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Samay (The Time) - The Timeless time of the Vedic Ages of India

What is Samay?
What is Kal?
What is creation?
What is the origin and start of the time?

Let's find out what our timeless Vedic scriptures say about it:

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1. What is Samay / Kaal / Time?

The Sanskrit word for time is kala which has been derived from kalana or motion and it implies that time manifests itself through motion. At the same time, time is eternal (Nitya and Shaswata) without beginning and ending (Anadi and Ananta). The…… Image
2. Concept of Shrishti and Pralaya - The Cycle of Time
The cosmos follows one cycle within a framework of cycles. It may have been created and reached an end, but it represents only one turn in the perpetual Kalachakra, the "wheel of time", which revolves infinitely through…… Image
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Tantra is an abstract religion, it doesn't have a clear definition. Different seekers define it differently, many not even consistent with each other. Tantra, though, is clearly recognized as being very different from the ancient Hindu Vedic tradition.
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Before trying to delve into tantrism, it is important to understand that this is not a single coherent system. It is rather a tradition that gradually evolved from an accumulation of practices and rituals, in order to attain the grace of the divine.
#SanatanaDharma #Hinduism… Image
The practitioner of tantra uses his own prana or divine energy in order to harness it to the universal prana, thereby attaining his goal. The goal in question could be either spiritual, material or both.
#SanatanaDharma #Hinduism… Image
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Tantra in Hinduism could be considered to be parallel to the Hindu Vedic tradition. Tantra contains written records of the Agama, which comes in four main parts, as follows:
#SanatanaDharma #Hinduism… Image
Jnana or metaphysical knowledge
Yoga or meditative practices
Kriya or ritual practices
Charya or ethical and religious principles of conduct
#SanatanaDharma #Hinduism ImageImage
Most of the staunch Hindu Vedic practitioners, however, consider the Tantras to be anti-Vedic in character and hence, altogether shun both the cult and the practitioners of the same.
#SanatanaDharma #Hinduism… Image
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🌱 Have you ever wondered why onions, garlic, and strongly flavored foods are avoided during Hindu fasting and special occasions? Let's delve into the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and Yoga to understand the underlying principles. #Hinduism #Ayurveda
Ayurveda categorizes foods as Sattvic (pure) and Rajasic (stimulating). Onions and garlic fall into the latter category, believed to evoke passion, aggression, and restlessness. This understanding has influenced the dietary practices in Hinduism over the centuries. #Ayurveda
While scientific evidence regarding food and emotions is limited, Hinduism's holistic approach to well-being emphasizes maintaining physical, mental, and spiritual balance during fasting and religious practices. Observing dietary guidelines aims to cultivate a serene state of……
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1/Out of the six systems of philosophy of #Hinduism, the #Vedanta system is the most popular one & its canonical works are #Upanishads, #Brahmasutras, & #BhagavadGita, considered as SRUTIS by #Hindus (Primary Scriptures revealed by GOD & passed on to generations by vsrious sages.
2/The Smritis are secondary scriptures recorded through memory by human origin ).
The four great #Vedas have two portions, Karma-Kanda(sacrificial/ ritual portion) & Gnana-Kanda(Wisdom portion, known as Vedanta that prepares for Higher Spiritual Vision/ attainment)
3/The Upanishads are known as Vedanta( which means Final Goal of wisdom. Veda is wisdom & Anta means end)
The ONENESS of Soul and GOD lies at the very root of all Vedic thought. It is the IDEAL OF UNITY OF ALL LIFE & ONENESS OF TRUTH, makes UPANISHADS appealing to modern minds.
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Is meditation on the Self and Atma Vichara/Neti Neti higher in tantra?
#meditation #SanatanaDharma #Hinduism… Image
Mind's Concentration is common to gyana & Yoga. Yoga aims at union of individual with universal, the Reality - which cannot be new, must exist now, and it does. Thus Path of Knowledge tries to find out how viyoga (separation) came about - separation is from Reality.
#meditation Image
Ravi marga is jnana( path of knowledge). Moon marga is Yoga. They think that after purifying the 72,000 nadis in the body, sushumna is entered and the mind( kundalini) passes up to the sahasrara and there is nectar trickling.
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#Hinduism #Islam #christianity
1/The lower forms of Devotion to one's Personal GOD or Monotheistic ideas, often degenerates into hideous fanaticism, hatred, violence, hating other religions...
2/#Vedanta declares this body of matter is only an inert instrument & only the INFINITE SELF(COSMIC-SPIRIT) within is our REAL nature. The adjunct of mind is HIS first subtle covering, this body is the gross outer covering & the SELF lies hidden under these delusive veils.
3/#Hinduism states the INFINITE COSMIC SELF is TRANSCENDENTAL and only through renunciation, non-attachment & meditative practices, the finite mind is brought under control & transcended. Then and then alone, all the knots of the heart are cut asunder.
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Vedas - The greatest source of knowledge and the creation of the greatest knowledge and poetry in the history of the Mankind

