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The Federalist is a menace to public health that has regularly supported racists. @CBSNews and @FoxNews should be ashamed of giving its employees regular platforms.
Here's a background thread on who they are for those who are only seeing their ignorant and dangerous advice for handling #COVID19
It's a factory of bad takes that was founded by a serial plagiarist named Ben Domenech. He also for years was on the payroll of an authoritarian govt of Malaysia. Naturally, he never disclosed to editors who published his stuff.
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To the racist older white man who spat at me & called me a “g**k” as I was delivering prescriptions to a family: No thank you

To the Lola who asked after how I was: I let you know, but you have no idea how much I needed that

Processing: Angry, saddened, & honoring my feelings.
For context: I’m a School Nurse and amidst this current quarantine situation our school’s staff are delivering groceries, meds, etc. to our families/students - who all have a high level of need - and as I was unlocking my bicycle post-drop off all that happened.
It’s important to honor the very real reactions of myself and other Asians & Asian Americans to this racism, but also want to acknowledge that this is the kinda shit Black & Brown folx have been experiencing for ages. Even more so to those of queer &/or trans identities.
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Our movement is driven by young people coming into it at a given organizing moment. My mentors were initiated by Howard Dean and Stop Iraq War and welcomed those of us who came in to the fight to try to end it. 1/
We mentored the Obama generation of rookies, and now movements for Sanders, climate justice, #BlackLivesMatter, #MeToo have produced an IMPRESSIVE crop of new organizers and campaigners that will be a force multiplier in fights to come. 2/
Important to note in that history that aside from when we had a generational talent to organize around, we lost a lot of those fights. We got beat, we learned from our failures, and we kept coming back. Howard Dean became the most successful DNC chair in recent history 3/
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THREAD: #KimFoxx and her opponent #BillConway are neck and neck in the race for Cook County State’s Attorney. Regardless of how you feel about the role and responsibilities of the SA’s office, here’s why the choice to #CancelConway is an easy one:…
Conway is an acolyte of former State’s Attorney #AnitaAlvarez. Alvarez was voted out decisively through the #ByeAnita campaign, after helping bury the murder of #LaquanMcDonald in 2015. This is in part how #KimFoxx won the office. #CancelConway…
Conway’s campaign is bankrolled by the #CarlyleGroup, a billion $ arms dealer (headed by his dad) responsible for the teargas used in #BlackLivesMatter protests in Ferguson and in occupied #Palestine. The group is also a large donor to #Trump’s reelection campaign. #CancelConway
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Congressman John Lewis once said “Do not get lost in a sea of despair. Be hopeful, be optimistic.”

What makes you hopeful? Seriously. Share it!

If you’re like me, you could use a few reasons to keep your head up.

Here are 50 reasons to stay hopeful from the past 3+ years.
50. On Jan. 28, 2017, thousands showed up to airports in support of Muslim families impacted by Trump’s unconstitutional #MuslimBan.

That night, a federal judge in NY issued a stay allowing people stranded in airports to temporarily avoid deportation.

📷: Stephanie Keith/Getty
49. Much to the dismay of Donald Trump, #Parasite won Best Picture at the Oscars, making it the first non-English language film to win in the 92 years of the Academy Awards.

📷: Valerie Macon/AFP via Getty Images
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When it comes to race and power, US transportation and land use decisions are not neutral. Throughout American history, government power has been used to control Black people and exclude Black communities from opportunity. #BlackHistoryMonth
The legacy of racist decisions made by transportation planners and policymakers in the 20th century is still with us today. #BlackHistoryMonth
Throughout the 20th century, racist lending & housing practices—redlining—limited where Black families could live. Now, Black neighborhoods are disproportionately disconnected from centers of opportunity, perpetuating systems of exclusion & oppression.…
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1/ In my Tech, Media and Democracy course this week we read @katestarbird et al on frame contests in the discourse around #BlackLivesMatter- this paper, from 2017, is worth you reading. But there was a surprise...…
@katestarbird 2/ The 2017 paper included a visualization of the contest between the frames showed right- and left-leaning superclusters of twitter activity, with very little information moving between the frames. But Starbird and her colleagues were in for a surprise later....
@katestarbird 3/ When Twitter published a dataset of IRA accounts identified as part of the social media campaign to interfere in American politics in 2016, the researchers went back to their notes. They were able to identify that some of the accounts they mapped....…
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Up early today to head down to Olympia for the hearing on #SB6281, the (very bad) Washington Privacy Act. Hopefully, I'll be live-tweeting on this thread.

Here's a chart from @ACLU_WA highlighting just some of the problems with SB6281.
@ACLU_WA And if you're in Washington State, please let ask your legislators to OPPOSE SB6281 in its current form.

@SEAindivisible has an action item up, with a ample script and instructions on how to contact your legislators, at…
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1/ What might AG #BillBarr say at tomorrow's DOJ workshop on “#Section230—Nurturing Innovation or Fostering Unaccountability?"

