1)A big question from Battery Day was how advanced were Tesla’s chemical engineering based innovations?
(Particularly vague references to new sulphate free processes).
Key to many of the advances, yet it wasn’t widely known that Tesla even had Chemical Engineering R&D teams
2) Part of the lack of detail in this section was likely due to protecting IP & partly because it would have gone over the audience’s head even more than the rest of the material. But was it also because these projects were less advanced than the rest? It is hard to know.
3) High level of speculation follows below.

In my view many of the cathode raw material innovations may have spun out of R&D work on Battery recycling, Battery materials & even waste water treatment at Giga Nevada.
4) I think the Jim Keller or Andrej Karpathy of the cathode & raw materials side of Battery Day may have been Ryan Melsert (R&D Manager, Battery Materials & Energy Systems Feb-16 to Mar-19) & JB Straubel.
5) Ryan was potentially appointed by Elon to head a focussed electrode material R&D commercialisation team in 2016 similar to hiring Jim Keller to solve the FSD computer Image
6) The team may have been driven in part by Elon’s trademark method of relentlessly questioning the team on Physical limits & asking them to question the assumptions in their industry.
7) Ryan’s team worked on:
(Note I'm sure there were many more teams at Tesla contributing to cathode materials too who deserve credit for their hard work.) Image
8) It possible that some of Tesla’s methods will be first rolled out at scale with the start of large scale in-house battery material recycling at Giga Nevada.
9) So how far away are Tesla's cathode material processing changes?
I think Tesla has worked on this longer than people realise & its underestimated how much can be achieved by a smart & driven team with a first principles physics engineering philosophy & heavy resources.
10) But there are still very high risks on scaling everything to commercialisation, particularly on lithium.
11) I would split Tesla's lithium stategy into four possible parts;
A) Continuing to purchase Lithium Hydroxide from large suppliers (predominantly from Australian spodumene). This is very likely to remain the majority of supply in the medium term.
12) B)
Building a Lithium Hydroxide plant (I assume?) co-located with cathode factory in Texas which Tesla calls a 100% electric & solvent free process. (A new process? Execution risk is high even on established tech). Feedstock may be spodumene or aqueous lithium chloride?
13) C) The most speculative; in-house production of lithium from clay via a very complicated process simplified by Drew to "Simply mix clay with salt, put it in water, salt comes out with the lithium, done".
14) D) If this is ever achieved I expect this process to be performed at mine site (Tesla says in Nevada) with an intermediary product shipped to the Texas lithium plant (possibly aqueous lithium chloride?).
15) Note many lithium experts speculate Tesla's lithium clay plan announcements were aimed at supporting pricing negotiations with lithium suppliers.
16) I think Tesla has likely worked more on this project than they're given credit for, but there is still a very high chance they never de-risk their clay process through to commercialisation.
17) E) Potential M&A of an existing and more advanced lithium resource with a more de-risked flow sheet to accelerate vertical integration to mine level.
18) I expect a similar story for Nickel to some degree but Tesla has not yet outlined aims for such extreme vertical integration.

• • •

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25 Oct 20
1) Tesla's Autopilot driver assist product is now largely feature complete, but how much further does it have to progress to achieve reliability 3-5x greater than the average human & allow removal of human supervision?
2) This is the March of 9s.
Tesla’s self driving strategy from the start was chosen & optimised for this moment now; putting a system & infrastructure in place without data or hardware bottlenecks to allow largely automated progress for a feature complete AP on the March of 9s.
3) But how far do they have left to March?
Is Tesla 99.9% there, does it have 9,000x further to go or its it 33% there? It’s all a matter of perspective.
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According to usually reliable Tesla hacker @greentheonly Tesla looks set to move to a new next generation radar from Arbe.

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I may be very wrong, but this looks like a proof of concept of Tesla's proposed new Lithium Clay + Salt + Water method.
1) The method appears to have been discovered by accident by SGS working on the Clayton Valley Lithium Project in Nevada, without them noticing the consequences
2) SGS discovered that for some surface lithium clay samples you could leach lithium in water, but then that this didn't work for other subsurface samples.
3) They decided the reason for this discrepancy must be because surface samples must have had "some component of surface enrichment in the form of water-soluble salts".
4)Then they finished and said ok, water doesn't work, we have to use expensive acids instead.
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25 Sep 20
Tesla likely started the Roadrunner cell project in ~2013 & built general battery cell expertise since foundation in 2003. They have also acquired & hired decades of experience.
The analyst/media takeaway from Battery Day looks that Tesla only started the cell project ~a year ago
Tesla has many huge challenges still to solve (with big delay risks) to ramp Kato road cell production to 10GWh by the 3Q21 target (& full rollout of all the BD innovations isn't targeted until 3Q23) but I see a very large misunderstanding on how far they’ve already come already
Tesla revealed 50+ separate but elegantly entwined cell & raw material R&D projects. They're in varying stages of development & Tesla couldn't explain detail in 90mins (& for competitive reasons) but @elonmusk, Drew, @tbc415 & hundreds more achieved a huge step to ending ICEs
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From @KelvinYang7's two independent sources (one of which is a supplier's stock offering filing) linked below, I now see very high probability that Tesla is preparing for a final Model Y production rate of 450k at GF3 (together with Model 3 at 200k).
It will obviously take time to ramp to target capacity which may not be hit until late 2021.
Tesla will also have to ramp demand otherwise it may not pull the trigger to ramp from 2 to 3 shifts.
It also needs to ramp cell supply (fortunately battery day is now very soon!)
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