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With today's coordinated rhetorical attack on the USCP & anyone else targeted by the far right fascist current owners of the Republican party, here's a link to my recent thread on far right ideology & tactics.

And below, I cover an overtly white nationalist a/c I just blocked. Image
The account I blocked replied to that thread with these hashtags:


(I'm trying to avoid this tweet being actioned by Twitter. The third line is a specific threat of violence.) Image
All 3 hashtags belie a viewpoint that is:

White nationalist
White supremacist
Far right fascist*
Pro Trump
Pro GOP*
Anti police
Anti democracy
Lame, and
Low IQ
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I går og i forgårs tweetede jeg de to første dele af en kæmpelang tråd om filosofihistorie, feminisme og den hvorfor den franske kvindesagsforkæmper og politiske aktivist Olympe de Gouges (1748-1793) var badass. Tråden kunne have heddet: "Olympe de Gouges mod patriarkatet"
Første del af tråden, der introducerer til de Gouges og hendes mest berømte tekst ”Déclaration des droits de la femme et de la citoyenne” (Erklæring om kvindens og den kvindelige borgers rettigheder) fra 1791, finder man her:
I anden del af tråden gik jeg mere i dybden med de Gouges retoriske tilgang i ”Déclaration des droits de la femme et de la citoyenne” ("Kvindens rettigheder"), og hendes væsentligste argumenter og pointer. Den finder man her:
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“They came and walked up on us and said they’ll ‘Trayvon Martin our little Black asses.’ His exact words.” A Downtown 100 youth retelling an encounter with @MinneapolisPD

NEW -- Part 4 in the Series: 21st Century Jim Crow in the North Star City…
As explained in Part 3 of this series—Minneapolis’ Downtown Dark Alliance—a program called SafeZone began with cutting-edge surveillance technology when Target donated 30 cameras to the city, & grew into a citywide public-private surveillance state.…
#Minneapolis: The Downtown 100 Initiative (DT100), an extension of SafeZone, is essentially a criminal registry compiled of downtown’s top ‘livability crime’ repeat offenders. #Thread 🧵
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LIVE: @DrTedros honours Henrietta Lacks' legacy across the world…
@DrTedros "The story of Henrietta Lacks and her @LacksFamily has been told in different ways by different people. Many sought to hide or alter things about her: her race; her name; her identity"-@DrTedros
"What happened to Henrietta was wrong, for at least three reasons.
1️⃣ she lived in a time when racial discrimination was legal in her society. Racial discrimination may no longer be legal most countries, but it is still widespread in many countries"-@DrTedros
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I just wrote a long thread about things you shouldn't put on Twitter as a professional, because Brand == Reputation, and Reputation is everything.

Aaaaand deleted that thread, because I know how to listen to my own advice, lol.
Alright, enough people have asked that imma do it.
Yesterday I had discussions with TWO major decision makers about who we do and don't deal with, and the *#1* disqualifying trait was being hard to work with behind the scenes. Nothing gets you passed over faster than drama

So, you have to decide is your social media presence business, personal, or both? I'd submit both is most effective (mine is) but you still have to be mindful of what you are putting out to the world. Again, Reputation == Brand, and Reputation is everything.

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Yet another shameless, regressive divisive, & purely ideological culture war appointment, as UK’s ‘strictest’ headteacher Katharine Birbalsingh is made social mobility chief. Up there with Nadine Dorries as Culture Secretary.

Smile - or else.

By far the worst ever British Govt.
An utterly absurd gaslighting tragedy.…
Says everything that headteacher of a "free school" Katharine Birbalsingh confused Lord of the Flies (about a group of boys stranded on an uninhabited island) with Lord of the Rings (about hobbits featuring a Dark Lord striving for world domination by magic & physical violence).
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Throwing Bananas at Black people is racist. Calling Black people the n word is racist. Using the p word is racist.
However for 8 months a group of white women and men mainly socialists on the left, have been trying to redefine what racism is.
This is one of @oilpaintwitch lil racist minions targeting a beautiful Black woman. Roro is one of the women trying to dictate what is and isn't racist, purely to protect her racist friends.
She said it herself with her own words. She "supports" Manky and Da JOKE in their Racist endeavours.
Yet look at her performative tweet about #BlackHistoryMonth the people you support are OPENLY racist. But #BlackLivesMatter this #blacktober.
Performative 🐂💩
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Until #BlackLivesMatter, no lives will matter.

