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1/ My son, new freshman at his high school, got the cover article in the weekly Torah journal, which was an awesome piece of nachas over #RoshHashanah

A few comments I feel I should make (and download available at this BE"H static link):…
2/ I did not help him directly in any way. Despite my eager offer to discuss and/or proofread, he successfully shielded himself from my relentless, avid desire to help him with a D'var Torah.

I say this because (1) it's a really good piece & (2) all the language is his.
3/ However, as a gift to me, he did say that he learned "tautological" from our many conversations (yes!) and from my meta-perspective, I see he followed the advice I give to all my homiletics students based on my decades of speeches, articles, classes & other media.
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Every #RoshHashanah I reflect on this one prayer: Avinu Malekeinu. This prayer creates a strong juxtaposition: we provide to G-d deep reflection & merciful prayer for ourselves while, at the same time, demanding of G-d action for injustice others suffered at no fault of their own
It is easy for us to reflect inward on our own faults, sins, things we wish we had done, and seek mercy for those trespasses. But what can we say about our neighbors, the innocent, who suffer from pestilence, war, famine, captivity, destruction, iniquity, religious persecution?
For those neighbors, whether they live down the block, or around the world, we demand action from Avinu Malkeinu. But, these two concepts merge, as my rabbi once told me: if we treat our neighbors as we would treat ourselves, then we would not need mercy & the hungry would be fed
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Ich sende der jüdischen Gemeinschaft in Wien meine besten Wünsche zum Neujahrfest Rosch ha-Schana. Schana tova! #RoshHashanah /1 @DeutschOskar
Es ist bereits das 2. Jüdische Neujahrsfest, das unter dem Eindruck der Pandemie stattfindet. Noch ist Corona nicht überstanden, aber ein wichtiger Schritt dorthin ist die #Impfung - sie ist nach wie vor der beste Schutz für uns alle.
Zu #Corona gehören aber auch antisemitische Verschwörungsmythen und der damit einhergehende Antisemitismus, wie erst jüngst ein Bericht der @AMeldestelle bescheinigt. Mich macht es zornig, dass judenfeindliche Hetze sich so offen zeigt – /3
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Hoy es el Día de la Unificación de #Bulgaria, una de las dos fechas nacionales importantes, así que lo celebramos con un hilo sobre esta mini (ex) Unión Soviética, de mis países favoritos y en donde Jorge Bucay (!) es el argentino más famoso 🇧🇬
Había una vez un pueblo llamado tracio, que era importante porque tenía reyes y construía ciudades; pero no tanto... porque estaban divididos y los romanos los vencieron bien rápido. Igual fundaron una ciudad que se llamó Sérdica y que hoy es una estación de metro.
Porque en Sérdica eventualmente construyeron la Iglesia de Santa Sofía, que se convirtió en referencia geográfica y llevó al cambio de nombre de la ciudad.

Pero ey, los tracios dejaron otras cosas, por ejemplo tumbas reales desperdigadas por ahí, como Ostrusha o Shushmanets.
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1/ #ReshetKeshet
Before #RoshHashanah there's a common practice to utter a blanket request for forgiveness. E.g. "To everyone I know or encountered please forgive me. OK bye!"

You're correct in thinking that this depersonalized superficial "apology" is hollow & thus ineffective.
2/ How can I forgive someone if they don't know what they did to me? Doesn't admit real guilt, express regret, detail how they will work towards restitution, or describe how they will fix their mentality/behavior to avoid hurting me in the future.
3/ However, #RoshHashanah is a dangerous time of year. Tradition understands the stakes are the highest possible. It's an annual review before the King of Kings, arbiter of justice, and we treat it like the final exam worth 100% of our grade.
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60.01/ Week sixty, Sept. 5-11, 2021, thread begins here.

Week 59 (Aug 28-Sept. 4th, oops, 2021) below
60.02/ From last night, mourning the passing of a #Steelers legend and - from what I hear - an all-around good guy, baal-chesed, #TunchIlkin
60.03/ It's absolutely crucial to hear what these conservatives think of women: as "host bodies" of a fetus. Women are objects to them. Dehumanization is the first step to the worst atrocities.
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59.01/ Week fifty-nine, Aug. 28-Sept. 3, 2021, thread begins here.

Week 58 thread below.
59.02/ Scoring a run on a balk is such sweet victorious humiliation. Like in NFL when a QB gives up a safety by running out the back of the endzone. Thanks Nationals. #LGM
59.03a/ One year without fans in the stands and they forgot how to act right.

The fans can't be abusive, throw objects, hurl slurs. This we know. But we cheer and boo. That's our job. And if players enjoy the cheering they need to fear the booing as well.
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10.47b/ Second part of the Week 10 (Reconstruction) Thread - September 20-25, 2020.

