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1hr until Putin formalizes the illegal annexation of four Ukrainian regions.

We will provide live updates & translations on the event & his speech.

Nothing that is said or written today will change the fact that Donetsk, Kherson, Luhansk & Zaporizhzhia belong to 🇺🇦.

The Russian imposed heads of the DPR, LPR, Kherson and Zaporozhye regions have arrived at the Kremlin for today's annexation ceremony.

Despite their smiles, none of these men fully control their respective regions, with Ukrainian counter operations reclaiming more land each day. Image
Russian officials are now gathered in the main hall, awaiting Putin's speech.

Amongst them, the four heads of the regions to be annexed and Ramzan Kadyrov.

#Russia #Putin Image
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I pulled the freely available ONS data on heart disease mortality if @DrAseemMalhotra cared to check instead of using data from the anti-vax #disinformation group #HART - no increase since the introduction of the vaccine
@drg1985 @GabrielScally @GYamey

please share widely Image
Data from ICU admission also correlates. H/t @Poppyjuice Image
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Russia’s system of #disinformation, aided by the regime in #Minsk, continues its operation against Poland set in the context of the war in Ukraine. It aims to undermine PL-UA relations, manipulate the picture of NATO-Russia relations and threaten the West. A sample of narratives: Image
- there are Polish mercenaries fighting in Ukraine against #Russia
- providing for #refugees from #Ukraine is costly and takes a toll on Poles
- crime rate has been on the rise in PL since the arrival of Ukrainians
- Ukrainians show no gratitude for the help received from Poles
- Ukraine embezzles the arms supplied to it by the West

- Ukrainian soldiers commit crimes against civilians

- It’s #NATO, not Ukraine, that has conducted a counter-offensive
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Here’s a great example of social media disinformation.

The image in this tweet is taken out of context, and it has been assigned a new narrative.

Fact check: The photo was taken by George Mulala in 2001 at a feeding center in Wollo, Ethiopia.

#Tigray #TigrayGenocide
The plot thickens…

On Facebook, @EritreanPress dubbed this “2016 photo of the year”

…taken in 2001 🤨

#Tigray #Disinformation
There’s more. (There’s always more.)

The picture resurfaced last year in a lengthy Facebook post (that I have redacted).

The only information about the image was at the end - “Photo:Archive”

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"Our DOD policy team has requested a review...which is simply meant to be an opportunity for us to assess the current work that's being done in this arena and really shouldn't be interpreted as anything beyond that" per @PentagonPresSec

alleged US #disinformation
Some more background:…
Pentagon review of influence ops - "I'm not going to put a timeline on the review" per @PentagonPresSec

"The review is part of a standard management process to make sure that our policy team has an opportunity to take a look at what it is we're doing...out of due diligence"
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#Russia in #Syria - "That airspace is particularly dynamic & crowded" but no indications #Moscow is engaging in unsafe behavior, per @PentagonPresSec BrigGen Patrick Ryder

He adds it is something to keep an eye on...
Allegations of #disinformation ops from @DeptofDefense via social media - "Our DoD policy team has requested a review..." per @PentagonPresSec
NEW: Pentagon says "sham" referendums in Russia|n held parts of #Ukraine won't impact support for #Kyiv

@PentagonPresSec calls it "part of their lay the groundwork to essentially annex #Ukrainian territory"
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Ukrainian counteroffensives according to Russian #disinformation. Many excuses and explanations suggest confusion and disarray among the propagandists. Extreme calls for escalation and recent cries for a quick annexation betray deepening desperation.
Disinfo: “Russian Army is regrouping. No worries; all is going according to plans. Only minimal reduction of the territory controlled.”
This excuse featured immediately after the first occupied territories were lost to the liberating Ukrainian forces.…
Disinfo: “A clever Russian trap that Ukraine walked into.”
A variation of the "regrouping - no panic" excuse. Attempting to preserve self-respect. Narrative was presented by the firebrand TV host Vladimir Solovyov after the first shock sunk in with Russian audiences.
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Must read thread: Ongoing organised, planned and systematic Islamist terror and anti-India campaign against Hindus/Indians in #Leicester intended to isolate and attenuate Hindu/Indian interests the #UnitedKingdom. 1/20
#Leicester is home to the second largest Hindu population in Europe and is the heartland for Hindu diaspora in the United Kingdom. It is known for hosting delightful Hindu festivals, the biggest of which is Diwali. 2/20
#Muslims make up roughly 5.7% of the population in the #UK, whereas #Hindus make up roughly 1.7%. The majority of Muslims in the UK are from Bangladesh and Pakistan and maintain strong ties with their home countries religious, political and social communities. 3/20
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And now we have this same persona again. Amplified on such places as a site directed at Chinese Canadians.
“Jayde:我是一个 35 岁的加拿大人,一个寡妇,有五个孩子。 我受过大学教育,是一名会计。 我的孩子们都在家上学我自己教,根据杜鲁多的说法,我是一个需要处理的极端分子。” ImageImageImageImage
The first 2 tweets of this thread were from June/22. I forgot to add that the previous tweet & subsequents are updates on the the🧵, from today, Sept 15/22.

