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I will be live tweeting during the #jan6th #Jan6thCommittee hearing. Calling out bullshit and making comments on what I know about the events that I wss paying special #chudwatch attention during #blacklivesmatter #portland #pdx and beyond. The chuds attacked blm with police!
12 mins in it is declared that #jan6th was an attempted coup spearheaded by trump! #chudwatch
@LizCheney is roasting her own seditious party right now.... shocker for a Cheney.
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Thread. Seeing the anniversary of one of Americas colour revolutions in China is coming up, I thought it was time to repost what was lost. There are many myths regarding the supposed #TiananmenSquareMassacre, knowing what we know now, how America fabricates information...
Take a look at that Iconic Image, the western media portrays #TankMan as a symbol of defiance, but what is the truth? Did you know he lived? Did you know he was actually stopping the tanks from leaving the square the morning after? Did you notice he has two bags? Lets see below Image
Here we have the full video, as you can see he goes on his merry way, his friends even give the soldiers a wave, that second bag, where did that go? A gift for the soldiers perhaps, but that is speculation. Facts are he stopped them leaving, and he lived
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Palestinians mark today the 46th anniversary of the Land Day.
#Palestinians mark today the Land Day to commemorate the #protesters who lost their lives and remind the world of the continued #injustice of #historic and ongoing illegal expropriation of Palestinian land.
More details in this report.
Marking the Land Day, Palestinians in Sakhnin city in occupied Palestine laid wreaths of flowers on tombs of the 6 Palestinian youths who were killed by IOF while protesting the Israeli government’s expropriation of 1000s of donums of Palestinian lands in 1976.
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#NewZealand Scorched earth – police shunt occupiers off lawn, fire hoses turned on protesters
Ma 2
- #Riot police have successfully forced occupiers off Parliament's front lawn, but fresh violence has emerged as protesters attack officers…
#NewZealand #Protesters disperse from Parliament after major police operation | Mar 2
- Wednesday marked day 23 of the #occupation.…
#NewZealand's parliament protest ends with clashes, arrests | Mar 2
- "It was an attack on our front-line police, it was an attack on our parliament, it was an attack on our values, and it was wrong," Prime Minister Jacinda #Ardern…
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My research-based article on the escalating #Ukraine #Russia conflict and its origin in the false flag #maidan massacre is just published by the Canadian Dimension magazine. @CDN_Dimension…
@CDN_Dimension Article on hidden origin of the escalating #Ukraine - #Russia conflict is based on my studies such as recent paper & video appendixes presented at virtual 10th World Congress of the International Council for Central and East European Studies in Montreal…
Peer-reviewed article: The far right, the Euromaidan, and the Maidan massacre in Ukraine…
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EXCLUSIVE: First Hand Accounts Allege Officer #BrianSicknick Was Denied Critical Treatment By Police

One witness helped another offered life saving care

Jan. 13, 2022

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Two shocking eye-witness accounts corroborate something worse than we could have ever imagined. The @CapitolPolice appear to not only be responsible for the #death of multiple #protesters (which they lied about) but also for the #death of a fellow officer, #BrianSicknick.
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Intense -
#Protesters inside of the capital (pro-Trump). Staffers told top lock themselves inside their offices and stay put.

