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Let’s begin.

If we were to breakdown the entire year in terms of number of weeks, there are 52 weeks in a year. What this means is that there are…

52 Mondays
52 Tuesdays
53 Wednesdays
53 Thursdays
52 Fridays
52 Saturdays and
53 Sundays in 2020
Now that we know exactly what we are dealing with, the next step will be to “theme” each day of the week.

I’ll show you how I successfully themed Monday to Sunday and then I’ll tell you why you need to theme the days.

Let’s start with Monday.
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Was Lynch was offered a Supreme Court position if she laid off Clinton's Email scandal?
Tarmac meeting happened June 27, 2016 at the same time when the FBI was determining seek an indictment for her private email server. #TarmacMeeting
#PresidentsDay #MondayMotivation
Bill & Lynch said the meeting was not planned 🤥
Bill SS contacted Lynch’s FBI security detail & let them know that the Bill wanted to meet with Lynch
Wizards & Warlocks tipped off a reporter
OPA Page 203👇#TarmacMeeting…
#PresidentsDay #PresidentsDay2020
What happened after the Tarmac meeting on June 27, 2016, between Bill and Lynch? The meeting happened at the same time when the FBI was determining seek an indictment for her private email server. #TarmacMeeting
Case was closed -Comey July 5, 2016
Coincidence? #PresidentsDay2020
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Oh look, more pornbots. This network hypothetically tweets via Mobile Web (M2) (an older version of the Twitter website for mobile phones) and uses link redirection service rebrand(dot)ly to shorten/disguise its links. #SundaySpam

cc: @ZellaQuixote
@ZellaQuixote We found a total of 91 accounts tweeting shortened porn links via Mobile Web (M2). The entire group activated shortly after midnight PST on 2/9, and all were created in the 2 hours immediately prior. The botnet has generated an average of 69 tweets per minute since coming online.
@ZellaQuixote So far, every single tweet posted by these 91 accounts contains a rebrand(dot)ly short link that redirects to the actual porn site being peddled, zavmosse(dot)pw. As always, be wary of clicking links from dodgy botnets.
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BOOM🔥Federal prosecutors seek to delay Gen Flynn's sentencing date🔥 #PanicInDC #ClearFlynnNow
Arrests are coming and they are scared #DurhamIsComing…
#Oscar2020 #Oscars #SundayThoughts
Hunters become the hunted: Let's get the Whistleblower, Brennan & Schiff to testify #DrainTheSwamp
Clip: 👉
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Today in pulp... I visit the Wimpy Bar! Oh it was the future once... #MondayMotivation
The Wimpy chain originally began in 1934 in Chicago. The name was inspired by the character of J. Wellington Wimpy from the Popeye cartoons created by E. C. Segar.
And in 1954 the company sold a license to J. Lyons & Co - owners of the Lyons Corner House - to use the Wimpy name in the United Kingdom.
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We’re often asked how can you grow your following and engagement on Twitter if you're a CMO or CEO?

This 10-step #TwitterForLeaders thread 🧵 shows how this can be done.
1. Humanise your brand

Sharing personality on Twitter doesn’t have to mean sharing your personal life.

As well as sharing news about your role / company, Tweet about the things you are passionate about (sport, culture). This demonstrates openness without crossing boundaries.
2. Amplify announcements

Twitter is about what’s happening. It is the place to share news about your brand or business. When there is good news to share, go to town. Explain it with a great picture or a short series of Tweets.

Additionally, share...
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Here's the NYT MONSTER scoop @ Bolton's book, which the WH knew @ in Dec. Trump ordered the aid held- & Bolton's gonna tell his story 1 way or another. Hack pinned on my feed for paywall issues. READ THIS PC! #MondayMotivation…
2-"Just after midnight on Monday, Mr. Trump denied telling Mr. Bolton that the aid was tied to investigations. “If John Bolton said this, it was only to sell a book,” he wrote on Twitter, reprising his argument that the Ukrainians themselves felt “no pressure” and falsely
3-"asserting that the aid was released ahead of schedule. Over dozens of pages, Mr. Bolton described how the Ukraine affair unfolded over several months until he departed the White House in September. He described not only the president’s private disparagement of Ukraine but
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Back in 2016 TN Sen. @MarshaBlackburn was selected as one of only 4 members of Congress to serve as co-chair of Trump's transition team along with the likes of Michael Flynn, Rebekah Mercer & Newt Gingrich.

[#MondayMotivation #MoscowMarsha Megathread]…
What did @MarshaBlackburn do to earn such close proximity to the President-elect?

Did Transition look the other way while its closely allied org, the Trump Inaugural Committee, took bribes from Russia-friendly Ukrainians?

