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Hey, #Boulder, a little late tonight with your intro, but it's city council night. Lots o' littler stuff (small annexation, some call-ups) a medium thing (will council allow seated e-scooters?) and the Big Thing: Will council suspend evictions due to over occupancy during COVID?
For once I don't have links to tweet. So I guess it was a short intro. Gonna be a long meeting, though.
Nagle will be absent tonight and next week due to a "work commitment," per her email.
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Hey, #Boulder, sorry I'm a little late in our usual Tuesday night greeting. Trying to put together a story and read through some CORA documents. When news breaks, it breaks all at once.
Anyway, it's city council night. "For yourselves weep ye, and for your children."
I like a little biblical quote to start a council meeting. Feels right. Plus, what else am I really doing with my knowledge of the Bible these days? Not much, let me tell you.
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Is it Tuesday again already? You know what that means... city council night, #Boulder.

Tonight is a study session so no public participation. We've got an update on policing, including reforms and oversight.…
Then two very confusing and difficult topics related to Boulder's built environment that are SUPER important: Community benefit/height limits and use tables.
Basically: What do developers have to do to be allowed to build up to the charter height limit of 55 feet? And what can go where in the city? (Offices, restaurants, homes, shops, etc.)
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Howdy, again, #Boulder. It's city council night Part Deux as elected officials consider whether to place on the ballot an historic settlement with Xcel to pause municipalization and resume a franchise agreement.
You can read about that here, although apparently there have been some last-minute changes. You'll have to follow along to find out what those are.…
Which brings me to the second item for consideration: Should Boulder ask voters to keep paying the UOT, even if there's no muni? It would help fund projects to get Boulder to 100% renewable energy by 2030 (Xcel has only promised 80%)
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Tonight is our public hearing before City Council. While there may be additional steps ahead, this evening we will learn how NEWR will appear on the ballot. Follow along! #Boulder
Clarifying question from Adam Swetlik--do "dwelling units" include ADU's and efficiency apartments? Answer: yes.
City Attorney Tom Carr states that as a tax, BHP and other affordable housing non-profits may not be subject to the tax. Mary Young asks for clarity for affordable housing providers. We wish for clarity as well.
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Good(?) evening, #Boulder. The skies have turned to smoke and the sun looks like it rose straight from hell ... portents of a city council meeting if I ever saw one.
Tonight: We're getting a report on the yearly audit of Boulder's financial practices. Things are looking good: Better than last year.

We'll also get an update on Boulder's actual finances. Things are looking not-so-good. Sales tax down 10% from last year.
But Boulder is about to dole out $1.5M in COVID aid to businesses ($775K) and residents ($740K), so there's that.…
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We're going to move onto prairie dogs now, at least the staff presentation, and then break before the public hearing.…
Some really great numbers and graphics in the presentation.
And here's my story again:…
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A little late but I'm gonna tweet some highlights from today's CU/#Boulder city council meeting.
We're expecting updates on the planned conference center, reopening the campus this fall and... other stuff that I've forgotten! I'm sorry!
It might not be terribly informative, as the format doesn't (so far) show names for anyone who is participating, so I might not recognize a lot of the CU folks.
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Sorry, I've missed the start of the main event while reporting on the under card. We're well into a presentation by Luis Toro of the #Boulder City Attorney's Office on what happened with the deadline switch that made it impossible for resident-led ballot petitions to make ballot.
This is a wild conversation, I can't wait to write about it for you.
Wallach: Tells Carr he "could not disagree" with him more on his conclusions on how to interpret the interaction between municipal and state laws on petitioning.
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Hey, #Boulder. I can already feel you pulsating with rage, so clearly there's no need to tell you that it's city council night.
The agenda:
Public hearings on two potential ballot items.
-Adding 2 members to the Arts Commission (straightforward)
-Giving council the authority to change the city charter during declared emergencies in *very* limited circumstances (slightly less so, but not too controversial)
You can read more here:…
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Hey, #Boulder, it's city council night, and I've never been more thoroughly exhausted — physically, mentally and emotionally — before starting a meeting.
Which isn't great, bc tonight is likely to be a long and contentious one. We're talking CU's reopening plans, city budget check-in and homelessness strategy.

Read about that last here:…
Also, Twitter's glitchy. So this should be fun!
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They're baaaack.... After a two-week summer break, #Boulder city council is resuming tonight with a fairly full docket, including the first COVID briefing from health officials since June's surge. (Looks like things have turned around.)
Also: An update on business response (street closures, etc.)
Public hearings on a new hemp licensing program/fees, changes to dockless bike share regs, and tweaks to city code regulating overnight parking of large vehicles (campers, RVs, trailers)
Then an update on Xcel negotiations (not much new, I don't think) and performance reviews for City Attorney Tom Carr, City Manager Jane Brautigam and Municipal Judge Linda Cooke.

