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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/26/2020…
The misunderstood limits of folk science: an illusion of explanatory depth…

#folk #science #stories
Provably exact artificial intelligence for nuclear and particle physics…

#physics #particle
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Let me correct that for you, @FBoversight: "Our pitch-deck alleges @Facebook's @OversightBoard is little more than a corporate whitewashing exercise."

@axios mangled the write-up, but YOU just tweeted #disinformation.

Who on your Board signed that off?… ImageImage
This - to 'counter spin' - is a rather unfortunate line to take in the circumstances...


And now @Facebook's Policy Communications Manager @andymstone wades in, calling @FBoversight a "fake board":

Another reason why it's so important not to screw up straight out of the starting gate...
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As fires rage across the western United States, doctored social media posts have gone viral primarily blaming leftist group #Antifa for setting fires forcing local authorities to divert resources to debunk these instances of #disinformation.…
Mass reporting by locals has hampered coordination of relief efforts. Local law enforcement throughout the affected areas has taken to social media to urge the public to rely on official sources for information, and to refrain from sharing unverified rumors.
Several conservative Facebook groups and pages shared a screengrab of an alleged #antifa Twitter account, @ScarsdaleAntifa, who claimed that they had started the fires. Evidence suggests this is an inauthentic account created by a 4chan user to troll or confuse antifa supporters.
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1/7 A short, updated & ongoing thread about the #ClimateEmergency #wildfires exposing the #disinformation being spread by HORDES of #DenialMachine #trollers.

Please bookmark, read & share often/widely, folks.📲

Help fight back against organized #trollfarms confusing the public!
2/7 When trolls shriek "#Arson!" they're just DISTRACTING you from fuel AND accellerant factors, BOTH of which are FAR WORSE due to climate change.🤨🔥

Read from reputable sources about #wildfire severity, duration and frequency:……
3/7 Here's THE definitive thread on Australian #wildfires & #arson:

More from Dr.Mann:

PLUS another distraction point - fires 'stopping' at borders:

CBS News on wildfires and MMCC:
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White supremacist militias, high on their own #disinformation supply, are pulling stunts like this in Oregon.

What would you call this if you were watching it play out in another country?
A bunch of violent shitlords have been getting "nudged" by Facebook closer and closer to violence as its algorithms push like-minded white supremacists together. Now there's groups with thousands of people where they all push disinfo and share memes of driving into protesters.
You know where else this shit happened? Crimea in 2014, preceded by and alongside a massive disinformation campaign…
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Why such news portals are afraid of development ?
Why are they afraid of normalcy and growth ?
Whose narrative they are propagating ?

Please take a note
They are afraid of development and economy because they know it will bring more normalcy , but they can't deny the facts.

So in paragraph 1 they give out the facts and in paragraph 2 - propaganda.
But we have to understand why ?
2/n Image
Because they very well know how to charge up peoples sentiments here.

So , simply question that is the development against these two ?
And peoples sentiments will be flared up  !

What will they achieve ?
1. Charged up masses

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In the past 4 days, 3 #deepfake videos appeared about Vice President Biden.

A "deep fake" is a video edited to change content or context, or replacing a person with another person's likeness.

Can you spot the deepfake in this article?

On Aug. 30th, Rep. Steve Scalise tweeted a doctored video of activist Ady Barkan's interview with Biden.

Words were added, and some were excluded, changing the context & meaning.

Twitter flagged the video as manipulated, and eventually removed it.

A video shared on Aug. 31st by White House Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications Dan Scavino replaced Harry Belafonte's face with Biden's to make it look like Biden fell asleep during an interview. #disinformation

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#BREAKING Russian opposition leader @navalny poisoned with #Novichok—same chemical weapon used on #Skripal in #Salisbury, UK—confirmed by German military lab. Berlin summoned Russia's ambassador; will confer w/ EU & NATO partners on appropriate response.…
@navalny Recall Russian doctors treating #Navalny in Omsk acknowledged he'd been poisoned with a toxin dangerous to himself AND others. Then the grey suits arrived, and the doctors suddenly retracted, delaying @navalny leaving for Germany. Where #Novichok was confirmed nonetheless today.
@navalny Last time Russia was caught using nerve agent poison #novichok in the Skripal case, they responded by launching massive #disinformation campaigns against the UK lab, its scientists, and even the Russian scientist who admitted creating the chemical weapon in a Soviet military lab.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 08/20/2020…
The Challenge of Marxism - Quillette…

#marxism #challenge
Why efficiency is dangerous and slowing down makes life better | Psyche Ideas…

#life #optimization #efficiency
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1/15 A thread on how #disinformation and doubt takes a toll on public trust, an example from just this morning.

The #DenialMachine's #Trollers make it hard for the average person to tell fact from fiction and to #ListenToExperts.

