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Jason Sullivan—

#CollateralMurder is a video released by WikiLeaks on April 5, 2010, exactly 13 years ago today. The video contains classified footage taken from a U.S. military helicopter during an attack in Baghdad in July 2007. It shows the U.S. 1-7 Image
2/7 military firing on a group of people, including Iraqi civilians and children, as well as 2 Reuters journalists. The journalists, Namir Noor-Eldeen & Saeed Chmagh, were both killed in the attack.

The release of "Collateral Murder" sparked significant controversy
3/7 for various reasons. First, the video provided a raw, unfiltered look at the consequences of military actions in Iraq, highlighting the civilian casualties and the aggressive manner in which the attack was carried out.
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Wie kann man so krass abstürzen? Ken Jepsen ca. 2011Ken Jepsen ca. 2022
Ich glaub' den muss ich mir archivieren...…
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#PeoplesHistory | On April 5, 2010 #JulianAssange’s @WikiLeaks published the “Collateral Murder” video, which showed the gunning down of civilians, children and two @Reuters journalists, uncovering war crimes in Iraq.
“It’s very simple. People have a right to know and a right to question and challenge power. That’s a true democracy.” Julian Assange, founder and publisher of #WikiLeaks

#CollateralMurder #FreeAssangeNOW #DropTheCharges #JournalismIsNotACrime
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1. oggi, 12 anni fa, #WikiLeaks rivelava #CollateralMurder,il video girato da un elicottero americano Apache che sparava su civili inermi a Baghdad,mentre l'equipaggio rideva:
2. insieme con il video #CollateralMurder,#WikiLeaks pubblicava le regole di ingaggio(RoE) dei soldati USA in Iraq,per dimostrare che la strage compiuta violava le RoE. Sono tra i documenti per cui Julian #Assange rischia 175 ANNI e per cui NON ha più conosciuto la libertà
3. i criminali di guerra che hanno compiuto il massacro che si vede nel video #CollateralMurder NON sono MAI stati non dico imprigionati,ma manco sfiorati da un'inchiesta penale. Si godono la libertà e le loro famiglie. Julian #Assange NON l'ha più conosciuta. Ecco chi siamo
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1. last night,the #NYTimes published 3:51 minutes of a Pentagon video footage of the #drone strike which last August killed an entire family of 10 (7 children) in #Kabul: it's a mystery why the Pentagon declassified it after just 4MONTHS after the strike:…
2.I have never seen such a fast declassification process. Just to give you a measure: #Reuters tried hard to access the video #CollateralMurder for 3 years to no avail
3. I wonder: the Biden Admin. is currently reviewing the US policies on #DroneStrikes,considering that thousands of victims were innocent (9 out 10,according to the #drone whistleblower @TeamDanielHale): was the drone video declassified because of some internal disagreements?
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1. ieri sera #NYT ha ottenuto poco più di 3 minuti del video del #Pentagono sull'attacco #drone USA che nell'agosto scorso ha sterminato una famiglia afghana di 10 persone tra cui 7 bambini:mistero perché desecretato dopo appena 4 mesi (inglese):…
2. non ho mai visto nulla di simile: mai visto che un documento scottante come quel video sia stato desecretato in 4 mesi! Nel caso del video #CollateralMurder,#Reuters provò a ottenerlo con #FOIA per 3 anni: nessuna speranza
3. viene da chiedersi perché video sia stato desecretato.Non ho spiegazioni,semplicemente mi chiedo: Amministrazione Biden sta rivedendo policies su attacchi con #droni vista la strage di innocenti(9 su 10),ci sono scontri interni che hanno portato alla desecretazione record?
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The US Military thinks it’s been ‘clever’ with this verdict but actually shows how lost they have become.

If it’s ‘acceptable’ to target people without evidence they are dangerous, it means their ROE must allow for indiscriminate killing. For ‘show’.
I’ll explain..
The one ‘out’ the US had is this disgraceful incident would be if the weapon system misfired, or operator failed to hit the target he was aiming for.

But by admitting they hit the ‘correct’ target, it shows that their ID standards are not based on the necessary high standards..
Missile strikes are justified only in either ‘self-defence’ or if the target as positively identified as a Member of an Organised Armed Group.

