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We have listed some seemingly small kind gestures that you can practice today & every day.

1. Opening a door for someone or giving up your seat on the subway for an elderly, sick, or pregnant woman.

#Afrikindness #tuesdaymotivations #tuesdaythoughts
2. Smiling and making eye contact with the salesperson helping you
3. Giving a genuine compliment
4. Helping a friend understand a difficult assignment or task

#Afrikindness #tuesdaymotivations #bekind #beaninspiration
5. Welcoming a new person into an environment
6. Shoveling snow or mowing the lawn for a sick or elderly neighbor

#Afrikindness #tuesdaymotivations #bekind #beaninspiration
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Some #TuesdayThoughts. From "The Philosophy Of A Successful Dental Practice", Robert Jones DDS 1960. Image
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What's up with all these accounts tweeting links to K-Pop news site soompi(dot)com and tagging @null (a suspended account)? #TuesdayThoughts

cc: @ZellaQuixote
We found a group of 22 accounts sending automated tweets linking to soompi(dot)com, created between 2010 and 2014. Although some have older organic tweets, all recent content was posted via automation service twittbot(dot)net.
What does this botnet do? It links soompi(dot)com, and does literally nothing else (or at least hasn't in the most recent ~3200 tweets from each account, every single one of which contains a link to soompi(dot)com).
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We took a look at the other followers of some of the Arabic accounts followed by the now-suspended fake Sidney Powell account @SidneyPowell_, and found a portion of a bulk follow botnet following @aL7ijaaz. #TuesdayThoughts

cc: @ZellaQuixote Image
To find the rest of the network (or at least most of it), we recursively explored the followers of large accounts followed by the bots we'd already found. Many of the accounts the botnet follows appear to have almost no real followers whatsoever. Image
We found a total of 522180 accounts that we believe are part of this fake engagement network. All were created in batches between July 2013 and March 2014, frequently exceeding thousands of accounts per day. They have repetitive naming schemes, and none has ever liked a tweet. ImageImageImage
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#BREAKING:So @senatemajldr now says, "There is no reason – none – why we should not deliver another major pandemic relief package..." Folks, has there EVER been a reason not to since...?

#TheResistance #MitchMcConnell #TuesdayThoughts #Covid19 #stimulus…
Talk to Sen #Warren, #MitchMcConnell. She'll get you out of the TrumpGOP/#FoxNews echo chamber, and bring you up to speed on what families are going through in the REAL world👇

#TheResistance #Covid19 #stimulus #FBRParty

GA voters remember, @SenatorLoeffler and @sendavidperdue FULLY SUPPORT #MitchMcConnell's CRUEL scheme to DENY #covidrelief to families facing starvation and eviction this holiday season. The WEALTHY Senators claim helping poor families is #socialism
#TheResistance #Loeffler Image
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#BREAKING:So @LaraLeaTrump was asked why #Trump campaign is keeping up election "challenges" given that certifications are going #Biden's way? #LaraTrump's response? "Congress hasn't voted on it yet." SERIOUSLY?

#TheResistance #TuesdayThoughts #FBRParty…
So let's get this straight--we've gone from "the lawsuits will overturn the results" to "the states won't certify" to "state legislators will appoint #Trump's electors" to now "Congress will overturn the certifications"? C'MON MAN!!

#TheResistance #TuesdayThoughts #FBRParty
Seriously folks, when will #MSM call this out for what it is-->a massive SCAM. #TeamTrump is raising a BOATLOAD of money from GULLIBLE voters, a lot of them seniors on fixed income, promising them a result they KNOW will not come to fruition

#TheResistance #TuesdayThoughts
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Today in pulp... a bit of Ragtime! #TuesdayThoughts
Won't You Fondle Me, by Arthur Collins (1904)
Dill Pickles Rag, by Bryan & Johnson (1906)
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We explored the followers of the accounts followed by @JaMaalBuster's batch-created followers to see if we could find more accounts that were part of the same botnet, and did not return empty-handed. #TuesdayThoughts

cc: @ZellaQuixote
We found a total of 36698 accounts, all created in July or August 2013. None of these accounts has ever tweeted or liked a tweet, and the first name and last name in their display names do not match their @-names (@Gerlach_Dianna9 is "Estella Fritsch", for example).
Who do the accounts in this botnet follow? As is often the case with bulk follow botnets, there's a lot of variety. One account, @Wolfvee11, is followed by all 200 of the accounts in our sample (and 36510 of 36698 of the bots in the network, 99.5%).
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Today in pulp... I look back at the wonderful pulp art of Johnny Bruck! #TuesdayThoughts
Johnny Bruck was one of the most prolific illustrators in science fiction. He painted over 6,000 covers during his career, as well as many interior illustrations. The vast majority were for one title: Perry Rhodan.
Johnny Bruck was born in hamburg in 1921 and spent his younger years in England learning his craft, before travelling around the world.
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How did this duo of newly-created IFTTT bots get so many retweets on their tweets with embedded ISIS videos despite having almost no followers? #TuesdayThoughts

