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#CorporationTax #AltSarkar's view and commentary.
First the good news: FM @nsitharaman’s corporate tax cut is a clear sign that #ModiSarkar is worried about the state of the #Indian #Economy. That’s good because it means she acknowledges the scale of the #budget2019 cock-up.
Now the bad news: a day earlier, @RBI Governor, @DasShaktikanta, said that the Government’s fiscal space is limited. This means: don't cut taxes, don't spend more than budgeted. He also said, spend resources 'fruitfully' i.e. to get the 'most bang for your buck'.
And now the even worse news: this 1.5 Lakh Crore tax giveaway is neither necessary nor sufficient, in and of itself, to solve the problem that spurred it - the slump in economic growth. Like antibiotics that neither help a common cold, nor make the body stronger. Here's why
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India is cutting the corporate tax rate to 25.2% from 30%. This is to promote growth and investment.

India to allow local companies to pay income tax at 22% . The new effective rate on new manufacturing companies is 17.01%.

All part of the strategy to avoid the 5% growth trend
Indonesia is planning to cut taxes to 20% from 25% starting 2021. Both Indonesia and India are slashing tax rates to be more competitive. This is in response to entice investors to come to those countries & also to stay. @Trinhnomics stated that US tax reform'll push for this too
👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 #MakeinIndia #India

New domestic manufacturing companies incorporated after October 1, can pay income tax at a rate of 15%without any incentives.

Meaning, the effective tax rate for new manufacturing companies will be 17.01% inclusive of all surcharge and cess.

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Hearing the RBI Guv and the #Fed Chair talk over the past 24 hrs two interesting differences come through. Dr. Das is much more confident though reserved in committing to numbers. Jay Powell is more transparent but does not exude confidence in his words. /1

#RBI #India #ratecut
RBI Guv was quite clear that there is limited fiscal space. Wanted spending esp of PSUs to be front loaded. /2

#RBI #India #ratecut
On bond yields he felt the recent spike in yields was largely specific, external event driven. /3

#RBI #India #ratecut
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A classic case of how influence operatives such as Mohsin Dawar are allowed to gain a voice in #Pakistan.

How our media regulators such as @reportpemra & @pid_gov’s weak vetting processes allow such elements to gain a public voice.

I present to you Veengas Yasmeen:

She’s been peddling seditious propaganda for a long time, with sinister links to #Indian media establishment, recently she was laying low to begin a Sindhi/English News Service

Now, her ‘NONPROFIT’ network is being built to recruit local journalists (operatives) in #Pakistan
Her timeline was cleared of many tweets, when she applied for a news outlet license.
However there are ways to find those posts.
How much more obvious do you have to be in your anti-#Pakistan propaganda for the media regulators to take notice?

Read till the end:

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Anybody interested in #India's #Economy should take 30 minutes time out and listen to this interview. There is both sound, credible analysis of the problem AND an entirely logical policy prescription. #AltSarkar @PIB_Altsarkar @fek_le @Vidyut…
A quick summary:
1. Our present problems can be traced back directly to the stupid, stupid move on Nov 8 2016 when 86% of the means of settlement of dues was taken out. Damn that #Demonetisation. We in #AltSarkar have to acknowledge it even if its defenders do not.
2. India's problem is a demand side problem. People have neither the free disposable cash now nor the confidence in their future to take a loan to go out and buy stuff.
3. You don't deal with a demand drop off by propping up supply side factors. #AltSarkar believes in logic
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Thread: #India Is Changing The Game For #China And #Pakistan In Kashmir - "China should appease rather than confront India"…
The US-China trade war has provided Indian Prime Minister Modi with an opportunity he couldn’t refuse: to change the game in Kashmir for China and Pakistan. Back in August New Delhi terminated Article 370 of the Constitution, asserting its power in the disputed Kashmir region.
This week, India called on China and Pakistan to suspend activities related to the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK).
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#China To Help #Bangladesh Build Submarine Base, Senior Official Says - Last I've heard it was going to be #India that was going to help to set up the sub base......…
Beijing will help Bangladesh construct its first submarine base, but Chinese subs will not use the facility, a leading member of parliamentary committees on foreign policy and defense told BenarNews on Thursday.
The future base will house two Chinese-made submarines purchased by Dhaka from Beijing in 2016, retired Col. Faruk Khan said, adding that Bangladesh was not taking sides in a regional rivalry between India and China.
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An inspirational story of Avtar Singh and his Khalsa bakery.

