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#Surrealism against the current – A film review on #IvanZulueta´s "Rapture" (#Arrebato)
Available @IMDb…

1.- If you want to explore the prehistory of modern Spanish art-house and counterculture landscape, you must follow the antecedents,...
2.- and will find many connections and influences behind names like Almodovar, Banderas, and other popular names of the Spanish "Movida" and associated film scene. You might start taking a quick look at Jaime Chavarri's "Mi querida señorita" and "El desencanto" to understand...
3.- some of the latent energies that exploded fast forward in a counterculture piece like "Rapture".

Zulueta studied graphic design in New York, at the prestigious Arts Students League in Manhattan Midtown, where in 1964 he discovered Warhol's Superstars at The Factory,...
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"Compositionality in Vector Space Models of Meaning"

Today's SFI Seminar by @marthaflinders, streaming:

Follow this 🧵 for highlights!
"Scientists gather here
Santa Fe Institute, oh so near
Inquiring minds seek truth"

#haiku about SFI c/o @marthaflinders & #ChatGPT

...but still, #AI fails at simple tasks:
"One way to represent the kind of #compositionality we want to do is with this kind of breakdown...eventually a kind of representation of a sentence. On the other hand, vector space models of #meaning or set-theoretical models put into a space have been very successful..."
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"Humans are prone to giving machines ambiguous or mistaken instructions, and we want them to do what we mean, not what we say. To solve this problem we must find ways to align AI with human preferences, goals & values."
- @MelMitchell1 at @QuantaMagazine:…
“All that is needed to assure catastrophe is a highly competent machine combined with humans who have an imperfect ability to specify human preferences completely and correctly.”

- Stuart Russell (@UCBerkeley) as quoted by @MelMitchell1 in her latest @QuantaMagazine article
"It’s a familiar trope in #ScienceFiction — humanity threatened by out-of-control machines who have misinterpreted human desires. Now a not-insubstantial segment of the #AI research community is concerned about this kind of scenario playing out in real life."
- @MelMitchell1
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Discussions about #FreeSpeech are misguided in the information age.

Even before our voices are drowned out by the noise on social media, or overwritten by information combatants, we lose our agency and decision autonomy to manipulative complex systems we don’t fully understand.
The whole point of the #enlightenment, the scientific revolution, our educational and #epistemic institutions was to empower individuals to find a way out of their self-imposed #immaturity, to take #agency over their lives and make informed decisions.
We need #epistemic clarity about reality, for without it, our agency will be blunted & our freedom a charade

It is public-interest education, journalism & science that truly make individuals in a #democratic society free, not the right to cast a vote or to elect a representative
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"We are doing trade-free projects and trying to make humans aware of how fucked up this society is, while doing so from inside the monster itself. We face a lot of hurdles. We struggle. But whoever is against this society, has to face those." -- Tio…
Why we need a new kind of education: Imagination Studies | Aeon Essays…
#MythopoeticCognition, #ImaginationStudies, #KnowledgeOrganization, #SenseMaking, #EducationalSystems
Literal Sponge Cake, and Other Creative Confections by LowIQ | Spoon & Tamago…
#CreativeConfections, #CulinaryExperience, #JapaneseArt
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Sri #Vedavyasara janma bhoomi - #Kalpi (near Kanpur - U. P) on the banks of Yamuna river
Originally Sri Vyasaru was called as #Krishna #Dvaipaayana. Since #Vyasa was dark (Krishna) in colour and born in an island (Dweepa) in Yamuna river he was called Krishna Dvaipaayana; (Dweepaayana)
He was called #VedaVyasa since he had organized Vedas. Since He was descent to Sage #Vasishta he was known as Vasishta #Krishna; He was called #Badarayana since he was an inhabitant of #Badarika forest full of Jujube trees. His hermitage is in #Badari Kshetra. +
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“We’re seeing reversal of the spheres of the spiritual & sensual. The spirit is vast & free, soaring. The sensual is bound & restricted…”

Now, vastness is attributed to the sensual while restriction is attributed to the spiritual, of detriment to both faith & fitra…
“Why has digital entertainment seduced the world? Why have some of the most sublime meanings taken the lewdest of forms? Might it be because the human instinct to find meaning - one that can only be fulfilled through the Divine - grows evermore distant, a figment of imagination?
When realities are reversed, we must it #flip_it by reclaiming the Reality.

Find the #meaning in yourself, in all things the meaning will find you.

What bold devils dare steal, brave angels repeal.

What do the words below mean to you?

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Before I move forward and officially enter Year-2 of my PhD (as a part-time clinician), let’s take stock of some of the work done so far! There is still a lot (!) to do but here is a short thread for new followers and for those interested #delusions, #psychosis and #meaning 1/7
Here I ask whether delusions could enhance a person’s sense of meaningfulness. This may seem counterintuitive but, Harry tells me he is the happiest man in the world…It’s like a “safety blanket”, he says. What should clinicians do? @matthewrbroome… 2/7
In this opinion piece, we reflect on the role of self-interpretation and meaning-making processes in the context of early psychosis and prediction research...3/7
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"The Evolution of Agency"

Follow this thread for highlights from today's seminar by @WiringTheBrain of @trinitycollege. Watch without login on Facebook (we will post the recording to YouTube within 24 hours):…
"The genome doesn't specify the outcome at all; it just encodes the biochemical rules by which development happens."

- @WiringTheBrain on the multi-level interplay of "nature" and "nurture" on #personality ImageImageImageImage
"It's trendy today to deny that #FreeWill is real."

- @WiringTheBrain quotes @SamHarrisOrg & Schopenhauer on the prominence of biological #determinism and neural #reductionism in modern thinking on the nature of choice.… ImageImageImageImage
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 02/04/2021…
Thousands of Wild Bee Species Haven’t Been Seen Since 1990…

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I will shortly be tweeting about the spiritual significance of #RoshHashanah for Muslims. Both Judaism and Islam share so much but Rosh Hashana has so much of its spiritual significance in the Islamic faith as much as in the Jewish one.
The key things that any Muslim will identify with #RoshHashanah are “Yom Ha Din”, “Shofar” and perhaps the verse recited in the selichot “El Melech Yoshev al kise Rachamim”...
Rosh Hashanah is also called Yom Ha din (day of judgment) or in Arabic, Yawm Al Din يوم الدين. Muslims supplicate God 5 times a day by reciting the Quranic Surah that includes “مَالِكِ يَوْمِ الدِّينِ”
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1-I came across this #Wonderful, Gem of a #Story – many years back!

And since then, it has grown within me – even possessing me at times!

Such is its sheer #Power!

Sharing the same with you (1/16)

@shashankupadhy_ @ijyotish
2-This #Story is a beacon of #Light for anyone pursuing any kind of #Sadhana

Don't know if it is from the Upanishads, but the one crafted it - must have been a #Spiritual #Genius (2/16)


3-Once there was a #King who couldn't sleep.

It's not uncommon for kings have so many things to worry about.

Most rulers even today will look for a woman, or a drink, or some amusement to divert themselves when they have #Insomnia. (3/16)

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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 5/23/2020-2…

Sooner or later we all face death. Will a sense of meaning help us? | Aeon Ideas…
#Death #meaning
How to Trade Oil With Negative Prices: Interactive Brokers - Bloomberg…
#Oilprices #trade #negative #price
Science in the Age of Computer Simulation, Winsberg…
#Computers #Science #Simulation
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