Expect him to call for banning strong #encryption, as he did last July—but this time, via amending 230 and focused on "protecting the children"
2/ The whole point of the half-day workshop appears to be for Barr to make the case for a bill DOJ has no doubt helped @LindseyGrahamSC & @SenBlumenthal draft—that would empower a commission (stacked with DOJ allies) to effectively ban encryption

My take:…
3/ Last July, Barr gave a LONG speech denouncing encryption…
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Wow Twitter just ate a 18 post THread in progress. I don't have time to be wasting today you forking crappy code demons!
We're gonna go way back to that grey space that his Senate bio blacks out between ages 22-39. We'll look at where/when he first got indoctrinated with Stalinist thinking which would ignite a lifelong love for USSR/RU & communism/revolution.

He returns stateside to become a lazy deadbeat dad, so maybe the bio blackout makes sense. To be fair he probably expected the state to support his kid.


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President Trump is not perfect, but no one is. #Trump2020LandslideVictory
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#BlackLivesMatter at school. Every student deserves to learn in a welcoming and safe public school. As president, I’ll ensure that the federal government plays its part in bringing a positive, nurturing climate to every school.
Continuing to militarize schools won’t improve school safety. I’ll fight to end zero-tolerance discipline, which disproportionately impacts Black students, and invest in restorative justice programs. I’ll also push to close the mental health provider gap in schools.
Representation matters. I’ll ensure that our educator workforce keeps pace with the changing demographics of our schools. That also means investing in identity-affirming curricula, so that students see themselves in their school work—not just one month a year, but all year long.
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Come along as we celebrate Black men and women who have contributed to academia. This month we are going to honor these brilliant academics in history who you may not know about. Let's learn about them together. #BlackHistoryMonth #BlackHistoryMonth2020 #BlackLivesMatter Enjoy!
Day 1: Edward Bouchet (Sept.15, 1852- Oct.28, 1918) graduated from Yale with a PhD in Physics in 1876. He was among the first of 20 Americans to be awarded a PhD in Physics (the 6th of any race at Yale). Due to racial discrimination, Bouchet was unable to #BlackHistoryMonth 1/2
secure a university position so he moved to Philly & became a teacher at the Institute for Colored Youth (now called Cheyney University of Pennsylvania). Read more about Edward Bouchet here: 2/2 #BlackHistoryMonth2020
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For those who ask for #antiracist tips & recommended readings, I've compiled all previous threads with info in this meta-thread for easy access. Use as a resource. Bookmark to have them all together. Will continue to add more. #commit2change #antiracism #BlackLivesMatter
1. A thread which can be used as a resource to show misappropriation of medieval symbols. #medievaltwitter
2. Info on #whiteprivilege, how to be #antiracist and how to be a better ally. Suggested short readings, articles and videos found in this thread:
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I’ve been thinking abt allyship lately & wyte ppl who genuinely want to be/do better. It can sometimes be hard to ask questions. I recently reread Robin DiAngelo’s “White Fragility: Why It’s so Hard to Talk to White People About Racism” & it got me thinking. 1/38
Linked here: Very often I hear that this person/that person are “good” people. It didn’t click until a few years ago that some wyte ppl think being liberal/democrat or being generally “good” people means you are an ally. That’s not how it works. 2/
MLK critiqued the “good” racism of his liberal allies. These types police our words & tactics like you know better what works. Believe me, we have tried all the polite ways & they don’t work.
Another point is, you don’t get to tell me as a POC (or other BIPOC) how we should 3/
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Ok friends here we go. Back at work on the book today. #WorkGoals
-Read 2 interview transcripts & take notes
-Add archive citations to EndNote
-Write for 1 hr

