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It is a strange phenomenon. Not the way in which the judicial and criminal investigation processes have been subverted in India to arrest and oppress victims and punish civil rights campaigners. That is a travesty of justice and a denial of civil rights, alright
It is the brazenness with which such gross acts of egregious violation of constitutional principles and protections of civil liberties are carried out. It is the utter lack of regard for the niceties of due process. It is the widespread support for it among ordinary people.
So the mockery of justice of the #BhimaKoregaon activists's trial and incarceration, the arrest and false charges against #UmarKhalid and the many others falsely accused in the #DelhiRiots police investigation are not only tolerated but actually supported by many in #India
The most recent egregious example of police excesses is the #SSRDeathCase investigation that has now snowballed into a wide and endless hunt for vanishingly small quantities of dope that has dragged in the most talented women (no men yet) in #Bollywood.
Why, How do we explain this apparent support for state sponsored oppressive high-handed and disproportionate and unlawful persecution of innocent individuals just because they have taken a public stand.?
I think it goes back to #India's cultural roots in the people's faith and belief in #Hinduism. Not the real religion but what passes for religious practices under the label "Hinduism".
Recall one of the most popular and widely practices #Pujas - the #SatyanaryanPuja.
Every family has done such a #puja, almost everyone is familiar with the #katha or #parables the reading and telling of which is an essential part of the ceremony. These parable are all about the importance of doing the #puja in return for which one is blessed with fortune
In one story, a merchant forgets his promise to do the #SatyanaraynPuja and as punishment, he (and his son-in-law) are falsely accused of stealing the King's jewels and thrown into the dungeons. No due process for them. Ultimately it is only divine intervention that saves them.
The King realises in a dream that he has wronged the men, releases them and they determine to perform the #Puja. With such stories ingrained from childhood, I suspect many Hindus see any misfortune that befalls one as simply 'repayment' for past transgressions against some 'God'.
No distinction is made between misfortunes such as natural disasters or State-ordained persecution. They are all the same in terms of cosmic retribution. No one seriously expects to hold 'God' to account for a landslide, and so too no one expects to hold the State to account.
That is the kind of lack of expectation of accountability from our elected leaders that allowed the Finance Minister to blame the economic slump on an #ActOfGod. Equally the current misfortunes of @deepikapadukone or @UmarKhalidJNU or many others under arrest or investigation
are conveniently seen as just a downturn in their 'cycle of fortune'. They either didn't do enough good or failed to do something they ought to have and so they are being punished/taught a lesson. But of course, this is nonsense, it is pure poppycock.
The oppressor, in this case, thinks he is God himself, the minions who carry out the actual arrests/interrogations/searches and incarcerations are not mere agents following orders, they are equally part of the system that allows the operatives to suspend moral judgement
It allows the policemen, the jailor and the news anchor not to take personal responsibility for what they are deliberately, consciously, and with explicit forethought involved in. It's not just that they have lost moral compass; they are working to a different compass altogether
That is the fundamental difference between a system of Governance where the rules are made by us humans, where we get to decide the principles, and a system that allows itself to have these rules (habeas corpus, due process) but then subsumes them to notions of divine revenge

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Apr 3
#SriLanka is reaping the whirlwind of #Hate first ethnically driven hate for the #Tamil people, and then religious hate for #Muslims.
Now they know painfully that Hate for a conveniently defined 'other' is destructive of everyone's prosperity, including your own.
It was #Hate for the 'other' that blinded the populace to the #Corruption of those in power who fuelled and directed the #Hatred and the #Bigotry as a smokescreen for their own #Corrupt #misgovernance.
When the #Flames of #Hatred are fanned by the #Bigots in power for their own selfish ends, and the mechanisms of institutional control are disabled by those same bigots, the flames cannot tell the intended victims from the bullies and their silent onlooker supporters.
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Apr 1
By listening in on @MuslimSpaces one thing is clear. The primary responsibility for standing up to, and speaking out against, Hindutva #Sanghi outfits that persecute ordinary Muslim citizens, falls to the majority Hindu community and its leaders, representatives and influencers
Not only is this the morally right thing to do, it is is also a matter of self-interest. Hindutva outfits are effectively non-state actors deciding State policy on the hoof, growing ever bolder and becoming ever more brazen in their acts of tyrannical oppression of Muslims
They grow only because they
-are unchecked by the forces of law and order,
- feel emboldened by the silence of the political leadership
- feel immune from action by the institutions of a civilised State.
This cannot be good for the idea of #India as a "Nation of Laws"
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Apr 1
Some interesting facts and figures here about the implications for India of Russia's efforts to sell its oil and how India is not going to be the conduit to circumvent Western sanctions.
1. More than a quarter of India's import bill goes on oil and petroleum products. World oil price-rise foll #Ukraine war is crippling India's public finances. But less than 1% of imported oil is Russian oil. But the state-run oil majors of India and Russia do cooperate
ONGC invests in 3 projects in Russia, and that country's Rosneft owns 49% of Nayara Energy, a downstream oil refiner that operates India's 2nd largest refinerry and owns 6,000 petrol filling stations; 2 members of the Nayara Board are Rosneft executives
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A short thread on useful reviews you might read about Vivek Agnihotri's film Kahmir Files. Based on truths, it still manages to mislead viewers about the whole truth while whipping up hate toward a set of targets that the BJP has always ranted and railed against. So here goes:
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Feb 18
Lets go back to basics. What is the core question?
Might be easier to define what it is NOT.
1. It is not whether Hijab is mandated by Islam. You could have a decades-long debate on that Q and still not get universal agreement. It Does NOT matter.
2. It is not whether a Hijab (or for that matter a #Ghunghat, a turban, a #mangalsutra or whatever) is a regressive practice. Women are repressed in all communities. And you could hardly argue that @IlhanMN or Halimah Yacob suffer repression
#Hijab and repression are NOT linked.
3. The Q is not "Why do some women insist on wearing a #Hijab?". You could, with equal stupidity, ask "Why do some women not wear a Hijab or a Ghunghat?"
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Feb 16
This is so true, when faced with trolls.
From Prof Michael Berry, #UCLA, translator of Wuhan Diary at today's AAS Digital Dialogues Webinar. ImageImage
Every Indian should listen to and reflect the presentation given by @NitashaKaul at today's AAS Digital Dialogues webinar . She described the vile tactics used by the Hindutva ecosystem of coercion, control and 'othering' of anyone who dares challenge their propaganda
@NitashaKaul "India is no longer the World's largest democracy" Image
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