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1. today,I'm able to watch and cover the Julian #Assange hearing again. The videolink access has been made available to me last afternoon,after the US counsel agreed my witness statement will be read with no need for cross-examination. Though I'm a witness of fact,I can cover it
2. Mark Summers(JA defence) starts reading the witness statement of British journalist Patrick Cockburn, a well-respected Middle East correspondent, on the #WikiLeaks War Logs’impact
3. Patrick Cockburn’s witness statement: without WikiLeaks’ #CollateralMurder and #WarLogs impossible to prove many incidents
4. Patrick Cockburn: #WikiLeaks did what any journalist should do
5. Mark Summers( JA defence) now starts reading another witness statement: UK investigative journalist @IanCobain, formerly at Guardian, he investigated UK role in extraordinary renditions and torture
6. #IanCobain’s witness statement highlights how difficult if not impossible to acquire evidence of state crimes like extraordinary renditions and other serious abuses and the importance of documentary evidence on such state criminality
7. #IanCobain’s witness statement let surface physical threats and threat of prosecution for revealing state criminality, but no one questioned his accuracy in exposing it
8. Mark Summers now read my ( @smaurizi) witness statement
9. Mark Summers reads how I started working as a media partner of #WikiLeaks in 2009, before #CollateralMurder
10. Mark Summers reads my witness statement(@SMaurizi) detailing how I met Julian #Assange in Berlin the 27 and 28 Sept 2010 to work on #AfghanWarLogs. Please note: it was the LAST time I met Julian #Assange as a free man:
It was 10 YEARS ago
11. Mark Summers reads my witness statement reconstructing the extraordinary rendition of the Milan cleric #AbuOmar in the middle of the day in Milan: Italy is the ONLY country which convicted 26 US citizens, almost all of them #CIA agents.
12. Mark Summers reads my witness statement reconstructing how the #WikiLeaks cables provide indisputable evidence of US pressures to grant 26 US nationals( almost all of them CIA agents) total impunity which resulted in Italy being condemned by the European Court of Human Rights
13. Mark Summers reads my witness statement detailing security measures to protect #WikiLeaks documents:
Encryption, air gapped computers,computer never left unattended. I can now reveal: keeping computers never unattended so difficult that I considered to buy CLASS 6 recipients
14. Summers explains how I was a witness of what happened at Ellingham Hall,August 2010, day after Freitag had revealed that both the database of encrypted cables and password were available on the public domain. 10Years later, I remember every detail, Laura Poitras cooked for us
15. after Cryptome published full set of unencrypted cables (1st Sept 2010), WikiLeaks published cables(2nd Sept2010),I contacted @schneierblog:he told me the @guardian made the Worst mistake, without Leigh and Harding publishing password, NO one could have decrypted cables
16. Now new witness statement: Robert Boyle on serious abuses of #GrandJury proceedings
17. BTW just want to clarify that after being granted access to the 4,189 cables about Italy and the Vatican, WikiLeaks gave me access to the full database of 251,287 cables: security procedures were STILL very strict.
18. Robert Boyle on how #GrandJury has been used to crush political dissent and activism
19. Boyle reconstructing the hell #ChelseaManning went through to force her to testify before the #GrandJury. She is a real hero of mine
20. Bridget Prince, Director of One World Reaearch, who among other things researched #SheldonAdelson: allegedly linked in UC Global spying activities inside the Ecuadorean Embassy
21. Mark Summers now introduces witness statement by an anonymous witness for the UCGLOBAL case: espionage activities targeting JA, all his visitors ( including we journalists) in the Ecuadorean embassy.
