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⚡️While conducting its genocidal war, #Russia has been spreading its poison online to try undermine support for #Ukraine & Ukrainian #refugees.

⚡️@Meta just shut down another major malign Russian #propaganda op. Notably, it wasn’t effective. Details👇
@Meta 🧵On foiled Russian op targeting Europeans around Russia’s war in Ukraine & the US ahead of the midterms:

In Europe, Russia mostly targeted Germany, France, Italy, Ukraine, UK w/ anti-Ukraine narratives via a sprawling network of 60+ websites impersonating legitimate news orgs.
@Meta #Russia's op began in May. Over 60+ websites IMPERSONATING legitimate news outlets—incl Spiegel, The Guardian, Bild—Russians posted original articles criticizing #Ukraine & Ukrainian refugees, supporting Russia, and arguing Western sanctions on Russia would backfire. per @Meta Image
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In this 2012 @BBC video, IEA DG Mark Littlewood is given their platform to puke out his #propaganda UNCHALLENGED, with NOTHING to indicate the IEA is an opaquely funded, hard-right ultra-free-market lobbying organisation. This has carried on for a decade.…
In this 2012 @BBC video, Richard Wellings from the IEA says vehicle fuel tax should be 'abolished' in the long term.

Again, there is NOTHING to indicate the IEA is an ultra-free-market lobbying organisation, funded in part by fossil fuel corporations.…
Here's the IEA DG Mark Littlewood in 2013, telling @bbc5live's Wake up to Money that "we have got to get away from the idea... that we are striving to tax companies to the absolute maximum that we can squeeze out of them".

Again, no context.…
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Konrad Rekas , a 'political scientist' notorious for his pro-Russian views and involvement in the Kremlin’s #propaganda activities has yet against spread anti-Polish lies.
In an interview for Strana, a Russian propaganda media outlet, Rekas argues that Poles are demanding compensation from Ukraine for property lost during #WWII.
Acc. to Rekas, more than 1,500 lawsuits for the return of property from the western UA or property compensation have been filed in Ukrainian courts by Poles forcibly displaced from #Ukraine.
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Russia’s system of #disinformation, aided by the regime in #Minsk, continues its operation against Poland set in the context of the war in Ukraine. It aims to undermine PL-UA relations, manipulate the picture of NATO-Russia relations and threaten the West. A sample of narratives: Image
- there are Polish mercenaries fighting in Ukraine against #Russia
- providing for #refugees from #Ukraine is costly and takes a toll on Poles
- crime rate has been on the rise in PL since the arrival of Ukrainians
- Ukrainians show no gratitude for the help received from Poles
- Ukraine embezzles the arms supplied to it by the West

- Ukrainian soldiers commit crimes against civilians

- It’s #NATO, not Ukraine, that has conducted a counter-offensive
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The cranks at US libertarian billionaire-funded #Spiked have sent an email asking for money to help fund their divisive propaganda: "It’s a difficult time out there financially for many people... Over the next few weeks, we’re doing a donation drive!"
#Spiked are divisive & dangerous, ideologically extreme, #propagandists.

A joint investigation between @DeSmog & The @guardian revealed that #Spiked US Inc. received funding from the Charles Koch Foundation between 2016 & 2018 to the tune of $300,000.…
#Spiked is just one of the myriad #propaganda wings of the dangerous free-market growth ideology having profoundly harmful impacts on individuals, communities, societies, countries & democracies across the world, as well leading to environmental degradation & the #ClimateCrisis.
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Sei proprio sicuro che ciò che stai pensando è frutto dei tuoi ragionamenti piuttosto di una sottile manipolazione di massa?

L'arte di manipolare l'opinione pubblica" è un saggio del 1928 di Edward L. Bernays
Come fai a sapere se quello che stai facendo è frutto del tuo ragionamento piuttosto che una scelta indotta da altri?