Part one is here:
10.47c/ Wednesday [note: I mis-numbered the original thread]
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1/ My Torah work is published under the title of #ReshetKeshet which, I don't make the rules, makes my "rabbi name" The Reshet Keshet (e.g. the Chofetz Chaim is Rabbi Yisrael Meir Kagan & he also wrote the Mishnah Berurah he's named after his first)…
2/ In order to embrace hashtag technology, I'll try to label my Torah writing with #ReshetKeshet.

Reshet is Hebrew for 'network' and I use it to reference interconnectedness.…

Keshet means 'rainbow' and that's for diversity…
3/ Diversity in interpretation, in thought, and of course in inclusion. Rav Shimshon Raphael Hirsch explains that the rainbow after the Flood symbolizes the totality of humanity, see my rebbe Rabbi Riskin for more on this:…
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1/ Some thoughts about the devastating loss of #JusticeGinsburg.

I have no idea how this will "play politically," which is good, b/c it allows me to concentrate on #RBG as a person & her legacy.
2/ #RuthBaderGinsburg is like Brandeis & Thurgood Marshall - one of the best legal minds to be put on the bench. It's how it's supposed to be done.

Her life's work made America a more equal and thus a better place.
3/ What she stood for is the exact opposite of what our country is suffering from under the fascist GOP, so her loss right before #RoshHashanah was an overwhelming message from Heaven.

The death of a justice, the death of Justice, before the day of judgement?! Come. On.
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There are too many podcasts!

And here's another!

Join me and @lsarsour for Jesus Loves Linda and Raf's very first episode on Youtube, Spotify, iTunes, etc (and follow @JesusLovesLR)

And @votejgr, @ZohranKMamdani, ruggelach, Flatbush, The Jewish 80s, plastic covered furniture, canvassers, restorative justice, abolition, RBG, and we go deep about Breonna Taylor and updates on the ground in Louisville, Kentucky.
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I heard about #RBG's passing on the first day of #RoshHashanah so I had time to (mentally!) rewrite my sermon, for today, riffing on a 1953(!) Rabbi Norman Lamm gem about Adam & Eve and the forbidden fruit (all of which, according to rabbinic tradition happened on RH)
The question is why God was so adamant about humankind NOT internalizing the difference between Good and Evil (literally, by eating the fruit). Maimonides answers that the point was that good/evil is the wrong axis. We are supposed to work within the axis of True/False.
As he explains, Good/Evil are subjective. What is good for *me*, what is bad for *me* - of course, "me" can be plural as well. My family, my country, my community, my political movement, my faith group.
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1/ From Rabbi Emily Segal - "there is a Jewish tradition that those who die just before Rosh Hashanah are extraordinarily righteous & truly precious to God. We are taught that each Rosh Hashanah it is written who will live and who will die in the year to come... @caffeinatedrav
2/ "So last Rosh Hashanah, it was determined that RBG would die before this next year came to be...God did not want to let this precious, righteous person go... " #RIPRBG #RoshHashanah @caffeinatedrav
3/ "God wanted to cling on to every second of having this person on earth. But, God is God... and God knows that this person's name is not written in the Book of Life for the year to come...So God waits until the very last possible moment of the year... @caffeinatedrav
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⚡️EXTRA! Fallece Ruth Bader Ginsburg a los 87 años.

La juez de la Suprema Corte de Estados Unidos era una leyenda e ícono viviente de la lucha por los derechos civiles y el empoderamiento femenino.

El presidente de la Corte dice que se va una "jurista de estatura histórica". Image
Hace unos días dictó a su nieta un declaración en la que decía que su deseo más ferviente era no ser sustituida hasta que hubiera un nuevo presidente.

Pero Trump está apenas a tiempo de nominar un reemplazo e intentar aprobación con los senadores republicanos de su lado...
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This evening marks the beginning of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, when we take a moment to reflect on the past year and look forward to the year ahead. 1/
This has been an incredibly trying year — full of threats to our safety, health, natural and manmade disasters, economic insecurity, and systemic injustice. My hope is that the coming year brings us joy and peace, as well as much needed progress. 2/
I grew up in a Jewish household where I was taught the concept of tikkun olam — repairing the world. I learned that each of us has a personal responsibility to make the world a better place, and that we all have a role to play in the achievement of social justice. 3/
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This just in from my mom. Image
Getting ready for a socially distanced #RoshHashanah with my mom. Image
But I still haven’t called the dentist.
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1/ There's a powerful symmetry b/w how I feel about Nov's election & how I generally feel about #RoshHashanah

Ya see, I really think Biden will win & consequently that we'll save America & likely the world (not an exaggeration). But I'm so worried that I can't feel confident.
2/ Am I doing enough to save the country? Are my neighbors - the ones in the same boat, in the metaphor of Yonah made literal with a plague - doing enough.

