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Been reading the commotion about Periodic Table and Evolution moving to a later level in Primary/Secondary Education.

Overall the concern around this is exaggerated & shrill disappointing.

Lets take a step back & examine the issue.

In the Karnataka State Syllabus, for decades, Periodic Table was a touch & go in the high school. It was discussed very deep only in the 11/12 - PUC.

Have generations of students turned out dumb? Have they come superstitious? Are they confusing religious accounts for Science?

Has’nt the State championed the cause of Science, Technology? In particular, is not the average society more aware of Science & Tech?

Haven’t they even joined the bandwagon of Progress & Development?

Have they collapsed into some abyss from which they need to be uplifted?

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1/3. BJP’s Satya Pal Singh told parliament in 2018 that Darwin ‘s theory of evolution was wrong – as no one had seen ‘an ape turn into a man.’ True, but in India we’ve witnessed the reverse process in full swing for a while now. Shakes your faith in Darwin.
2/3. The primates in the ministry of education and the NCERT have now expunged Darwin from the school textbooks. They see no need to ape unproven western fashions and notions when they can play the ape far better than anyone else.
3/3. Feel slightly less upset about NCERT’s slashing my work from the textbooks now I’m in the company of Charles Darwin. Though, looking at the textbook tukde tukde gang running amok, it’s hard to accept that their species and I have a common ancestor.
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5000 ई0 पू0 यानी आज से 7 हजार साल पहले मेसोपोटामिया(आज के इराक में दजला और फरात नदियों के बीच का उपजाऊ वाला भाग) के दक्षिणी हिस्सों में मानव बस्तियों के विकास होने लगा था। इन्हीं बस्तियों में से कुछ ने प्राचीन शहरों का रूप ले लिया।
मेसोपोटामिया में शहर 3 प्रकार से विकसित हुये। पहला मंदिर के चारों ओर, दूसरा व्यापारिक केंद्रों के रूप में और तीसरा राजसी शहर के रूप में।

पुरातत्वविदों का ऐसा अनुमान है कि मेसोपोटामिया में मंदिरों को बनाने का काम यहाँ पर बाहर से आकर बसने वाले लोगों ने शुरू किया था
(इनके मूल स्थान का अबतक पता नहीं चल पाया है, ठीक वही हाल है जैसे अपने यहाँ विवाद चलता है प्राचीन समय के मूल निवासी और बाहर से आये लोगों के बारे में कैसे पता किया जाय😊)

मेसोपोटामिया का सबसे पुराना मन्दिर जो पुरातात्विक खुदाई से मिला है वो एक छोटी सी संरचना है
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🚨SCOOP: Modi govt has QUIETLY made last-minute changes in the new social science textbooks which hit market recently.

These controversial tweaks were LEFT OUT of #NCERT's official announcement on "rationalised content" last year.

Details in 🧵
(1/n)… Image
The most glaring 👀of them are the deletions pertaining to Mahatma Gandhi's assassination

DELETED 👉: Ban imposed on the Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS) by the union govt after Gandhi's death dropped from Class Political Science textbook

(see pic for deleted sentences)
(2/n) Image
Sentences on how Gandhi's steadfast pursuit of Hindu-Muslim unity provoked Hindu extremists have been removed from the Class 12 Political Science textbook

(see highlighted sentences in photo)
(3/n) Image
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प्रायः ट्वीटर पर पोस्ट देखने में आती है कि हमें इतिहास में हिन्दू राजाओ के बारे में कम सुल्तानों या #मुग़लों के बारे में ज़्यादा पढ़ाया गया। ये वो लोग हैं जो धार्मिक ग्रंथों में वर्णित कपोल कल्पित बातों को तो आँख मीचकर मान लेते हैं+
#History #इतिहास
पर संदर्भो,तर्को के साथ लिखे इतिहास को अंग्रेजों और वामपंथियों द्वारा लिखा हुआ बताकर न केवल प्रश्नचिन्ह खड़े करते हैं बल्कि नकारने की हद तक चले जाते हैं. इस प्रकार की पोस्ट करने वाले लोग वो हैं जिनकी इतिहास में कोई रुचि कभी थी ही नहीं.और यदि अब है तो केवल राजनीतिक कारणों से या+
धर्मान्धता फैलाने के लिए. यदि आप ऐसी कोई ट्वीटर पर देखें तो पहले ये पूछें उससे कि क्या कक्षा 10 वीं पास करने के बाद उसने इतिहास विषय को चुना या साइंस अथवा कॉमर्स लेकर आगे का अध्धयन किया. यदि उसने साइंस या कॉमर्स चुनकर आगे की पढ़ाई की है तो उसे बताएं कि उसने 10 वीं तक इतिहास+
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From #NCERT grade 6 book
This book is like the handbook of the wokes with sole objective of reiterating castes and making people ashamed.
Imagine no Sikhs in jallianwala bagh!!!
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Even in the best of times the Indian schooling system is not remotely sensitive to a child’s needs, education or it’s aspirations.
Perhaps that one odd exceptional teacher could brighten a schooling experience but by & large the system is one of rote & elimination not education
To now sensitise these very educationists who if one may say, find it a challenge to handle even the conventional two genders to
“aspects of gender diversity keeping gender-nonconforming and transgender children at centre stage.” would be simply an exercise on paper,
whimsical at best, unrelated to our reality when so much more needs urgent looking into.

