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There is no recovery from #AryanKhan. Nothing is found on his person. Blood/urine reports are absolutely clear. Kiran Gosavi's affront on the Administration of Justice cannot be justified by a central agency like #NCB
Bail is a Rule and Jail is an exception. We can't turn this fundamental rule of Criminal Jurisprudence upside down to vilify #AryanKhan
#MundhraPort aka #AdaniPort massive drugs seizure is buried by the Media by focusing on the false and concocted #CordeliaDrugBustCase
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#Thread 🚨🚨 #Read ⚠️

#Mountains of North #India
From North to South.

1- Karakoram Range
Highest Peak - K2 Godwin Austin
2- Ladakh Range
Highest Peak - Raka Poshi, Gilgit
3- Zanskar Range
Highest Peak- Mount Kamet
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#RSS is least of our concern when #India's #secularists are exploiting B'desh #riot to bestow legitimacy on a #fascist #colonial administration - by #Hasina.

Unlike #Kashmir, B'desh doesn't have a discourse - largely due to not having access/fluency in #English..


With no B'deshis around to resist their hegemony, the #colonizers have a free stadium to kick the ball - protraying B'deshi #Muslims as '#extremists', '#violent', '#WarCriminal' and so on.

#Riot is a football match, again producing consent for #Hasina's... 2/n.

...government in #Delhi.

A lot of '#Kashmiri scholars' (who doesn't have to face the wrath of the state) & their silence around this #Hindu-#Secularist 'saviors' axis are equally complicit.

The #colonizers are sealing our fates. 3/n.

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Thread -
Collection of tweets/threads/content related to connection of #Sanskrit and East Asia (#China and other East Asian countries).

Sanskrit is a gift of #India to the world which played a pivotal role in East Asian civilization and culture.
(1) Overview of the Silk Route - life line of the voyage of Sanskrit in #China 👇
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रविवार विशेष 🧵⬇️

आपले राष्ट्रीय चिन्ह : सारनाथ येथील अशोकस्तंभ - 2300 वर्षाचा इतिहास!!

1940 च्या शेवटी-शेवटी पश्चिम बंगाल येथील शांतिनिकेतनमधील विश्वभारतीच्या तरुण विद्यार्थ्याला एक 'असामान्य' असे काम नेमून देण्यात आले व त्यामुळे त्याला कलकत्ता येथील प्राणी
संग्रहालयात असलेल्या सिंहांचे निरीक्षण करण्यासाठी दररोज 200 किलोमीटरचा प्रवास करावा लागत होता, हा प्रवास त्याने 1 महिना रोज केला होता. त्या 21 वर्षीय विद्यार्थ्याचे नाव होते 'दीनानाथ भार्गव'.

त्याच्या या प्राणिसंग्रहालयाच्या दैनंदिन सहलींच्या माध्यमातून तो त्याच्या
कारकीर्दीतील सर्वात महत्त्वाच्या ठरणार्‍या कामगिरीची तयारी करत होता आणि ती कामगिरी दुसरी-तिसरी कोणतीही नव्हती तर भारताच्या राष्ट्रीय प्रतीक चिन्हाच्या रचनेवर त्याला काम करायचे होते.

हे प्रतीकचिन्ह महान राजा असलेले सम्राट अशोक यांनी स्थापन केलेल्या सारनाथ येथील

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People working in the field of #health, were you aware that there's a Right To Health Bill 2021 - with 1st draft out?
(All India, not the Rajasthan one. No, not the decade old one.)
Aa a matter of interest do YOU know @MoHFW_INDIA since this is strangely, initiated by EAC? #PLCP
I would like to call upon @OPJUniversity / @JindalGLS / #CHLET @CJLS_JGU to put this first draft in the public domain via the @MoHFW_INDIA website in an accessible format.

India has a Pre Legislative Consultation Policy, so enough with this veil of 'need to know' secrecy. #PLCP!
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HOT OFF THE PRESSES! My team @CNA_org just finished a pair of reports looking at the #psychology of #disinformation. We sought to answer two main Qs: 1) How does disinfo work on your brain? 2) What, if anything, can #DOD do about it? Summary findings in this THREAD. 1/n
@CNA_org The first report answers the first question: How does #disinformation work on your brain?

