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First batch of ballots:
Yemi Mobolade (I): 57.43%
Wayne Williams (R): 42.47
114,000 votes counted.

109,000 ballots were counted in the first round. @KRDONC13
Wayne Williams and his campaign team look on as the first batch of ballots are released. He trails Yemi Mobolade by more than 17,000 votes. #copolitics @KRDONC13 Image
This may be billed as a surprise, but it’s not. Privately-shared poll numbers have shown Mobolade with a strong grip on the race for weeks. #copolitics
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Land-use bill is getting gutted right now. They can try to re-add mandatory upzoning later, but the hour grows late.

Senate leadership says *a bill* will pass, but left open possibility that they come back in a future session to get what Polis et all really want. #copolitics
The amendments under discussion would remove all preemption of local zoning. The state would do a housing assessment and cities would make housing plans. They could get incentives for densities, but no mandates. Still some debate at committee right now over the details.
I predict a chaotic melee for the rest of session. Over this but also, you know... *waves hands at rest of calendar*
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New: The land-use bill may pass committee tomorrow, but with a huge change.

An amendment would remove the preemption of local authority. (i.e. no more mandatory upzoning.)

Sponsors can still re-revise it later. It's a messy process. #copolitics
Under the amendment, state would still assess housing needs and cities would do housing plans. Cities could get incentives for density... but no mandate.
@SenKirkmeyer (R) had first proposed this kind of amendment. Sen. @Zenzinger_AtoZ (D) agrees, saying that preemption would be unconstitutional.
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It may be a long night. Democrats are still trying to secure their committee votes on the land-use bill. Everybody has amendments. @nbminor has you covered. #copolitics
@nbminor New: The land-use bill clears its Senate committee on a party-line vote after a substantial set of amendments. Onto the Senate. #copolitics
Some of what I heard...
@SenadoraJulie pushes for more displacement protections here & in other bills. "Supply-side [housing theory] without these guardrails to protect from gentrification and displacement is not enough.”

She's a yes tonight.
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Breadth of opposition: The mayor of Sheridan is among the officials in this land use meeting at a Cherry Hills Village mansion. All are opposed to land use. As Sheridan mayor points out, you couldn’t find two more different municipalities. Image
Littleton Mayor Kyle Schlacter quips that the governor has truly brought people together. As one official asks if anything can be done to win support, some in the crowd cry “no!”
New: Sen. @JeffBridges says the committee vote on land use bill is “questionable,” with Sen. @Dylan_RobertsCO as swing vote, and “even worse” on the Senate floor. Says in its current state he would not bet on passage. He is a no. #copolitics
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I'm getting very tired of news stories portraying 'abortion reversal' as benign or product of good intentions. It is not. It is dangerous, Dr Frankenstein science invented by abortion opponents who refuse to believe women want to have abortions & don't regret them. #copolitics
Both the American Medical Association and the American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists, America's oldest & most respected medical associations, say that abortion reversal is junk science, unethical, and dishonest.
The people behind abortion 'reversal' are not operating in good faith. They are not benign. They are harmful ideologues. The one legit scientific study on it had to be halted after three subjects went to the hospital with severe bleeding.
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Story leaves out that both the American Medical Association & the American College of ObGyns say "Claims regarding abortion “reversal” treatment are not based on science and do not meet clinical standards."…
When North Dakota passed an abortion "reversal" law, the AMA sued because "North Dakota’s law undermines this relationship by requiring physicians to mislead and misinform their patients with messages that contradict reality and science."…
ObGyn Dr Mitchell Creinin, author of the one scientifically valid study on abortion 'reversal', testified at #coleg that there is no scientific or medical evidence to support it. None. His study had to be halted b/c 3 participants went to the hospital with severe bleeding.
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This is pretty big. A proposal backed by Colorado’s most influential Democrats would eliminate single-family-only zoning in dozens of the largest cities. #copolitics…
Townhomes and multiplexes up to six units would be allowed by right in all residential zones of many urban cities and metro suburbs, from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs to Grand Junction, plus places like Lakewood, Boulder, Arvada.
Square footage requirements would be eliminated statewide except for fire/safety reasons.

Limits on unrelated people living together would be banned statewide, ending a long fight in Boulder.
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“In colorado we got your back!” Says @SenadoraJulie

“We will make sure to hold these businesses to accountability & address these fake clinics”

This is the #reroductivehealthrightsjustice package
We have tons of cosponsors for the bills today! @RepEpps @sonyajlewis @RepMegFroe & so many more!

