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We swung by Riverfront Park where there’s a bake sale to raise funds to help people affected by the wildfires. The event was organized by “patriots against racism,” mainly Epilogue Kitchen which has been involved in #BLM organizing. #Oregonfires #santiamfires #oregon #wildfire
The bake sale sold out after 1.5 hours. They are still handing out free masks & anti-racism info, plus registering people to vote. 100% of the proceeds will go to help with wildfire relief. #oregon #salemoregon #santiamfire #oregonfires #wildfire #oregonwildfires #wildfirerelief Image
Approximately 15 people participated in a “[bike] ride for change.” They flew BLM flags and biked around the park. The event was organized in conjunction with the bake sale, by Rian Gayle, a Black, Deaf community leader. #Salem #salemoregon #oregon #BLMprotests #salemor
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There are close to 200 people gathered at the Oregon Capitol to protest for Breonna Taylor, following the grand jury decision in her case. Follow along for live updates. #Salem #salemoregon #oregon #salemprotests #BreonnaTaylorprotests #blmprotests #salemor #clypiancoverage Image
“We need to make changes now, not after we have our own Breonna Taylor, not after we have our own Kenosha moment,” Julianne Jackson, a Black community leader, said. #Salem #salemoregon #oregon #salemprotests #BreonnaTaylorprotests #blmprotests #salemor #clypiancoverage Image
The crowd is on the move. They are marching down Court St. and chanting. #Salem #salemoregon #oregon #salemprotests #BreonnaTaylorprotests #blmprotests #salemor #clypiancoverage
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FIXED THREAD DEEP DIVE INTO WHY WE NEED TO #ABOLISHTHEPOLICE . This is a (fixed) mega thread off everything I’ve had to learn and understand about #blacklivesmatter  , #blmprotests , #protesters, #acab , #SystemicRacism , #DefundingThePolice , #FirstTheyCame 1/x
Welcome to the knowledge that we didn’t have a police force until they were converted from runaway slave patrols after emancipation. It was founded to continue policing the black population legally into the Jim Crow law era after black people began to own property. 2/x
The ownership of property gives people certain rights to defend, protect and obey, behold CROP SHARES! Where you can legally work on a plot of land for money BUT don’t own it or have any executive rights over it. They have the same badge to this day. Systemic. 3/x
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It looks like protesters are preparing to paint a mural in Rochester

#BLMprotests #DefundThePolice ImageImage
It looks like they're spelling out murder or murderer ImageImage
Apparently it says "murderers" in red paint Image
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We’re at the Oregon State Capitol where 100+ people are gathered for the Reopen Oregon Rally. About 50 Black Lives Matter demonstrators are also sitting on/by the steps. Follow along for live updates! #Salem #SalemProtest #salemoregon #oregon #salemprotests #SalemOR
One speaker from the Reopen Oregon Rally is talking about the need to fight child sex trafficking & change laws so that perpetrators serve more serious sentences for child sexual abuse both online & in person. #Salem #SalemProtest #salemoregon #oregon #salemprotests #SalemOR Image
Another speaker is claiming that the COVID-19 statistics are false. He’s calling for people across the state to stop wearing their masks and for businesses to stop enforcing the mask mandate. #Salem #SalemProtest #salemoregon #oregon #salemprotests #SalemOR #oregonprotests Image
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Rian Gayle, a Deaf, Black advocate, is now presenting. He is discussing racism and ableism in the police force. #Salem #SalemProtest #salemoregon #oregon #salemprotests #SalemOR #oregonprotests #blmprotests
#clypiancoverage Image
Gayle is discussing how officers fail to handle disabilities appropriately. He said that they are required to make accommodations for people with disabilities, however, often the officers fail to write back and forth with him, instead forcing Gayle to read their lips.
Gayle said that body cams are especially helpful in cases involving people with disabilities. He says that with auditory recordings there isn’t a proper record of conversations if the person is deaf. Body cams would record both what the officer said & what Gayle signed back.
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Salem youth are now sharing some of their experiences with Salem police. Three young men shared how they had been racially profiled by officers. #Salem #SalemProtest #salemoregon #oregon #salemprotests #SalemOR #oregonprotests #blmprotests
#clypiancoverage Image
Tony Villaneda said that he was 12 when officers pulled out their guns and ordered him to freeze as he was walking to the park. They then detained him. He said that “they were looking for ways to get [him] in trouble.” #Salem #BLmprotests #salemoregon #oregon #salemprotests
“I remember it like it was yesterday. It happened a few years ago, but it’s still in my brain,” Tony Villaneda said about that incident. He also said that it was extremely traumatic. #Salem #SalemProtest #salemoregon #oregon #salemprotests #SalemOR #oregonprotests #blmprotests
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To all the indie #press at #BLM protests

Some things to consider for us to take care of each other
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Going to try to live tweet some take-homes from this panel on #neuroracism for anyone who is missing it. #BlackInNeuroWeek @blackinneuro
Nice to see that the panelists are a mixture of later and earlier career neuroscientists!
@dhsmoove_dotcom talking about changing the nomenclature around the Tuskegee syphilis study -> United States Public Health Service syphilis study in Tuskegee
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For the safety of the community, we have been reviewing the PPB Directives Manual, in order to weaponize their rules, regulations, and directives against them. Find below links, codes, and screenshots to cite and create signs to confront officers with their violations directly./1
300.00 - Statement of Ethical Conduct (…). Officers must comply with ethical law. Officers may not receive a privilege or avoid a consequence due to their office. Officers must report the misconduct of others. Supervisors must report unethical behavior./2
310.00 - Professional Conduct and Courtesy (…). PPB expects the highest level of professional standards. Professional conduct is expected 24/7. Members who do not report misconduct may be terminated. Officers may not use profanity, except when quoting./3
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I've been really struggling w #BlackLivesMatter

1. I support the *statement* SO deeply, bc I know that for centuries in 🇺🇸, the idea that Black lives *don't* matter has been institutionalized, enshrined in law. I'll affirm that Black Lives DO Matter till pigs fly.
2. I struggle w/ the anti-Zionism & anti-Semitism expressed by many of the @Blklivesmatter @Mvmnt4BlkLives leaders, & their refusal to 'cancel' Jew-haters like Farrakhan, & ppl who defend him/ make excuses for his Jew-hate.
3. I struggle w/ the anti-Semitic vandalism & assaults that have plagued some #BLMprotests & riots. I wish more #BLM leaders & leaders in Black communities (AHEM @NAACP) would condemn the Jew-hate that somehow finds a receptive home w/i strains of otherwise justified Black rage.
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Fascist Flash Cards ("F45h Cards"): a thread.

To help protect the community, we are compiling a list of known PDX fascists. We will continue to expand this thread as possible. Mugshots are used where available because of the clarity of photo. #defendPDX
1: Tusitala "Tiny" Toese - Runs with patriot prayer and proud boys. Recently seen violating parole, having been barred from protests (). Below are links describing recent #BLM agitation, & a RCA PB expose.… ImageImageImageImage
2: Joey Gibson - founder of patriot prayer, frequent agitator. Incited violence outside Cider Riot, May Day 2019. Seen recently (6/19/20) counter-protesting a Juneteenth rally over the I-5 bridge.

RCA has compiled a lot of info on him (…). ImageImageImage
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