do not pose a considerable threat to our security?

What has to be done to empower the security services to act with particular vigour when the Government itself seeks to shut down investigations.
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There is increasing evidence that right wing parties across the globe have made alliances with Putin/Kremlin-linked operations & oligarchs to sabotage democracy. That includes #GOP & #Tories. I don’t think it’s a stretch to demand that #CPC be investigated for this too. #cdnpoli
UK #RussiaReport should serve as a wake up call to 🇨🇦. Estimates of Russian private holdings abroad are between approx $800B & $1.3T. Resources held by oligarchs, businessmen & Putin linked companies, represent a vast sum available for use in #DarkMoney influence operations.
.@mikercarpenter summarizes 3 types of malign influence operation: information operations, elite infiltration & destabilizing operations. All of which have been active in 🇨🇦. Trudeau’s gov’t has been a steady target while RW parties are “helped”. #cdnpoli…
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Okey dokey, let's take a lookie-loo at the Russia Report from the Intelligence and Security Committee of the UK Parliament. For reference, see all of Season 3 of Russia, If You're Listening, but episode 5 in particular:…
This report is very easy to read, and only 47 pages long, if you'd like to take a look.…
"It appears that Russia considers the UK one of its top Western intelligence targets ... witnesses have suggested that we would sit just behind the US and NATO in any priority list"
Hm. Seems like a big threat. Hope Downing St and MI5 are taking it seriously!
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Film synopsis: Dr No (2020 Reboot)

James Bond isn't sent to Jamaica and doesn't investigate the disappearance of a fellow British agent.


Film synopsis: From Russia With Love (2020 Reboot)

SPECTRE are planning to kill James Bond. MI6 don't look into it.


Film synopsis: Goldfinger (2020 Reboot)

Auric Goldfinger is planning to contaminate the US Bullion Depository at Fort Knox. James Bond isn't sent to investigate. The gold bars may or may not be contaminated - we will never know.


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The #RussiaReport, which we tried to get released before the election, is out. It says Russian influence is the "new normal." UK 'enablers' (lawyers, bankers and PR agents) who make this happen are key.

Here's a thread on what it says and how we are digging into this.
Russia's wealthy elite has poured money into the UK and we welcomed this with open arms, the report says. But there is little scrutiny, illicit funds multiplied and London is now described as a 'laundromat.'
Russian money has fuelled a boom in professional enablers, who lobby for Russian interests, many of them connected directly to President Vladimir Putin.
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#RussiaReport The fact that all over the world it is clear that Russia was interfering with the Democrat process of countries the continuing failure of HMG to task our intelligence services to investigate their likely attack on UK is sign of continuing corruption in UK politics.
2/ The ludicrous position of HMG that there is no evidence of Russian influence on Brexit election etc is unsustainable where the #RussianReport main criticism is that they deliberately failed to investigate despite being clear had tried to influence Scottish referendum & US DMC.
3/ The highlighting by #RussianReport of massive Russian oligarch funding of British politics is a massive hint that there is a connection between such funding & election influence desperately needing formal investigation. Anyone who rejects this needs to be treated suspiciously.
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The #RussiaReport in summary.

UK's intel agencies have been obsessed with sniffing out terrorists under the bed.

They are neglecting hostile state activity. This is obvious... 1/
But more interesting is that the agencies see their role as narrowly collecting intel, not defending against hostile states.

So they will happily make deals with Russian oligarchs and others leaving Moscow for "Londongrad" - info for expatriation. 2/
There are plenty of examples of this, where a Russian gets to come here, spend £££££££, because he provided lots of juicy data.

It all spawns scavenger industries to boom at the scummier end - PR, private intel, venal lawyers, "luxury" goods etc.


