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FIXED THREAD DEEP DIVE INTO WHY WE NEED TO #ABOLISHTHEPOLICE . This is a (fixed) mega thread off everything I’ve had to learn and understand about #blacklivesmatter  , #blmprotests , #protesters, #acab , #SystemicRacism , #DefundingThePolice , #FirstTheyCame 1/x
Welcome to the knowledge that we didn’t have a police force until they were converted from runaway slave patrols after emancipation. It was founded to continue policing the black population legally into the Jim Crow law era after black people began to own property. 2/x
The ownership of property gives people certain rights to defend, protect and obey, behold CROP SHARES! Where you can legally work on a plot of land for money BUT don’t own it or have any executive rights over it. They have the same badge to this day. Systemic. 3/x
It’s called when your department was founded on the principles of fear, terror, division, and racism being a part of your arsenal to gain compliance you might want to look into it potentially. 4/x
It’s relevant when people that are supposed to keep the “peace” were founded into office to actually spread hate and extinguish diversity. Those officers CREATED THE TRAINING that would’ve been passed down to the next generation and continued on. 5/x
All Ideas or ideologies that they carried would have been passed on. It’s called tear it down and start over. 6/x
The first patrolling “police” aka (runaway slave patrol) SET AND CREATED the expectations, the guidelines, the practice, the procedure, the reasoning, the legal practices, the standards of force, biases of care, and culture; that would be passed down for generations. 7/x
People love to entirely sidestep the point, it’s not that the act of policing is bad. It’s the fact that the institution in which that policing has been nurtured by was founded by white supremacists and made to benefit them; and still does. 8/x
It’s systemic because it was OFFICIALLY BUILT for that reason. If you have a system that was originally designed to beat, enslave and terrorize Black people; that’s never had a complete and total policy upheaval or change after the civil rights movement. 9/x
You might have a problem. If marginalized people complain about being over policed, abused, and terrorized by the police we should listen to that because the weakest link in our defense is the first one to start breaking. 10/x
People truly never want to remember once again that the first slave patrol “police”, SET AND CREATED the expectations, the guidelines, the practice, the procedure, the reasoning, the legal practices, expectations, and culture; that would be passed down for generations. 11/x
They inherited a shitty system. The police are scrutinized because you can’t hold all Black people accountable for the actions of one person. We hold officers accountable for their actions because they are trained, paid, and chosen to do what they do. 12/x
We SHOULD hold the police accountable; whose jobs are to deescalate, arrest, and bring to trial suspects for JUSTICE. 13/x
Who are COMMUNALLY trained in COMBAT SITUATIONS, can apply lethal force, work FOR the government, AND CAN CLAIM IGNORANCE OF THE LAW FOR IMPUNITY, LIE TO THE PEOPLE, classify or falsify a narrative, to a higher standard then a random individual, yes. 14/x
We reinforced a dangerous precedent during the Parkland shooting that even officers HIRED ON TO PRTECT CHILDREN ARE NOT LEGALLY OBLIGATED TO PROTECT YOU. They are there to ENFORCE the “law” and PROTECT THEMSELVES over all else. 15/x
The reason we say all cops are bastards is because it’s not supposed to be an indictment on their character. 16/x
The reasoning being that: only in a SYSTEM where people care about BEING a bastard—someone born out of wedlock, if we want to be technical—and are CALLED a bastard, does the name mean anything. 17/x
Not all cops are bad, but they are bastards for participating and working in a system that continually trains and labels them as such. They work for a system that forces them to uphold injustice and ignore empathy. 18/x
Protesters in New York could cause $100,000 of damage every day for a year and only cover 15.86% of the NYPD police misconduct budget for 2019 with 36,500,000 of 230,000,000 MILLION and that’s what our taxes pay for every year. 19/x
Not counting NYPD’s 6 BILLION POLICE DEPARTMENT COSTS OF OPERATION. During protest which they knew were going to happen every night and they know where, because they knew the names of the journalists live streamers. They ignored other, more serious calls. 20/x
They call them out live, they make jokes at them, they see everything when we see it; or even before possibly. Many watch the streams or have others watching for information. 21/x
So on the behalf of the police it feels disingenuous to know that they’re watching actions take place and not immediately responding to them or giving a warning that corrective action will be taking place, that they wait until something has already happened, to then react. 22/x
People often comment that we have plenty of warnings to leave and that’s true. It means something different in an official sense. It’s a warning of violence, it’s a strategy used in Iran to herd people out of combat zones. 23/x
Use critical thinking skills, if streamers and reporters are able to watch some thing happen live, to go to Twitter and post it, then has the time circulate on Twitter for half an hour or so before the police ever respond, does their response even matter at that point? 24/x
Are they punishing people for being in the vicinity? At one point the PPB actively pushed and gas people away from the building without warning, because they had made a TWEET; that a suspicious person had been seeing putting something on the building. 25/x
It turned out to be nothing. So what does it say about our police system that: instead of warning the people around the immediate area about the danger, or requesting them to back up. They sent out a tweet, and then pushed protesters and media back. 26/x
On the night that the patriot prayer was killed a black lives matter medic was attending to him and police pushed her away and refused to let her try to save his life and he might not have died if he was able to get more medical assistance. 27/x
My very long winded message is to point out that this is not just about black lives, this is about the demolishing of a system that we are warning will come for you too. It’s how the balance of power works; too much on one side and all the other pieces fall off. 28/x
It comes for all of us and it already has. Also seems like a conflict of interest to have the very institution that people are protesting, be the same institution that determines if the people are ALLOWED to protest. 29/x
Defunding the police means putting into perspective that “2/3 of cases prosecuted in Portland by past admins were misdemeanors.” 30/x
“Mike ran on refocusing “the resources of the office on violent crimes — like murder, sexual assault, and domestic violence — and look for ways to handle non-violent, low-level cases through alternative avenues.”” 31/x
Why can’t cops just focus on active/live criminal cases if that’s what their training is for, why can’t we have psychiatrists and therapists for the unwell. Why aren’t there levels of action to a situation instead of one? Why fill a crime quota with ticketed cars? 32/x
Why don’t we have medics and doctors for the sick, counselors and community services that can provide and help people. Why must we spend $6 billion a year on the policing of crime in a single state and not the dismantling of the system that perpetuates it. 33/x
The weakest link is the one that can’t speak for itself. We are speaking now, hear us and heed our message or watch them come for you. 34/x
Why does explaining racism get less views then debunking it? Willful ignorance is the downfall of every. society. in. history. Those who don’t learn from the past are doomed to repeat it. 35/x

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