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Hear, hear

As a confident WOC willing to enter male dominated, non-diverse spaces (women >20% of my class & rare in tech)

I hear from men and women:
I take up too much space, I talk too much, etc, etc.

If invited 6x to podcasts in 2019, is that "too much"?
Who decides?
In the marketplace of ideas, lack of women o BIPOC in a space, what is the metric of too much/little? A recent thread on leadership coaching specific to #WIM: importance of having manners if one wants a seat at the table

How about results as the metric?
I'm successful as an advocate, having been a Health Advocate of the Year in 2012 by @Drsforamerica in 2012. Part of being an advocate is bringing issues to the forefront that may not be the priority of decision makers. One communicates on it (albeit, at times, relentlessly)
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This is the second time in 24 hours the focus has been in being polite from within #WIM #PROWD

Traits I value:
visionary, innovative
being accurate
pro-mental health

Polite is a subjective term, often means aligning w/ status quo. Polite people quietly avoid bullies.
Yes, @KamalaHarris is able to smile through her debates and adhere to expected gender norms and avoid any hint of the racist trope of “angry” as a Black woman. But is that really what makes her qualified? Or is it a career worth of experience as well as times she persisted?
What are our priorities? In a busy world, we will only have a chance to achieve 3-5 max. If we put polite and being on time in those top 3-5, where does addressing safety, quality, inequity, mental health fall? Are we judging someone on timeliness who may have chronic illness?
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What an amazing webinar with Women In Medicine (@WIMSummit #WIM). Thanks @ShikhaJainMD and @LaurieBaedke for hosting Dr Mansfield and me.

You asked me to tweet about "burnout" here are some thoughts... 1/9
There's loads of research by terrific Dr Christina Maslach on the causes of "burnout," and all of the causes occur in healthcare.
(here's one study I like: Maslach, C. & Jackson, S.E. (1981). The Measurement of Experience Burnout. Journal of Occupational Behavior, 2: 99-113) 2/9
Burnt-out results from any individual feeling emotionally and/or physically exhausted, repetitive work without a feeling of accomplishment, repetitive negative engagements with others, a feeling of not being appreciated, and "life" being out of control. 3/9
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After 19 years, I’ve left Stanford. The accumulated gender discrimination and harassment had taken their toll. I shared my story with @kate_selig and @StanfordDaily because I think it is important and hope it will empower others to speak up.
Stanford was a wonderful place to train and start my career. I had exceptional mentors and colleagues and was given support to start a neuroendocrine tumor program. But then things changed.
As I entered mid-career, assumed leadership roles, and gained some degree of success, I was perceived as a threat by some male colleagues. At that point, I experienced insidious microaggressions and retaliation from male faculty.
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Addressing gender in GI, important catalysts for change: open communication b/w attendings & fellows about comfort w/ physical contact when teaching endoscopy, equal representation of M/F endosocpists in industry and new device marketing #WIM #WomenInGI…
More visible presence of women in conference leadership- research shows female conference attendees are better engaged and more encouraged to ask questions when speaker or panelist is a woman
Recognizing signs of sexual harassment and unprofessional behavior and taking steps to stop them including inappropriate jokes and innuendoes. Nearly half of US trainees in procedural field report experiencing harassement during training.
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It's the end of Quarter 1 and SO MUCH maths in #Room805! Let's start with #WIM from @joboaler and @chaoskeeper11. After our investigations, we wrapped up with our first ever #Colloquium using Two Stars and a Wish Feedback! 1/
You're gonna want to read what the student wrote there Jo and Cathy! I wouldn't have believed if I didn't see it for myself! Next, let's visit #MMA! We are a Math 8 and Algebra 1 community of learners. Hang on to your hats!
We've got multiple perspectives on that Promethean Board there @caguilarmunoz! But wait, there's more!
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