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Read more on #RamLalKhokhar who beheaded #Mohammad #Ghouri who killed Muhammad Ghori on 15 March 1206. Ghouri #PrithviRa war happened at #Taraori near #Karnal. Even today there are several Khokhar Hndu Jat villages in Karnal, Panipat, Sonipat district.…
Jats also killed Rajiya Sultan at Kaithal, wounded Alexander (he died later from wound related complications), khap warriors guerilla raided Timur looted him & freed Hindu slaves, Bharatpur's Hindu Jat Raja's khap army dug Humanyu's tomb & cremated his bones.
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🧵Two by @ChawlaSwati

1/ On #Tibet in the Indian imagination:

Yesterday, we looked at how #Tibetans perceived India+ how the @DalaiLama walked in the path of many of his countrymen before him when he came into exile in India.

Let's turn the gaze in the other direction today.
2/ Indians have at least two vantage points from where to view #Tibet. Parts of #Himalayan India border Tibet👇. Thanks to older connections of religious patronage, pilgrimage, and trade, the perspective from these regions is often v. diff from the capital in New Delhi.
~SC Image
3/ Indian cities of Gaya, Sanchi+ Sarnath were imp pilgrimage sites for Tibetan Buddhists; as was Kailash Mansarovar in Tibet for Hindu+ Buddhist pilgrims from India. The imagination of an “Akhand Bharat” (Undivided India) often included #Tibet.


~SC Image
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🧵One by @ChawlaSwati

On the @DalaiLama & India:
1/ Many of us know that the 14th @DalaiLama has been living in #exile in #Himalayan town of #Dharamsala in northern India since 31 Mar 1959.

Why India?
Was he blazing a trail w/ his escape?

Map from @TIME (1959)
2/ Second question first: No, he wasn't.

In coming to India, the @DalaiLama trod the path of many #Tibetans before him-- traders+ aristocrats, monastics+ laity, and his predecessor, the 13th #DalaiLama, Thupten Gyatso, who had lived in exile in British India from 1910-12.

3/ Aristocratic families in #Tibet were closely tied in networks of monastic patronage, intermarriage +trade w/ eastern #Himalayan kingdoms of #Bhutan+ #Sikkim. The British Political Officer in Sikkim kept close watch on these alliances. Here he is w/ the 13th #DalaiLama👇.

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#Nehru & the Phone 1/n

First Invented by Chacha Nehru. It was the silent one. Nehru invented the Ringtone too 🔔🔔

Graham stole the idea from Nehru and called himself Graham "Bell" & claimed credit for inventing the phone.

#Nehru & the Phone 2/n

Then Nehru invented pleasurable techniques & uses with this Phone & called it PHONE SAX!

Once the “F” word was serendipitously added to PHONE SAX, people started calling it the FAX Machine.

This idea was also stolen from him

#Nehru & the Phone 3/n

Then Nehru introduced concept of TRUNK Calling. This also had something to do with the mid section of the human anatomy - the TRUNK!

This later progressed further with developments in science & technology & was later known as STDs.

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#चंद्रशेखर_आझाद : मृत्यु-आक्षेप, संशयाचे धुके
#थ्रेड #Thread
२७ फेब्रुवारी १९३१ रोजी अलाहाबाद येथील सीआयडी पोलिस प्रमुख सर जे.आर.एच. नॉट-बॉवर यांना कोणीतरी माहिती दिली की आझाद आल्फ्रेड पार्कमध्ये आहेत आणि साथीदार सुखदेव राज यांच्याशी बोलत आहेत. टीप मिळाल्यावर, बोवरने अलाहाबाद Shaheed Chandrashekhar Azad
पोलिसांसोबत उद्यानाला घेराव घातला. आझाद यांचे जुने सहकारी वीरभद्र तिवारी व यशपाल यांना फितुरीसाठी जबाबदार धरण्यात येते.बोवरने सलग अलाहाबाद,लखनौ,बरेली जिल्ह्यांचे कारभार केला व गुन्हे अन्वेषण विभागातही काम केले. 27 फेब्रुवारी 1931 रोजी चंद्रशेखर आझाद यांना पकडल्याबद्दल 1931 Sir John Reginald Hornby Nott-Bower
च्या बर्थडे ऑनर्समध्ये, किंग्ज पोलिस मेडल देऊन सन्मानित करण्यात आले.