This is important, of course, in light of the fact that Blackburn's 10+ year campaign org chair Kline Preston kept ties to close Putin ally Alexander Torshin as late as 2018. Preston also had ties to Ukraine starting in the 1990s.…
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Donald Trump's day so far:

- Whiny meltdown about impeachment trial
- Even more evidence from Lev Parnas
- Trump is encouraging violent racism at #VirginiaRally in Richmond on #MLKDay
- #MondayMotivation: make Trump lose in 2020
- Trump is going to prison
- It's still only noon
Donald Trump just made a really stupid mistake…
Mitch McConnell is at it again…
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Why I poke job goers every Monday!


This response, as expected, was not a typical normal distribution. It was skewed to one side, eliciting the fact that most of us do not enjoy most of what we end up doing in our jobs...exactly like me!

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DELICIOUS: Lindsey Graham said a quick dismissal is “not practical;
It would be very difficult to dismiss the case upfront,” Graham said. “I just think that is going to be a hard sell in the Senate.”

"Get the popcorn"
2. [D]'s delight over free… #ImpeachmentHoax
3. Three cheers for Martha McSally outing CNN's "Manu Raju" 🤣🇺🇸
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If you are looking for vibrant, symmetrical, larger than life artwork, head to Annada Menon's Instamojo online store.
The 27-year-old artist from Pune picked up the brush at a very young age, and there was no turning back since.

Annada creates alluring art and to make it useful for her customers, she creates them on objects of utility, like coasters and notebooks. She also customizes her #art for customers, while keeping her artistic individuality alive!

#Womenpreneurs #entrerpreneurs
She uses Instamojo to collect payments in bulk from her customers for large orders, and needless to say, we played a small role in helping Annada keep her #creativity alive whilst running a full-time #business.

#artist #stories
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Breaking this afternoon: Shortly after the 1st day of Harvey Weinstein's Manhattan trial concluded for the day, LA County DA announced that Weinstein was indicted today for similar charges related to a 2013 incident. #MondayMotivation…
2-"On Feb. 18, 2013, Weinstein allegedly went to a hotel and raped a woman after pushing his way inside her room. The next evening, the defendant is accused of sexually assaulting a woman at a hotel suite in Beverly Hills.
3-"Prosecutors are recommending bail be set at $5 million. If convicted, Weinstein faces up to 28 years in state prison. In the application for $5 million bail, Deputy District Attorney Paul Thompson argued Weinstein is a flight risk in part because of his wealth,
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There are critical voices--ex-evangelicals (aka exvies) and researchers and journalists who have thoroughly documented evangelical malfeasance.

Yet our major news outlets still mostly fail to acknowledge that the Christian Right is a serious threat to democracy.

If you want to do something about it, demand that ex-evangelical voices and critical scholars and journalists be included in reporting on white evangelicals and the broader Christian Right.

Support our projects. Spread the word. Maybe 2020 will be the year we break through.
I'm hoping that Empty the Pews: Stories of Leaving the Church--@laureneoneal's and my new anthology of personal essays by former conservative Christians--will help to change the national conversation.

It can only do so with your help:…

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Kitchen Sync are delighted to be at the #RMOY2020 UK Restaurant Manager of the Year 2020 @TheSavoyLondon with @IoH_Online.

These competitors are a huge inspiration to our sector.. but who will prevail?
Now the first candidate is carrying out a team briefing in front of a live audience.

One ‘staff member’ even pulled out a mobile phone 🤯 to try and catch them out. They politely called it out.👍

No pressure then! #RMOY2020
The next task is to welcome and seat four guests... so just be chatty, relaxed, informative, professional, flexible, and did we say informative?... all in front of a live audience.. and with the clock ticking away. #RMOY2020
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Seems like lots of Q language in this speech #GoldenGlobes
👉54 sec BANG
Looking at the numbers, it doesn't seem to be slowing down or wrapping up either.
Think stages.
What role can MIL INTEL play?
What role can NSA play?

2/ 👉101 we R all going to DIE soon #GoldenGlobes
You are all Patriots
The hard part is coming to an end
The next phase will bring JUSTICE
Operators have died 4 our FREEDOM
Mess with the best, die like the rest.
Save the best for last.
Q #Iran
3/👉1:01 #GoldenGlobes Q1746
Was a x when respect was given 2 those who serve(d)/bled/died 2 protect/defend our GOD GIVEN FREEDOM
Patriots are dying 2 defend this great country/FREEDOM
Children are being kidnapped/tortured/raped/sacrificed in the name of PURE EVIL😭
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Here is a list of the top 2019 things from Twitter Nigeria this year.