Maglietta, giubbotto in pelle e sigaretta

Minigonna e sigaretta

il singolo di gioventù, libertà e anticonformismo...

sicuri fossero loro scelte?
La "propaganda" non è rivolta al gregge, loro rimangono nel recinto senza problemi, l'arte della "propaganda" è uno studio rivolto a contenere e incanalare i comportamenti dei ribelli.
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1/n Dziś również chwilka #Rosja #propaganda z "Sołowiow Live". Tylko dla ludzi o mocnych nerwach.
"Część obw. zaporoskiego znajduje się pod okupacją nazistów i narkomanów, a de facto anglosasów"🤣. "Obw. zaporoski czeka na wyzwolenie". Image
2/n Na kolejne "ciekawostki" musimy troszkę poczekać... obecnie emitowany jest materiał o pracy zespołów remontujących sprzęt ciężki SZ Fed. Rosyjskiej... Image
3/n Teraz czas na wyselekcjonowane wypowiedzi mieszkańców Donbasu: "Słuchaliśmy Putina, Szojgu. Dobrze, że W. Putin zdecydował się na mobilizację. Ludzie płakali z radości. Wszyscy się cieszyli. Referendum - nie mogłam uwierzyć, wracamy do domu..." ImageImage
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1/5 Wraz z ogłoszeniem częściowej mobilizacji #Rosja aparat #propaganda rozpoczął szerokie działania, które odwróciły uwagę Rosjan od wcześniejszych porażek. Teraz "mądry przywódca" podjął "słuszną decyzję", która ochroni całe państwo przed agresją ze strony #NATO... ImageImageImage
2/5 Rosjanie przekonywani są o tym, iż nastał "krytyczny moment", w którym naród musi zjednoczyć się w celu ochrony wspólnej kultury, państwa i "zdobyczy" osiągniętych w okresie prezydentury W. Putina. Ponownie lud zjednoczyć ma "wspólny wróg", którym jesteśmy my wszyscy - #NATO.
3/5 Przekaz tworzony na potrzeby rynku wewn. oraz w celu "usprawiedliwienia" podjętych decyzji dot. mobilizacji.
Do czego jednak sprowadzi się mobilizacja? Niejako do podpięcia kroplówki do "ciała" rosyjskiej armii, która nie jest już w stanie prowadzić skutecznych działań na UA
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WOOP! It’s BACK! On Tuesday 20th 3pm ET/8pm UK September join me with my guest @d_chernobrov to talk about his amazing new research ‘Diasporas as cyberwarriors: infopolitics, participatory warfare and the 2020 Karabakh war’ pls share/subscribe/watch:  🫖🍪
You can read @d_chernobrov paper ‘Diasporas as cyberwarriors: infopolitics, participatory warfare and the 2020 Karabakh war’ and ask questions!…
And our joint paper ‘Competing propagandas: How the United States and Russia represent mutual propaganda activities’, which was recently most read open access paper in @JournalPolitics 😀…
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A very interesting investigation on how #Russia propaganda survived sanctions in #US and continue to pay millions to US employees to produce Russian #propaganda for the foreign market. English captions will be available soon. 1/
The Russian propaganda machine is not only aimed at the Russians themselves. For years, the #Kremlin has allocated enormous resources to create a foundation for influencing foreign audiences. The biggest lying cesspool - #Russia Today 2/ #russiaisaterrorisstate
- received hundreds of millions of dollars every year for discrediting the #West and forming the image of #Russia as a guarantor of "strengthening the world order".
With the beginning of the full-scale invasion of #Ukraine, #RT was blocked in many countries. 3/
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The concept of territorial integrity, the most important political issue in Chinese politics. A 🧵
1/ One key phrase of Chinese nationalism is territorial integrity - 领土完整 - which forms a core concept to modern #China since 1911 and is still used in modern day #propaganda such as this one. Image
2/ While western view of Chinese history from 1840 to 1911 was one where western powers did not colonize China, the opposite is true from Chinese historiography.
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#Extremism #DomesticTerrorism #US #AmericanFutruism
Thread: Web Profile Neo Nazi "American Futurism"

