The Great Sir. M. Vishweshwaraiah. This thread is about the importance of Sir. MV to the nation beyond his Engineering Marvels and Brilliance.

Sir MV was more than an Engineer. He was

- Institution Builder & Builder
- Modernizer
- An Architect of Multiple Industries
- Educationist
- City Planner
- Administrator
- Economy and Commerce Thinker

Was a complete Modernization/Industrialization Package. Man for the era.

Before joining as Chief Engineer he had sought a soft promise from 4th Krishnaraja Wodeyar that he would have the opportunity to influence more than Civil Engineering Works in the State. Maharaja was man of Vision. He agreed.

His tenure as Diwan saw the following

- Contributions to the formation of BHU
- SJ Polytechnic College
- Apex Chamber of Commerce in Karnataka
- Century Club
- Bank of Mysore
- University College of Engineering
- Kannada Sahitya Parishad
- Mysore Chamber of Commerce

More than anything else, the Prestige of Mysore State went up in the larger world. Along with Krishnaraja Wodeyar, Vishweshwaraiah was instrumental in leading Mysore into the Modern World without abandoning the Tradition.

A man in a hurry. A critic of the Tradition. But was in constant engagement with people of the Tradition - like Dr. DV Gundappa. DVG could write an article critical of the state and get away with it.

He could see that Engineering/Industrialization alone are not a panacea.

His relationship with Krishnaraja Wodeyar was full of creative tension. He had many intense differences of opinion, conflicts and concerns with the King, throughout his tenure.

But that never came in the way of the progress of the State.

Fit as a Case Study in Leadership.

After resigning as the Dewan, he went onto accept the leadership of Bhadravati Steel Company just to get it back to track in Business.

Only an enormously selfless man can do such a thing.

He was Master of Planned Economy. He introduced in the State when he was the Dewan. He wrote a book on "Planned Economy for India" in 1936. This played a significant role in the formation of the final Planning Commission of India.

The Bombay Industrialists took the initiative and invited Sir. MV to lead. Finally after many rounds of consultation. Mahalanobis floated the idea that a next generation politican should lead it and that is how Shri. Nehru was invited.

After he demited office as Dewan, his contributions spread to Civil Engineering Works across the country. But he also contributed to the formation of TISCO, Bombay Reclamation, Administrative Reforms in various City Corporations and Regions, Flood Management etc.,

He also contributed to the design and formation of New Delhi aka Lutyens :-) HAL was his singular conviction and initiative, in ensuring Walchand Hirachand got everything to build the company.

In summary, there is not a piece of life that he left untouched.

Flood Management and Water Supply was his forte. Hyderabad, Surat, Patna, Odisha - innumerable places in the country benefited from his expertise. He was known for a special Mortar that reduced the overall cost of the project.

If all these were not enough, in his own life time, he became a legend for Truthfulness, Uprightness and Integrity.

There is a famous legend that he had two pens. One to sign for personal purposes and another for official. Even if not true, it says so much about Sir. MV.

3 unforgettable stories.

- After being chosen as Dewan, he sought a promise from his mother that no favours for relatives.
- Once he was obliged to give a lecture to students. He felt bad about lack of preparation, went back with preparation after weeks for another.

In his 90s, once he wanted to meet CM Kengal Hanumanthaiah. He called him & informed him that he would come to meet him and he specified a time. Kengal insisted that he would visit Sir. MV at his house. Sir. MV refused and said that it amounted to breaking of the protocol.

Kengal smartly gave him a slightly later time. Before Sir. MV got ready to move out, he immediately took his State vehicle & surprised Sir. MV when he was about to set out. MV was forced to meet him at his residence but was not amused.

Grew up listening to such stories.

Beyond everything, nothing can match the confidence he brought to the state of Mysore and the country at large. Scores of City Planners, Civil Engineers, Industrialists, Modernizers, Educationists took inspiration from Sir. MV.

When he reached age 100, Men, Women, Children stood in line for a few Kms - waiting for an opportunity to touch his feet.

In Kannada cinema, the standard way of depicting an old Mysore home till 50s/60s is to show a Photo of Sir MV on the walls.

Politicians of Karnataka for the last 70 Years continue to take his name as inspiration along with Krishnaraja Wodeyar. In Mandya district, where KRS is located, he is worshipped.

Among the few elite to have Autorickshaw stands named after him! That sums up his importance.


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