Major Donatus Okafor, the officer commanding the Federal Guards was tasked with the assassination of Brigadier Zakariya Maimalari. It was important Maimalari was cold dead if their revolution was to succeed.

As Commander of the Southern Brigade in Apapa, Maimalari had under him all the fighting forces of the battalions. He could effectively mobilise the entire brigade even if the country was suddenly attacked by a neighbouring army.
When Okafor realised Maimalari had fled the house, he became very annoyed. He ordered his men to search the compound and shoot the Brigadier on sight; he was not to be given any opportunity to capitulate. Without Mai-Malari dead, they were doomed.
They knew their actions were high treason which carried the death penalty. Therefore they had to be successful or die trying.

Okafor then...desperately searched around Thompson Avenue, Brown Street, and Glover Road, even all the way to Bourdillon Road.
Maimalari who had been hiding and running was trying to make his way to the Federal Guards barracks in his pyjamas when he heard and saw the light of an oncoming vehicle. He ducked into the shrubs again thinking it was Okafor and his men.
Instead, he undoubtedly recognised the red Mercedes Benz which belonged to his Chief-of-Staff and Brigade Major (BM), Major Emmanuel Arinze Ifeajuna, who was transporting the Finance Minister and the Prime Minister to the Mess.
It was not immediately clear to Maimalari that Ifeajuna was part of the mutineers. Instead, Maimalari saw Ifeajuna as his hope and dashed for him. Ifeajuna ordered his driver to stop and he got out of the car with Ezedigbo, both of them armed.
“Emma, thank God,” the Brigadier said with a look of relief, “some of the boys have gone crazy. They just attacked me in my home. Do you have any knowledge of who they might be and which unit?” He said with a taint of confidence he just found at the sight of his Brigade Major.
“No sir,” Ifeajuna replied with disdain.

“Never mind, just get me to the barracks. I’m going to find those bastards and finish them in the morning,” Maimalari said as he started to walk towards the car.
Suddenly, he stopped short and caught the sight of the Prime Minister, seated in a draped fashion in the car, whose white clothing had made him conspicuous to the Brigadier.

Maimalari looked at Ifeajuna perplexedly. His throat dried up. He couldn’t find the right words.
He knew he had walked into a trap. He had escaped Okafor and his men, but now found himself willingly in the tiger’s den.

“Say your last prayers, sir,” Ifeajuna broke the silence and cocked his gun. Maimalari just stared hard.
Without warning, the Major fired three shots from his gun at the Brigadier as one of the bullets ricocheted and hit Ezedigbo at the jugular. The young Lieutenant started bleeding profusely. The Brigadier’s heartbeat stopped and he fell. This did not deter Ifeajuna.
He fired five more shots to affirm the Brigadier’s death. Once confirmed dead, his body was loaded into the 3-Ton truck with the tied Okotie-Eboh.

Ifeajuna...then proceeded to the Mess with Ezedigbo still bleeding without remedy. #HistoryVille #MondayMotivation
Source: Page 59-61, A Carnage Before Dawn, Based on Nigeria’s First Coup D’état.

You can get the soft copy (₦1000) here:

You can get the paperback (₦2000) by sending a dm to @Rovingheights.

• • •

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15 Sep

The Igbo Landing is a historic site at Dunbar Creek on St. Simons Island, Glynn County, Georgia, USA. It is the site of one of the largest mass suicides of enslaved people in history.

Historians say Igbo captives, from modern-day Nigeria, purchased for an average of $100 each by slave merchants John Couper and Thomas Spalding, arrived in Savannah, Georgia, on the slave ship "The Wanderer" in 1803.
The chained slaves were then reloaded and packed under the deck of a coastal vessel, the York, which would take them to St. Simons where they were to be resold. During the voyage, approximately 75 Igbo slaves rose in rebellion.
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Bode Thomas was a brilliant lawyer, but also very haughty and arrogant. He was made the Divisional Council Chairman in 1953, while the Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Adeniran Adeyemi II was a mere member.

On his first appearance in council, after being appointed chairman, all the council members stood up for him in deference, to welcome him except Oba Adeyemi II, who for cultural reasons, could not show deference to anyone in public.
Bode Thomas rudely shouted at the king, for having the temerity and audacity to disrespect him.

“Why are you sitting when I walked in, you don’t know how to show respect?”

At the time, Bode Thomas was 35 years old while Oba Adeyemi was in his 60s.
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Liberian President, Samuel Doe was the first world leader to be tortured on camera before being executed and his body desecrated on September 9, 1990.

In 1980, Samuel Kanyon Doe, a 28-year-old Master Sergeant, assumed power in Liberia in a blaze of glory. In a surprise night-time attack on the Executive Mansion overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, Doe and his accomplices brutally murdered President William R. Tolbert Jr, ending...
...133 years of rule by black American settlers and their descendants (known as Americo-Liberians).

Thirteen members of the Cabinet were publicly executed ten days later. Other public demonstrations were made to show his power and humiliate Tolbert's people before killing them.
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20 Jul

It was in the year 2001 in Kaduna, Nigeria. 10-year-old Victor had gone with his friends to play football in the central street of the town. When he got back, he found his house razed by rioters who had killed his parents.
His parents were missionaries who had come to Kaduna from Lagos. He felt the world was coming to an end.

Nevertheless, his uncle took him to England, where he enrolled in a school. While in school, he harnessed his skill as a footballer and was signed up by Crystal Palace...
...until 2007 when Wigan Athletic signed him. He had played for all junior levels in the English team and had hoped to break into the first team when Nigeria came calling.

He was wroth. He would never serve a nation that murdered his parents and did nothing about it.
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10 Jul
A successful arms dealer, Francis Arthur Nzeribe sold weapons to both Nigeria and Biafra during the 30-month Nigerian Civil War. As a matter of fact, Nzeribe traded arms in every single place there has been a conflict in Africa.

In the 1960s, Nzeribe worked for Kwame Nkrumah as a speechwriter but after the coup that sent Nkrumah and his aides to Conakry, Nzeribe sneaked back to Ghana to work for the new government that had overthrown his principal.
In April 1969, Nzeribe was involved in a bribery scandal with Ghana's Head-of-State, Joseph Arthur Ankrah which forced the latter to resign. In 1979, J.J Rawlings deported the Nigerian businessman from Ghana where he found his way to the UK to continue his arms-dealing business.
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6 Jul

“Akintola, come down; you are for lawful arrest by the army on orders from HQ 2 Brigade,” Nwobosi shouted.

“Under arrest ke?” Akintola said to himself, “Oya, come and greet your mother’s husband,” as he cocked his gun.

When Nwobosi hit the door in an attempt to force it open, the Premier opened fire from inside his bedroom with a submachine gun, shooting contiguously and continuously through the closed door.

“Return fire,” Captain Nwobosi ordered his men, which they did, enormously.
“Please sir, surrender sir. Stop shooting, please. They only came to take us to Lagos,” Fani-Kayode pleaded and shouted from the landrover urging the Premier to cease firing and surrender. But the Premier kept on firing until he ran out of ammunition.
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