(Some of the accounts mentioned in this thread got suspended while we were doing the research.)

cc: @ZellaQuixote ImageImage
We downloaded the retweets of the video tweets from the two IFTTT ISIS bots (@3J2IEgC35AMih8R and @Id1kveiZWhI013x), and it turns out that most of the retweets are also automated: 250 of 257 retweets (97.3%) were sent via one of 101 different automation apps. Image
The accounts retweeting the two IFTTT ISIS bots didn't only automate their retweets of these two accounts: 89 of 122 accounts (72.9%) automated at least half of their tweets, and 65 of 122 (53.3%) are at least 80% automated. These accounts were mostly created in 2020. ImageImageImageImage
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It's election day in the USA, and like any other day, porn/adult services botnets are spewing their low-effort salacious spam. Here's a Korean-language network we recently stumbled upon. #TuesdayThoughts #GOTV2020

cc: @ZellaQuixote Image
This pornbot network consists of 162 accounts created between October 14th and November 3rd, 2020. All have default profile pics, randomly generated 15 character usernames, and send almost all of their tweets via automation app cubi(dot)so. ImageImageImageImage
The bots in this network tweet pretty much 24/7, with occasional gaps at what appear to be random times. The entire botnet was inactive for most of October 30th and 31st, and many of the accounts have few or no tweets prior to those dates. Image
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We quite frankly have no idea why these accounts are all tweeting the word "momotarousuper1" (or what momotarousuper1 even means), but let's take a look at them anyway. #TuesdayThoughts

cc: @ZellaQuixote Image
We found 118 accounts tweeting "momotarousuper1" over and over, all created in December 2012, March 2013, or April 2013. Their names are quite repetitive, with most account names beginning with "momotalou" and ending with X's and numbers. ImageImageImageImage
All 118 accounts in this botnet send all of their tweets via automation service twittbot(dot)net, and they tweet on very similar schedules. What do they tweet? ImageImage
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Martin cooper, former Motorolla Vice president is regarded as the father of cell phones. He made the first call in 1973 with Dynatac 800x phone which weighed 1kg.
The impact of this innovative in #agriculture can never be underestimated.

#MashujaaDay #ShujaaWangu
Ever taken a moment to think of how this world would look like without this innovation?
Cell phone has undergone a series of evolution ever since its innovation and fare to say, each evolution comes out with an improved future something which farmers and everyone else embraces.
The first sms was sent in 1992 by neil papwprth a developer through @VodafoneUK to richard a company Dr at a Christmas party.
The first cell phone took 10hours to fully charge and would last for 35 minutes and it costed 3995$. Remember, it weighed 1kg

#HudumaNamba #kot
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What's the deal with these newly-made Twitter accounts firing off spammy replies in multiple languages? #TuesdayThoughts

cc: @ZellaQuixote Image
Answer: they're part of a spam network of unknown purposes, consisting of 23 accounts that tweet on remarkably similar schedules via "Mobile Web (M2)" (early tweets were sent via "Twitter Web App"). 98.9% of the tweets posted by these accounts are replies. ImageImageImageImage
Although these accounts reply mostly in English, a significant minority of their content is in a variety of other languages. The content is all over the map, ranging from random feel-good replies to coupon codes to comments on the present Armenia/Azerbaijan conflict. ImageImage
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Happy #NationalBadgerDay everybody! And in pulp that can mean only one thing... Badger Books!

It's a unique post-war British publisher with an amazing story. Let's take a look at it! #TuesdayThoughts
John Spencer and Co was founded in London in 1946 by Samuel Assael and specialised in publishing original fiction, normally written to order by freelance writers using house aliases. Like many pulp publishers they paid a flat rate for copy – ten shillings per 1,000 words.
Initially Spencer focussed on story magazines in digest and pocketbook form: Tales of Tomorrow, Out Of This World and Supernatural Stories focussed on fantasy and sci-fi short stories. But the digest market was beginning to decline as the post-war paperback market began to boom.
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🍎 विदेशी सफरचंदापेक्षा भारतीय फळे खाणे आरोग्यदायी कसे ? 🍎

भारतातील केवळ हिमाचलप्रदेश आणि काश्मीर या दोन राज्यांत लागवड होऊ शकणारे सफरचंद हे फळ आज सर्व राज्यांत बाराही महिने उपलब्ध आहे. त्याचे झाड कसे दिसते ? त्याची पाने कशी असतात ? फुलोरा कसा असतो ? #TuesdayThoughts @Jay_Kalki Image
यांविषयी आम्हाला काहीही माहिती नाही; कारण ते मुळात भारतातील फळच नाही. इंग्रजांनी आपल्या समवेत ते भारतात आणले आणि या दोन राज्यांतील अती थंड वातावरण त्या फळाला पोषक असल्याने, ते झाड येथे राहिले, जसा चहा राहिला !
सफरचंदाच्या व्यापारी गुणधर्मामुळेच ते जागतिक स्तरावरील फळ झाले आहे. प्रत्यक्षात त्या फळात कोणतेही विशेष औषधी गुणधर्म नाहीत. भारतीय फळांमध्ये मात्र असे औषधी गुणधर्म पुष्कळ आहेत.

