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@GovofCO signed #SB163 into law quietly today. It is NOT a vaccine bill & will not raise vaccine rates. It will data track children against their parents wishes. @CDPHE and State Board of Health have more authority to add vaccines to the schedule, inc flu, HPV and future #covid.
It requires parents to have a "immunization provider" sign off on a religious or personal exemption or to take a indoctrination class online. It dictates PRIVATE schools follow this law. It will make medical exemptions harder to get than ever, and they are already hard.
The bill was passed with misinformation, mistruths and outright lies. Colorado does NOT have the countries lowest vaccination rates.

Did you know the rate of SIDS deaths went down 40% during the "lockdown" when well visits and vaccine administration was down 30-40%?
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Apparently, this flyer was found outside the CO Capitol during the “peaceful” protests.

Obviously, this is unacceptable to say the least.

Encouraging violence & calling for the murder of Republicans is disgusting.

#GeorgeFloyd #copolitics #cogov #coleg
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In the past 36 hours, U.S. Senate candidate John @Hickenlooper has lost two court cases and been held in contempt.

Colorado's ethics commission will now consider how to punish his contempt and, later, weigh whether he broke ethics laws.

I'll tweet updates. #cosen #copolitics
Hickenlooper is not currently on the video conference but is available to testify, according to his attorney.

The commission seems to have softened when it comes to punishing Hickenlooper. They're eager to hear his testimony before they considering sanctioning #cosen #copolitics
John Hickenlooper has arrived, in a shirt and tie, on the video conference. Suzanne Staiert, with the Public Trust Institute, has begun quizzing him.

"I support Amendment 41, yes," Hickenlooper says, referring to the gift ban he's accused of violating. #cosen #copolitics
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Colorado @MomsDemand volunteers showed up today to testify in support of The Police Accountability and Integrity Act, championed by @leslieherod, @SenRhondaFields, @Leroy_Garcia and @SerenaForCO. #copolitics #coleg
The bill would require body cameras; eliminate “fleeing felon" laws; require law enforcement agencies must track and report data; deny qualified immunity; and create a system to hold law enforcement accountable.

Read the bill here:
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John Hickenlooper is not at the Ethics Commission hearing into his alleged violations of the Colorado gift ban.

A leading U.S. Senate candidate seems to be openly defying both a subpoena and a judge's order. Remarkable. #cosen #copolitics
On the other hand, this meeting is a massive technical mess, which speaks directly to what Hickenlooper and his attorneys have been saying, that WebEx is no way to conduct a hearing into a serious matter. #copolitics #cosen
Colorado's Independent Ethics Commission is in executive session as it talks with its attorney from the AG's Office.

A Hickenlooper attorney is at the meeting now. There wasn't one when it began.

The meeting remains a technical mess. #cosen #copolitics
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. @COHouseDem Comms Director @JarrettFreedman says we "offered no solutions." We offered 63 amendments to the budget. He must have forgotten why we spent 9 hours on the floor yesterday. Here's a reminder:

A thread. 1/A Million

#copolitics #coleg

1. Temporary cuts to the salaries of VERY well-paid government bureaucrats who are getting off scott-free while Coloradans are losing their jobs left and right. $950,000.

@COHouseDem @JarrettFreedman
#copolitics #coleg 2/A Million
2. Withdraw funding from the MONEY LOSING State Fair. $875,000

@COHouseDem @JarrettFreedman
#copolitics #coleg 3/A Million
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We renew our call for justice in the death of George Floyd and the protection of every person’s inalienable rights regardless of race, creed, sex or station in life. #COpolitics
We continue to stand in support of any Coloradan who wishes to peacefully protest. We do so with honor and respect for Dr. King’s admonishment that we not be “...more concerned about tranquility and the status quo than about justice, equality and humanity."
We continue to stand in support of Colorado law enforcement officers who are working tirelessly to protect both people and property.
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So I decided to go to the Capitol today in Denver. Black protester telling antifa member that he needs to stop defacing statues.

#copolitics #JusticeForGeorge
Antifa gets it handed to him. Denver Capitol today. #GeorgeFloydMurder #AtlantaProtest #copolitics #HoustonProtest #DenverProtest
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I rolled over Wednesday at 6:30 a.m. and saw a text message.

"Can I call you this morning?"