वेद - ज्ञानस्य महान् स्रोतः तथा मानवजातेः इतिहासे महत्तमं ज्ञानं काव्यं च सृष्टिम्


#Veda #Sanskrit #Knowledge #Literature #India… Image
1. The Vedas are the source of integral wisdom, science, tradition, and culture of a remarkable civilization. They are oral compilations of the distilled wisdom of cosmic knowledge that survived from time immemorial. They are not only identified as scriptures but also as the…… Image
2. Meaning of the word 'Veda'
The word 'Veda' means 'knowledge' and is derived from the Sanskrit root 'vid', which means 'to know'. It does not refer to one single literary work but indicates a huge corpus of literature, which arose in the course of many centuries and has been…… Image
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Thus spake #SriKrishna
1/ Earth, water, fire, air, ether, mind, intellect & false ego constitute MY seperate eightfold material energies.
These inferior gross & subtle energies( matter & mind), exploited by animate beings for different purposes,
2/function only by MY SUPERIOR ENERGY(SPIRIT). These manifestations have no independent existence.
All manifested beings have their source OF MY MATERIAL & SPIRITUAL ENERGY.
All manifestations rest on ME, like pearls strung on a thread.
3/All embodied souls are under the control of three modes or qualities of material nature-Goodness, passion & ignorance (Sattva, Rajas & Tamas)
These modes act upon us, and how one transcends them is explained by #SriKrishna.
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⭐️Vedic Rishika's - The Female Scholars of the Vedic Age of India and First Feminists of the World
Who was Vedic Rishika?

#Sanatan #Vedic #Rishi #Rishika #India #Hinduism Image
1. During the Vedic Era women had two paths to practice -
a). Brahmavadini who studied philosophy and theology for the rest of their life
b). Sadyowaha who were students till they are married. Vedic society revered women as equals with respect and modesty of values. Image
2. Brahmavadini was the title attributed to women scholars, who dedicated their lives to the pursuit of knowledge and the study of the Vedas. Some were unmarried, living as ascetics, and independent of their fathers, brothers, or male counterparts. /n

#Hinduism Image
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Verses of #AdiSankara on LIBERATION:
1/Iam neither the mind, intelligence, ego, intellect noor the ears, tongue, senses of smell & sight; neither ether nor air, nor fire, nor water nor earth.
Iam eternal bliss and awareness.
Iam Siva.Iam Siva.
2/ Iam neither the prana nor the five vital breaths, neither the seven elements of the body, nor its five sheaths, nor hands, nor feet, nor tongue nor other organs of action.
Iam eternal bliss and consciousness.
Iam Siva. Iam Siva.
3/ Neither greed nor delusion nor loathing nor liking have I; nothing of pride or ego, neither of dharma or object nor of desire or liberation.
Iam eternal bliss and awareness. Iam Siva. Iam Siva!
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A devotee who chants Goddess Bhuvaneshwari mantra is blessed in different ways. It can also be chanted to please other gods and goddesses. Bhuvaneshwari Mantra:
#SanatanaDharma #Hinduism #vedicastrology Image
Hreem – (Ekakshari Mantra)
Aam Hreem Krom – (Try Akshari Mantra),
“Aim Hreem Shreem Aim Shreem – (Panchakshari Mantra).
In astrology she denotes the moon
#SanatanaDharma #Hinduism #vedicastrology Image
Moon as a Goddess In Vedic Astrology