The facts about each case are unique. I try to understand them before taking a view. High profile examples for discussion:

Trayvon Martin
Dylann Roof
Elijah McClain
George Floyd
Jacob Blake
Kyle Rittenhouse
Ashli Babbitt
I chose the above 7 cases for good reason and it may take me a while to explain it for you. My goal is to show how different such cases can be, and why it is so important to base our views on verifiable facts, whether we like those facts or not. Back in a few minutes.
Often, both sides get this wrong. And that weakens the potential benefit of their campaigning.

Both sides accuse each other of wanting to start a "race war" in the US. That's not a useful construct if you want to achieve your political goals in the real world, right now.
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As a white woman I'm aware that black people experience prejudice and racism most days of their lives. We're ALL prejudice whether we like it or not, the point is how white people need to stop, accept and recognise racism at every point.
Ignoring the odd 'joke' means we're colluding, we're saying 'haha, I know you didn't really mean it'. No, that's not how it works, laughing cos you're embarrassed simply adds to bigotry becoming the norm.
We need to stop thinking we'll be judged as being 'politically correct'
and stop wanting to please racist peers. Yes, it's constant. Yes, it's continual, yes, it's bloody hard work challenging them but you're WHITE, you're not the recipient of constant racial abuse, you're the messenger saying you don't accept it.
If you really give a shit about
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Two things.

1. It’s factually accurate.

2. Facebook, including the rest of Big Tech and their CEOs made statements about #BlackLivesMatter while allowing Black girls and women to be trafficked on their platforms.
“To members of our Black community: I stand with you. Your lives matter. Black lives matter," - Mark Zuckerberg

Meanwhile 👇🏻…
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“Midnight Sky & Silent Stars”

Read the beautiful letter Frederick Douglass wrote to Harriet Tubman.
"The difference between us is very marked. Most that I have done and suffered in the service of our cause has been in public, and I have received much encouragement at every step of the way. You, on the other hand, have labored in a private way. I in the day – you in the night."
"The midnight sky and the silent stars have been the witnesses of your devotion to freedom and of your heroism. Excepting John Brown – of sacred memory – I know of no one who has willingly encountered more perils and hardships to serve our enslaved people than you have."
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Prensa francesa: "El suicidio Americano" resalta el desastre de Biden en Afganistán y el enorme enemigo interno: el continuo avance de la cultura WOKE... (Abro hilo, o soga...)
Los enemigos externos se dieron cuenta enseguida del alto poder corrosivo y toxico de movimientos colectivistas-raciales como #BlackLivesMatter q son pilares de la cultura WOKE actual, y los medios estatales Chinos, Rusos, de Qatar, de Iran, etc, se alinearon de inmediato c/BLM:
Bajo esta mentalidad, Estados Unidos es intrinsecamente racista desde su fundación.... y hay signos de "supremacismo blanco" hasta en los documentos fundacionales; esto lo llegó a afirmar la embajadora de Estados Unidos ANTE AL ONU designada por BIDEN:
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Canada's torture of kids at residential schools and human trafficking of Indigenous kids and women includes use of welfare and jails to move people from one nation to another as wards. Rape was used to decolonize diluting blood quantum rights. Prosecutions are very few.
Canada was crafted by sexist and racist men who controlled the media, governance and the courts. They used sex to control and exploit and crafted laws and deferred prosecutions to get away with it. This can no longer be tolerated. This drawn when Sir John A Macdonald was PM.
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I am pleased to see you liking my tweet @ejthementor for that much, I thank you, however, as I hope you will fully agree that we need actions to answers as to why @MentalAbuseUK can still continue by the @InquiryCSA with many who have been on
#TwitterSpaces for at least the past decade on @TwitterRetweets with their opinions, suggestions, veiws, offers of comfort support and the set up of #IICSA by @NSPCC @PeterWanless and @theresa_may over 7 and a half years ago chaired by ex @swforchange #AlexisJay
who in fact has caused more harm and damage to the #VictimsOfDoubleJeopardy who suffered throughout their whole lives without being heard to be denied the same compensation that any @CSAQT who have been @voicing_csa for as long as the @productssystem aka #LovellTwins👭🏾 have been
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A few reporters asked me what I think about the latest Facebook scandals and today's hearing on Instagram and harm to kids.

