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I will shortly be tweeting about the spiritual significance of #RoshHashanah for Muslims. Both Judaism and Islam share so much but Rosh Hashana has so much of its spiritual significance in the Islamic faith as much as in the Jewish one.
The key things that any Muslim will identify with #RoshHashanah are “Yom Ha Din”, “Shofar” and perhaps the verse recited in the selichot “El Melech Yoshev al kise Rachamim”...
Rosh Hashanah is also called Yom Ha din (day of judgment) or in Arabic, Yawm Al Din يوم الدين. Muslims supplicate God 5 times a day by reciting the Quranic Surah that includes “مَالِكِ يَوْمِ الدِّينِ”
“El Melech Yoshev al kise Rachamim”...#meaning “Sovereign God sitting on the throne of mercy” in God rules through “Rachamim”, or mercy rather than “din”, or judgment. Muslims start their prayers by “in the name of God, the merciful, the compassionate”.بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
This part of the Selichot is identical to Quranic verse الرَّحْمَنُ عَلَى الْعَرْشِ اسْتَوَى - merciful God sat on the throne. Neither the Jewish nor Islamic liturgy referred to God as “judge” when it come to him giving judgment (on day of judgement)but rather Rachamim or Rahman
The Shofar is also referred to in the Muslim tradition and in the Quran as being associated with Yom Din (Day of judgment, or Rosh Hashanah). On the Shofar, which is blown 101 times on Rosh Hashanah to remove judgement, Muslims can get a Quranic explanation in Surrah 39 vs 68...
وَنُفِخَ فِي الصُّورِ فَصَعِقَ مَن فِي السَّمَاوَاتِ وَمَن فِي الْأَرْضِ إِلَّا مَن شَاء اللَّه The Trumpet (Sor/shofar) will (just) be sounded, when all that are in the heavens and on earth will swoon, except such as it will please Allah
I hope we all, Jews, Muslims Christians and of all, any or of no faith will be judged mercifully on this new year, 5781. #shanatova #RoshHashanah
Jews start their year by calling Muslims “a great nation”, and Muslims refer to Jews in the Quran as the chosen people. That’s what mutual recognition is about. It is eternal and I am glad our generation is rediscovering this.

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I was asked about whether the Jordanian Royal wedding had any political significance esp in relation to Jerusalem (Jordanian future king to a Saudi national with a Palestinian grandmother). The simple answer is yes and no, which is why it has and hasn’t political significance.
This is not the first wedding between a Jordanian royal and a Saudi national but the first since the Awadallah incident. It certainly kills off any such alleged (and totally unfounded conspiracy theories) but it is not a marriage of dynasties.
Even marriages of dynasties in the Middle East have not necessarily ended harmoniously, but they never led to wars. There was never a prospect of a Hashemite Saudi conflict anyway, only idiots who believe in conspiracies thought that. But this Royal wedding is a good sign……
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Ad from Lebanon’s Middle East Airlines advertising 3 daily flights from Beirut to Jerusalem. Pre 66, Jerusalem Qalandya/Atarot was only international airport in Jordan until Jordan decided to build a new airport south of Amman (QAIA opened in 83). Most international flights from…… Image
Post 67 war, Jerusalem airport was no longer accepted as an international airport by international community and foreign airlines stopped using it. It was used till late 80s as domestic Israeli airport. Now it’s just a disused runway and checkpoint between Jerusalem and Ramallah.
My father (who flew on military planes to Britain in the 50s) flew for the first time on a civilian plane on a Pan Am flight from Beirut, with a connection originating at Jerusalem airport…incredible to see how this horrible checkpoint now was origin of international flights……
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Nov 16, 2022
Qatar had an amazing opportunity to modernise btw getting awarded the World Cup in 2010 & now. It could have made itself the Switzerland of the East. Sadly,it chose not to. It employed criminals, extremists & spies only interested in £$€ rather than in Qatar’s future. #Qatar2022
What a waste of $200 billion. For a country of Qatar’s size, that like the Qatari govt giving each Qatari family US$4 million. Instead, it wasted its national resources on the most corrupt World Cup in history, trashing its own and FIFA’s reputation in the process #Qatar2022
We are talking of extreme corruption, never seen on this level anywhere. Plundering the national wealth of Qatar and in the process killing thousands of innocent workers, funding Hamas and Alqaeda and industrial scale human rights abuses, all enabled by FIFA. #Qatar2022
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Dec 10, 2021
Omicron has now been around for at least a full month. As far as I know, there has not been a single death by Omicron, vaccinated or otherwise.
Yes, Omicron looks awfully ugly because it has many mutations, but it is not as ugly as the knee jerk reaction by some governments to it.
And apparently, the incubation period of Omicron is 48 hours, like the common cold and much shorter than the incubation period of Delta….
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Dec 8, 2021
Plan B is the first step to lockdown. A variant that has caused no deaths and the scaremongers and socialists win.
Really disappointing to see the U.K. government action. There WILL be new variants every year. We will only know how severe variants are weeks after they are identified (like flu). Does that mean the UK will now introduce economic restrictions every Xmas?! #DowningStreetBriefing
Extraordinary that the U.K. socio-economic life now revolves around the likely future number of vacant hospital beds (which have always been overflowing with patients)….The U.K. now exists to serve the NHS….
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Sep 24, 2021
The reality is that the petrol shortages in Britain are because there is so much well-paid work locally that there aren’t enough lorry drivers. It is a problem, but a good problem to be facing…
We will face a similar problem with carers…lots of old people but not enough carers. We need more open borders, only way around this. And this applies to all developed nations
As crude and vulgar as this may sound, we in Britain and in almost all other developed nations with low birth rates need to import young men and women from nations that produce babies they can’t feed. Brain drain will be a temporary price to pay.
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