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ASSANGE HEARING UPDATE: #JulianAssange defense lawyer Mark Summers just debunked and dismantled two of prosecution's chief allegations re US extradition request... (con't)
2) #JulianAssange defense reminded prosecution that #WikiLeaks did not release unredacted cable first, and flagged up role of disgraced @guardian writer #LukeHarding as actual culprit publishing password to raw cables which then spread online. WL published doc after all that..
3) Prosecution's allegation that #Assange & #ChelseaManning had cracked hash pw to obtain classified documents is provably false. As was allegation that #Julian 'solicited the theft of classified docs' by creating "Most Wanted List...
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#Assange Extradition to US Hearing Begins. Media Asks: “How did we get here?”. I tell you how. A disease far worse than Coronavirus- “Chronic Apathy.” Here, I’ll phrase & hashtag it #Chronapathy !!! - - -… #
With 19 years of experience in whistleblowers cases, as the founder & director of the only Gov Whistleblowers Coalition (NSWBC), I can tell your this much: This is the worst period in the history of whistleblowing. From the consequences to the public apathy. #Assange #ChronApathy
What happened to all the “freedom” organizations (NGOs), civil liberties and Human Rights groups? Where are they? Where have they been? And look what “Liberal” Western countries pro “wars to export democracy” are doing & practicing in their own backyard! #Assange #ChronApathy
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Last year, I wrote about how in 2010 @guardian and @nytimes exploited Julian Assange for commercial purposes, then betrayed him. With his extradition hearings due to begin Monday, it's important to revisit.…
@guardian @nytimes Mark Davis detonates recurrent claim made by mainstream journalists that #Assange and #WikiLeaks had a 'cavalier attitude' about impact release of Afghan War Logs could have on individuals named in the documents. The cavalier attitude was all theirs, in his experience.
@guardian @nytimes Comments made by @davidleighx genuinely disturbing. Leigh coauthored awful book on WikiLeaks in 2011 with notorious Luke Harding. Contrary to Assange’s explicit warnings, pair used confidential encryption password for entire, uncensored ‘Cablegate’ archive as chapter heading.
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🚨 Good Friday morning Frens! 🚨
PLEASE watch these videos by @GeorgWebb of incredible information re: #RogerStone
RT so everyone can see these!!!

#BackChannelsAreImportant #QANON

Credico claiming to be the #BackChannel to #Wikileaks thus showing #RogerStone DIDN'T lie.

Wondering how the @TheJusticeDept will react?