Trying to keep it pretty simple as I move back into this work.
I just want to thank the many folks who talked about experiences of being emotionally blocked from doing the work you want to do. I think I figured out what had been blocking me & am writing my way through it.
I keep coming back to this protest chant by Mary Hooks “The mandate for Black people in this time is to avenge the suffering of our ancestors, earn the respect of future generations & to be willing to be transformed by the work” I had to let myself by transformed by the work.
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HEAVY DUTY MILITARY GEAR SOLDIERS WITH WEAPONS HERE TO EVICT 4 UNHOUSED MOTHERS AND THEIR CHILDREN. Alameda Sheriff is functioning like a paramilitary gang. GET HERE NOW @moms4housing #moms4housing
Heavy fucking military tanks and soldiers with AR 15s occupying the Oakland streets to evict four WORKING CLASS MOTHERS AND THEIR CHILDREN. DO NOT IGNORE THIS. ALL EYES ON @MOMS4HOUSING NOW — SHARE! PROTESTS BEGINNING
RIOT COPS LINING UP IN FRONT OF MOMS HOUSE. Alameda County sheriff thugs bringing war gear to protect private property over human lives. Working overtime to terrorize mothers and babies. DO NOT FORGET THIS NIGHT. @moms4housing #blacklivesmatter #blackmomsmatter #moms4housing
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During the #IranProtests in November, the Islamic Republic shut down the internet and we watched thousands of Iranian protesters get killed and imprisoned while the world and the media stayed silent./
/Regardless of what you think of Trump, it is of utmost importance not to side with the Islamic Republic. The people who mourned #Soleimani (who was instrumental in the oppression of people in #Syria and #Iraq) were participating in a STATE SPONSORED PARADE/
/ in which their lives were not at risk (hence the turnout captured by a media who's not allowed to document real protests). Whereas the people protesting against the Islamic Republic in #IranProtests2020 which was triggered by the downing of #PS752 by the #IRGC /
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Y'all, someday I'll do a full rundown on my research on this, but Starbucks "oh we're great to workers" song and dance is one of the greatest corporate cons of the last decade.
I did a lot of research on Starbucks when the Philly arrests happened (I worked at a local antiracist org), and one of my first discoveries was that their whole PR campaign around raising pay and providing "living wages" was an elaborate bait and switch.
See, Starbucks' *previous* PR push around what great employers they are was all about providing healthcare/"college tuition" for workers doing more than I think it was 20 hours a week.

And I guess a whole lot more workers signed up for it than they thought, because...
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1) In regards to the UN Agendas 21/2030/and UNSDA(sustainable development agenda) which includes the Paris Accord and carbon pricing, ask the questions. While this plan was in development since the late 60’s, why were the masses never informed or educated on it?
2) Why,with the agenda being so enormous and consequential that it will “transform our world”,that no media talked about it,(Anyone that did was labeled a conspiracy theorist),why are the masses so woefully unaware that this agenda affects all aspects of our lives or even exists?
3) Aspects like higher taxes(carbon tax affects cost of everything), loss of property rights like land and guns, loss of free expression, food production, transportation, and consumption, loss of industries and jobs, the attack on our basic identity and culture,...
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A recent article on NBC highlights “The Decade in Asian America”. But it didn’t highlight ONE Filipina/o/x American. Not a great start to 2020, but in true pin@y resiliency, we create our own lists... AGAIN #FilAmDecade…
1) The Brown Asian American Movement has been around since the inception of Asian American organizing. But this decade is where pin@ys yelled that #BrownAsiansExist, thanks especially to @ejrdavid @ErnabelD @anthonyocampo…
2) #FilipinoFoodMovement took off this decade. From premiere restaurants in NYC, SF, LA, & Chicago to release of cookbooks (including new Instapot book!) Too many to name, but much love to @FilFoodMovement @hoodfamousBS @filipinokitchen @NicolePonseca…
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Jan. 1 #tdih thread.
#1 Haitian Independence #tdih 1804 "We owe much to Walker for his appeal; to John Brown. . . but we owe incomparably more to Haiti . . . I regard her as the original pioneer emancipator of the 19th century. — Frederick Douglass. ⬇️…
#2 The Emancipation Proclamation took effect #tdih 1863.
Who did it “emancipate”? And who gets credited? Read “Rethinkin’ Lincoln” by Bill Bigelow of @rethinkschools…
#3 The Rosewood Massacre was the white supremacist destruction of a Black town and the murder of many of its residents. It began on #tdih 1923. #terrorism #sundowntown…
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@ewarren @PramilaJayapal US meddling in India makes as much sense as India censuring US for #BlackLivesMatter and for censuring Obama’s deportation of 2.5 million people.

Democracies are better equipped to handle their issues internally rather than interference from outsiders with limited understanding.
@ewarren @PramilaJayapal Unfortunately the US State has an absolutely horrible record of meddling in other democracies across the world. In India too it exercises power through a network of NGOs.

There is plenty of human rights work to do in the US, work on that.
@ewarren @PramilaJayapal The White man’s burden of civilizing others has been taken over by “progressives.” But strangely it doesn’t extend to fixing Islamic dictatorships across the world.

Pakistan-sponsored terror ethnically cleansed Hindus from Kashmir and persecutes minorities who flee to India.
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Accusing Jews of secretly manipulating global affairs to "destroy western civilization" is textbook antisemitism.
There are many forms of antisemitism. All are conspiracy theories that blame Jews working behind the scenes.

In right-wing antisemitism, Jews are blamed for inciting non-whites to overturn the racial hierarchy AND the problems of neoliberal capitalism. So Soros is perfect.
Right-wing antisemitism directs white gentiles to blame Jews (& immigrants and people of color) — instead of the billionaires and corrupt politicians. Jews pull the strings of protestors and bankers.

Hence the lies about Soros funding the migrant caravan and #BlackLivesMatter.
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