Phil is an example of someone who's gotten lost.
2/15 Look at the pic of Phil's reply to my comment on his post in Trudeau's thread: there's a lot to unpack.

First, notice the wording: he accuses me of "fear-mongering" on climate change.

More replies to Phil here from other people on his ignorance:
3/15 Phil's misplaced confidence in his own opinion (on #COVID19 and #ClimateChange both) is a result of fear.

He doesn't know who to trust and doesn't have the education/experience to decide logically.

So he's looking for sources that match his opinion that All Is Well, sadly.
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How does @Twitter's new initiative to counter the spread of #antisemitic myths square with Twitter allowing QAnon candidate for Congress Marjorie Taylor Greene to tweet conspiracy theories about Jewish philanthropist and Holocaust survivor George Soros? #ThinkBeforeSharing Image
Twitter told @Forbes on August 1 it was considering changing its QAnon policy to include political candidates.

Twitter's new #ThinkBeforeSharing campaign combats #disinformation and conspiracy theories.

What is @Twitter doing about #QAnon candidates?

Twitter: "we will take strong enforcement action on behavior that has the potential to lead to offline harm."

Pittsburgh synagogue shooter thought George Soros was controlling the world economy.

QAnon candidate Greene tweets conspiracy theories about Soros. #ThinkBeforeSharing Image
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Lots of truth in 1st 56' of this video. Yes, #CFR is evil & globalist! & #FakeNews isn't new!

But let's examine the provenance here more closely.

Specifically, who/what funded this-& why is that important?

(See comment for clue)

So, it's a John Birch Society production. That's a "notorious right-wing group", is it not? Opposed to #globalism & the like, right?

Oh, but what's this? Surprise, surprise!

Yet another trick of #deceit by these same players.

@velocirapture23- Have you seen that JBS docufilm (link in 1st tweet) that "exposes the evil #CFR"?

Hall of mirrors: film supposedly exposing controlled opps in #media is itself a controlled opp.

I find it darkly funny. The cynicism & contempt of the PTBs for us are boundless.
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1/ In continuation to the previous thread, I further gathered data of 139 FB pages from Jan 2016 till Aug 2020 that push out coordinated disinformation on Kashmir. Out of these 139 pages, only 32 were active in 2016 generating 3,450,417 interactions and 163,785 page likes.
2/ The 2016 figures were the result of 5,850 photos, 1,407 links and 214 status updates posted by these 32 pages. In contrast, from Jan 2020 to August 14, 2020, the number of such pages swelled to 139 and included 49,681 photos, 18,731 links and 47, 422 status updates.
3/ From Jan 2016 till Dec 2016, a total of 379 3min+ videos, 909 owned videos, 171 shared videos and 57 other videos were posted gathering around 6 million+ views. The aggregated views for both owned & shared videos from Jan 2020 till Aug 2020 is approx 300 million+.
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Here's @AshaRangappa_ and my deep dive into Senator @RonJohnsonWI's Monday letter and, more generally, his Ukraine-related investigations.

"How Sen. Ron Johnson’s Investigation Became an Enabler of Russian Disinformation"

2. Two highlights:

First, Johnson's 11-page letter itself contains apparent products of Russian disinformation. He should know by now.

Second, there are apparently three channels of Russian disinformation to Johnson.👇
3. It's a marvel to examine Sen Johnson's shifting/contradictory denials.

His spokesperson told @NatashaBertrand @AndrewDesiderio @kyledcheney: Senator"never received nor would we ever collect information from this individual [Andrii Derkach] or individuals like him"

But then…
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"we've talked abt diversity for long time... white reporters need to participate, too... we are not perfect, have to evolve along w audience...can only enrich our work." - @weijia "race is always part of [all] our beats" "also, geographic diversity" - @Yamiche #AAJA20 #knightlive
"problem is now ppl are perceiving facts as bias... used to see TV & take it to be true unless proven false... huge section of country now takes it to be false until proven true by gov't" - @weijia #knightlive #disinformation #misinformation #fakenews #aaja20 #aajafamily
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1/7 Millions of Russian #trollfarm accounts operate 24/7 creating #trollnoise to confuse the public and keep us from acting decisively on issues like #COVID19 (sorry #USAfriends) and the #ClimateCrisis.

They're everywhere, on EVERY single social media site and website forum.🌐👹
2/7 Yet how can we tell #paidtroll accounts from just regular jerks out to annoy people?

Look for the messaging.