Imagine the corrupt FBI raided Roger Stone on false premises when there's video of Credico stating he's the backchannel to Wikileaks. Whether a lie or not, Roger believed it.
Corrupt DOJ, Judge, prosecutors, jurors, media, & DOJ....all were in on it. BQQM!
#ReadyQ 🍿
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🚨 🚨>>> Trump 'offered Julian Assange a PARDON if he denied Russia link to hack'…
💥Statement by #Wikileaks #Assange lawyer in UK courtroom today about Republican Dana "Rohrabacher going to see Mr Assange and saying—on instructions from the president—he was offering a pardon or some other way out, if…Assange…said Russia had nothing to do with the DNC leaks”
For those following along, an #Assange #pardon isn't so wild after all, is it? Recall Senator Rand Paul was part of Rohrabacher plot to make a deal w/ Assange, getting #Russia off the hook for the 2016 election attack that put Trump in the WH…to do all the damage he's now doing.
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"WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is no longer being kept in solitary confinement and his health is improving, his spokesman Kristinn Hrafnsson told reporters on Tuesday."
"Assange, 48, is in Belmarsh high-security prison in London, fighting an extradition request from the United States where he faces 18 counts including conspiring to hack government computers and violating an espionage law. He could spend decades in prison if convicted."
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1. ora voglio aiutarvi a leggere inchiesta del #WashingtonPost sull'azienda #CryptoAG che, rivelava il WashPost era un completo asset della #CIA. Ecco l'inchiesta che avete letto tutti (inglese):…
2. intanto non potete capire l'inchiesta del #WashingtonPost sull'azienda #CryptoAG se non mettete a fuoco una cosa fondamentale: l'inchiesta è del #WashingtonPost, che non è più quello di #TuttiGliUominiDelPresidente,#WashPost oggi ha un padrone: #Bezos,Signore di #Amazon
3. #Amazon è la nuova potenza militare, come ricostruisce #TechnologyReview (inglese):… #Amazon puntava forte fortissimamente a uno dei contratti più lucrosi di sempre: il progetto #JEDI
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1. curioso: nell'ultima settimana, abbiamo letto due articoli sui #cavisottomarini a #fibraottica, uno sul #Corriere di #Gabanelli e uno su #FattoQuotidiano di @nicolaborzi: nessuno dei due cita cosa rivelano esattamente i file di #Snowden riguardo all'Italia e #cavisottomarini
@nicolaborzi 2. secondo file di #Snowden (documenti TOP SECRET della #NSA,NON opinioni di #Snowden),3 importantissimi #cavisottomarini a #fibraottica che trasportano IMMENSI flussi delle comunicazioni italiane sono spiati dai "cugini inglesi della #NSA",il #GCHQ, nell'operazione #Tempora
@nicolaborzi 3. i tre #cavisottomarini a #fibraottica spiati sono: #SeaMeWe3,#SeaMeWe4, #FlagEuropeAsia(#Fea). Con i colleghi tedeschi di #SueddeutscheZeitung, rivelammo queste tre cavi spiati e altri. L'articolo è qui (a quel tempo lavoravo per @espressonline):…
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US #opening #argument CIA officers exposed, years of work at a cost of millions of dollars lost; US cyber weapons available for any to use against US. [20200204]
#Schulte is on trial for leaking CIA cyber weapons to WikiLeaks. US #opening #argument says his motive: disgruntled, started #information #war against CIA even in pretrial confinement (referencing attempted leaking class info to #WikiLeaks and disinfo campaign). 20200204 #day1
US #opening #argument stresses CIA relied on #Schulte & others. 'CIA had to be able to trust group of elite programmers. In #2015 he was given special level of trust. He became a #sysadmin for CIA software. He had super access. #Schulte was the 'catastrophe' 202004 #day1
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1. la presunta fonte di #WikiLeaks per #Vault7, i file top secret sulle cyberarmi della #CIA, #JoshuaSchulte, è ora a processo (inglese) :…
2. pubblicammo i file top secret di #Vault7 in esclusiva con #WikiLeaks esattamente 3anni, ecco la nostra esclusiva: Pubblicammo in esclusiva con #WikiLeaks quei file 3 anni fa:… ancora ricordo la paura
3. ricordo la paura di pubblicare questi file top secret sulle #cyberarmi della #CIA e difendo queste rivelazioni: ci hanno permesso di aprire uno squarcio su queste #cyberarmi che altrimenti non c'è modo di conoscere.Tutti ci dettero addosso,dicendo che c'era dietro la #Russia
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1. anche se ne ho parlato già ieri sera in inglese, rispondo a chi mi continua a chiedere dell'articolo del #DailyBeast, secondo il quale #ArronBanks avrebbe vantato un canale di comunicazione con Julian #Assange e #WikiLeaks, che trovate qui in inglese:…
2. ho spiegato ieri sera perché sono completamente scettica riguardo a gente che va a vantarsi in giro di "un canale" con Julian #Assange: sono anni che #Guardian, #DailyBeast, ecc pubblicano questi articoli senza uno straccio di prova
3. dunque secondo le ricostruzioni giornalistiche, #ArronBanks sarebbe stato l'uomo della #Brexit in combutta con i #russi
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1. oggi #Repubblica e anche #FattoQuotidiano riportano una notizia sul #CampusBiomedico dell'#OpusDei in cui la scienza è piegata al fanatismo religioso. Nei #cablo rivelati da #WikiLeaks, l'#OpusDei viene citata tra organizzazioni estremistiche problematiche.
2. in altre parole,diplomazia USA cita #OpusDei tra organizzazioni famigerate x loro estremismo ideologico, insieme con #Fascismo, #BrigateRosse,#antisemitismo.NON sono equiparati, ovviamente, ma sono in quella classe del pensiero estremo. Ecco il #cablo:…
3. l'inclusione dell'#OpusDei tra organizzazione estremiste, rivelata dai #cablo, è ancora più interessante se si considera che è frutto delle considerazione dell'ambasciatore USA #RonaldSpogli nominato da #GeorgeWBush e NON dai Dem di #Obama
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Julian Assange’s detention “sets a dangerous precedent for journalists”, according to politicians from the Council of Europe’s parliamentary arm, who voted on Tuesday to oppose the WikiLeaks founder’s extradition to the US…
Labour peer and UK Rapporteur on #mediafreedom Lord Foulkes, ...had drafted an initial report – Threats to Media Freedom and Journalists’ Security in Europe – that will now contain amendments referring to Assange tabled by a number of European parliamentarians.
One of the amendments backs the recommendation of the UN special rapporteur on torture who called last year for Assange’s release and for extradition to the United States to be blocked.
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Re-upping this for new followers. Here are some of the ideas I discussed recently on Risky Business podcast.
This touches briefly on the Shadownbrokers/WikiLeaks nexus.
See also…
And this touches on the timeline for March/April 2016 indicators concerning WikiLeaks/Schulte/2016 election interference.
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Who has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood?