क्रांतिकारी स्वातंत्र्यसैनिक चंद्रशेखर आझाद यांचे पुतणे, सुजित आझाद यांनी अलीकडेच असा दावा केला आहे की जवाहरलाल नेहरू यांनी ब्रिटिशांना त्यांच्या ठावठिकाणाविषयी विशिष्ट माहिती दिली होती ज्यामुळे आझादांना
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🟧Remembering #ChechaNehru🟧

🔸Only Unelected PM of India
🔸Conspired against #NetajiBose
🔸Signed Agreement of India's Partition
🔸Let '#Gilgit' & '#Baltistan' go away
🔸Created '#SiachinGlacier' dispute
🔸Suggested to scrap '#IndianArmy'
🔸Creator of '#Kashmir' problem
🔸Refused Khan of Kalat's offer to accede #Balochistan
🔸#JeepScandal of 1948
🔸#Azad assassinated soon after meeting #Nehru
🔸Imposed 'Article 370' in #JandK.
🔸Took #Kashmir issue to #UnitedNations
🔸Obstructed to #SardarPatel's plan to liberate #Hyderabad
🔸Abolished '#HinduPersonalLaws'.
🔸Defined "low", #Hindu Growth Rate
🔸Gifted #Manipur's #KaboValley to Burma
🔸Gifted #CocoIsland to #Burma
🔸Objected to restoration of '#SomnathTemple'
🔸Rejected Permanent seat in #UNSC
🔸Refused #Oman's gift of #GwadarPort
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A brief history of #AirIndia
1) #JRDTata creates a airline that has 30% market share & had one of the highest best in class reputation globally
2) #Nehru derails it by nationalisation
3) #Morarji kicks out JRD Tata & sending it diving down
4) #RajivGandhi thinks #RatanTata will
avoid crash landing & makes him chairman. Later #AnandMahindra is made chairman. Nothing helps becoz both have no control
5) #UPA/#SoniaGandhi/#PrafulPatel/#MMS decide crash landing inevitable & they encash on it by spending 11 billion $.
6) To soften crash landing they further
merge it with #Indianairlines & #AirIndiaexpress so more employees can share the pain of the crash
7) Airline approaches crash point & #NarendraModi looks for a new pilot without success
8) Modi govt finally bites bullet, jumps out without parachute thus reducing the excess load
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श्रीमान @rautsanjay61 विचारतायत की, नेहरूंशी वैर का? राऊतांनी विचारलेल्या प्रश्नाचे उत्तर मी या थ्रेडमध्ये देतोय,
नेहरूंनी त्यांच्या कारकीर्दीत अभिव्यक्ती स्वातंत्र्याची आणि लोकशाही मूल्यांची अनेकदा गळचेपी केली. त्याची ही काही उदाहरणे (१/n)
नेहरूंनी केंद्रीय कायदामंत्री #बाबासाहेब #आंबेडकर यांना डावलून गोपालस्वामी अय्यंगार यांच्या हातून कलम ३७०चा मसुदा तयार करून घेतला आणि लोकसभेत बळजबरीने मंजूरही करून घेतला. देशाच्या कायदामंत्र्याला डावलून घटनादुरुस्ती झाल्याची ही भारतातली एकमेव घटना आहे. (२/n)
कलम ३७० हे भारत आणि भारतीयांवर अन्याय करणारे आहे असे #बाबासाहेब #आंबेडकर यांचे ठाम मत होते. कारण, नेहरूंनी जम्मू-काश्मीर विधानसभेला अमर्याद अधिकार देऊ केले होते. (३/n)
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Today when they want to make the country ignorant of Nehru and spread hatred against him, it is our duty to pass on Nehru and his legacy to all the new generations.
So here are some facts about Nehru, read and share.👇
1) Jawahar Lal Nehru was born on November 14, 1889, in Allahabad to Pandit Motilal Nehru and Swarup Rani. He was the eldest of his siblings.
2) Till the age of 16, Nehru's father had him educated at home by private governesses and tutors.
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Did #Nehru Betrayed #ChandrashekharAzad ?

आज़ाद था.
आज़ाद हूँ.
आज़ाद ही रहूँगा..
-Chandrashekhar Azad (Chandrashekhar Tiwari; 23rd July 1906 – 27th February 1931)

Who betrayed Fearless Revolutionary, Great Freedom Fighter & brave son of Bharat Mata?

Chandrashekhar Azad (Chandrashekhar Tiwari; 23rd July 1906 – 27th Feb 1931)

An Indian Revolutionary who reorganized Hindustan Socialist Republication Army (HSRA)

Azad, a 15-year-old school student joined the Non-Cooperation movement led by Gandhi, which resulted into arrest.
He was presented before a magistrate, where he gave his name as Azad.
His father’s name as Swatantrata & his residence as Jail.

