Putting aside the 15-year-old on TikTok, yes, Trump's condition is still quite worrying. COVID's course is slow compared to the flu. Dyspnea often develops 4 to 10 days after symptom onset, and patients can still deteriorate after that. ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/P…

In the most recent remdesivir trial (which involved early-stage patients with SpO2 >94%, which it seems Trump went below), one-third of patients who took the drug were still hospitalized 11 days later. Around 10% were still there a month later. jamanetwork.com/journals/jama/…

The decision to give dexamethasone is still a big mystery. Either Trump had 'severe' COVID-19, or he has jumped the gun and might suffer for it, including the known effect of immunosuppression. Neither speaks well for his course going forward. /3
Assuming Trump was infected September 26, it's within normal range for him to develop dyspnea and be hospitalized on October 3. He'd now be entering the median time for ARDS or an ICU admission. (Given how it's median time, patients can of course be earlier or later.) /4
That's what Dr. Fauci is talking about here. COVID-19 isn't the flu, feeling relatively okay a few days after the infection (especially if you're fired up on corticosteroids) isn't any proof that you're out of the woods. /end

• • •

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29 Sep
I quibble with that, too. Trump's finances from 2008 onward aren't "mundane." He defaulted on the only bank lending him money, then obtained >$500m in credit despite inadequate collateral, then liquidated >99.5% of his stocks & bonds. That's unusual. /1
Litigation is common in business. The surprising part here is how, as of 2008, Deutsche Bank was the only bank that would loan him money (and only with a personal guarantee), but he nonetheless defaulted. Standing alone, it makes little business sense. /2 chicagotribune.com/news/ct-xpm-20…
The 2008 sale of Trump's Palm Beach home to the bad guy from TENET has always been odd, but perhaps Rybolovlev is just bad with money. 🤷‍♂️ Either way, it coincides with a sharp rise in Trump condos being bought through shell companies and/or with cash. /3
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27 Sep
Federal income taxes paid in 2017 (jointly with spouse):

Joe Biden - $3,742,974
Kamala Harris - $516,469
Bernie Sanders - $343,882
Elizabeth Warren - $268,484

Donald Trump - $750
Of course, we did not need a NYTimes investigation (plus I presume some whistleblower) to find tax returns for Biden, Harris, Sanders, and Warren.

Biden: go.joebiden.com/page/-/vpdocs/…

Harris: s3.amazonaws.com/pdfs.taxnotes.…

Sanders: berniesanders.com/documents/9/Sa…

Warren: elizabethwarren.com/wp-content/upl…
For people wondering, Biden's income history looks like this. The big payday was from his post-VP book sales and speaking engagements: forbes.com/sites/michelat…
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24 Sep
What was the point of DOJ's vague statement with no information about what happened—except that the 9 ballots were for Trump—and no criminal charges? Just to undermine confidence in mail-in voting and give Trump's political team something to promote as a conspiracy theory? ImageImage
Yup, already gone: justice.gov/usao-mdpa/pr/s…

Great work, DOJ, really instilling confidence in your commitment to justice and the rule of law.

Back up, slightly modified about the status of the ballots. Still no legitimate purpose for this, except to scare mail-in voters and give the Trump political team some gristle for conspiracy theories. Discarded how? Any sign of intent/accident? No criminal charges?

Come on. Image
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22 Sep
The ACA case is a perfect example: the plaintiffs don't have standing ($0 tax doesn't affect them), their theory is absurd (Congress can't zero-out a tax?), and the remedy is ridiculous (the $0 tax is plainly severable from pre-existing condition protections). And yet... /1
... nine Republican-appointed judges who have reviewed the ACA case have approved this thrice-ridiculous claim. A district judge adopted the whole thing. Two circuit judges adopted the first two parts, said the third part needs more analysis. Six more circuit judges agreed. /2
There's no way to reconcile the ACA lawsuit with basic, longstanding doctrines in the law like standing and severability. The case keeps winning so Republican judges can enact policy changes voters hate and Congress rejected. /3

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30 Aug
This is horribly dishonest. "Only 6%" would refer to COVID deaths where the death certificate had literally nothing but "COVID-19." It means the pathologist / medical examiner was lazy and didn't even include things COVID causes, like "respiratory failure" or "cardiac arrest." /1
Table 3: cdc.gov/nchs/nvss/vsrr…

If a person with no pre-existing conditions got COVID-19, developed sepsis, went into respiratory failure, had a heart attack, and died, and the death certificate listed all that, they wouldn't be in the "only 6%." They'd have 3 comorbidities. /2
If you want to roll with "only 6%," you've got to explain something else.

42% of Americans are obese. What percent of COVID-19 deaths involved obesity?


What?! How?!

Simple: the chart merely lists what medical examiners chose to put on death certificates. /3
Read 6 tweets
18 Aug
Great, but details matter here. What equipment was removed, and how has that affected handling? Is DeJoy rescinding his policies that let mail sit on the floor unsorted overnight and prohibited morning sorting before deliveries? Will he order all election mail be sorted same-day?
It should be extremely easy for USPS to explain why expensive equipment was found broken down in a parking lot: here's the facility's workload, what's wrong with this machine, what we're doing next, etc. That they won't is an admission it was improper.
And since Republicans have moaned for years to "run USPS like a business," fine: if a business owner (that's us) found millions of dollars of equipment smashed up in a parking lot and no one could explain why or what effect that was having, every manager involved would be fired.
Read 4 tweets

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