21. Anonymous witness: UCGLOBAL’s boss,David Morales, traveled to US alone, I wanted to go, but I wasn’t allowed. Morales got a contract with #SheldonAdelson’s LasVegasSands
23. In his witness statement, the Anonymous witness (formerly UCGlobal)reconstructs how the entire Ecuadorean embassy was bugged by UC Global for “our American friends”: the US intelligence
24. Witness statement by anonymous witness ( Former UC Global employee) reconstruct how UC Global targeted Andy Mueller Maguhn and the Ecuadorean diplomats dealing with providing JA an Ecuadorean passport. *American friends* very happy about info they were obtaining from UCGlobal
25. It’s chilling to hear the statement by an anonymous witness formerly working for UCGlobal detailing talks to poison Julian #Assange, following his lawyer Balthasar Garzon’s
26. new witness statement read by Mark Summers: the one by @AitorxMartinez, a Spanish lawyer working for the Balthasar Garzon’s law firm in Madrid, who was contacted by a former UCGlobal employee to reveal UC Global activities inside the embassy
26. As a witness I am shocked at the absurd arguments by US on UC Global: even if corroborated, US authorities won’t use info by UCGlobal. imagine if a guy steal 10 millions and when the police arrest him, he argues: Oh, I won’t spend those stolen money
27. JA defence now reading professor Noam Chomsky’s witness statement
28. Prof Noam Chomsky: One tool to control the population is to operate in secrecy.
28. prof. Noam Chomsky: in my view Julian #Assange has performed a valuable service to those who treasure freedom and democracy
29. Hearing will resume at 2 pm London-time
30. The Julian #Assange extradition hearing resumes
31. Witness statements by the two anonymous witnesses who are former UCGlobal employees cannot be signed for obvious reasons: they have been granted permission to remain anonymous both in the Spanish court and the UK one
32.Mark Summers now ready to read @GuantanamoAndy’s witness statement. I remember very vividly how Andy tremendously helped all of us working on the #GitmoFiles in 2011
33. Mark Summers: @GuantanamoAndy ‘s role was to provide expertise on Guantanamo considering his research on it for years
34. .@GuantanamoAndy worked as media partner for #GitmoFiles with us tremendously helping us to navigate 779detainees’ assessments.Rumsfeld had characterised them as *the worst of the worst*, #WikiLeaks allowed to reveal US labelled only 220 of them as high profile terrorists
35. Mark Summers now reading @JameelJaffer’s witness statement
36. .@JameelJaffer: indictment of JA is a grave threat to freedom of the press
37. Jameel Jaffer: The classified information shields controversial information from scrutiny. If the press doesn’t publish unauthorised classified information, then the public debate fully controlled by state authorities
38. Jameel Jaffer: since 9/11 Espionage Act used against government’s insiders. The Obama Admin indicted 9 sources and considered to indict Julian #Assange until it abandoned the idea
39. Jameel Jaffer: Julian #Assange engaged in core journalistic activities
40. extradition hearing is over, will resume tomorrow at 10 am London-time

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2. Può non piacere il giornalismo del media online americano @TheGrayzoneNews, fondato da @MaxBlumenthal e molto critico della politica estera USA, ma in democrazia come si può accettare il blocco delle donazioni dei lettori a un media che apprezzano?…
@TheGrayzoneNews @MaxBlumenthal 3. blocco delle donazioni ai media ha colpito per la 1a volta #WikiLeaks: nel 2010,quando aveva appena iniziato a pubblicare il suo più grande scoop: cablo.
Dalla sera alla mattina,
Bank of America
Western Union
bloccarono ogni possibilità di donare
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2. ci sono 3 cose fondamentali che #IgnazioLaRussa promise agli Stati Uniti prima di essere nominato ministro #Difesa:
1. aumento #SpesaMilitare
2. nessun problema per basi USA in Italia
3. ritorno servizio militare NON obbligatorio per ragazzi…
3. nel 2008 situazione economica dell'Italia non era come oggi, eppure perfino USA erano scettici che #IgnazioLaRussa sarebbe riuscito ad aumentare #SpesaMilitare, perché nonostante grandi pressioni USA,tutti i governi(destra e sinistra) avevano,nei limiti del possibile,resistito
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