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#JohnBrennan's #CIA kicked off the entire polarized, partisan divide in our falsifying information to invent phony #Russiagate.
#Trump, like an idiot, overreacted--in an effort to expose phony #Russiagate--he tried to coerce #Assange to reveal his sources, to prove Assange's and his innocence.
#Assange felt it would violate his journalistic integrity to expose his actual sources & refused offer to be "pardoned" by #Trump, in exchange for revealing his sources.

Assange announced it was not Russian govt. & all signs point to murdered #DNC insider, #SethRich was source.
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You can measure the effectiveness of resistance by the fury of the response by ruling elites.
by @ChrisLynnHedges… #ChrisHedges #Resistance #ExtinctionRebellion #JulianAssange #TheResistance #protestors #protests
Accusing Holy Land Foundation Five of “funding terrorism” required a great deal of creativity but also a collaboration between the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government.
by @mikopeled… #Palestine #MuslimTwitter #politicalprisoners
"Two of the rebels I admire most, #JulianAssange, the #WikiLeaks publisher, and #RogerHallam, the co-founder of #ExtinctionRebellion @ExtinctionR, are in jail in Britain."
Illustratin by Mr. Fish for Scheerpost Image
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BOOM!!👇🏻 enjoy the ****ing show. #Assange proves the #DNC had the motive to kill #SethRich. DNC paid Google’s Crowdstrike 100k to investigate the hacked emails that WikiLeaks published 1 day after Seths murder. Google then blamed Russia to frame @POTUS of collusion & impeach him!
I cannot put into words how massive this revelation is towards the plan. It’s all coming to fruition of the stuff we’ve been exposing for years. It proves there is a legit DeepState cabal who have been operating above the law. Wow Bigtime #Justice4SethRich
The #MSM is trying to get ahead of the story that #JulianAssange will be pardoned for testimony about how he received the #DNC emails, which he already said had nothing to do with #Russia. The media knows they’re ****ed. Rats are scurrying!
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'Kangaroo court': Joe Rogan says wrong to prosecute #Assange for 'horrific crimes' he exposed

@joerogan… via @SputnikInt

#Assange Update: Iraq War Logs Essential to Understanding the Truth of Civilian Casualties


via @YouTube

@richimedhurst: The Julian #Assange Trial in 60 Seconds
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The Mueller investigation was a sham. Rosenstien kept Mueller from performing a full investigation. The fix was in in the beginning. I am going to thread here trumps connection to Putin and Russia starting in 1987. 36 years so this is going to be an epic thread. Image
Roger Stone, up-and-coming Washington lobbyist, is working at Manafort, Stone and Kelly, a high profile lobbying firm.
January 1987

Trump is invited to Russia after being seated next to Ambassador Yuri Dubinin at a social event. Dubinin was part of group of Russian officials meeting American business leaders. This group included future UN ambassador Vitaly Churkin.
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Scandals & Corruption
Linked to Pedophiles & Child Trafficking

At 29, Kamala Harris had an affair w/ married San Francisco politician, #WillieBrown, 60. He appointed her to two lucrative positions & dumped her after he was voted first black mayor of SF.
Willie Brown, a big fan of cult leader, #JimJones from the People’s Temple, and compared Jones to Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi.
During their affair, Brown appointed Kamala to the State Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board & California Medical Assistance Commission in 1994.
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🔴 #CASOASSANGE 🇮🇹 Diretta Live

Tra circa 1 ora (15.00/15.30 ora italiana) riprenderanno le udienze.

Continuerò da qui il LIVE THREAD, che proseguirà anche sul canale Telegram.


🔴 #CASOASSANGE 🇮🇹 Diretta Live

Il giudice rifiuta la richiesta della difesa di consentire a Ellsberg (89 ANNI) di iniziare alle 15:15, (07:15 in California). Dice che deve iniziare alle 2.30pm (6.30am per lui). Il tribunale gli ha inviato il fascicolo di 350 pagine ieri.
🔴 #CASOASSANGE 🇮🇹 Diretta Live

Iniziano di nuovo le udienze all'Old Bailey di Londra.
La difesa riceve istruzioni da Julian Assange, mentre si siede sul banco degli imputati (la famosa scatola di vetro) indossando una mascherina bianca.

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John Goetz on the stand. He is the Senior Editor of Investigations for NDR which is German Television. He also worked at Der Spiegle. He worked investigating alongside WikiLeaks on the disclosures #Assange is being indicted for in this case.

Goetz describes the partnership: We discussed that we would all be partners in researching the material but each outlet would do its own stories on the files. This was very unorthodox, it was fascinating and very unique at the time.
What did the Afghan War Logs contain? They were a fascinating insight into the day to day of war. I made a story on Task Force 373 which was a death squad in Afghanistan. In the documents you could follow their activities which was very new.
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VoteVets shady business thread.

VoteVets organization who has been attacking @realDonaldTrump is funded by globalist elite #GeorgeSoros who also funds #AntifaBLMDomesticTerrorists & is run by none other other than pedophile right hand man of the #ClintonCrimeFamily & #Obama...
,#JohnPodesta. #WikiLeaks has also dropped VoteVets emails which was part of #Podesta's email dump showing support for former #DemocraticParty presidential candidate #TulsiGabbard in the past...……
talking about how she's the perfect #Progressive to push. There was almost 500 emails dropped that were affiliated with VoteVets. There's also a website that reported on the email about #TulsiGabbard stating it was disturbing...…
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THREAD: Understand role of Mainstream Media in prosecuting the US-UK attack on #JulianAssange, #WikiLeaks & the free press - made possible by co-opted orgs like @guardian,@thetimes & @BBCNews.