Here are some more tweets from the now suspended previous “Jayde” accounts. Deception & more deception. #cdnpoli ImageImageImageImage
And here we have “Jayde” claiming that “last night” her SIL had a stillborn child due to covid vaccines. Yet “she” was far more interested in tweeting about her (fake) Twitter followers first? 🤷‍♀️
Just one lie after another. #Disinformation #cdnpoli #NeverVoteConservative ImageImageImageImage
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(1/4) Being committed to their style of spreading continuous explicit fake reports, the #Azerbaijan'i MoD released a statement falsely accusing the Armenian detachments in shelling Azerbaijani positions overnight Sept 13-14.
(2/4) This is yet another #disinformation, which, as we are already convinced, is serving as a fake information background for their military aggression against sovereign territory of #Armenia.
(3/4) During the night the Azerbaijani #AF bombed both military and #civilian infrastructures with loitering munitions, and that intense artillery attacks began in the morning targeting military positions and border towns in the direction of #Jermuk and #VerinShorzha.
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WOOP! It’s BACK! On Tuesday 20th 3pm ET/8pm UK September join me with my guest @d_chernobrov to talk about his amazing new research ‘Diasporas as cyberwarriors: infopolitics, participatory warfare and the 2020 Karabakh war’ pls share/subscribe/watch:  🫖🍪
You can read @d_chernobrov paper ‘Diasporas as cyberwarriors: infopolitics, participatory warfare and the 2020 Karabakh war’ and ask questions!…
And our joint paper ‘Competing propagandas: How the United States and Russia represent mutual propaganda activities’, which was recently most read open access paper in @JournalPolitics 😀…
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Hello and welcome to today’s #disinformation in #publichealth topic, the pre-print problem.

#VaccinesSaveLives Image
The focus of this discussion is a Thai pre-print misinterpreted by an under qualified, politically compromised doctors and sent through a chain of social media posts directly to policy makers in Florida. Image
For questions about pediatric cardiology, consult pediatric cardiologists like @han_francis. Image
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Art in times of Russian #disinformation or how contemporary Russian art serves not truth but paralysis and demobilisation.

A few thoughts on the occasion of a concert by Sergei #Shnurov #шнур yesterday in Moscow.

@TimothyDSnyder wrote convincingly last week: "Although Russia is fascist at the top, it is not fascist through and through. A specific emptiness lies at the center of Putin’s regime. It is the emptiness in the eyes of Russ. officials in photographs...
as they look into a vacant middle distance, a habit they believe projects masculine imperturbability. Putin’s regime functions not by mobilizing society with the help of a single grand vision, as fascist Germany and Italy did..
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#Election2022 interference not just virtual anymore - "What we're starting to see is potentially physical security issues" at the polling place even, @CISAgov's @KimWyman12 tells @BillingtonCyber
#Election2022 facing supply shortage challenges

"Paper of that sort [used for US elections] is in high demand worldwide...capacity is low" per @smartmatic Dir of Global Services, Certification
.@smartmatic's Smith also worried about #disinformation
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"When it comes to social media manipulation, the US needs to look closer at its allies, not just its enemies."
"When you group the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Egypt together–as the company does in its information dumps—the two Gulf states rank second only to China in manipulating Twitter" #disinformation
"Not even the former U.S. President Donald Trump was immune (or at least his Twitter timeline wasn’t). In 2017, when Trump tweeted support for Saudi’s King Salman, thousands of bot accounts retweeted Trump’s praise of the Saudi regime."
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Happy #UkraineIndependenceDay!

Since even before #Russia’s invasion of #Ukraine six months ago, @DFRLab has worked to document Russian #disinformation, war crimes, and influence ops. The #RussianWarReport🇷🇺, written by our team, is just one piece. 🧵👇…
One of the biggest tools at our team’s disposal was our ability to quickly and effectively geolocate Russian equipment as it moved across #Russia to its border with #Ukraine and into #Belarus last January.…
Geolocation via social media posts also allowed our colleague @Michael1Sheldon to track and analyze the Russian shelling of civilian areas in #Kharkiv, #Ukraine's second largest city.…
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Let’s translate @mfa_russia’s doublespeak.

“Thanks to the Soviet-German non-aggression pact, the independent countries of central and eastern Europe were divvied up between the two powers, & hundreds of thousands of lives were lost or destroyed.” /1
In its effort to portray the Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact as just another neutrality pact among many others in Europe at the time, Russia’s MFA deliberately manipulates history by “forgetting” to mention the treaty’s secret protocols. /2…
It’s not as though the MFA doesn’t know about the protocols: although the USSR later denied their existence protocols (until Gorbachev acknowledged them in 1989), the #Kremlin actually displayed them along with the rest of the treaty in 2019. /3…
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Ketju #jauhojengi'sta.
Joskus xx vuotta sitten olin luennoimassa valtionhallinnon väelle, millaisia rumia #infosota #disinformation temppuja vastapuoli voisi päättäjien kiusaksi keksiä - saadakseen aikaan kaaosta ja uskottavuusvajetta. 1/5
Spekuloin, että mm. aidot rai rai biletyskuvat voisi saada sopivalla mielleyhtymällä näyttämään huumeorgioilta ja (sille ajalle tyypilliset) viattomat saunakuvat perheen kanssa menisivät ulkomaanyleisölle lapsipornosta. Kenraalin käsi ei-puolisonsa takapuolella - om nom. 2/5
Kuulijat protestoivat. "Ei kukaan suomalainen toimittaja ala huhujen perusteella uutisoida että virkamies käyttää huumeita, ilman että kysyy ensin. Eikä ainakaan vihjaa jos ei näyttöä ole. Eikä kuvia uskota kritiikittä."