On Dark
- TOR URLs- -*http://j72kc3sxzbtvaztjd5t4m56ohqqbt2zhptt6hkxcwk3qkoqdvv75akqd(.)onion/
#Extremism #DomesticTerrorism #US #AmericanFutruism
Thread: Web Profile Neo Nazi "American Futurism"
- Domains: https://futuristobserver(.)net/, https://americanfuturist(.)net/
-Extremist/Terrorist Financing through XMR & Crypto
#Extremism #DomesticTerrorism #US #AmericanFutruism
Thread: Web Profile Neo Nazi "American Futurism"
On Gab: TheFuturistObserverOfficial, american_futurist
Telegram: nottheamericanfuturist, TheFuturistObserverOfficial
Protonmail: futuristobservercontact, contactaf
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More billionaires means more inequality, more funding for the Tories & Tufton St think tanks, more low pay, insecure work & strikes, more sewage in our water, more division, more corruption, more lobbyists, more greed, more broken public services, & more free-market #propaganda.
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🤬Our section #мраЗота
#Mariupol sanitary substation. The same one that the occupiers "sold" in #propaganda as a bio laboratory of #Ukraine️. Now she not only started work, but also sincerely thanks the tick-tock executioner #Kadyrov for the heating radiators received,
which are of zero use. So:
1 - #TetyanaZinovchenko - an epidemiologist
2 - #IhorEgorov in charge of radiology
3 - #LarisaKlysak - an epidemiologist
4. #NataliyaKocherga is a biologist
5. #BabinaNatalia – technical worker
6. Chief physician of #SES #Kabatskov (from #Novoazovsk)
In fact, all those who cover the presence of infectious diseases and expose the residents of Mariupol to the danger of their lives.
Nightmare Engraved. Retribution is near.
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@jimdtweet @JimFish56837379 @BubbasRanch @Kenneth72712993 @Robin_Hagues @Veritatem2021 Your meaningless answer just shows you're a empty handed #propaganda boy.

You have a few weather stations in 1850, and you claim them to be "global".

You remain a silly science illiterate climut nutter !😂
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By the end of her time as Secretary of State for Justice & Lord Chancellor, Liz Truss had lost the confidence of the entire legal profession & the judiciary. The Lord Chief Justice told the House of Lords Constitution Committee she was “constitutionally absolutely wrong”.
In November 2016, Truss was criticised by the former Attorney General Dominic Grieve & the Criminal Bar Association, for failing to support more robustly the judiciary & the principle of judicial independence, after judges came under attack from politicians & from the Daily Mail.
Lord Falconer, the former Lord Chancellor, who had previously suggested that, like her immediate predecessors Chris Grayling & Michael Gove, Truss lacked the essential legal expertise that the constitution requires, called for her to be sacked.
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So today's bullshit anti-science, anti-reality "news" that is getting all the usual climate deniers worked up, is from an organisation called CLINTEL, who claim that "There Is No Climate Emergency" - a line they've been pushing since at least 2019. Image
This #THREAD is mainly taken from respected source of climate change information, @DeSmog, which has many awards, including one from The Canadian Public Relations Society for demonstrating "The highest ethical & professional standards while performing outstanding work".
The Climate Intelligence Foundation #CLINTEL is a Netherlands-based climate science denial group founded in 2019 by retired professor of geophysics Guus Berkhout, a Dutch engineer who has worked for the oil and gas industry, & journalist Marcel Crok.
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We're back here are we? The tax-avoiding non-dom billionaire-owned Telegraph isn't a newspaper - it's a divisive #propaganda outlet, which has since 1945 supported the Tories & attempted to shape public opinion in whichever direction most benefits its tax-avoiding owner.
The Telegraph has endorsed the Tories at every UK GE since 1945.

The personal links between the paper's owners & editors & the Tory leadership, along with the paper's right-wing stance & influence over Conservative activists, means it is commonly referred to as the

Even when Conservative support was shown to have slumped in the opinion polls and @UKLabour gained the ascendant, the newspaper remained loyal to the @Conservatives.

The tax-avoiding billionaire Barclay brothers purchased the Telegraph Group for around £665m in late June 2004.
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Tell me you're a damaged radicalised ignoramus who is being used by the divisive Dubai-based multimillionaires who fund GB "News" without telling me you're a damaged radicalised ignoramus being used by the divisive Dubai-based multimillionaires who fund GB "News". 🇬🇧 🙋
"There is no pause in Royal Air Force recruitment & no new policy with regards to meeting in-year recruitment requirements." - RAF.