अधिक माहितीसाठी भेट द्या :
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جنڈیالہ شیر خان میں ہونے والا وارث شاہ کا 222 واں سالانہ میلہ کورونا وائرس سے کیسے متاثر ہوا؟1/3

#WarisShah #PunjabiPoet #Heer #Culture #HeerWarisShah #TuesdayThoughts #TuesdayMotivation #Pakistan #Sujag
جنڈیالہ شیر خان میں ہونے والا وارث شاہ کا 222 واں سالانہ میلہ کورونا وائرس سے کیسے متاثر ہوا؟2/3

#WarisShah #PunjabiPoet #Heer #Culture #HeerWarisShah #TuesdayThoughts #TuesdayMotivation #Pakistan #Sujag
جنڈیالہ شیر خان میں ہونے والا وارث شاہ کا 222 واں سالانہ میلہ کورونا وائرس سے کیسے متاثر ہوا؟3/3

#WarisShah #PunjabiPoet #Heer #Culture #HeerWarisShah #TuesdayThoughts #TuesdayMotivation #Pakistan #Sujag
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Strong Pawnee vibes at White House this morning as a raccoon attacked multiple news crews on North Lawn. 🦝 allegedly grabbed pant leg of a photographer & then a corespondent before being fended off. (WH 🦝🦝 🦝 pictured here in more peaceful times.)
UPDATE: Sources tell @CBSNews White House reaching out to @USGSA about aggressive 🦝 who allegedly attacked crews this AM. #MondayMorning
MORE: It’s a trap. We found one of the traps set out for the 🦝 who attacked a few journalists yesterday on the White House north lawn. Feds using marshmallows as bait.... #TuesdayThoughts
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The temple in Thanjavur - which is in existence for past 50+ years was demolished..A guy in the area threatened to commit suicide if it's broken. But alas, he was rescued but the temple was broken into pieces !!
The land was owned by PWD, but will they act #TuesdayThoughts 💔😡
the same way if it's a Chruch or a Mosque
Can they even lay hands on it !!!
See the status of the temple before demolishing the lingam which is also non existing now !! 💔
Earlier it was like this !!
Why can't PWD spare a piece of land when the temple is existing for 50+ yrs.
#TuesdayThoughts 😡💔
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One of my biggest strengths has been my team. Here's a short thread on some of my learnings.
I've always hired people who are better than me. That way, my job shifts from actually doing things to getting things done.
I've always hired a diverse workforce. Bringing different people together has always brought newer ideas & solutions.
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#BREAKING:Now we find out that in 2018, with the help of a #Republican PR consultant, #MSM's #SusanPage held a party AT HER HOUSE for controversial #Trump appointee #SeemaVerma, to improve Verma's "brand". WTH?

#TheResistance #TuesdayThoughts #FBRParty…
SERIOUSLY folks, does anybody expect #MSM's #SusanPage to do a deep dive into #SeemaVerma's highly questionable dealings? Hmm
Even more troubling, according to the piece, the same #SusanPage may be one of the moderators in the upcoming VP debates. Run #KDH, RUN!!

#TheResistance #TuesdayThoughts #FBRParty
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What am I?

Some people say that I am edible and consumable because I provide food for them.

Some say I'm like a mother hen, opening her wings to provide shelter for her chicks because i provide homes for them.

#Agricbusiness #RealEstate #Homes #shelter
Some say I am like the sun, giving warmth to the flowers of their lives while some others say I'm like the moon giving light at night because I provide them Alternative power supply.

#renewableenergy #solarpanels #greenener #powerupafrica #TuesdayThoughts #EngineersDay #Chelsea
Some say I'm the signpost directing people to the store because I provide attractions to their content.

What do I say I am?

I say I am SHAWNS, a complete problem solving package providing foods, homes, alternative power supply and packaging.

Happy to serve you, Always.
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Coimbatore and its passion for Engineering!

Sri Visvesvaraya is seen showing great interest in the motor vehicle designed and built by G D Naidu. who is leaning over, while his son, Gopal Naidu is steering.
The made in pre-independent India motor vehicle was meant to be marketed at Rs. 2,000 but Naidu was refused license by the then government.
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