Those usually come with raises, but I doubt that will happen in this economic climate.
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As some of you know, I used to work at Apple during the “dark ages” (93-96) in an advanced technology group that was part of Apple Online Services, the group that did AppleLink and eWorld, called they Apple Electronic Media Lab here in #Boulder (Thread 1/x) #VintageSwagNamiML
We worked on a variety of projects related to extending Apple’s success in desktop publishing into the online era. Among them were various online technologies related to Newton which was launched around that time. (2/x)
For example, “NewtonGrams” which were news feeds based on a reduced SGML tag set, now lost to time. Well, to do this, we had to have a prototype Newton “bunwarmer” which was all the guts of the Newton but in a plexiglass case. (3/x)
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Next up: A brief update on Xcel negotiations. (Pointless) presentation here:…
Seriously, it's just a list of meetings that have already been held and ones upcoming. (Monday, June 22 for Boulder businesses and Wednesday, June 24 for the general public, I think)
Carr talking about under grounding: Any settlement will "probably" include asking Xcel to "catch up" on under grounding of power lines (worth roughly $10M) that it hasn't been doing while Boulder is not under a franchise agreement.
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No call-ups, so we're moving to CU South. We'll be here for at least three hours. Presentation:…
And my story again, just in case you missed it the first time:…
I really don't feel like going over what we already did in February. Read the story.

Basically, council's preferred plan may not be doable bc it can't maintain stream flows under U.S. 36. It's also more expensive and destroys more sensitive land.
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Howdy, #Boulder. It's basically like Florida outside, so why not put your soul in a swampland, too, and follow along with my city council coverage tonight?
We've got one big item: Picking a flood mitigation plan for CU South. It should be fairly straightforward since council already discussed options in February (sans public hearing) but I'm looking forward to seeing how they complicate it.…
We've got some shorter discussions, too:
BHP joining the Ponderosa mobile home park redevelopment project
City selling 2 more sections of 30Pearl to a private developer, as planned
City selling Pleasant St parking lot for $2.7M to developers of Uni Hill hotel
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Hey, #Boulder. Feeling a little subdued as we head into tonight's city council meeting. Two things on the agenda: police oversight/reform and a financial update.
Nor are they unrelated. Many calls to reduce the police budget and invest in the community instead. City Manager Jane Brautigam said yesterday that would not happen in changes to the 2020 budget.
Could happen for 2021 budget planning, which takes place this year. Or it could happen *next year* for the 2021 budget. It wasn't clear to me what she meant. Hopefully more context will be revealed tonight.
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I'm in #Boulder's muni update Zoom, which includes some Xcel officials. I might tweet some things bc that's what I do.
It's being facilitated by Heather Bergman, my favorite person who I've actually never met. I think a good test of character for people should be: Do they like Heather Bergman?

Everyone who doesn't is cancelled.
Mayor Weaver and pro tem Yates are giving updates; then Xcel's Alice Jackson will provide the company's perspective (what's largely been missing from public forum, bc I can't get an interview and they are never at council meetings).
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Howdy, #Boulder. If you're looking for a different trainwreck to watch on Twitter, might I recommend tonight's city council meeting?
JK. I'm sure it's going to be great.
Tonight we've got our first COVID briefing in awhile, then a an update on enforcement.

New police chief Maris Herold yesterday said she is going to keep that to a minimum.
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Allow arts commission to expand from 5 to 7 members
Adjust council pay from per-meeting to a set period (monthly)
Allow 6 members of council to amend city charter during emergencies
Crap my first tweet didn't post, but this discussion is about what ballot measures council might want to bring forward this year. Presentation here:…
So why these? Arts Commission requested more members bc they do a lot of grants and it's a lot of work for 5 members. It's in the charter, so that would require a vote to change.
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Hello, #Boulder Twitter. It is I, Shay Castle, once again asking you to follow along as I tweet city council meetings.
Tonight's agenda: A couple quick updates on restaurant reopening/outdoor dining and homeless services (winter shelters close at end of May)…
Longer discussions on COVID enforcement and which items council may want to place on the ballot / governor's orders for mail/email petition signatures…
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Howdy, #Boulder. It's city council night, and tonight we've got some COVID news (I see lots on testing in the presentation) a concept review for the Hill hotel and a revisit of petitioning.
I'm told two new campaigns filed with the city clerk today: One on changing the way mayors are selected (which we've been hearing about for months) and one called "Protecting the Community From Pandemics By Limiting Density" which I had not heard of until today.
I'll have to do my research, but obviously that group is basing their argument on the fact that recovery went faster/better in well-known low-density locations like *checks notes* Tokyo and Seoul, South Korea.
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Another Tuesday night, another #Boulder city council meeting. Follow along if you've got nothing else to live for.
I imagine my tweets will be lacking their usual zip, because tonight we've got the Marpa House landmarking (yawn) and hemp regulations (double yawn) and the standard COVID update, which will at least be informative if it's not interesting.
Actually it's not fair or accurate to say Marpa House will be a snooze. I read the emails council received, and there was one from a survivor of sexual abuse and assault from within Shambhala, asking them not to landmark a place where so many women and children were raped.
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Happy(?) Tuesday, #Boulder. It's city council night and there's only one thing on the agenda: Finances.
OK, two things: COVID and finances.
We'll be getting our customary update and then diving into economic stuff with a forecast from CU's Rich Wobbekind and Brian Lewandowski, then modeling from the city on likely budget impacts.
There wasn't much info in the packet ahead of today's meeting. Looking through the slides, though, tons of numbers. None of them particularly good.
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