Feeling too confident about Nov. right now, for me & multiplied across the nation's resistors, will lead to doom
3/ I carry the year's confidence at the start of Elul about my habits & thoughts, that I'm doing my best. Elul's progress is meant to shake me from complacency. The daily shofar is to wake me up. Ironically, this year's lack of shofar did that even more; b/c of why it's missing.
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1. A very quick message before I sign off for #RoshHashanah

According to rabbinic tradition, the High Holidays are an auspicious time for introspection and repentance. One of the major themes of Rosh Hashana is the recognition of God as King and the ultimate judge.
2. I think a reason why this is emphasized at the beginning of the High Holidays is that it instills a sense of moral humility
3. If we think of ourselves as the arbiters of morality, we can justify virtually any action and frame any sin as being righteous such that we don't even feel we *need* to repent for any action.
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The Jewish New Year begins tonight & folks will be blowing shofars around DC (follow the @theblastdc for locations) & US cities today at 5 PM to welcome #RoshHashanah:…
Shanah Tovah to all who are celebrating this weekend, near and far.
5781: Shofar, so good?

(Source: @someecards) Image
We harvested & peeled our figs, measured, mixed & chilled a lemony egg dough, rolled out & formed a crust, made a decoration, pre-baked, added fruit, & gave it a strawberry glaze.
C’est voila: something sweet, round, with fruit from the Middle East to share.
Happy #RoshHashanah ImageImageImageImage
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What is #RoshHashanah , the first Jewish holiday? (THREAD) ImageImage
Rosh Hashana is the 1st day of the first month in the Hebrew calendar.
The holiday originates in the Torah and is considered a day of judgment and a day of rejoicing, when those who celebrate must receive it with festive attire, joy and the sound of trumpets.
According to the Jewish belief, on this day the person is judged according to their deeds done throughout the year and by that, God will determine how the next year that comes upon them will be like.
The people are divided into 3 categories:
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I will shortly be tweeting about the spiritual significance of #RoshHashanah for Muslims. Both Judaism and Islam share so much but Rosh Hashana has so much of its spiritual significance in the Islamic faith as much as in the Jewish one.
The key things that any Muslim will identify with #RoshHashanah are “Yom Ha Din”, “Shofar” and perhaps the verse recited in the selichot “El Melech Yoshev al kise Rachamim”...
Rosh Hashanah is also called Yom Ha din (day of judgment) or in Arabic, Yawm Al Din يوم الدين. Muslims supplicate God 5 times a day by reciting the Quranic Surah that includes “مَالِكِ يَوْمِ الدِّينِ”
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#UAEIsrael 🇦🇪🇮🇱 🙏🏼
H.E. Mohamed Khalifa Al Mubarak, Chairman of @dctabudhabi met virtually with Ambassador Alon Ushpiz, Director General of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs @IsraelMFA #, and discussed the importance of the signing of the #AbrahamAccords for both countries.
The DCT Chairman emphasised the deep connection between the people of the #UAE and #Israel, and how tolerance and peaceful coexistence is rooted within the community since the days of the Founding Father, Sheikh Zayed.
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✡️ Happy Jewish New Year. Rosh Hashanna Sameach.
In Israel & some communities around the world, Shofars will be blown in private homes & local neighborhoods.
I am setting up for services in my backyard.
Pics: Yemenite, Ashkenazi - 1934
US- 1901
Composer Leonard Bernstein 1971 ImageImageImageImage
✡️ /2 Jewish New Year in NY.
Pics from Lib of Congress. 100+ years ago. ImageImageImage
✡️/3 Jewish New Year in NY.

"Tashlich" is a traditional prayer on Rosh Hashanna when Jews go to river, beach, etc (source of water) to ask forgiveness, as if they're throwing their sins away.
Pics: NY bridges 100+ y.a
Do you recognize your great-great grandmothers?
Shanna Tova! ImageImageImage
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Sure, "polls aren't votes", but 15 pts down means Trump's (ym"sh) vulnerable, dries up fundraising, allows GOP electeds to contradict him publicly, allows reporters to treat him normally & not as the magician of 2016 who commands a cult of violent kooks.
To combat the complacency that the polling imbalance could bring, I suggest telling fellow anti-Trumpites that no matter how much DJT is down in November, when you vote, it will feel as good as punching him in the face with all of your strength

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