Otherwise it’s murder under both US and Afghan law…
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Outside the Royal Courts of Justice
Julian's father John Shipton arrives and is absolutely mobbed by photographers
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1. as #PopeFrancis is on historic #Iraq tour, please watch #CollateralMurder: it is also for revealing #WarCrimes like those revealed by #CollateralMurder that Julian #Assange has never known #freedom again and risks 175 years in prison:
2. none of the war criminals have spent a single day in prison, the only ones who have paid a huge price: @xychelsea (8 years in prison+3 suicide attempts) and Julian #Assange
3. the deafening silence on how the US and UK authorities are destroying Julian #Assange is a massive scandal: it demonstrates whistleblowers should never trust those journos/media who are silent. I use to say: they will get your splash and kick your ass
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1. today,I'm able to watch and cover the Julian #Assange hearing again. The videolink access has been made available to me last afternoon,after the US counsel agreed my witness statement will be read with no need for cross-examination. Though I'm a witness of fact,I can cover it
2. Mark Summers(JA defence) starts reading the witness statement of British journalist Patrick Cockburn, a well-respected Middle East correspondent, on the #WikiLeaks War Logs’impact
3. Patrick Cockburn’s witness statement: without WikiLeaks’ #CollateralMurder and #WarLogs impossible to prove many incidents
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1. ten years ago,#WikiLeaks published the #CollateralMurder video depicting a #US Apache helicopter killing innocent civilians in Baghdad and laughing at the dead: The innocent civilians targeted included children and 2 #Reuters staffers
2. the #CollateralMurder video was NOT secret (and in fact it is NOT included in the list of classified documents at the center of the US indictment against Julian #Assange): after the death of its 2 staffers, #Reuters had tried to obtain the video filing a #FOIA at the #Pentagon
3. the Pentagon had rejected the #Reuters FOIA. Only thanks to the courage of #ChelseaManning, Julian #Assange and the #WikiLeaks journalists, it was possible to reveal the #CollateralMurder video
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1. esattamente 10anni fa,#WikiLeaks pubblicava il video #CollateralMurder in cui si vedeva un elicottero americano Apache sparare su civili inermi a Baghdad mentre l'equipaggio rideva:
2. tra i civili inermi c'erano non solo bambini, ma anche due cameramen della #Reuters,che furono ammazzati. Il video NON era segreto,per questo #Reuters aveva provato a richiederne copia al #Pentagono con il #FOIA,ma il Pentagono aveva negato il rilascio
3. Solo il grande coraggio di #ChelseaManning che aveva accesso ai database classificati del governo americano ha permesso di rivelare #CollateralMurder. Il coraggio di Chelsea e il coraggio di Julian #Assange e dei giornalisti di #WikiLeaks che l'hanno pubblicato
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New @Consortiumnews Series: The Revelations of @WikiLeaks: No. 1—The Video that Put #Assange (and #Manning) in US Crosshairs…
"Consortium News today begins a series of articles, “The Revelations of #WikiLeaks,” that will look back on the major works of the publication that have altered the world since its founding in 2006."
"This series is an effort to counter mainstream media coverage, which is ignoring #WikiLeaks’ work, and instead is focusing on #JulianAssange’s personality. It is the uncovering by WikiLeaks of governments’ crimes and corruption that set the U.S. after #Assange..."
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Whatever you think of #Assange personally, that does not matter. He’s a journalist. And if you don’t think he’s a real journalist, then he’s a real source. It’s one or the other — and both must be protected if freedom of the press means anything in Britain or the United States.
I used @WikiLeaks documents in my reporting, finding that 17 months before the Deepwater Horizon explosion that killed 11 people, the owner of that platform, BP, in connivance with the US State Dept, had covered up an identical blowout in the Caspian Sea.…
#CollateralMurder: The crime was committed by the US military in covering up war crimes. This was a tremendous service by #Assange, @xychelsea, and @WikiLeaks. They deserve the Congressional Medal of Honor, not prison time. Cc. @couragefound
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1. buongiorno! per ora, continuiamo a smascherare le falsità dell'informazione italiana sul caso Julian #Assange, poi vi spiegherò perché in Italia l'offensiva contro Julian #Assange è particolarmente intensa
2. "Eh, ma Julian #Assange ha messo tanta gente a rischio", ci dicono i nostri Pulitzer. Per "fortuna" abbiamo la certezza che nessuno è stato ucciso o danneggiato. Come lo sappiamo? lo sappiamo "grazie" al processo a Chelsea #Manning davanti alla corte marziale.
3. il giudice chiamò a testimoniare il capo della Task Force creata dal #Pentagono x stabilire rigorosamente se la pubblicazione di TUTTI i files segreti del governo USA leakati da #Manning (#CollateralMurder,#AfghanWarLogs,#IraqWarLogs,#Cablegate,#GitmoFiles)avesse causato danni
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