Hearing from Dusti at @colorlatina

“We are working along side our partners to tackle mis information from the fake clinics that target our communities!” #copolitcs Image
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SB23-168, "Concerning gun violence victims' access to the judicial system." This legislation gives gun violence victims and survivors the ability to take legal action when firearm industry members violate standards of responsible conduct. We urge support. #copolitics #coleg
The testimony against SB-168 is riddled with misinformation as usual.

GET THE FACTS: Gun Industry Immunity — @GiffordsCourage… #copolitics #coleg
Sen. Tom Sullivan erupts in response to testimony by gun dealers shirking responsibility for their products: "What is the profit margin on 4000 rounds of armor-piercing ammunition? What is the profit you need to make that sale?" #copolitics #coleg
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Senate Bill 23-170: building on the success of Colorado's "Red Flag" law, this bill allows medical and mental health providers as well as teachers to join law enforcement and families in petitioning the court for an extreme risk protection order. We urge support. #copolitics
Jane Dougherty, whose sister died in the Sandy Hook shooting, testifies in support of the ERPO enhancement bill: "what if all those lives could have been saved?" #copolitics #coleg
Barton High School Teacher - Rachel is here! she is sharing about what's it like being a teacher in a high school where we have #GunViolence & regular #lockdowns & she talks about going from giggling with 9th graders to watching in horror

Follow this bill
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By passing Fair Workweek legislation, CO strengthens its #economy & #workforce

Advanced scheduling allows workers to prioritize our families

VOTE YES on #HB1118 this #coleg

🚨Join me &
in House, Business & Labor @ the #colorado capitol 🚨#copolitics
We are hearing the bill today for ACTION only as we heard tones of testimony last week for #fairworkweek

By passing Fair Workweek legislation, Colorado strengthens its economy and workforce. #copolitics

We are voting on predictable schedules for working Coloradans olordans
Thank you again sponsors @EmilyForCO & @SerenaForCO are wrapping up with the committee - on the importance of predictable schedules & why #workers deserve fair work week

All workers that testified were in SUPPORT of fair work week #copolitics
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We have now moved into committee! SB23-111 is for #worker protections & makes sure that public employees can engage in the political process like everyone else

Public employees are nurses, teachers, public service workers & EMT drivers #copolitics

YES ON SB23-111 👨‍⚕️
The right to strike for public employees is only possible after presenting to a board - there is not a avenue for public employees to #unionize or #organize if they think they need too

We are now hearing from a Nurse who tells us 'this impacts you all cause you seek health care'
We have testimony from @DenverHealthMed worker - who says "you do not need a heart beat in a seat, you need a capable health care worker when you are seeking health care"

"we need to level the playing field between our bosses & unions" #copolitics

YES on SB23-111 🔥
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We’re at the press conference for SB23-111 Protect Public Employees Workers Protections Act! #copolitcs

Jade Kelly is starting us off this morning from @cwa7799 #laborstrong Image
Jade tells us she can feel the #change for #workers & it’s happening

She says “we need to get the elephant out of the room” #copolitcs…
Jade continues to tell us that the public institutions fail to listen

Staffing shortages

🚨 this is why we need a YES 🚨 on SB23-111 “we need this bill!” Image
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Here we go folks! Reading HB23-1100 on the floor @lorenaforsenate @NaquettaR intro the bill on the floor this morning

YES on HB23-1100 - it is not a state value to make profit off of immigrants that happen to be brought to a prison because of IGSA contract #copolitics
Alright folks! We heard two racist remarks already!

Rep. Holtorf is pleading that we consider Teller county - where they are making .01% off keeping immigrants in prison who are awaiting immigration cases

YES on 1100 #EndTheContract #copolitics
Other then Teller County just wanting to make $ off the back of immigrants in a IGSA contractual hosting facility - which has been an avenue to shipping immigrants farther from where they are in the first place

YES on HB23-1100 - END these harmful contracts now #copolitcs
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We are so PUMPED to be back at House Judiciary committee to hear HB23-1187 Alternative Sentencing for Pregnant People #copolitics

HB23-1187 will ensure that #pregnant people have the opportunity to #alternative sentencing 🔥

@S2SSisters @elephant_circle
We know that pregnancy is contraindicated towards a #healthy pregnancy & being incarcerated while pregnant is harmful to both the pregnant person and the child - #reproductivejustice is what we are fighting for today #copolitics @elephant_circle @S2SSisters
Correctional facilities are not mandated to track or report pregnancy-related data & most facilities do not have any routine process for collecting such information - another reason why we are saying YES on HB23-1187 #copolitics #leadership #reproductivehealth
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We are in Senate Judiciary for SB067 - Participant Facilitated Recidivism Reduction Program - tune into listen to a #bill that started with a conversation between @ColemanforCO & men who are serving time at Sterling Prison

Data & transparency is vital #copolitics #recidivism
Tune into this hearing:…

@SenBobGardner is asking about the bill & whether there are competitors for the pilot project that ultimately SB23-067 would create - a study & program enhancement to reduce #recidivism
@ColemanforCO responds with "this will allow the program to be scaled across the facility, and creates opportunities to scale across the department." #copolitics Coleman has been a champion for Criminal justice reform #leadership
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We're simultaneously in the Senate hearing for #SB105, AKA Ensuring #EqualPayForEqualWork.