The #capital has been #stormed. Meanwhile, #Trump is angry at #Pence.
There are just no words for this.
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#Thailand #protesters already gathered infront of parliament house where MPs & senators are debating on whether to amend #constitution. They'll likely be able to start taking a vote at about 6pm #Bangkok time. This is continuation of reform demands #ไปสภาไล่ขี้ข้าศักดินา
#Thailand protesters say they want to continue momentum to demand for change & to support the activists who have been vocal in asking for new #constitution, reforms to #monarchy & change in government. MPs, senators will vote on 6 motions #แก้รัฐธรรมนูญ #ไปสภาไล่ขี้ข้าศักดินา
#Thailand MPs, senators to vote on 6 motions on whether they agree to amend #constitution. A least 1/3 (84) senators have to agree before motion can be passed. Senators are appointed & usually vote as a bloc. Constitution now has provided for their existence #แก้รัฐธรรมนูญ
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Fresh grad from #Thailand #Thammasat university @o_ongkanin became a mini celebrity as he took a picture of the symbolic plaque embedded into ground by #protesters calling for national reforms in his graduation gown. This is beginning of change he feels #19กันยาทวงอํานาจคืนราษฏร
Surrounding people applauding young #Thailand graduate for taking a picture of plaque laid down by #protesters calling for #monarchy reforms, change in government & constitution. Many question how long this plaque will remain as it's infront of palace #19กันยาทวงอํานาจคืนราษฏร ImageImageImageImage
#Thailand @prayutofficial thanked all for a peaceful #protest this weekend. Said officers ensured safety of all, both authorities & protesters avoided "unnecessary tensions" by not confronting each other.
#19กันยาทวงอํานาจคืนราษฏร… ImageImage
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FIXED THREAD DEEP DIVE INTO WHY WE NEED TO #ABOLISHTHEPOLICE . This is a (fixed) mega thread off everything I’ve had to learn and understand about #blacklivesmatter  , #blmprotests , #protesters, #acab , #SystemicRacism , #DefundingThePolice , #FirstTheyCame 1/x
Welcome to the knowledge that we didn’t have a police force until they were converted from runaway slave patrols after emancipation. It was founded to continue policing the black population legally into the Jim Crow law era after black people began to own property. 2/x
The ownership of property gives people certain rights to defend, protect and obey, behold CROP SHARES! Where you can legally work on a plot of land for money BUT don’t own it or have any executive rights over it. They have the same badge to this day. Systemic. 3/x
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#Thailand protesters & police alike ready for round 2 on 2nd day of protest at Sanam Luang, infront of Thai #grandpalace. Many camped out in the field overnight as protesters kept speeches going on almost throughout the night. #19กันยาทวงอํานาจคืนราษฏร ImageImageImageImage
#Thailand #protest crowd certainly thinned out since last night where tens of thousands were gathered here on Sanam Luang, a royal park right infront of palace and beside #Thammasat University. Protest leader says #monarchy shouldn't be above politics #19กันยาทวงอํานาจคืนราษฏร ImageImageImageImage
#Thailand leading protest leaders stating their demands for reforms to #monarchy right infront of the #GrandPalace. These demands include getting rid of lèse majesté law, closing some of the royal offices/units & reducing budget of the palace. #19กันยาทวงอํานาจคืนราษฏร
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#Thailand #Bangkok protesters already trickling into protest site at #Thammasat university to demand reforms for country. Likely to be the biggest turnout in recent years. Demands include changing constitution & reforming #monarchy. #19กันยาทวงอํานาจคืนราษฎร ImageImageImageImage
1 of key #Thailand protesters already here & asking people to gather in the #Thammasat field & asking "are you ready to fight?" Thousands expected in #Bangkok to demand for democratic changes #19กันยาทวงอํานาจคืนราษฎร ImageImageImageImage
Do follow @SaksithCNA & I gathered at #Thammasat university #Bangkok #Thailand where many have already gathered way before official start time of 2pm for protest. Many say they want to be physically present despite the rain to show their determination #19กันยาทวงอํานาจคืนราษฎร. ImageImageImageImage
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"It was a setup: local #police deliberately engineered a situation in which #protesters would confront each other, tensions would bubble over, and things would turn just #violent enough to call in the bigger guns."
by @JohnW_Whitehead… #Fascism #protest
Special Analysis
"#America is approaching another reckoning right now, one that will pit our commitment to freedom principles against a level of fear-mongering that is being used to wreak havoc on everything in its path."
by @JohnW_Whitehead… #FreeSpeech
#Trump supporters yell at #BlackLivesMatter #protesters from behind the safety of #police, Aug. 1, 2020, in #Yucaipa, Calif. Photo by Christian Monterrosa | AP Image
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Special Analysis
“Throughout #history, every great achievement that brought about #freedom and a measure of justice to any nation was realized despite seemingly insurmountable odds.”
by @RamzyBaroud… #Israel #Palestine #FreePalastine #Liberation
"Tunisia, and many African countries, must demand a French apology. By doing so, they declare ‘loudly and intelligibly’ that they are finally free from the ‘white man’s (selfish and racist) values,’ and that they truly see themselves as equal"
#Palestinian #protesters hurl rocks and bottles at armed #Israeli troops in Nablus, Occupied #WestBank, on Dec. 13, 1987.
Photo credit: Max Nash | AP
#Israel #Palestine #FreePalastine Image
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THREAD: There were so many subjects & stories you need to read & watch from a corporate-free perspective - all found at @ProgNewsDaily…
Terrifying news about how unprepared we really were for COVID (cont.)

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Americans running over peaceful protestors with their cars, exposing corruption, DAPL not stopping despite court order to stop in today's @ProgNewsDaily…

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Top Articles:
* Confessions of a #TrumpSupporter’s Daughter - #DeborahHandover @nosanityallowed via Medium

* #EugeneScalia Is A Comic-Book Villain Targeting Your Savings - T.M.I. by @davidsirota…

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Special Report
"Now, following over five years of all-out #war against its southern neighbor, #SaudiArabia is scrambling to secure rights over #Yemen’s potentially bountiful reserves of oil."
by @AlhouthiAhmed… #oil #YemeniLivesMatter #YemenCrisis
#Protesters hoisted large #Yemeni flags and held banners declaring, “Our steadfastness continues,” and, “No to #occupation by #SaudiArabia, Yes to national sovereignty.”
by @AlhouthiAhmed… #Yemen #YemeniLivesMatter #YemenCantBreathe #oil
The Saudis hope to secure control of #Yemen’s substantial #oil reserves for themselves.
by @AlhouthiAhmed… #YemeniLivesMatter #SaudiArabia
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THREAD: The Monday edition of @ProgNewsDaily features nearly 100 in-depth articles, interviews & analysis you may have missed from #independent, #corporatefree #media. Please like, follow, share, comment & subscribe!…
Top Articles:
* The #entertainment industry is speaking out in support of #BlackLivesMatter #BLM. Will they act? - @JuddLegum #PopularInfo
* 100 Degrees in #Siberia? 5 Ways the Extreme #ArcticHeatWave Follows a Disturbing Pattern - @Portsideorg