Lets start with those who Tweeted the most:


The Top 10 Hashtags in 2019

#BBNaija | 5,000,000+
#MUFC | 1,500,000+

#NigeriaDecides2019 | 1,200,000+

#Nigeria | 1,100,000+

#NP | 760,000+

#NowPlaying | 740,000+

#NewProfilePic | 550,000+

#GameofThrones | 440,000+

#MondayMotivation | 440,000+

#UCL | 410,000+
The Top 10 Mentions in 2019

@mbuhari | 3,800,000+

@ | 1,600,000+

@atiku | 1,400,000+

@segalink | 1,200,000+

@alex_houseof308 | 1,200,000+

@PoliceNG | 1,000,000+

@iam_Davido | 1,000,000+

@SubDeliveryZone | 820,000+

@wizkidayo | 820,000+

@thepamilerin | 800,000+
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"A senior budget official, told Pentagon officials that Trump had become personally interested in the Ukraine aid and had ordered the hold."

1⃣ (thread)

#RemoveTrump #MondayMotivation…

A treasure trove of heavily redacted emails, obtained by the "Center for Public Integrity" in response to a Freedom of Information Act request.…


🗞️"An official from the White House budget office directed the Defense Department to “hold off” on sending military aid to Ukraine less than two hours after President Trump’s controversial phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky."

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Deep State/MSM running scared. They know there are Indictments. Eric Holder knows Trump & Q team have it all. The MSM is the propaganda right arm of the Democrat party. Explains all. This article reads like a bunch of Q drops. Zero Hedge . #QAnon #WWG1WGA…
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It’s December 9, O godless liberals of the #WaOnChristmas, and there are only 16 persecuting days left to antagonize those Christians who totes just to be left alone to celebrate Christmas, you guys—by forcing every public space to celebrate specifically and only Christmas 🤷‍♀️
English poet and radical republican John Milton was born on December 9, 1608.

Sure, he was sort of a Puritan. But he was also too good for the Puritans, and hey, the Puritans did ban Christmas.

Today we can appreciate Milton’s sympathetic portrayal of Satan as a tragic hero.
So, what’s behind the little door in the #WarOnChristmasAdventCalendar?







Hipster Oliver Cromwell!

Christmas? Too mainstream!

And remember, kids, you can do anything with a Sharpie—anything you can think of.

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#PDJ169 Aujourd'hui pour votre #MondayMotivation, on va parler de #cafe, une plante de la famille des Rubiacées. Mais un café un peu particulier... qui sort tout droit de l'anus d'un petit mammifère ! Je compte sur vous pour partager cette anecdote incroyable.
Les caféiers comptent nombreuses espèces et variétés, dont vous connaissez aux moins les deux plus répandues : Coffea arabica (l'arabica) et Coffea canephora (le robusta). (Source image :…)
Si l'arabica est plus connu et plus répandu dans le monde, le robusta contient plus de caféine, est plus résistant et plus facile à cultiver, donc moins cher. Importé en 1857 par les français au Vietnam, le pays produit désormais près de 2 millions de tonnes de robusta par an.
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Breaking: In a 17 pg opinion (⤵️) U.S. District Court Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson today rejected DOJ request to put a long-term stay on her ruling that McGahn testify AND she lifted her earlier stay while waiting for Appeals. #MondayMotivation…
2-"“This Court has no doubt that further delay of the Judiciary Committee’s enforcement of its valid subpoena causes grave harm to both the Committee’s investigation and the interests of the public more broadly,” Jackson wrote.
3-"Last week, Jackson decided Trump couldn’t claim “absolute immunity” to prevent his former aides from testifying under oath. But she also later agreed to a 7-day freeze on her opinion to hear out the Justice Department on its arguments for a longer-term hold pending the appeal.
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When Michael Bloomberg is throwing 100 million dollars around to effect the 2020 elections, what can “We the People” do to counter him and people like Soros? Are we planning a strategy to beat this? We cant just sit down and accept this! We have to start paying attention to every
race, we have to start donating to our candidates, we have to start opening our mouths at work, at church, at the grocery stores, anywhere you go. We must see the smoke before the fire! The smoke was in #Virginia and #Kentucky and #Louisiana . The smoke is the 23% of seats that
Had no opponent in Virginia. The over 20 reps that are retiring are the smoke. Candidates getting NO donations on all social media is the smoke. Does anyone realize our whole country has a massive cloud of smoke over it as we are casually sitting by living life and not looking up
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This past w/e was the Halifax International Security Forum in Canada, which is an annual mtg with assorted diplomats, military officials & security wonks. The convo focused on the West's deepening malaise over the US electorate. #MondayMotivation…
2-"The conversation centered less on fears about enemy capabilities, and much more on signs of the West’s own deepening malaise: a U.S. electorate riven over a volatile president on the brink of impeachment, European leaders squabbling among themselves,
3-"and everywhere a leadership void filled increasingly by populist insurgents and radicals.”
It's happening all over the Western World, kids. We are far from alone, but we're the 'leaders' so the rest of the world are worried for us & for themselves now. #MondayMotivation
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