Orphaned during partition violence, a young boy trekked to Indian border. Survived pain & loss... and worked hard to become the famous baker in J&K's Udhampur.
#India #Pakistan #Jammu #Kashmir…
"At his funeral we realised the impact Papaji (father) had created on people's lives. Dozens of locals were in tears when they recounted tales of financial help or opportunities they received from him - all in secrecy. Even we were taken aback," said his son. #Udhampur
#SardarAvtarSingh had "trekked from Pakistan and reached Udhampur all alone. However, when he left the mortal world, he had earned the goodwill of an entire town. He will be remembered for his generosity and the delicious bread he baked". #Jammu #Udhampur
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Thread: #Australian government reportedly advised #India to ban #Huawei from 5G network - Australia in 2018 became the first country to ban Huawei from supplying equipment for a 5G mobile network, citing national security risks…
Australian government officials advised India to ban Chinese technology maker Huawei from supplying parts for a roll-out of a high-speed telecommunications network, Australian newspapers reported on Tuesday.
Officials from anti-cyberespionage body the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) were asked about an Australian ban on using the Huawei to build 5G networks when a delegation visited New Delhi last week, The Australian Financial Review and The Australian reported.
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Thread: It's clear that #Pakistan plans a massive insurgency campaign against #India that would be backed by the army. India's response should be to retaliate with much greater force & take the fight to Pakistan's territory including POK.…
#Pakistan is behaving exactly as #India expected after the abrogation of article 370. They either do it or they lose face. India is doing the moves, Pakistan is only reacting and doesn't have any good choices. It's a lose - lose situation for Pak.
#Pakistan is actually playing into #India's game. Pak's insurgency & supportive military actions will show Pak as the aggressor and India's retake of Pak occupied Kashmir in retaliation for such actions will be totally accepted. India already gamed the whole scenario.
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தமிழகத்தில் வெற்றி பெற என்ன செய்ய வேண்டும்?

1. தலைமை பொறுப்பில் உள்ளவர்கள் கட்சிக்கு உண்மையாக இருக்க வேண்டும்.

2. மோடியின் சாதனைகளை மக்களிடம் கொண்டு செல்ல வேண்டும்.

3. மக்களோடு பழக வேண்டும், எதார்த்தை புரிந்து கொள்ள வேண்டும்

4. குறைந்தது ஒரு வருடத்திற்கு ரசாயணம், வேதியியல் அறிவியல் சாரந்த எந்த ஆய்வும் தமிழகத்தில் மத்திய அரசால் தொடங்கபட கூடாது.

5. ஒரு வருடத்திற்குள் பிரிவினைவாத நபர்கள் வை.கோ, சீமான், வேல்முருகன், திருமுருகன், பியூஸ் மனுஸ் மற்றும் அவர்களின் ஓனர் ஸ்டாலினுக்கு சிறை!

#Modi #RSS #India
6. ஆர்எஸ்எஸ் அமைப்பு தமிழகம் முழுவதும் உள்ள ஒவ்வொரு கிரமத்திலும் தொடங்கப்பட வேண்டும். அதன் மூலம் அணைவருக்கும் தேச பற்று, நேர்மை, ஒழுக்கம், சுயமரியாதை ஆகிய நல்ல குணங்களை உருவாக்க வேண்டும். நல்ல குணங்களை கொண்ட ஒருவன் ஒருபோதும் திமுகவை ஆதரிப்பது என்பது எந்த காலத்திலும் நடக்காது...
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The kind of conditions Engg Undergrads from #Karnataka put

1. I need flexible hours bcoz I have my hobbies to pursue

2. I won’t work extra hours

3. I am hoping to start my career in a product company but looks like you do lot of service Sh**

#entrepreneur challenges
4. Where is your office man? Start up? Garage startup ROFL that’s for losers!