You can find the full version of the report here:… 2/n
@CNA_org We identified four key psychological principles related to the absorption & spread of #disinformation: initial information processing; cognitive dissonance; the influence of groups, beliefs, & novelty; and the role of emotions & arousal. How do these work? 3/n
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I'm not in the business of picking tops and bottoms. I will never short an index like this.

However, I'm in the business of identifying extremes relative to past price actions.

#INDIA benchmarks are taking a parabolic shape with consecutive gap openings. #SENSEX #NIFTY
Question I'm trying to answer, what are those gaps at all-time highs???

From Richard Schabacker:
I think we can narrow it down to continuation & exhaustion gaps.
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THREAD on #Myanmar army sending 2 large convoys (80+ trucks each with armoured vehicle escort) to Chin State.

- HUGE human rights / humnitarian concern

- Potential int' security concern for #India

- Unlikely to be strategic victory for MM military

This is a relatively small unit of troops. Report say max. 120 trucks. If 25 men per truck, that is 3,000 troops.

I'd expect only a handful of support personnel (comms, medics, intelligence) for every 100 and they will be greatly isolated, hens the long, high-profile journey
MAJOR THREAT that this relatively weak and poorly supported infantry force will lean into Tatmadaw strategem #1:

Abuse, terrorise, destabilise and disperse the local population, destroying food stores, clearing people from the region, and instilling terror in those who remain.
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Thread 🪡

Yesterday, @CIJ_ICJ handed down its judgment on the #maritimeboundary between #Somalia and #Kenya. This was the first judgment since the Court’s renewal in February 2021 and Judge Donoghue’s election as President (source of all images: @CIJ_ICJ). 👩🏻‍⚖️
Kenya did not appear at the oral proceedings before the ICJ after appearing at the preliminary objections phase (link to preliminary objections judgment below). However, the ICJ could rely on its written submissions, filed before deciding not to appear.…
Somalia and Kenya had very different views on their maritime boundary. Somalia argued that there was no agreed boundary, so that the ICJ had to delimit a boundary by the 3-stage approach in use since the 2009 #BlackSea case (link below, [115]-[122]). 👩🏽‍💼…
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1/3. A thread on ballpark estimate of -1% China growth shock, IF really bad chain reactions as some China commentaries suggesting

#Evergrande Fallout LEADS To
#Real #Estate #Contraction -10% LEADS To
#China #GDP -1% LEADS to

#US and the rest of the world?
2/3. IMF paper @KamiarMohaddes etc. estimated in 2016, w. -1% China growth shock

GLOBAL growth - 0.23%.
#INDIA will be least impacted.
#ASEAN-5 countries (except Philippines), ranging between -0.23% and -0.35%
#EURO Area -0.12%
#UK -0.04%
#US -0.07%…
3/3. Caveats: written 2016. Estimates Statistical with wide band. China has further integrated with the world where it BOTH imports and exports significantly. Hope Prof. @KamiarMohaddes keep updating as it will be called up frequently next 30 years
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-2 days ago I gave glimpse of technological advances #India is making
-Those were part of my old article out of that many weapons are already in practical use
-Today I talk about advancements in the world #technology
-Some sound like science fiction…
-Courtesy #Armenia-#Azerbaijan war we all know abt #drones
-Next in line r hypersonic Kamikaze Drones tested by #Pentagon
-Vintage Racer are low-cost
-Capability to stay close to target for 60–90 min
-Due to small size, it will have low radar signature making it more lethal
-Super Cannon being developed by #USArmy
-Fire rounds >1150 miles
-This distance is approximately same that is between Mumbai & Jaipur
-Complements coastal and other artillery defensive systems
-Utilizes low-cost ammunitions when compared with existing defense systems