Because of this answer he was given 15 lashings.
The magistrate & officers were surprised when he courageously accepted the punishment & its bearings.
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🔱THREAD: Excerpts & thoughts from the book "Factors in Modern #Sikh History" by Sangat Singh
🔆Do the Sikhs LEARN from their history?
⚜️Are Sikhs CAPABLE of learning from history?
🚀Are Sikhs AWARE of their history? Answers below! 👇1/N Image
The declaration of war by #LordDalhousie, East India Company's Governor General of India talks about war against the #SikhNation. Sikhs have since their very inception been different. That is reflected in their history & their interactions with other people. #Sikhs #Sikhism 2/N Image
🔆#Sikhism constituted a distinct faith with a well developed religious thought and #philosophy. The English colonizers realized the distinct character of Sikhs and 2 basic factors:
🔆Sikhism as an independent faith, and
⚜️#Khalsa's emerging as a nation in pre-modern times 3/N ImageImage
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Today marks the 57th anniversary of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru’s death.
Many of those, whose lives he directly touched are still with us today.
This thread is a humble tribute to the life of a man who led #India from a feudal-colony to becoming a democratic Republic.
#Nehru 🌹
Born on 14th November 1889, in Allahabad, Pandit Nehru was educated at Harrow in England and Trinity College, Cambridge. He studied law at Inner Temple Inn, London in 1910.
In 1912 he returned to Allahabad to practise law at the Allahabad High Court as an advocate.
His father Pandit Motilal Nehru was already an established lawyer with a highly-successful practise and enjoyed a formidable professional reputation. The family lived in a palatial town-house, Anand Bhawan in Allahabad. Motilal Nehru wished to see his son succeed as a lawyer too.
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#RememberingNehru 🤡

PM #Nehru GIFTED the Kabo Valley (Manipur, 11,000+ sq. km.) to Burma.

Was it his ancestral property, to gift?…
Burma paid a monthly lease for the Kabo Valley until 1949. After that, with Nehru's consent, it stopped paying & annexed the valley.

Nehru did not take Parliament's consent for this act. Congress-dominated Parliament did not intervene, nor did later governments.
PM Nehru GIFTED the Coco Islands (Andamans) to #Burma. The Burmese gave them to #CHINA to spy on India.

Chinese airstrip & spy station on Coco Island which PM Nehru GIFTED to Burma.…
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#Vedic texts suggest that #Hindus originally did not worship idols and build #temples, and it is quite likely that both Hindus and #Buddhists got the idea from the #Greeks.
#India accounted for 33% of the #World economy in AD 1.
#China's share was 26% of World GDP.
India was by far the World's economic superpower at that time.
#Indians sold textiles, spices and demanded precious metals in payment.
Not a year passed in which #India did not take 50 million sesterces away from #Rome.
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#Akali #SGPC were cowering in their juttis when separatists took control of revered Gurudwaras in Punjab. At that time #RSS stood up firmly against separatists. Its Shakhas were attacked, scores of swayamsevaks died. Rashtriya Suraksha Samiti came on roads to fight separatism 1/n
Not once did #Akali_SGPC criticised #Congress for letting NankanaSahib go to Pakistan, just 5 km away from new border carved out by British. 2/n
#Nehru wanted to ban #Akalis and #RSS for fighting Islamist killers and rapists during Partition. This was roundly condemned by newspapers like Tribune and Congress kept quiet. But today SGPC condemns RSS! 3/n
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#Nehru #Gandhi family for NAMESAKE
Sports Events/Tournament & Stadium after #Nehru #Gandhi family.
Names of stadiums and awards after #Nehru #Gandhi dynasty.
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This man defied Dr Ambedkar, said he knows more about Muslims than him.

Joined hands with Muslim League before Partition & Became the 1st Law Minister Of Pakistan.

In just 2 years and 2 months, he resigned from his post & came running to Bharat.

He couldn't believe HIS
MUSLIM LEAGUE supporting the Butchering of Hindus including Harijans.

He died in 1968, for 18 years, this Pakistani Citizen lived a life of a Refugee.

Today is his birth anniversary & he is

When #Nehru led @INCIndia & #CommunistParty tried to banish Dr Ambedkar from entering Constitution Assembly, it was Jogendranath Mandal who vacated his seat for Dr Bhim Rao.

Jogendranath Mandal refused to acknowledge what Dr Bhim Rao saw...
That Never Trust Muslims.
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#Thread: Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose - The first PM India Deserved

The early 20th century was an important period for the Indian Freedom Struggle.

Several mass leaders joined the freedom struggle during this period.

One such leader was #NetajiSubhasChandraBose.

Lokmanya Tilak’s death in 1920 lead to the rise of Mohandas #Gandhi, Jawaharlal #Nehru, Sardar Patel, Netaji Bose, etc. within the Indian National #Congress.