#Troller accounts spread #Disinformation, Doubt and Distraction with the *directed purpose* of keeping the public unable to make majority decisions on vital issues. Image
3/7 Russian trolls are NOT permitted to read or watch any western news sources, even articles they're attacking: they base comments on headlines only. Tactics include empty rhetoric, little substance with no evidence, lies, time wasting, disruption of dialogue, and Whataboutisms.
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1/3 🍎 As we get ready for back to school, we can all increase our know-how on how to reduce our risk of infection and spreading the virus. #COVIDKnowHow #WeAreAllInThisTogether #Canadian…
2/3 🍎 Quality information is the key to success! There is a lot of #misinformation out there so it important follow trusted and credible sources. Here is a place to start, #GetTheFacts and check back often:…
#CheckThenShare #BePartofTheSolution
3/3 🍎 Did you know, you can learn about and report #COVID19 scams, frauds and misleading claims on the #GOC website? #BePartofTheSolution #COVIDKnowHow #Infodemic #Misinformation #Disinformation #GetTheFacts #CheckThenShare…
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This is an infuriating new frontier in #COVID19 #disinformation.

Here we a professional-looking website claiming to present results from a randomized controlled trial of hydrochloroquine.

No authors or affiliations are listed, just a twitter account.
The report itself is a case study in Humpty-Dumpty's "When I use a word, it means just what I choose it to mean—neither more nor less."

The fact that different countries used different treatment approaches is referred to as a randomized controlled trial. Image
I try hard to follow the advice we give in Calling Bullshit of not ascribing to malice what can be explained incompetence, but when the authors co-opt the language of randomized controlled trials and pretend countries were assigned different treatments, my self-control shatters. Image
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#BREAKING: #Russia is actively working to denigrate @JoeBiden’s campaign, including by spreading #disinformation thru pro-Russia Ukrainian Derkach, assesses US intel. NEW @ODNIgov statement:… #Election2020 Image
ODNI: “We assess that Russia is using a range of measures to primarily denigrate…Biden and what it sees as an anti-Russia ‘establishment’… Kremlin-linked actors are also seeking to boost President Trump’s candidacy on social media and Russian television.” Image
“foreign states will continue to use covert and overt influence measures in their attempts to sway U.S. voters’ preferences and perspectives, shift U.S. policies, increase discord in the United States, and undermine the American people’s confidence in our democratic process.…” Image
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1/ Before I left Brussels, I sat down with @KacaSaf for a detailed interview (in Czech) to discuss what the #EU is getting wrong in its approach to tackling #disinformation. Highlights in English below👇
2/ With some exceptions (notably @VeraJourova), the EU tends to see disinformation as a narrowly technological problem – one born of the externalities of the digital information architecture. Image
3/ As a result, the EU’s counterdisinfo efforts focus on things like platform cooperation (the disastrous Code of Practice) and softer “resilience” solutions like fact-checking, media literacy, journalism support, etc.
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1/4 #COVID19 #science continues to evolve at a rapid pace and we must continue to be guided by the best available evidence. #BePartofTheSolution
2/4 With ↑ use of social media, we are consuming more information than ever, but some of this information can be false or misleading. There is a lot of #misinformation and #disinformation out there! #GetTheFacts #CheckThenShare
3/4 We all have a part in stopping the spread of #COVID19 #misinformation. As you come across new information, think critically about it, check it against #credible sources, like:…

#CheckThenShare or don’t share if in doubt! #infodemic
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The Twitter account "CovidAnalysis" is promoting COVID-19 misinformation /conspiracy theory on HCQ. This includes promoting suspicious websites framed as if they were scientific articles.

@TwitterSafety @vijaya #MedTwitter
This is not an actual study and makes blatantly false claims: that it is a randomized control trial and that it used a sample size of two billion people.

@TwitterSafety @vijaya
Using existing data from public sources is not a form of assignment. It is also not random. "Entire countries were assigned" is a blatantly false statement intended to copy the style or lingo of actual research articles.
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#FFS! 🤦🏻‍♂️😱🤬…

Not so much "Farewell #Whitehall, hello #RedSquare?"* as rank #incompetence and a disturbing disregard of #NationalSecurity...

And those who've followed closely* will be aware of the Gov't #disinformation campaign about what turns out to be THEIR fault:

*Contrary to later spin about Corbyn, the documents first surfaced in JULY 2019... in the @Telegraph:…
While I'd be concerned about monitoring of *anyone's* #personal comms devices - #HumanRights are for everyone, after all! - @1Br0wn makes the excellent point that fixing this is not just about #security, but #usability:

(+ following rules + no cover-ups)
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It seems that the infamous @KateStewart22 has had her account suspended. Wonder what the reason is. Suspicious activity, abusive behaviour, or state-backed info op? It's been a long time coming.... #NUFC #disinformation Image
For context, Kate Stewart came on the scene a few years ago. Anonymous, - virulently pro-Saudi for no obvious reason. From whitewashing the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, to more recently being one of the loudest voices advocating the #NUFCTakeover - 'Kate' is a direhard MBS fan
Kate Stewart described herself as an English Convert to Islam who wanted to move to Saudi. She also claims she went to Riyadh amid her promotion of Saudi and MBS. She said 'wallahi' a lot in almost every possible context ImageImage
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