Moon cycle is of 3 parts & Tri-Devi are seen as per Moon phase. From Shukla Pratipad to Sukla Dashami Durga rules the Moon, Lakshmi from Dashami to Krisna Panchami, Panchami to Amavasya is Kali.
#SanatanaDharma #Hinduism #vedicastrology Image
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1/ #Vedanta preaches "INFINITE & finite in one" & declares-"COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS(BRAHMAN) alone is the REALITY-the SOURCE of apparent threefold divisions of knower, knowledge&known in the mind of individual consciousness of ego, creating a world-drama of names&forms.
2/It is only by using the finite intellect & the tools of meditation, non-attachment, renunciation, love for the love's sake thru Yogas of Karma, Bhakti, Jnana & Raja, a Yogi reslises the INFINITE CONSCIOUSNESS OF BLISS, AN ABSOLUTE STATE OF ONENESS IN TRANSCENDENTAL STATE.
3/A Yogi meditates & merges his lowerself of body, senses & mind into his HIGHER TRANSCENDENTAL SELF of COSMIC-CONSCIOUSNESS to enjoy the OCEAN of Nectar & Absolute Bliss.
This TRANSCENDENTAL Non-Dual State is the only REALITY declare #Vedas.
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1/#AdiSankara, the greatest #Hindu philosopher of all times, with his astute genius, logical subtlety, philosophical profoundity, accurate definitions & analysis, was the one who established #Advaita #Vedanta as the meeting ground of all Monistic & Dualistic views of #Hinduism.
2/This Knowledge of Self by #AdiSankara, is meant to fulfil the need of the seekers of Liberation, who by their prolonged tapas(austerities) have already cleansed themselves of impurities and became mentally peaceful and free from desires.
3/Of all means to Liberation, knowledge is the only direct one. As essential as fire to cooking. Without it, liberation cannot be gained.Not being opposed to ignorance, karma doesn't destroy it. On the other hand, knowledge destroys ignorance, as surely as light does darkness.
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Did you know?

In terms of etymology, Bagala is “rope” or “rein” and Mukhi “face” or “image”. Thus, Bagalamukhi is the Devi whose face has the formidable power (through her subtle radiation) to control or to rule any situation or form in manifestation.
#Sanatandharma #hinduism… Image
One of the principal aspects of Bagalamukhi is related to speech and that is why she resonates with the Great Cosmic Wisdom or Mahavidya Ma Tara, sometimes she is even considered one of her forms.
#Sanatandharma #hinduism… Image
It is easy to understand this connection if we realize that intense subtle radiation is often related to manifestation of light; thus, Ma Tara manifests as Bagalamukhi when the subtle sound energies of manifest as light.
#Sanatandharma #hinduism… ImageImage
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மோடி எனும் மாயபொம்மை.

உலகம் தகவல் தொழில் நுட்பத்தின் மீதேறி மிக வேகமாக முன்னேறிக் கொண்டிருந்தது, மேற்குலகின் சந்தைப் பொருளாதாரம் மிகப்பெரிய தேவைகளோடு உற்பத்தியில் கவனம் செலுத்திக் கொண்டிருந்தது, பில்லியனர்களின் கைகளில் இருந்த பங்குச் சந்தைகளில் நுழைந்து எவரும் பரிவர்த்தனை Image
செய்யலாம் என்றொரு புரட்சி நிகழ்ந்தது.

நுகர்வுக் கலாச்சாரம் உலகைக் கட்டிப் போட்டது, உலக ஊடகங்கள் அனைத்தும் வீடுகளுக்குள் நுழைந்து பெரு நிறுவனங்களுக்கான லாபி செய்து கொண்டிருந்தன. அப்போதும் இந்தியா மெல்ல அசைந்தாடியபடி தன்னுடைய சாதிக் கட்டமைப்பை இறுக்கமாகப் பற்றியபடி ராமர்
கோவிலுக்காக செங்கல் அனுப்பிக் கொண்டிருந்தது.

விடுதலைக்குப் பின்பான அதன் குடிமக்கள் நாள் முழுவதும் உழைத்தார்கள், உலகின் மிகப்பெரிய மக்கள் தொகையும், அதிக இளைஞர்களும் நிரம்பி இருந்த இந்தியாவின் கூட்டு மனசாட்சி எப்படியும் நாம் ஒரு வளர்ந்த நாடாக உருவாகி விடுவோம் என்ற
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1/4All #Muslims who want #Islamic #ShariaLaw should go to Sharia countries and the whole world consider the fanatic Muslims as #terrorists.
Every #mosque & #Madaessa that preaches anti-India & anti-#Hinduism ideas must be investigated and action initiated.
2/4India is the land of #SanatanaDharma and #Hinduism #Sikhism, #Buddhism and #Jainism are the religions of this soil, not #Islam or #christianity. Neither #CONgress nor ##UrbanNaxals nor #RahulGandhi or other Sickular, #Dynasty Parties can change this demography for their votes.
3/4 India is our motherland and the
culture of #Hindus & civilization, do not make us bigoted like fanatical #Islamists or #missionaries.
We do not believe in your religion, but respect your feelings. Pl follow your religion but offer Namaz, without noise pollution, in your..
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Embarking on a journey to understand the rich and profound #SanatanaDharma, also known as #Hinduism! Here's a thread of book recommendations to help you navigate this ancient tradition. Dive in and discover the diversity and depth of Hindu philosophy & practice.(1/8)… Image
"The Essentials of Hinduism" by Swami Bhaskarananda: A comprehensive overview of key principles & teachings. Ideal for beginners stepping into the world of Hinduism. (2/8) Image
"An Introduction to Hinduism" by Gavin Flood: Highly respected for its detailed & balanced view, this book explores various facets of Hindu traditions.(3/8) Image
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|| #Sengol And Its Connection With #Hinduism || 🧵