The rest has been a whirlwind, all surrounding U.S. Rep. Ken Buck, who also serves as chair of the Colorado Republican Party. A quick thread.… #copolitics
First at hand was a recording leaked to me that morning. By the end of the day three others sent it too. On there was a conversation between Buck and Eli Bremer, a local Senate district chair, who didn't want to file paperwork with the state.
At hand was a local election for Republicans vying for a soon-to-be-open Senate seat. To qualify for the primary ballot, candidates must earn 30% of the vote at assembly. David Stiver, local GOP activist, only hit 24% but complained that the race was unfair all the same.
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Every newspaper, every organization part of our civil society, every Democratic leader - should be calling for Trump to resign. If not - impeach him all over again.…
Trump must resign
There is another option for Republicans like @SenatorCollins @SenCoryGardner who are going down in flames this November - salvage whatever dignity they may have left (they may have none) by calling on Trump to resign. #copolitics #mepolitics…
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NEW: Gov. Jared Polis says Colorado had an order for ventilators being finalized and then FEMA bought them "from under us." #copolitics
Here's @jaredpolis' remarks to @donlemon on CNN a few minutes ago... #copolitics
And if you're wondering what the situation is like in Colorado right now, here's the latest:
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NEW: A mother is trying to use Colorado's new red flag gun control law to disarm the police officer who killed her son in 2017. The shooting was ruled justified.… #9NEWS #copolitics
Red flag petitions are supposed to only come from law enforcement or family members (including unrelated members of the household). Susan Holmes swore under oath that she and CSU Police CorporalPhillip Morris have a "child in common."
19-year old Jeremy Holmes was shot and killed by Cpl Morris in 2017 as he threatened people with a knife. Prosecutors ruled the shooting was justified and that it was a "suicide-by-cop" scenario.
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Good morning everyone! I'm excited to present my second State of the State address. You can follow along with this thread or watch it live on my Facebook page:…

#copolitics #coleg
Working together last year, we lowered health care costs, lowered taxes for small businesses, provided more affordable housing, made the largest-ever state investment in transportation, and delivered universal free Full Day Kindergarten for all! #copolitics #coleg
95% of the bills that I signed into law last year were passed with Republican and Democratic votes! We should not take this cooperative spirit for granted. Because the notion that we’re all in this together is a much better approach to solving problems than trying to go it alone.
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Police say they broke up QAnon plot to kidnap a child in Denver's suburbs. An arrest affidavit outlines a plan for a QAnon "raid" to seize the child from what believers think is a Satanic pedophilia cabal of Democratic politicians and Hollywood stars. #9NEWS #copolitics
The child being targeted is in the child protective services system. The child's non-custodial mother, Cynthia Abcug, was arrested in Montana last week on kidnapping and conspiracy charges.
An arrest affidavit says Abcug was living in Parker with a man she identified as a QAnon "sniper" and had told someone that she expected there would be injuries when QAnon believers carried out the "raid" to seize the child.
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In March 2017, IFRR held its third ever organizing meeting in Boulder, CO, and I remember clearly talking about there being 44 months before the 2020 election. Now, it's 10 months. #copolitics #cosen 1/15
10 months from now, we will have done all the work: all the voting, all the calling, all the canvassing, all the organizing to bring about an absolutely can’t-lose takeback of our failing democracy.

We have no choice but to throw in to this fight, and no choice but to win. 2/15
🗓 KEY 2020 DATES:

✔️January 8: The Colorado state legislature opens
✔️March 3: We vote in the Presidential primary ("Super Tuesday")
✔️June 30: We vote in the Colorado primaries (includes the Senate race)
✔️November 3: We vote in the general election 3/15
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Thread: #coleg's Joint Budget Committee is seeing the consequences of the sad withering of #Colorado's once dynamic economic model. #copolitics @coloradobrt @DenChamber @ColoradoChamber @TeacherPension @biggsag
Many causes are now interacting in a non-linear way, including poor/stagnant #edcolo performance and uncoordinated, competing #CTE programs that leave frustrated employers with many unfilled middle skilled jobs...
As fewer people are equipped to compete in the 21st century economy, social safety net spending is skyrocketing. And with PERA only 41% funded (per the Fed), more pension crises are on the way when the economy and markets inevitably turn down...
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Colorado talk radio host Chuck Bonniwell of @710KNUS said he wished for "a nice school shooting" to interrupt coverage of President Trump's impeachment. #copolitics #9NEWS
@710KNUS Management at @710KNUS declined comment. An online edition of the @ChuckandJulie1 show was edited to remove the comment. #9NEWS downloaded the audio prior to the edit.
@710KNUS @ChuckandJulie1 KNUS has recently faced questions about years-worth of neo-Nazi social media posts attributed to @TubbsShow executive producer Kirk Widlund. KNUS has declined comment. Widlund told our @jeremyjojola the posts are an elaborate hoax perpetrated by Antifa.…
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John @Hickenlooper is at MSU Denver for a student-led chat. I’ll tweet any highlights. #cosen #copolitics
@Hickenlooper On a question about abortion, Hickenlooper says, "“I support a woman’s right to choice, no matter what.”