5. I can commit only 6 months bcoz I am off to the US or UK or Germany or Aus. Somewhere, anywhere man not going to rot in #Bangalore

#entrepreneur challenges
6. What’s my job title like? Do you know my cousin got 15 lakhs p.a package. Flexi hours. WFH option. Lot of stocks etc! Let’s see what you offer..?

7. Do you mean I don’t know anything? Screw your company man! I am a min 10 lakh guy!

#entrepreneur challenges
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India's #VikramLander failure is being debated here depending on which angle one is taking: consider.
1, as a scientific/tech achievement, final-phase failure aside, it is a big leap and shows #ISRO in a good light; 2, it also shows that #India is producing an impressive array>
> of scientists and engineers; that should be a matter of concern for us; 3, space is one of the frontiers in future wars, which will be tech-, and capital-intensive, not labour-intensive; 4, we should take serious stock of the education we are imparting and whether we can keep>
> up or, better still, overtake. i don’t have to say what it means if we can’t…
now to the failure: we are adversaries; #Kashmiris are under lockdown and being oppressed. while we should never underestimate the adversary, there’s absolutely no reason why we shouldn’t be happy>
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Corporate Bond Market in India - A snapshot

Corporate Bond Market comprises of all the debt fund-raising/ financing/ fund mobilisation activities by Corporates through debt capital market instruments - Debentures or Bonds. Read on to know more about this market. Thread 1/12
As per SEBI data, the total outstanding corporate bonds in India aggregate to ~ Rs. 30.63 lakh crore.

This is about one third the size of the G-Sec market as well as the aggregate of Bank credit (i.e. total outstanding loans of banks). 2/12
The accumulated value of all the Corporate Bonds outstanding is only about 16% of the GDP.

In comparison, the size of the US corporate bond market to GDP is ~124%. It shows that the corporates in India rely heavily on banks. 3/12
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#RavishKumar 'the state today has established full control over the media and the corporations. The implication of this control over the media and in turn your information flow is that it limits and narrows the scope of your citizenship' #MagsaysayAward
Do listen to #RavishSpeech ‘Disagreement is the 'atma' (soul) of democracy and citizenship. The democratic atma is under relentless attack every day’ #RavishKumar
The Us vs Them approach that seeks to silence us- "There are only two types of people in this news universe narrative: the anti-nationals and us. It's the classic "us" and "them" technique" #RavishKumar #RavishSpeech
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#Thread for #liberals who are fond of using term #IndianOccupiedKashmir.
Dear ill informed liberals,
There is no entity called #IndianOccupiedKashmir where as there is an entity called #PakistanOccupiedJammuKashmir also known as #POJK !
Its #Pakistan not #India that has occupied
#JammuAndKashmir was one of the princely states that had only 2 options like other princely states
Either accede to #India or accede to #Pakistan
Maharaja Hari Singh,a #Hindu ruler of #JammuAndKashmir didn't want to take #hasty decision for his sate that had #muslim majority 1/n
Maharaja Hari Singh could have easily acceded to India immediately as all powers of taking decision for accession was with him only but being a #secular Dogra ruler under whose rule not a single instance of forced #religious conversion can be found decided to take some time ! 2/n
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If you too are mindwashed about #Hindus and our culture then watch this video.

How we have been continuously projected as an illiterate, illogical religion and those shaming our culture are using the same technique with pride...
#Hindus #India
Watch how they made us to hate our very own religious practice. How they mindwashed us and whole world that hinduism is illogical, unscientific, etc...etc...
A good research, how Americans and specially Christians are trying continuously to ashame us for worshipping cows but they themselves are having belief in angels.
They want scientific proofs from us but do they have??
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State of the Economy through Charts and Tables

As the GDP growth (at 5%) slowed to a 25 quarter low in Q1 of FY 2020, let us examine the various economic indicators to understand the 'real' state of the Indian economy. Here is a thread. 1/13
1) 2-Wheeler Sales - dipped by ~17% in July, 2019. Motorcycle sales fell by 19% while Scooter sales declined by 12%. Scooters sell more in urban India. Motorcycles sell in both urban as well as rural India. The data shows distress in both India and Bharat. 2/13
2) Car sales - saw a massive YoY volume degrowth of 30.3%. Car purchase is a discretionary spending. People buy cars only when they are assured of future economic prospects. It shows that urban economic sentiment is at rock bottom levels. 3/13
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Vedic mathematics 😊🙏

A curious student asked his #Maths teacher...

