1/ So I was strolling through #copolitics yesterday, and I noted with amusement a new lefty troll account: Rich Guys Against Proposition 118. @guys_118 "Hmmm", I wondered, "what stupidity is this?" #NoOn118
2/ I decided to look at their website at notnowco.org. It seems to hate on the business groups that have donated money to defeat Proposition #118 for paid family and medical leave. Of course, I've opposed it for years. #copolitics #NoOn118
3/ Let's keep in mind that COLORADO businesses that employ thousands of people, through their trade groups and a few individuals, have contributed a total of $47,002 (TRACER as of today) to defeat Prop 118. #copolitics #NoOn118
4/ Of course, as I wrote about in my blog No More FAMLI kimmonson.com/featured_artic…, the Issue Committee formed to support 118 has received $2,600,000 from an OUT OF STATE Democrat dark money group to put it on the ballot. #copolitics #NoOn118
5/ For the mathematically challenged, this means that 55 TIMES more money came from OUT OF STATE to promote this terrible idea. 55 times. #copolitics #NoOn118
6/ Now, I also looked at where the money went. Sure enough, $7,000 went to Colorado's own @ProgressNowCO, you know, the bullies at the back shooting spitballs at the kids in the front. #copolitics #NoOn118
7/ And sure enough, @alanfranklin's name is on the website as the registered agent. #copolitics #NoOn118
8/ I'm glad Governor Polis' minions are finding work during this pandemic, when so many people who actually add value to our economy are unemployed. #copolitics #NoOn118
9/ But let's not talk about the paltry amount raised in Colorado to oppose 118 when $2.6 million came from out of state to support it. No, let's not. #copolitics #NoOn118
10/ And seven grand for a silly website? Somebody's not getting their money's worth. Suits 'em right. #copolitics #NoOn118

• • •

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22 Aug 19
In this day and age in America, we are living at the highest pinnacle of human flourishing yet achieved on Planet Earth. Even the poor are better off today than even 50 years ago. #copolitics #ShiningCityOnAHill
This is made possible by three things. I think of it as the three pillars of human flourishing. They are:
1) Capitalism
2) Limited, constitutional government
3) Fossil Fuels
#copolitics #HumanFlourishing
Capitalism is the only moral socio-economic system yet devised by humankind. It is based on freedom, not force. It enables people to create value through voluntary, arms-length transactions. It has lifted more people from poverty than any other system. #copolitics #capitalism
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30 Jul 19
I see we're talking about Transportation, one of the (arguably) legitimate functions of government. Here's a few fun facts about Transportation in the 27 years since #TABOR was passed. #copolitics #coleg
Since FY 1993-94 through FY 2019-20, Transportation appropriations have averaged 6.7% of the total appropriations for each year. The high was 11.4% in FY 2000-01. The low was 5.1% in FY 2009-10 #copolitics #coleg #TABOR
In the years when Republicans controlled 2 or 3 of the Governor's Office, Senate and House, Transportations appropriations averaged 7.8%. Since the Democrats took charge of 2 or 3 of the 3, appropriations have averaged 5.8%. #copolitics #coleg
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25 Jul 19
Whoever is running this account is clearly no taxpayer advocate, is not part of any "alliance", and is clearly hostile to #TABOR. They also either don't understand taxation or are not above spreading misinformation. #copolitics #coleg
Note that they call for a "progressive (tiered) income tax" to "fix Colorado's outrageous tax code". The graphic purports to show that the bottom 20% pays more income taxes by implication. #copolitics #coleg #TABOR
So I looked at the source they gave. Leaving aside that it's from a white paper published by a lefty think tank (part of #TheProgressiveAdvantage) using data from another lefty think tank, it shows something different. #copolitics #coleg #TABOR
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23 Jul 19
A look at Colorado state budgets FY 1993-94 to FY 2019-20. Shocking growth, even with #TABOR in place. toadvancefreedom.com/why-budgets-ma… #copolitics #coleg #TuesdayThoughts
Note the 6.5% for Transportation in the FY 2019-20 budget. That is consistent with the average appropriations of 6.7% since the year after TABOR was passed. Don't let them lie to you and say TABOR is at fault. #copolitics #coleg #leftylies
I'll be talking about Why Budgets Matter at 8:30 this morning with @JimmyLakey on @600kcol. Looking forward to shining a light on this important topic. #copolitics #coleg #TABOR
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8 May 19
I'm sad this morning for the family of the young person who died, the families and others who were wounded and the entire community who was traumatized by yesterday's #StemShooting.
Another horrific, senseless act of violence. #copolitics #coleg
My fellow Americans who reside on the "left" side of the spectrum believe that designating schools as "gun free zones" and enacting ever more restrictive legislation on firearms will make our public spaces safer. Kudos to them for their good intentions. #copolitics #StemShooting
I favor an evidence-based approach, and the evidence CLEARLY shows that this strategy does not work. No gun laws on the books prevented yesterday's killers from getting guns. No artificial designation prevented them from carrying them into the school. #copolitics #StemShooting
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