Aug 19, 2012 Eid Press Release:…

Sept 13, 2012 Eid Reception:…

Abedin sent HRC an email morning of Sept 12, 2012: "the eid reception could not have been worse timing"…
Also reviewed Q Drops 56, 57, 58, 68

16 pg letter from Rep Bachmann to Rep Ellison concerning the Muslim Brotherhood:

July 13, 2012…

CBS article about Rep Bachmann refusing to back down from her MB assertion

July 19 2012…
Aug 4, 2012 Cheryl Mills email of Minnesota Star Tribune article…

Aug 11, 2012 various emails in the State Department & White House showing support for Abedin [ over national security ]

C06133293 Aug 11…
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(8:30am) Supporters of #JulianAssange gathering outside of Westminster Magistrates Court for case schedule hearing, starting soon. #FreeAssangeNOW #WikiLeaks
(10:45am) 1) Both #Assange defense team and prosecution (representing US) seem to agree on a bifurcated hearing in Feb, and May, as both seem to require more time to prepare. However, Judge Baraitser is pushing back, wanting to fast-track proceedings....
2) Defense lawyer Mr Fitzgerald describes daunting prospect of preparing expert witnesses in what's clearly an incredibly complex case, involving digital analysis, forensics, international treaty and extradition law, all of which makes this a 21st century bell weather case...
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1. Must read @josemariairujo @el_pais on the #UCGlobal's espionage operations against Julian #Assange and all of us inside the @EmbajadaEcuUK (Spanish):…
@josemariairujo @el_pais @EmbajadaEcuUK 2. As a journalist heavily targeted by #UCGlobal which spied on my convos, unscrewed my phones, spied on ALL my electronic devices [ARCHIVE]:…, it's crucial to make #UCGlobal and the #USintelligence accountable
@josemariairujo @el_pais @EmbajadaEcuUK 3. it's crucial #UCGlobal and the #USintelligence are accountable not just because the espionage ops against are appalling, but because it's crucial to understand to what extent #cryptography protected our materials and information from our sources
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Why Assange Extradition Case Matters to Our Democracy… @Antiwarcom #FreeAssange #WikiLeaks
@Antiwarcom 1. What is this prosecution of Julian Assange really about? #WikiLeaks has radically changed the media landscape. By publishing truthful information about the United States, the organization came head-to-head with the Pentagon and the CIA. #FreeAssange
@Antiwarcom 2. Yet,effectiveness of his fearless journalism is not the only reason Assange became a political prisoner, being designated as an enemy of the state. He has been psychologically tortured inside Belmarsh prison, once known as the UK’s Guantanamo Bay. #FreeAssange
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1. ho letto @mattiafeltri sul #MeToo in #Iran, voglio raccontarvi una storia. Ho conosciuto il capo del programma nucleare dello Shah di Persia. Si chiama #AkbarEtemad, si rifugiò a Parigi dopo la #Rivoluzione. Qualche anno fa,mi accolse nel suo modesto modesto appartamento
@mattiafeltri 2. #AkbarEtemad mi raccontò come vide crescere la furia rivoluzionaria. Mi disse: le donne cominciarono a mettersi il velo per dirci quanto ci odiavano. Noi le lasciavamo libere, ma loro odiavano così tanto noi e quello che rappresentavamo che loro preferivano il velo
@mattiafeltri 3. se volete leggere come la #CIA ha usato in modo strumentale i #DirittiDelleDonne per manipolare opinione pubblica a favore della #GuerrainAfghanistan, leggete questo documento della #CIA rivelato da #WikiLeaks nel 2010:…
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• Project-1 = Vault7
• Project-2 = Vault8

#Schulte #WikiLeaks…
Hmm....looks like he might've regained access to both Vault7 & Vault8 in late May 2016:……
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Letzte Woche war #36C3, und hier sind meine Empfehlungen für Talks, die es zum Glück auch alle als Video gibt. Schaut sie an, sie sind sehr gut! #Bestof36C3

Es folgen ganz viele Video-Links, thematisch sortiert:

Zuerst über Hacker, den #CCC und sonst zu Chaos aller Art:
„The #KGB Hack: 30 Years Later - Looking back at the perhaps most dramatic instance of hacking of the 1980s and the role it had in shaping the public image of the CCC“, von Anja Drephal…
„Hack_Curio - Decoding The Cultures of Hacking One Video at a Time“ über @HackCurio, von @BiellaColeman
Und @PBialski…

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