I forgot about open comment! I see at least one member of Safer Boulder, and then one member from Boulder SAFE, so I imagine today's leak of the Safer members will be the topic de jour. www-static.bouldercolorado.gov/docs/October_6…
Yes. Marcos Ospina kicking it off.
I'm still looking into this. Here's what I (and other media) were sent today. So you're in the loop. saferleaks.noblogs.org
Katherine Hauge from Safer thanks police, council and city manager for sweeping as much as they can. We want more services, she says. "We so appreciate the robust services Boulder already has in place" and is against camping, sanctioned or unsanctioned.
Her page on the Leak website isn't as heinous as some of the others, which is why I imagine she's speaking. saferleaks.noblogs.org/post/2020/09/2…
Although she did "like" some of the more troubling comments.
Evan Ravitz here to talk direct democracy, RE: the Boulder Weekly story of a couple weeks ago. boulderweekly.com/news/advancing…
Jessica Benjamin speaking to something we'll be discussing later tonight: What to do for restaurants over the winter?
Christopher Centeno is another Safer Boulder member, according to Safer Leaks. But doesn't have his own page, so maybe no posts. saferleaks.noblogs.org/?s=centeno
Centeno: Crime is out of control in our little town. Supervised camping will make this much worse. (A "transient serial felon" broke into his house a few years ago, he says.)

Would that man be able to stay in the campground? You'll never know.
References Safer Boulder's Change.org petition
Susan Peterson is here from Empower Our Future, which is against the Xcel settlement. I'll take a minute to plug my Muni coverage, in case you haven't read it yet. boulderbeat.news/2020/09/10/bou…
And, guys, I've seen a first draft of Gov't 101 by @emmaathenam and it's GOOD. Ya'll gonna love it. V excited for this to drop. Prob before the election.
Leslie Glustrom also speaking for Empower Our Future, against the settlement. "If we really want to do what's best for Boulder, let's slow down."

Evergreen quote.
Paul Culnan is here for the same reason.
"This is no time for an 80% solution," he says.
He mentions something I forgot, which is that council may consider endorsing some or all of the ballot measures tonight. Basically a resolution of support.

Yates, in his personal newsletter, endorsed all 5
Ryan Harwood, from SAFE, mentions the former speakers who were members of Safer, and the released chat messages. But his main point is the many issues he sees with the police oversight board.
It's a nice PR spin, Harwood says, but leaves police free to keep harassing homeless people while "their housed friends" — members of Safer Boulder — bring them sandwiches in public parks. (Something else documented in the leaks)
Jessica Brookhart from Hapa Sushi, praising the outdoor dining. "These seats outside are priceless to us." Please expand patios for the next year, she asks. (Again, we'll be talking about this later.)
First time I've ever heard the word "igloos" in a council meeting. Kinda can't wait to eat sushi outside in an igloo for my winter birthday.
Riley Mancuso starts with "hey, um, so um" in this really informal way that made me lol.
His actual message was much more somber: He's opposed to the camping ban. Also references the Safer members and gives the Safer Leaks link.
Oh crap, he says F You to Jane Brautigam and my stomach just DROPPED. I cannot handle the anxiety that induced.
I immediately hit mute. Bad journalist.
Ramesh Bhatt is here from the Sierra Club, also opposing the Xcel settlement. It "falls well short" of Boulder's climate goals, he says.
Misha Toor: "I didn't have time to write out what I was going to say. I was busy trying to keep my neighbors clothed and fed and safe."
omg more cursing. I'm beet red and sweating.
why am I such an anxious tomato.
She didn't get a 'thank you' from Yates, I noticed.
Patrick Murphy is here to support the Xcel settlement. (Well, he's more here to run down the muni, but tomato, tomato)
Brendan Soane, a CU law student, is here to talk occupancy limits. He has lived over occupied ... or maybe currently.. referencing 4 ppl in a 4 bedroom house and why it makes him a worse neighbor.
Soane: I'm disinclined to wave to my neighbors when I leave the driveway, to shovel their walk when it snows, or greet their dog. One day, if my neighbor comes home and has to park a little farther away, he can report us and we'll lose our housing.
David Dadone from BMoCA is asking for smaller arts budget cuts. Which is a public hearing later so... ya breaking the open comment rules, David!)
Carr notes that. And he condemns "Riley Mancuso's vicious attack" on Brautigam.

That wraps open comment. @threadreaderapp please unroll. Thanks!

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7 Oct
We're quickly going over some land use code cleanups. There are 53 of them. I read through them all (you're welcome) and didn't see anything that bears reporting. But if you must look for yourself: www-static.bouldercolorado.gov/docs/Item_3F_-…
Staff also said they were nothing substantive. Some typo changes, some clarifications to simplify language. Stuff like that.
No slides for this super fast update, but it's about “online marketplace facilitators” (Etsy, Amazon, eBay). Boulder changing its code/practices to collect sales tax from their sellers.
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We're going to briefly talk about when council could resume in-person meetings. Not in 2020, and maybe not in early 2021 either. They talked about a virtual retreat (Jan. 22-23).
Brautigam: Since we're in Safer At Home, there are limits on how many ppl can gather, in what size space, etc.

"We think it's prudent" to remain virtual for council and board meetings "through the end of the year."
Yates on the retreat: It's a mid-term check-in, so a bit shorter. Evening of Friday, Jan. 22 ("building relationships") and morning of Saturday, Jan. 23 (workplan)
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Howdy from the central time zone, #Boulder. It's city council night and, oh boy, it's a big one.
We've got the budget. We've got the lobbying agenda. We've got our monthly COVID briefing from health officials (plus an update on what's happening at CU). We're talking winter outdoor dining, when council might return to in-person meeting, and more.
LOL the pre-meeting council banter tonight is A+
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Severe weather sheltering is next. That's what Boulder calls winter shelter for people experiencing homelessness, because it's typically triggered by the weather, not necessarily the season.

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I wrote "normally" triggered by weather. This year, they are suggesting all-night sheltering from Dec. 1- March 15, which is the coldest part of the winter, and then weather dependent (below 32 or 38 with rain/snow) for Oct. 1-Nov. 30 and March 16 - May 31
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