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1/14. A thread on India/China. A rumored but likely authentic notice of #Walmart moving it's "Supplier Enablement Team" from #China to #India has been circulating on Chinese social media. Is this the beginning of business decoupling? A few pointers.
2. First, my understanding is Supplier Enablement team is to help suppliers getting their business efficiently so Walmart has efficiency in its own part of business. It is likely tied to Walmart commitment to source $10 Billion of India-Made Goods Each Year by 2027.
3. But is this a leading event in a significant shift of international businesses moving from China to India? It remains to be seen & an active area of attention. Southeast Asia are the common denominator in many of these supply decisions on the ground.
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-History is full of situations in which smaller forces have won against larger Nos–#Hitler defeated #France in World War II
-There were many factors, but superior weaponry was 1 major factor
-Who would dominate future wars
-Question is fascinating

#IndianArmy #IndianAirForce
-Change in futuristic weaponry is driven by:
-3D #technology
-#India has largest pool of AI-ready talent in the world
-India ranks 3rd among countries with highest penetration of AI skills, among its workforce, after #USA & #China
-Futuristic weapon systems for #Indian Armed Forces:
-HAL’s Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft
-Super-maneuverable multirole combat stealth 5th-generation ac
-Air superiority, ground attack, bombing, intercepting, strike
-Speed Mach 2.5
-Service ceiling 60k ft

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Vi ricordate la storia della coppia andata in #India per adottare una bimba?
#terapiadomiciliaric19 l'ha contattata. Si è salvata lei e non il marito. Lei "indignata" si è sentita abbandonata da #Speranza, ma poi nel racconto si contraddice:

“Ci hanno lasciati nei Covid Hotel senza la possibilità di essere curati. Io ero curata con cure ayurvediche in ospedale, ma non saturavo. Gli ospedali in India sono molto peggio di quanto immaginiamo”

Ok quindi colpa nostra.
E come è stata curata? 2/4
Dal mitico guaritore di suore #Pignataro!
Con cosa?
Antibiotici e del cortisone (completamente sbagliato e pericoloso all'inizio), che aveva iniziato a prendere ai primi sintomi. Poi con eparina.
"Mi sono negativizzata grazie all’idrossiclorichina (certo come no...). 3/4
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نکسل باڑی کی تحریک (1967)
یہ مغربی بنگال کے زمینداروں کیخلاف مسلح تحریک تھی جو کسانوں کی بغاوت سے شروع ھوئی۔ نکسل باڑی گاءوں سے اس تحریک کا آغاز ھوا جس کی وجہ سے اسے یہ نام دیا گیا۔
تحریک کا آغاز ایک مسلمان عورت کی جاگیردار کے گماشتوں کے ہاتھوں آبروریزی سے ھوا، جس میں
خاتون کو بے آبرو کرنے کے بعد اسے اور اس کے شوہر کو بے رحمی سے قتل کردیا گیا تھا۔
1966 میں بھارتی کمیونسٹوں نے سلیگری گروپ تشکیل دیا۔ اس گروپ کی اعلٰی قیادت میں چارو مجمدار، جنگل سنتھل، کانو سانیال، تربھینی کانو،سبحان، علی گورکھا اور تلکا ماجھی تھے۔یہ لوگ ماءوزے تنگ کے فلسفہ عوامی
جنگ پہ یقین رکھتے تھے۔
1970 میں جب ھندوستان کی حکومت نے جبرا اس تحریک کو ختم تو کر دیا مگر اسکے مزید چھوٹے چھوٹے گروپس بن گئے جو آج بھی متحرک ہیں اور نریندر مودی کیلئے سردرد بنے ھوئے ہیں اور سرکارپوری طاقت سے انکی پرتشدد کاروائیوں کیخلاف نبرد آزما ھے۔
نکسلی تحریک میں گذشتہ 55 برس
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Thread on the global energy crisis
1- Investors do not invest for "wartime"!
That is why you end up with shortages during wars, especially when supplies and materials are diverted to the army.

#OOTT #Energy #Europe #India #China #Brazil #California
2- Energy investors do not invest for the time of shortages & crises except what is mandated.