Segol doesn't only share historical importance with India but it is deeply associated with Hindu philosophy.

In Hinduism,a sceptre is often associated with deities and symbolizes power,authority,and divine sovereignty. In

1+ Image
Hinduism it is known as "dand" (Sceptre), many people misinterpret dand as punishment but that's not true. Dand has two meanings in Sanskrit. One is डंड (sceptre) other one is दण्ड (punishment).

The sceptre is primarily depicted in the hands of Hindu gods and goddesses,

2+ Image
especially those associated with ruling, protection, and justice. It represents their divine rule and authority over the universe. The sceptre is often adorned with intricate carvings, gemstones, or other sacred symbols that enhance its symbolic significance.

3+ Image
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1. It gladdens my heart to know that 1947 was not merely a secular transition of power, but it had a ritualistic element in the form of #Sengol or Dharma-Danda given to the new head of Indian State accompanied by ritualistic performances.
2. For me this ritual establishment of Dharma-Danda (#Sengol) is more important than the establishment of independent, but secular state. However, the subsequent sidelining of it by putting in some museum under the heading of 'Golden Stick' though unfortunate is not surprising.
3. Indian State has been inimical to Hindu interests since independence, so sidelining of #Sengol is not surprising. However, I feel its re-establishment in the new parliamentary building is a good nimitta (indication) that may be there could be change of winds in coming decades.
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Some day I will make up for not having visited the temples of Goa.

But this time, when visiting family in Singapore, I took the initiative to visit a few amazing temples.

I will cover one temple at a time to do justice to them.

Hope you enjoy.

#Singapore #Temples #Hinduism
Sri Thendayuthapani Temple:

Prior to 1859 Nagarathars worshipped a Vel (spear), a representation of Lord Muruga, under a tree. The Vel was kept under a Pipal tree (Arasa maram) at the bank of a tank (pond). Fresh water from the hill emerged as a waterfall and filled the tank. Image
The temple was built on 04.04.1859. Chettiars community bought the land, from the estate of Mr Oxley, the first Surgeon General of Singapore.

The temple in its original form was of a simple structure. In 1878, two separate sanctums were built for Lord Sundareswarar and
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If someone wants to learn Tantra then how to go about it?
#SanatanaDharma #hinduism #spirituality Image
Tantra is system; to learn the system you must first understand it. People curious about tantra think that if a white or saffron-robe wearing, old guy gives them a mantra then after some practice they’ll also start performing magic.
#SanatanaDharma #hinduism #spirituality Image
The western system educated souls think that by chanting a mantra or doing this kriya or that mudra with closed eyes, they’ll one fine day open their eyes and witness their enlightened selves. I encounter both kind of seekers every day.
#SanatanaDharma #hinduism #spirituality Image
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Did Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa or Swami Vivekananda ever see God while meditating?

Whether it’s while meditating or not meditating, Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa or Swami Vivekananda never saw anything other than God.
#SanatanaDharma #hinduism #spirituality Image
Once Sri Ramakrishna closed his eyes to meditate. But the very next he moment, he opened his eyes and muttered to himself, “Does God exist only when I close my eyes? Does He not exist when my eyes are open?”
#SanatanaDharma #hinduism #spirituality Image
Young Narendranath (future Swami Vivekananda) once asked Sri Ramakrishna to grant him his request, “Sir, I want to remain in Samadhi all the time, 3–4 days at a stretch, only coming back to the body consciousness for the sake of food.”
#SanatanaDharma #hinduism #spirituality Image
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Offered prayers at Omkareshwar Mandir Pune on the occasion of Shani Jayanti.
#SanatanDharma #Hinduism #ShanidevJayanti #ShaniJayanti ImageImageImageImage
More from Omkareshwar Mandir, Pune
#SanatanDharma #Hinduism #ShanidevJayanti #ShaniJayanti_2023 ImageImageImageImage
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