'Imperialism on Trial: The State' on March 19, 2019 in Belfast, N. Ireland...
We're constantly being deluged with claims of 'Russian meddling, disinformation' etc. #WikiLeaks, #JulianAssange were accused of being Russian agents. In reality, it's just the opposite...

'Imperialism on Trial: The State' on March 19, 2019 in Belfast, N. Ireland
US, NATO created a phantom menace in #RussiaGate to preserve faltering world order. #WikiLeaks, #JulianAssange were scapegoated as part of this effort. #MSM are a 5th column against people.

'Imperialism on Trial: The State' on March 19, 2019 in Belfast, N. Ireland
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1. Day 5 Julian #Assange extrdition hearing: I will cover the hearing which is due to start in 30 min
2. Second week, Day 1, Julian #Assange extradition hearing is about to start. After a COVID scare last week, lawyers and clerks wear masks
3. Julian #Assange is wearing a mask
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THREAD: Hearing for #JulianAssange this Mon; US wants to extradite award-winning journalist for another show trial. Alleged crime: exposing US war crimes via #WikiLeaks

2 weeks after arrest, we spoke at 'Imperialism on Trial: Free Assange', May 1 2019, Bloomsbury, London...
Important to understand that this issue isn't just confined to #JulianAssange and #WikiLeaks, it will affect everyone whether you realize now or not....

Clip from 'Imperialism on Trial: #FreeJulianAssange', May 1 2019, Bloomsbury, London
One of the main problems we have now is that most of the mainstream do no consider #JulianAssange and #WikiLeaks at members of the Fourth Estate, a heavy irony in this case...

From 'Imperialism on Trial: #FreeJulianAssange', May 1 2019, Bloomsbury, London
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Part 2 of Austin Steinbart's AMORPHOUS ARCHIVE

Music: Guns n Roses

#Traitor #Kingpin #WarMonger #Murderer #Disgrace #Trafficker #BurningInHell
Rothschild: 'Investing in Tucson' likely means higher sales tax.…

#Traitor #Kingpin #WarMonger #Murderer #Disgrace #Trafficker Image
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THREAD: This week #JulianAssange is in the dock in London fighting extradition to US. His crime: doing journalism, exposing war crimes via #WikiLeaks. Some of my thoughts and feeling.

Highlights from Imperialism on Trial, June 12, 2019, Clerkenwell, London
Highlights from Imperialism on Trial, June 12, 2019, Clerkenwell, London
#JulianAssange #FreeJulianAssange #WikiLeaks #AssangeHearing
Highlights from Imperialism on Trial, June 12, 2019, Clerkenwell, London
#JulianAssange #FreeJulianAssange #WikiLeaks #AssangeHearing
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1. Day 3 Julian #Assange #extradition hearing.Important note before we start:though the whole case is based on alleged harm by #WikiLeaks’ publications
1. In the last 10 YEARS US has never found a case of death/injury
2. The indictment does NOT identify docs potentially harmful
2. prof Paul Rogers, called to testify by the JA’s defence, ready to testify. He’s emeritus prof of Peace Studies at Bradford University and has published extensively on #Afghanistan and #Iraq
3. Paul Rogers: #WikiLeaks confirmed the degree of detail Afghanistan was NOT under control as the Bush Admin had told to the public
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1. Julian #Assange extradition hearing. Day 2: US lawyer Clive Stafford Smith, founder of @reprieve, called to testify by the JA defence confirms how #WikiLeaks documents have allowed investigations on serious human Rights violations
2. US lawyer, Clive Stafford Smith, founder of @Reprieve, called to testify by JA’s defence confirms how #WikiLeaks #Guantanamo files (#GitmoFiles) supported his work on Guantanamo
3. Clive Stafford Smith,founder of @Reprieve: shocked by what my government did, tortures like those by the Spanish Inquisition: strappado
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Part 12 of Austin's Operation Burnback Drip/Nurture Email Leaks.

Leiland Tanner prod by SojBoj
Well over a year before the official start of the Syrian War #TeamClinton used social media and Google "Regime-Change" weapon to provoke radicalism in Syria. -12602
#WikiLeaks #MediaBlackout #NotARussianAgent Image
#TeamClinton warned in advance by Italian Intelligence that overthrowing Qadhafi in Libya will cause a civil war and massive refugee crisis.
#WikiLeaks #MediaBlackout #NotARussianAgent Image
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In London wird wieder verhandelt, ob #Assange, Gründer von #Wikileaks, an die USA ausgeliefert wird. Die Aussicht auf ein faires Verfahren u sein Gesundheitszustand sollen die Entscheidung beeinflussen. Wenn das stimmt, gibts nur eins: KEINE Auslieferung!…
Niemand wird wohl im Ernst glauben, dass #Assange einen fairen Prozess bekäme. Hier soll ein Exempel statuiert werden, um Journalist:innen, Publizist:innen u ihre Quellen einzuschüchtern. Ein Präzedenzfall, der die Pressefreiheit an ihrem Fundament angreift. Das darf nicht sein!
Fair wird Julian #Assange ja nicht mal in UK behandelt, nicht einmal seine Anwälte haben den rechtmäßigen Zugang zu ihm, seine Gesundheit ist gefährdet, adäquate Behandlung erhält er nicht u man erhält den Eindruck, das stört in UK auch niemanden. Das ist ein skandalöser Zustand!
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