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* 'If You Like Your #Insurance, You Can Keep It'–Until You Can't - @CommonDreams
* UPDATE: #Facebook's tipping point - @JuddLegum #PopularInfo
* On “White Fragility” - @mtaibbi

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Nothing can whitewash the mass murder of 1500 #IranProtesters.
#Iran Regime Downplays Its #CrimesAgainstHumanity During the Nationwide November #IranProtests - NCRI…
In addition to the regime's Interior Minister, Mullah Zolnor, fr. head of Security commission of regime parliament, tried to change the place of the victims and the criminals, claiming the thugs who attacked the defenseless protesters had 2.5-folds more injuries! Image
Zolnor claimed,only 200 #Protesters were killed!
So, with 7 months delay, now regime officials are trying to whitewash their crimes during November #IranProtests. 1500 killed and over 15000 arrested, many killed under torture. Too late! A clear example of #CrimesAgainstHumanity Image
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I filmed this yesterday in #Philadelphia. For those of you who don't trust media, here it is from someone who isn't media.

A peaceful #GeorgeFloydprotest. #Police arrived & beat #protesters. The stories are true, this is happening.…

#GeorgeFloyd #protest
I will separately upload the entire video of the peaceful protest to when the violence started, which will contain some of the video footage I already posted so you'll see that the editing was completely honest. Then nobody can deny what is in the video or make excuses for it.
I don't have any agenda. Most of my followers are politically right-wing and this video will make them angry at me. It is in my interest to keep quiet about what I witnessed, but I have uploaded the video because as an American who cares about his country, I cannot remain silent.
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I have heard some of you. Updated digital security tips for #protesters. Everyone must make their own decisions based on their own circumstances. Ideally, leave all electronic devices at home. Burner phones are a second best choice. #protests #GeorgeFloyd
I know that is not realistic for many of you so bring as few electronic devices as possible. Disable face/fingerprint unlock. Use a 6+ digit passcodes, alphanumeric codes are even better. Don't consent to searches of your devices. Do not unlock your device for police. #protest
Use @signalapp to communicate with each other. Use its disappearing messages feature. Turn off GPS, NFC, Bluetooth, WiFi, and any location services. Lock down your social media privacy settings. Don't tag or post identifiable images of people without their permission.
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#GeorgeFloyd protesters have halted a long line of cars along the Interstate 579 over the Allegheny River in #Pittsburgh.

A car is on fire outside PPG Paints Arena.

Stay tuned to @TribLIVE for developing coverage. Also: @dillonswriting & @nsmallwoodphoto
UPDATE: Traffic cleared by police on I-579 — but an ambulance just reached the off-ramp to treat an injured man near the intersection of Route 28/Chesnut Street.

Several #protesters told me that a car driver got inpatient and rammed into the protester.

Tristen Nesmith, 23, of Beaver Falls said he saw a car strike one of the fellow #protesters along the I-579/Veterans Bridge over the Allegheny River.

The driver got frustrated, “started reviving up his engine and just hit my man for no reason. He wasn’t doing anything wrong.”
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#Iran regime & MSM(@CNN @NYTimes @NBCNews) in the #US are portraying a criminal, a Child Killer &a war culprit in #Syria,#Iraq & a prime executioner in #Iran(#QassemSoleimani)as "revered"&N.Hero.
To MSM: Stop this dirty business. It's legitimizing the massacre of #IranProtesters Qassem Soleimani's criminal record.
@CNN @nytimes @NBCNews @IranNW @GiulioTerzi @iran_policy @STRUANSTEVENSON @USAdarFarsi @USAmbUN @StateDept @RichardGrenell @FoxNews @UNHumanRights Let's examine this here in the next few tweets. Is #Soleimani really a "hero" to #Iranians like what's being portrayed out of #Iran's state media, given the censorship,&lack of any freedom 4the ppl to show their true feelings?

@USAdarFarsi @foxnewsalert
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#ALEC's States & Nation Policy Summit opens at a Westin resort in Scottsdale on Wednesday with an agenda touching on several of it's core principles including “election integrity”, #privatization of #education and support for #homeschooling, and protection for #BigPharma 1/6
Also on Wednesday, #ALEC and the Alliance Defending Freedom, an anti-#LGBT coalition devoted to re-criminalising homosexuality in the US in the name of Christianity are co-hosting a dinner. #Christofascists… 2/6
Rightwing ‘bill mill’ accused of sowing #racist and white supremacist policies… A report published on Tuesday by the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) and other advocacy groups charges #ALEC with propagating #WhiteSupremacy 3/6
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