Toivoin samaa - tähän #SannaMarin aamuun asti. 3/5
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Since your malicious cyberattack timelines matched cybersecurity’s research to strengthen security for years and now, you hack alone but with a cooperative goal to damage national security. Which Advanced Persistent Threats group/s #APTs are you in, #Animez_UK? Image
Converting traditional crime to cyber-enabled crime and becomes a malicious attacker against the UK, for

1- financial income,
2- #sexual desire and #harassment with #pornography sent to #women,
3- attacks for #politics against the UKGOV.

#Animez_UK ImageImage
1st stage- early life:
-Experienced #exclusion/#discrimination.
-Didn’t learn to communicate with #women.
-favours #authoritarianism.
-enjoys #control targeted women & whom against his will.
- Expresses hidden #hatred & #violence on through cyberattacks.

#Animez_UK ImageImage
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Today marks the 14th anniversary of the Russo-Georgian War waged back in 2008. We continue to record Russian #disinformation narratives targeting audiences both in #Georgia and elsewhere.
In the thread below, we have collected some of the key disinformation narratives:
Russian disinformation has been denying any responsibility over the conflict, and attempting to deflect the blame. For example, by blaming the Kremlin's favorite scapegoats, "Anglo-Saxons", for the war.…
Another "oldie-but-not-goldie" narrative from the Kremlin chest of lies attempts to deny Georgia's territorial integrity, sovereignty, and in the worst extreme, also the right to exist as a nation.…
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Repetitiveness is a defining feature of pro-Kremlin disinformation, as it makes their lies sound more believable. Over the next weeks, we're bringing you an overview of five key narratives in pro-Kremlin disinfo. Narrative #1: the Elites v the People.…
By employing the ‘Threatened Values’ narrative, Pro-Kremlin outlets ridicule alleged Western ‘moral decay’, and trample on Western views on the rights of women, ethnic and religious minorities, and LGBTQI+ groups.
Narrative #2: "Threatened Values".… Image
The pro-Kremlin #disinformation narrative of 'lost sovereignty' is ultimately a narrative of disempowerment. It aims to erode trust in the democratic institutions and corrupt the very foundations of democracy.
Narrative #3: 'Lost Sovereignty'… Image
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Some more on #TUPOC or TUPC, aka “United People of Canada”. ICYMI see attached thread.
Their attempts to pretend they aren’t related to #FreeDumbConvoy are as empty as the meaningless marketing speak on their website. Tamara Lich’s husband Dwayne has been involved since the start ImageImageImageImage
Dwayne Lich posts about TUPOC a lot. “The United People of Canada” sure had lots of💰right from the jump. It was registered on March 24/22 & had merch + an expensive heritage property (#StBrigids in #Ottawa - the former church was also the site of #PMJT’s confirmation as a child) ImageImageImageImage
Dwayne sure seams involved….🤔
#FreeDumbConvoy #FluTruxKlan #CoupTruxKlan #cdnpoli #fascism ImageImageImageImage
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Thread 1/ During Biden's visit to the Middle East, there was much discussion about #Saudi Arabia and normalisation with Israel. As a result, the hashtag 'millions against normalization trended'. This analysis shows attempts to disrupt that trend with fake accounts #disinformation
2/ This is an analysis of around 40,000 tweets from 12 July until today. I downloaded tweets on the Arabic hashtag "millions_against_normalisation" and the rival hashtag "million_".

FYI: In Arabic, hashtags are often cropped by suspicious actors to sabotage trends
3/ The graph below shows the hashtag 'millions against normalisation" (MAN) in yellow, and the counter hashtag "millions_" (M) in red. This time series graph shows that while the MAN hashtag started first, the M hashtag kicked in about 2 hours later, out pacing MAN very quickly
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Helping #Somalia-"We get it by, with & through" partnerships, LtGen Michael Langley, nominated to lead @USAfricaCommand, tells SASC

"It's the best thing that will thwart the great power competition that's coming w/these false value propositions" from #Russia, #China
US working w/#Africa|n countries to help them establish maritime exclusion zones - "That's going to be the biggest deterrent, or assurance actions... that's going to deter #China from trying to take over the West Coast of the African continent" per LtGen Langley
"#AFRICOM needs more resources, not less" per SASC Ranking Member @JimInhofe, saying he's heard rumors support to @USAfricaCommand is going to be downgraded
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