People who want to cut Planned Parenthood funding “should be punished, in the court of public opinion and at the ballot box," Hickenlooper adds. #cosen #copolitics
@Hickenlooper Hickenlooper is asked if he supports student loan forgiveness.

“I’m not sure that we want to be writing off everybody’s debt and I’m not sure the children and grandchildren of millionaires should have their debt forgiven – should have free college."
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The State of Colorado reported 2018 Colorado hate crime statistics which were wrong, false or flawed.
OR the State of Colorado is currently reporting 2018 Colorado hate crime statistics that are wrong, false or flawed.

#copolitics #coleg #cosen
In August, Colorado released their annual crime report with their new report on Colorado hate crime. It showed Colorado hate crimes nearly doubled to 185 in 2018 from 96 in 2017. Much of Media collectively reported the 'hate crimes nearly doubled' narrative.
The 2018 hate crime statistics have quietly been changed or reduced. Now Colorado is showing 139 hate crime cases in 2018 and not the originally reported 185 which was released back in August.
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Why does @jaredpolis need more money from taxpayers for school? As of Sep, CO pulled in $1,128,872,150.00 ($1.13B) in marijuana tax revenue. Per §39-28.8-501(6), C.R.S., "To increase transparency, the marijuana enforcement division shall include a
link on its website describing the disposition of the retail marijuana excise tax revenue and how the revenue from the fund was appropriated for the fiscal year 2015-16 and each fiscal year thereafter." Starting FY2018-2019, pursuant to HB18-1070, the greater of
$40M or 90 percent of excise tax revenue will be credited to the PSCCAF. Any excess will be transferred to the Public School Fund.…
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Colorado's GOP Senator Cory Gardner is now echoing a FOX claim that Halliburton layoffs across four states are the fault of Colorado Democrats who passed new statewide oil and gas regulations. (thread) #copolitics #9NEWS
We'll ask Gardner for evidence supporting the claim that he and FOX are making if he responds to our interview requests. But it's not clear that even Halliburton believes what's being said here.
Halliburton is saying that layoffs in Colorado, Wyoming, North Dakota, and New Mexico are due to "local market conditions." This is the statement that Halliburton sent me and other news outlets.
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In this day and age in America, we are living at the highest pinnacle of human flourishing yet achieved on Planet Earth. Even the poor are better off today than even 50 years ago. #copolitics #ShiningCityOnAHill
This is made possible by three things. I think of it as the three pillars of human flourishing. They are:
1) Capitalism
2) Limited, constitutional government
3) Fossil Fuels
#copolitics #HumanFlourishing
Capitalism is the only moral socio-economic system yet devised by humankind. It is based on freedom, not force. It enables people to create value through voluntary, arms-length transactions. It has lifted more people from poverty than any other system. #copolitics #capitalism
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An interim legislative committee on prison population is meeting on the impact of last week’s Denver City Council vote to end contract w/private companies GEO & CoreCivic, which house ~500 inmates transitioning out of prison. It’s had uncomfortable moments. #coleg #copolitics
Public Safety Director Stan Hilkey, DOC Director Dean Williams, Denver Public Saefty Chief Troy Riggs and Denver Deputy Director Eric Williams are on the hot seat answering tough questions by prison population management committee.
Hilkey started with worst case scenarios:
•Influx of triple digit inmates being returned to state prisons (which don’t currently have enough beds)
•Detainees could be released homeless
•Detainees might walk away versus return to prison
#coleg #copolitics
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Republican @SenCoryGardner’s staff and campaign won’t acknowledge #9News’ requests for interviews so I came to see him in person at a meet-and-greet at Lutheran Medical Center in Wheat Ridge. #copolitics
Surprising elected officials for interviews outside public events, rather than sitting down for thoughtful conversations isn’t how we like to do business. But when your representatives refuse to answer basic questions, this is the option that remains to seek answers.
Our interview will air tonight on #HeyNext. Until I can review the video for direct quotes, here are some paraphrased exchanges from my discussion with Sen Gardner on the sidewalk outside the hospital.
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