If Zero was invented by #Aryabhatt and he was born in the #Kaliyuga... Then...

In the past in #Dwapara & #Tretha yugas who counted 100 #Kavravas and #Ravana's 10 heads and thousands of armies and weapons etc
Teacher resigned and went back to #Vedic education but is still not able to find the answer... 😁😂

Jokes apart... the point leads to immense wisdom ahead...

Let me start with just 1 reference from #Vedas and 1 from #Puranas
(to keep this answer short - we will not have enough space if we want to document all such references).

1. #Vedic Reference (#Yajur #veda):
The #Rishi #Medhātithi, after preparing bricks for a Vedic ritual, prays to the Lord of fire, #Agni.
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[THREAD] Ahmad Shah Massoud was assasinated on 9/9/01, by a group of Tunisians posing as Belgian-Moroccan reporters. Their bomb was hidden in a camera that the @FBI determined was stolen from France.

There’s never been a good answer for how he was murdered days before 9/11…
… one theory holds that the assassins were able to enter Northern Alliance territory under the auspices of warlord Abdul Rasul Sayyaf & had his help in bypassing "normal security procedures." Sayyaf was a key ally of Osama bin Laden (he’s who invited him to #Afghanistan)…
… so why does this matter today?

We’re now negotiating with the #Taliban (yes, really) for “peace.” But this “peace” will invite #China into #Afghanistan, won’t hold #Pakistan accountable for its duplicity in sheltering jihadis, & may limit #India’s beneficial presence there…
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(Long thread message received from a Kashmir woman on present situation there) #Kashmir #India
On the surface, things look OK. You'll see traffic plying on the roads, weddings happening on small scales, big general stores operating with the shutters down and back gates open,
small kirana shops opening up early morning and late evening, pharmacies around hospitals open for most part of the day, inter District transport available and food and essentials available on push carts. But, you just need to scratch the surface a little to see how this is just
a volcano waiting to erupt.
People are beyond angry. Incidents of stone pelting have occurred all over the place. Especially in the first few days. However, they've been crushed with brute force. ANYONE at all trying to speak up or organise in any manner has been arrested. In a
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Thread: #India may go for only naval UAVs from #US - The Indian Navy has an interest in acquiring US-made surveillance drones as it needs more assets for maritime domain awareness in the region, said the people.…
India is likely to buy only naval surveillance drones from the United States, scaling back its plans after holding talks on acquiring armed Predator drones under the foreign military sales route.
The two sides have been discussing a $2 billion deal for unmanned combat aerial vehicles (UCAVs) but a lack of interest from the Indian Air Force and commitment to an indigenous programme by the Indian Army are likely to come in the way, people aware of the matter say.
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While I firmly support government in its fight for Kashmir, Here is what the Government should have done by now. Sadly none of this hasn't been done yet.
Remember Iranian embassies throughout the world during Iran Iraq war? They used to be full of pictures, literature, banners, highlighting the atrocities of Iraq.

#Pakistan embassies have not done this yet.
Our ambassadors are busy sharing press releases only.
Pakistani embassies in at least 10 important capitals could arrange urgent #Kashmir conference by assuring massive participation of the Pakistani diaspora.

Washington, London, Berlin, Paris, Ottawa, Brussels, Rome, Oslo, Istanbul, Riyadh.

This is offensive diplomacy!
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#India: #Pakistan violated ceasefire over 220 times since abrogation of Article 370 - The cross-border firing between the armies on both sides has regularly escalated with Pakistan often using artillery guns.…
The data shared by security forces points to Pakistan’s regular attempts to ‘internationalise’ the Kashmir issue by carrying out ceasefire violations to not only dominate the Line of Control, but also provide cover to terrorists attempting to infiltrate into J&K.
The army has thwarted about 10 to 12 infiltration attempts made by terrorists operating from launch-pads near the LoC, following the changes made in the erstwhile state on August 5.
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