Head of the armed forces, Admiral Sir Tony Radakin, used his first public speech to stress the importance of striving for better diversity.
In 2016 there were around 13,000 Army officers, but only 160 were Asian or Black. Of 7,000 Royal Navy officers, 20 were black or Asian. RAF, just 75. In 2018, just 6.5% of the total intake into the Armed Forces for the previous 12 months were black, Asian or minority ethnic.
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In den Sicherheitsbehörden geht man davon aus, dass die Kreml-Propaganda in den kommenden Monaten noch weiter zunehmen wird. Und sich der Fokus dabei verlagert: Vom Krieg in der Ukraine zur drohenden Energiekrise und deren Folgen für die Bevölkerung. Ein Thread von @FlorianFlade
Moskaus staatliche und nicht-staatliche Propagandisten setzen offenbar auf bestimmte Narrative: Dass die Wirtschaftssanktionen dem Westen mehr schaden würden als Russland. Oder dass die westlichen Sanktionen für die Lebensmittelknappheit verantwortlich seien, besonders in Afrika.
Wie aber kann man die Lügen effektiv bekämpfen? Die Bundesregierung tut sich bislang sichtlich schwer mit dem Kampf gegen russische #Propaganda und Desinformation, will nun aber verstärkt dagegen vorgehen.
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Ist "»Demokratie« tatsächlich noch zur Beschreibung »unserer Politik und unseres polit. Systems« angemessen… oder handelts es "sich bei der Verwendung dieses Begriffs lediglich »um eine zynische Geste« …, »mit der eine zutiefst manipulative Politik getarnt werden soll«
Wolin Image
"Und es gibt Bereiche, wo Wettbewerb, Markt und Kommerz keinen Platz haben, nämlich überall dort, wo es um die menschliche Grundbedürfnisse geht."
Das neoliberale kapitalistische System hat auf breiter Front eine kulturelle Verarmung der Gesellschaft vorangetrieben bis tief hinein in die ehemalige Linke. Die öffentlichen Schulen wurden durch ständige Kürzung der finanziellen Mittel vorsätzlich dem Verfall preisgegeben.
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1/ Postideologischer Totalitarismus

Ich denke, viele verbinden #Totalitarismus mit #Nationalsozialismus und denken "Wir haben doch eine #Demokratie". Wer wissen will, was #Corona, #Ukraine, #LGBTQ und die #Energiekrise gemeinsam haben. Hier ein Thread: 🧵 Image
2/ Der moderne postideologische Totalitarismus ist eine #Gesellschaftsform, die aus der #Bevölkerung heraus das Handeln der Gesellschaft und des Staats, aus der Motivation, eine #Solidargemeinschaft zu bilden, mit ideologischen Narrativen und Werten bestimmt.
3/ Eine Ideologie kann das Denken der Menschen prägen, im P. Totalitarismus ist jedoch eine Masse durch den Wunsch der ideologischen Solidargemeinschaft so stark verbunden, dass es hier nicht mehr primär um die ursprüngliche Ideologie, sondern um den #Zusammenhalt an sich geht.
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As this graphic popped up on my news feed today, I'll take the opportunity to expand upon what I generally find distasteful about #hasbara / pro-Israel advocacy:
1/ The facts trumpeted here are revolutionary only by reference to totalitarian failed Middle Eastern regimes or the world before religion-based discrimination was illegal. While the world at large has moved onto a discourse about minority inclusion, we're boasting about this...
2/ Pro-Israel advocacy is annoying as hell because it's essentially a form of #propaganda (ditto for the other side!). There's something undeniably grating about being constantly subjected to virtue signalling and reminders of said state's superiority to its neighbors.
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CCTV FOLLIES: 8.3 Xinwen Lianbo Evening News
(Pelosi still in Taiwan at time of broadcast) a thread

The authoritative wrap-up of the day offers 20 minutes of hysterical hyperventilating on Taiwan...

#taiwan #cctv #pelosi #propaganda #xinwenlianbo Image
Taiwan is the big story of the day, why it's almost the only story... Image
...but as if to show who's boss, viewers get 10 minutes of Xi Jinping nothingburgers first.

It's hard to imagine a piece of real estate more contested than Taiwan, except perhaps the throne of China. Image
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