Gettysburg is one of my favorite places, I’ve been there hundreds of times.

It’s extremely wise for @joebiden to go there to speak about national unity and our values.

Lincoln’s was not the primary speaker in Nov 1863, months after the battle, but his words resonate today.1/
Edwin Everett, a famous orator of that period, was the main speaker. He attracted a large crowd & he gave a grand speech for over 2 hours.

President Lincoln, as an afterthought, was asked to provide “a few remarks.” He spoke 272 words & it took just under 2 minutes. 2/
What was unique in Lincoln’s speech was the use of key words: we, us, dedication to unfinished work, a reference to our nations documents, what should unite rather than divide us. 3/
“It is for us the be the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced. It is...for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us....” 4/
“We take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion...that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom -- and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” 5/
Extremely powerful words by Lincoln, as he knew the nation had been divided for 4 years, and the future depended on him reuniting the nation to meet our aspirational goals that had been determined 4 score and 7 years prior to his speech...our Declaration of Independence. 6/
Like I said. A smart move for @JoeBiden to go there, to remind us of who we are, who we need to be in the future. 7/7. @NSLforBiden

• • •

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11 Sep
In the middle of a friendly conversation with a new civilian friend this morning, he asked: "Do you remember where you were on 9/11."

My wife and I glanced at each other with knowing looks.

"It's a long story, how much do you want to hear?" 1/
In August 2001, I was assigned to the Pentagon for the first time in my career. That's because I was selected for promotion to Brigadier General, but first had to serve in a "Joint Assignment" as per law.

Our family left the high Mojave Desert and we drove to DC in July. 2/
Arriving at the Pentagon, I was told I couldn't assume the position until the Senate confirmed my promotion. My boss, a great 3-star Marine, gave me stuff to read & told me to lay low until the Senate acted.

After 3 weeks, he told me to take some leave. That was 3 Sept. 3/
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29 Jul
"The plan to pull US troops from the long-time NATO ally has been met with broad bipartisan opposition amid concerns that it will weaken the US military's position vis a vis Russia, however the Trump Administration has decided to proceed with the move." 1/ (of 15)
Having just watched the SecDef, Vice CJCS and @US_EUCOM Commander, I am sickened by this decision and explanation.

It is not tied to any strategic advantage, and in fact is counterproductive to showing strength in Europe.

A couple things:

First, what is obvious to me - having served 12 years in Germany and having participated in the last force structure change from 2004-2011, this is not a "strategic" is specifically a directed personal insult from Trump to our great & very supportive ally Germany.
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27 Jun
Report of Russia bounties on US Troops in Afghanistan is shocking but not surprising. There was intel on their arms transfers and support of the Taliban months ago.

Putin wants payback for our actions against their forces in Syria and for us supplying the Muj in the 1980s. 1/
The fact that no action was taken is also shocking, but not surprising with this administration.

The process of sound diplomatic engagements, application of strategy & policy, and use of all elements of national power is broken.

But it's not just with Russia. 2/
The multi-year strategy to address N.Korean missiles still simmers, and seems more dangerous than ever...… 3/
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26 Jun
During this @WIMSummit conference last night, we spoke briefly about the importance of "communicating in a crisis."

After watching the @HHSGov briefing a few minutes ago, perhaps it's timely to share some thoughts on communicating... 1/12
First, communicating has many factors:
-Who's the messenger, what's the forum and what are the objectives?
-What are the facts?
-What's the message?
-How does body language, facial expression, tone of voice contribute?
...and most importantly, is there a basis of trust? 2/12
The key communicator(messenger(s)) must:
-have expertise
-must have the trust of the audience (if not, he/she must find ways to quickly establish that trust)
-speak plainly and clearly, after rehearsing
-establish a vision for what will happen 3/12
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25 Jun
What an amazing webinar with Women In Medicine (@WIMSummit #WIM). Thanks @ShikhaJainMD and @LaurieBaedke for hosting Dr Mansfield and me.

You asked me to tweet about "burnout" here are some thoughts... 1/9
There's loads of research by terrific Dr Christina Maslach on the causes of "burnout," and all of the causes occur in healthcare.
(here's one study I like: Maslach, C. & Jackson, S.E. (1981). The Measurement of Experience Burnout. Journal of Occupational Behavior, 2: 99-113) 2/9
Burnt-out results from any individual feeling emotionally and/or physically exhausted, repetitive work without a feeling of accomplishment, repetitive negative engagements with others, a feeling of not being appreciated, and "life" being out of control. 3/9
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17 Jun
There are Senators who often act contrary to the best interest of all American. I often forget @SenJohnKennedy is one of them...likely because he’s so predictable.
Ft Polk is in Louisiana. I know, because I served there for over 3 years in the early 80’s. When I was there, all the soldiers knew there was a KKK chapter in a town near the tanks ranges. Ft Polk was named for Confederate general and West Point graduate Leonidas Polk.
Polk graduated from West Point, then immediately resigned his commission to become a minister. He was the largest slaveholder in his county by 1840, with 111 slaves. By 1850 census he owned 215, with estimates as high as 400.
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