Pay equity means higher profits, productivity, and employee retention for businesses. It's a WIN WIN!
#COPolitics #COLeg
Passing the Equal Pay in 2019 made CO’s economy and communities stronger. It's time to advance pay equity by further protecting our full-time, part-time and remote workers!

⬇️Learn more from the article below⬇️

#COLeg #COPolitics #EqualPay…
"Unless we continue to strengthen the Equal Pay Act, women will continue to be paid less than men for the same work"… #copolitics #coleg
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We are here at - House #judiciary committee hearing HB23-1133 - Phone Calls for People in Custody #copolitics gets the chance to vote for free phone calls for people in custody

We know this bill will
🔥Support Family Connection
🔥Reduce recidivism
🔥Ensure Healthy Communities
We had our first panel with @WorthRises & second chance & had awesome questions from @mjweissman & @RepEpps she asked how #data is looking in places this bill has passed

Rep. Epps asks - "in the work of decoupling humans and cages - we are just changing who is paying the bill?"
We heard a bomb 💣 panel from us 💅🏼 second chance center & Clayton Early Learning & parents & @WorthRises to launch into HB23-1133! #copolitcs
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Here at #FairWorkweek hearing with sponsors starting us off strong - @SerenaForCO explains that single parents & working parents are left with a CPS call when they don't have predictable work schedules to pick their kids up

Unstable schedules impact 400k Coloradans #copolitics
@SerenaForCO reminds us corporate lobbyists are out numbering us.

@EmilyForCO "We are here today to address unpredictable hours... which means unpredictable pay... 1/3rd of workers in Colorado who are in the most impacted sectors - couldn't cover an emergency" #copolitics
"we continue to create communities where workers can thrive... studies show that fair scheduling builds trust for employees and employers" #copolitics

"workers who have a say in their schedule are more productive" says @EmilyForCO
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We are LIVE at the CO State Capitol to talk in favor of Fair Workweek legislation, #HB1118.
#COLeg #COpolitics
Watch the livestream here:
Opening is Pam Reséndiz, director of CO Jobs with Justice.

"We work hard and we deserve to know when we’re going to work and how much we’re going to make." #HB1118 #COLeg #COPolitics
Next is Britany Lopez, a student from MSU Denver. Talks about how hard it is to work to juggle classes and unpredictable scheduling while also needing to help her family. #HB1118 #COLeg #COPolitics
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We waited all damn day! #HappyValentines #copolitics we are here to say VOTE YES on HB23-1120 🔥

This bill will ensure that TANF, SSI, and SSDI tenants are protected with mediation and support to remedy #eviction

We know ppl w/ disabilities get evicted more often
First we get to hear from the apartment association, which we intend on meeting with a lot on the off season ✨

They are very upset about extending a eviction 20 more days for tenants. It is verrrrry inconvenient they say.

@RepSnyder85 has great questions #copolitics
@WoodrowForCO asks the Apartment Association to share data on when evictions are settled or what the additional 20 day extension would really impact.

AA says "I don't think I've put my experience in a spreadsheet"

We are floored with the entitlement. 🔥#copolitics
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Thread: At #Jeffco board meeting, Director Miller’s questions get to the truth about the current state of the scandal ridden $800m bond program…@wsj @The74 #copolitics #edcolo #k12 #edpolicy #edchat
(1) After net $19m in costs at schools receiving students from 16 closed ES, only $34m (!) is left from $118m in bond premium ($51m was spent on athletic facilities not disclosed to voters in 2018)…
(2) About $100m from original bond proceeds is currently allocated to projects that haven’t begun, including construction of 2 new ES (!!!). This includes $17m for projects now in design phase, and $83m that haven’t begun.
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Again, for the 85th time: the bigoted baker's opinion of someone else's choice in a life partner is in fact irrelevant. There's a whole world out there of people living their life different than you that's none of your business.
Shut up and bake the damn cake. #copolitics
Also I didn't notice the bigoted baker objecting to making cakes for people on their second or third marriage, and the Bible talks about divorce a lot more than gay people. His "religious objections" are completely subjective and irrational.
When you're a public/customer service business, you have to follow public accommodation/civil rights laws, including protected classes like LGBTQ Coloradans.
If you don't want to serve the public, get out of the public service business.
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