But "mandated" leads to "corruption"! Examples: problems in India and China now... and the many loopholes in the US and Europe

#energycrisis #Oil #OOTT #India #China
3- Add #COVID19, supply chain issues, policy failures, domestic & international politics, violations of all energy security principles, and low investment in recent years because of low energy prices and hype of US shale, renewables, and #ElectricVehicles get energy crises
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Where is my coal?

With shortages and high prices, theft increases throughout the world.
#coal #India…
Gasoline theft in US…
This is all tine favourite… stories like this have been circulating for decades.. some true, others are not

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Interesting coincidence that #US @DeputySecState Wendy Sherman is in #Pakistan two days after her #Iran counterpart Deputy FM Ali Bagheri was here. DepSecState @wendyrsherman played a key role in the original #JCPOA negotiations. /1 ImageImage
#Iran Deputy FM visit in the same week is coincidental. @DeputySecState Wendy Sherman's visit is focused on #Afghanistan, and the "important and longstanding #US-#Pakistan relationship," in her words. Here's @StateDeptSpox statement on the meeting with NSA @YusufMoeed. /2 Image
DepSecState Sherman's visit comes at the intersection of several issues: topping the list is #Afghanistan, but also jitters in #India at the renewed #USPakistan engagement, and the regional security situation [#Gulf+South Asia+#China]. /3
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Dubai’s Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum had phones of his ex-wife & lawyers hacked during custody battle over their children, England’s High Court ruled.

Al Maktoum used the sophisticated #Pegasus software, developed by Israeli firm NSO.

(Misuse of #Pegasus in #India too)
The #Pegasus software has been developed by Israeli firm NSO for countries to counter national security risks.

Here phones of Princess Haya bint Al Hussein, half-sister of Jordan’s King Abdullah II & some of those closely connected to her were spied upon.

@Israel @UN_HRC @hrw
19 months earlier a court in England had concluded that Al Maktoum had abducted two of his daughters, mistreated them, and held them against their will.

In a new ruling Judge Andrew McFarlane said “The findings represent a total abuse of trust, and indeed an abuse of power”.
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"The KHAKI Files: Women in Police - India"

#India #Police #Governance
The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence, it is to act with yesterday’s logic" - Peter Drucker

Women in India entered the Police force as early as 1933, yet the progress in integrating them further has been awfully slow.

#Police #Governance
The State of Travancore experimented with appointment of women as Special #Police Constables in year 1933, where 1 women head constable & 12 women constables were appointed.

In British India, the need for women police was 1st felt in the year 1938 during the Kanpur labour strike
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-We remember 1998’s #Pokhran #nuclear blasts
-But we forget acumen of PM AB Vajpayee
-He & his team took world by surprise
-No 1 expected #India to show political will
-Most devastated was #China
-China was still struggling with international image after #TiananmenCrackdown
-Letter to #USA Pres Clinton by Vajpayee gave #China as reason behind #Indian tests
-US leaked this letter to media tarnishing #Chinese image
-China had conducted 45 nuclear tests in Jul’96 just before signing CTBT
-Despite own tests China took it up itself to damage India
-In 2020 #China conducted low-yield underground nuclear test, which is in violation of CTBT
-1964 to 1969 48 #Chinese tests were carried out, 24 were in air
-China didn't care about safety of people since region was #XinJiang
-194000 ppl hv died from acute radiation exposure
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Die Impfgegnerin Carola #JavidKistel sprang am 03.10.2021 in #Berlin auf der Bühne mit Artur Helios (#dieBasis) direkt auf den #Ivermectin (ein Entwurmungsmittel) Zug auf.

Ein (hoffentlich) kurzer Thread. :)
"Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zink, Ivermectin usw. Die [Länder] stellen Sets zusammen und das ist sehr sehr wirksam in der Prophylaxe und in der Therapie. Und das ist billiger und wirksamer und nebenwirkungsfreier als diese sogenannten Impfungen [...]"

Oh Boy..
Vermutlich meint Javid-Kistel damit #Indien.

Dort wurde für kurze Zeit #Ivermectin als mögliche Prophylaxe erwähnt.

Allerdings mit dem Hinweis:
Therapies based on low certainty of evidence"

Auf Deutsch:
Kannst du machen, bringt aber mglw nix.…
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