First of all, I think Facebook shouldn't exist and most of its surveillance capitalist business practices should be banned, but beyond that... THREAD:
Conversations about how to best protect kids on social media need to start with the understanding that, for at least some kids and teens, access to online community can be a lifeline.
For LGBTQ+ youth with unsupportive parents, for example, the ability to seek out peers with similar experiences online could be the difference between depressing isolation and thriving within a supportive community.
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Art deserves to be free

Artists deserve to be paid

A thread on tech, media, and the future of content 🧵
2/ How I think about the dynamics of tech / media industry over the past few decades:

Information is free to create, copy, and distribute


content is basically infinite


our brains are quickly overloaded
3/ This leads to a few outcomes

The good - democratized information

The bad - creators don’t get paid

The ugly - monopoly and centralization
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Let’s talk about Gavin Wilkinson and @MerrittPaulson, shall we? (1/?) #rctid #baonpdx
This? This here? I have absolutely NO trouble believing this is exactly how it went down.
You know how I know that’s the truth? Because the aggressive, defensive, and categorical denial they give is TEXTBOOK abuser shit.
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No @ClaudiaWebbe but #TonisArmy sees a very major problem with @UKLabour @Keir_Starmer @jeremycorbyn and @HackneyAbbott who both seem to feel leaving a mother without any answers from when hear what the mother of murdered #AmbroseGGBall
had mad known approx 5 years ago.!AvZjxd6thq…

I'm not sure if you have @children but do know @DavidLammy and @NicolaGreenArt have children, but I am sure you can draw your own conclusions as to how a body left in @NCLCCG_Haringey
for over 6 and a half years without any form of @cbukhelp whatsoever much less been able to grieve Ms Weebe, left by our caring @NHS @NIMHgov as she has been left...!AvZjxd6thq…

But you see nothing concerning about the @NHSImprovement
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Let's kick this thing off, yall. We'll be live tweeting throughout the hearing today to make sure you don't miss a thing. #BansOffOurBodies #AbortionJustice #SB8
Enjoy this message straight from @dr_moayedi as she heads into the hearing room. We’re so proud of you Dr. Moayedi! Thank you!
Chairwoman @RepMaloney sets the stage for the hearing and shares the threats we're seeing to abortion access across the country, including the devastating impacts of Texas's #SB8. Thank you for holding this important hearing, Chairwoman.
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Here we go: Biden’s new general counsel at the NLRB, Jennifer Abruzzo, has just released a memo arguing that college athletes are workers eligible to unionize. She also says misleading them to believe otherwise is a violation of the NLRA. Full memo:…
Abruzzo says she will pursue cases against schools that misclassify players as "student-athletes," on the grounds that it creates a chilling effect and discourages them from asserting their rights. So I suspect we'll be hearing that phrase a lot less from presidents and AD's:
Another warning for schools & coaches: Abruzzo says players have a right to address #BlackLivesMatter or other social justice issues without being muzzled, deeming such activism "protected concerted activity." i.e. it's workers banding together to improve their working conditions
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My eyes were opened to Black Media in this country in the early 1990s when I sighted a copy of the newly launched Koori Mail newspaper. The masthead got me. Our colours. A war cry. An apparatus about us, but for us, and obviously from us
Over the past decade important new Black Media entrants have infiltrated Australia’s media ecology & contributed significantly to improving representation within the sector. This account is one of them. But their advocacy is far from new
One hundred and seventy-odd years before social media and new digital news media began to shift standard of representation of Blackfullas, the Flinders Island Chronicle launched. It was the first know news outlet operated by and for Aboriginal people
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He was born a French slave, he became a Spanish General and he commanded an all Black American militia in Florida. He was the real Django Unchained. His name is George "Jorge" Biassou. Haitian know him as #wapkonjoj Thread 1/17
Imagine a time where you felt slavery was so brutal w/ the French, that you felt necessary to align yourself w/ the Spaniards who also believed in slavery b/c you had a common enemy. That is exactly what happened in colony of St. Domingue at beginning of #HaitianRevolution 2/17
Biasson was son of slaves in world's most lucrative colony of Saint-Domingue (now Haiti). The French slave owners were notoriously brutal. In 1791, thousands of abused slaves rose up and poured out their fury onto them. 3/17…
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