Subhas Chandra Bose belonged from an influential and wealthy family in Calcutta.

He went to London in 1919 to fulfil the promise he made to his father to appear for the ICS examination.

He excelled in the ICS examination securing the 4th rank. But soon in 1921, he resigned from it and came back to #India as he did not want to work for the #British.

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Watch this space for glimpse into astrological analysis of Tibet and PLA...
Coming soon.
Follow up.

Tales from an #astrological meeting of 1960, held between HH #DalaiLama and astrologer Pd. Hardev Sharma Trivedi.
One spoke English while the other spoke Hindi.
No translator was allowed as the meeting was confidential...
Watch this space...
Retweet and follow.
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@RahulGandhi: India Needs You !

#Nehru: His great grandpa chanted #HindiChiniBhaiBhai and lost miles and miles of Indian land to China. He claimed, "Not a blade of grass grows there." He lost Pakistan Occupied Kashmir to Pakistan and turned Kashmir into hell on earth.
#IndiraGandhi: His grandmother was planted as PM of India by USSR by eliminating Lal Bahadur Shastri. It was KGB that lorded over India during all those years of the Iron Lady's rule. Emergency was clamped USSR backing and Indira did not utter one word against interference.
She kept blaming the "Foreign Hand" of America but was the de facto foreign "Hand" of USSR in India.

#RajivGandhi: Wasn't even able to stand up to the bullying of #AIMPLB. He was such a miserable failure that he sacrificed the interests of Indian Army...
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How #नाथूराम_गोडसे_जिंदाबाद trended over #MahatmaGandhi on Oct-2nd, for a good part of the day👇

A welcome sign and Indians needs to understand much more on #NathRamGodse & why he fired on MKG. It was never proven if bullets from his gun actually hit MKG.…
Mr @RahulEaswar How can a Ram-Bhakt #MahatmaGandhi justify #SwamiShraddhanand killing & pardon killer #AbdulRashid? MKG was no Ram-Bhakt but was political-tool in hands of British 2 keep India divided. #Nehru got MKG killed(with Godse as front) & Congress benefitted for 70+ yrs! Image
#MahatmaGandhi's biggest DISSERVICE to India was not to fight capital-punishment to #BhagatSingh #RajGuru etc. He hated revolutionaries and hence never wrote to viceroy to commute their sentences, though he could used his influence on British.
@RahulEaswar… Image
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Stunning REVELATION by @nsitharaman>#PMNRF, set-up by #Nehru, was never registered in last 70 years and never audited by #CAG even once. #PMCares is a registered trust from Day-1.

Wonder why @narendramodi not disclose it in 1st term? Deal with Congress?🤔
None could question #Nehru decisions that times. People didn't bother to check as they were busy with Azadi. Banks were scared of Nehru to ask any documents.

Subsequent Govts also kept quiet, up until now in 2020, when the fraud is finally revealed😎
And #PMNRF was audited by a Pvt-firm "SARC & Associates", not CAG👇

Will @INCIndia @RahulGandhi @priyankagandhi (and also @narendramodi for 5 years) EXPLAIN this, how a public-fund is audited by a pvt-firm, instead of CAG, for 70 years?😎
#KnowYourLegacy Image
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In 1942, the Sheikh met Nehru in Lahore. Nehru had the reports of split of MuslimConfrence and the Sheikh Abdullah leading the separated faction (NationalConfrence). While Nehru found NC's ideology compatible with that of @INCIndia (Congress),he embraced the Sheikh.1/n
And the Sheikh on his part found support from a vast national political organization of much consequence coming almost without asking. He embraced it. Thus began the long but wistful camaraderie between the two, which ultimately gave new turn to #Kashmir politics. 2/n
Nehru's reckless support and patronization made the Sheikh secure against Hindu backlash from Jammu region. 3/n
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Story of who built #AIIMS ..

a) Not #Nehru as he rejected the proposal for lack of funds

b) #RajkumariAmritKaur made efforts & collected funds 4m foreign-countries + also sold her 100 acre land for it

c) It's her efforts who made AIIMS possible in Delhi…
IE piece on #AIIMS>How #RajkumariAmritKaur single-handedly built it. She arranged funds 4m many foreign-govts/foundations 4 this, beside donating her own.

#Nehru was busy helping #China while Princess of Kapurthala built India's premier medical-institute!…
1st, #Nehru didn't built #AIIMS. It was built by #RajkumariAmritKaur efforts👆

2nd, #AIIMS can treat any illness in world.

3rd(most-imp), #SoniaGandhi don't want Indians to know about her गुप्त-रोग. She's not fully Indian despite so many yrs in India!
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