Out dated syllabus.
Innovative & interesting teaching methods.
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#NCERT #SyllabusRevision My submission.

1. The concept of Bharata as it was in the eons before and how it work - a broad idea. How various practices around the sub-continent worked on common thoughts, principles that guided the concept of Bharata.

2. That this Bharata was a land of Sciences, Maths in every which way. How we had developed Calculus, Algebra, Geometry, physics, chemistry, biology and all the way to Surgery.
3. Make the kids aware of the eminent men and women.
4. Bring them and give them exposition into the world of how our ancestors worked in unison with the environment, how all the creatures / animals were taken care of.
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👉Every country worth the name takes special effort to instill nationalism in their teens/youths thro educational curriculum
👉Nationalist youths r strength of nation, govt can channelize their energy for nation building, they act as wall against misinformation,
secessionist demands
👉Our education system is designed to create confused souls, traitors, brainwashed youths who can be misled by any secessionist forces
👉Our youths have no pride for country, tradition n always in guilt trip mode, always clapping for the oppressor
👉The rot is not only limited to history books
👉Even our geography/science books r designed in such a way that children knew about useless/tasteless foreign fruits but have no info about fruits grown in adjacent district/states
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Creating a thread of these..
Handsome Aslam - Hygienic - Uses gloves, safe from dirty flies, uses scale
Untidy Appan - No gloves, looks uncouth, The balance can be used to cheat.
Abhimanyu - Yellow teeth, does not wash hands, smells bad.
Adil - ideal kid
The Lazy Brahmin
Can any textbook carry "The Lazy Mullah" chapter?
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Once we pass the matriculation exams, it's only by chance that we pick up history books to read. Often our knowledge of history as adults is only the knowledge given to us by our school books and teachers. What if someone chooses to manipulate it at that point!
Today it's a well-known fact that #Indian #history has not been written by #Indians. At best, they were brown sahibs instead of the white ones who choose what we would learn about our history & what we won't. Every few months some strange manipulation of history comes to light!
How about those #NCERT books? What would you say about the most trusted books that are often used by students preparing for #UPSC? Well, you know the answer, even if you choose not to state the fact in public. They are biased, aren't they?
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National Curriculum Framework prepared by the #NCERT will clearly define the modalities, keeping in view the #NEP recommendations that Board exams be redesigned to encourage holistic development. #NEPTransformingIndia
Students will be able to choose any of the subjects in which they take #Board exams, depending on their individualized interests. Board exams will also be made ‘easier,’ in the sense that they will test core capacities/competencies primarily. #NEPTransformingIndia
To further eliminate the ‘high stakes’ aspect of #Board Exams, all students will be allowed to take Board Exams on up to two occasions during any given school year, one main examination and one for improvement, if desired. #NEPTransformingIndia
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Launched Students’ Learning Enhancement Guidelines formulated by #NCERT for students to deal with during & post #COVID19 situation. Image
These guidelines will help children, who do not have digital resources, to get learning opportunities at home with their teachers/volunteers & more!
In these guidelines, models are suggested for 3 types of situations:
👉🏻 Where students do not have any digital resources
👉🏻 Where students have limited digital resources available
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डाऊनलोड करे नवीनतम एनसीईआरटी पुस्तक एवं उत्तरपुस्तिका PDF मे । @threadreaderapp unroll
#ncert #cbse #ncertsolutions #ncertguru
Download NCERT Class 12 Books…
Download NCERT Class 11 Books…
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There has been a lot of uninformed commentary on the exclusion of some topics from #CBSESyllabus. The problem with these comments is that they resort to sensationalism by connecting topics selectively to portray a false narrative.
As @cbseindia29 has clarified, schools have been advised to
follow the #NCERT Alternate Academic Calendar, and all the topics mentioned have been covered under the same Academic Calendar. The exclusions are merely a 1-time measure for exams, due to the #COVID19 pandemic.
The only aim is to relax the stress on students by reducing the syllabus by 30%. This exercise has been carried out following the advice & recommendations of various experts and considering the suggestions received from educationists through our #SyllabusForStudents2020 campaign.
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#NCERT Curriculum Change - A thread.

Objective: Civilizational Correction, eliminate colonial consciousness

Shape Bharateeyas who leverage our strengths, manage/correct faultlines, assimilate modernity & build future in continuity with pride, on our terms - sAtatya.


#NCERT Curriculum Change

1. Science, Technology and Intellectual Thought
- Start from Vedas
- One Chapter per Std 5-10
- Cover everything Astronomy observations, Number Thinking, Grammar, Logic, Calculus, Chemistry, Naval Systems...
- How it Travelled
- A Future leverage

#NCERT Curriculum Change

2. Update all Credits and Names

- Pythagoras theorem in Baudhayana Shulba Sutra
- Calculus Madhava
- First Surgery
- First proposition of Heliocentric theory
- Mt. Everest is Gaurishankara

This will be a ton, many in every century.

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