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So there you have it. The Conservatives deliberately did nothing to assess Kremlin's attempts to interfere in Brexit. They let it slide, even as it served their own agenda - that is a failure of leadership, a failure of security and a failure of the British people. #RussiaReport
Government exists first and foremost to protect the people in the nation. If they don't care about foreign meddling and foreign interference in our democratic processes they have failed in that duty. To then deliberately sit on that failure and obfuscate it for months is another.
But Boris Johnson doesn't care. He's PM now, sitting on a massive majority. So sod the lot of you. Move on. Get over it. La la la....
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"There has however been speculation that this report was going to reveal either that Russia had interfered in or sought to influence the referendum, but this committee's view it's worse than that..."



@lbc @mrjamesob #bbcpm #C4News
"the report reveals that no one in govt knew if Russia interfered in or sought to influence the EU ref because they did not want to know. The UK govt has actively avoided looking for evidence that Russia interfered...


@lbc @mrjamesob
"..we are told that they have not seen any evidence, but that is irrelevant if they haven't actually looked for it"


@lbc @mrjamesob #c4news #bbcpm
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The Russian government is using social media to influence elections and destabilize countries in the West. The UK's new #RussiaReport makes it even more clear. A thread.

For the big picture, see my prior column in @TheDrum.…
A speech of mine in England last year: "After Parliament’s landmark report on foreign interference through social media, after @DamianCollins called Facebook “digital gangsters,” why is that not the top story in every single newspaper and news broadcast?…
The Cold War never really ended. #RussiaReport
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WHOAH!! So much for no smoking gun. The #RussiaReport is utterly damning about the failure of the intelligence services to protect our democratic processes.

'In response for our written request for evidence, MI5 provided just 6 lines of text'
Threat of foreign interference only recognised after DNC 'hack & leak'.

'Had the relevant parts of the Intelligence Community conducted a similar assessment prior to the referendum, it is inconceivable that they would not have reached the same conclusion as to Russian intent'
EXTRAORDINARY. MI5 & 6 literally did nothing. Why??

'We have not been provided with any post-referendum assessment of Russian interference. [REDACTED] in stark contrast to Russian interference in 2016 presidential election where an intel assessment was produced within 2 months'
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The summary of the #RussiaReport (sent to the press) alone is both disturbing and mildly damning of politicians and officials. Suggests government may have “taken its eye off the ball on Russia” and are “still playing catch up”
Need to look through the report in more detail but seems the government with most questions to answer here is the Cameron government. Report identifies prioritisation of commercial links with Russia/Russian citizens over security concerns. Similar themes with China story.
Though all governments (before and after) have questions to answer.
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#RussiaReport is released, by Int & Sec Committee - it criticises UK intelligence agencies for their lack of interest in Russian attempts to interfere in the democratic process, saying their 'extreme caution' in this was 'illogical' 1/
Criticising the apparatus of government the ISC says intelligence agencies could have prepared better before 2017 to detect & counter Russian activities aimed at influencing elections. Written evidence to ISC suggests the govt did not see or seek evidence of Russian success 2/
"no-one in government knew... because they did not want to know" says @StewartHosieSNP at launch of #RussiaReport 3/
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First tantalising redaction of the #RussiaReport:
Big #RussiaReport finding – we need new laws "to tackle espionage, the illicit financial dealings of the Russian elite and the ‘enablers’ who support this activity".

Will the government bring them forward?
Not surprising but an important confirmation: Russia has been making efforts to hack UK critical infrastructure. #RussiaReport
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Whatever the #RussiaReport says (and my prediction is that it will be [redacted]), I hope it helps Brits recognise that being the world's primary supplier of klepto-services is both an unsustainable and an unconscionable way for a democracy to make a living.
The desire to maintain business ties with Russia stopped Blair, Brown and Cameron from taking the necessary steps to limit Russian actions in the UK after the murder of Alexander Litvinenko. Hard to believe Johnson will be the man to make up that shortfall, but hope dies last.
All the things we need to do to limit the Kremlin's kleptocratic influence -- transparency of ownership of UK property and companies; solid money laundering controls; robust enforcement of financial regulations --- would also limit fraudsters, terrorists, and other baddies.
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