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I have been up since 6:30 a.m. with my dog. I am CAFFEINATED and READY TO GO!

I will dispense with the all caps as we get started on tonight's very long meeting, which will include...
+ First reading and public hearing on the 2020 budget
+ Discussion/decision on Alpine Balsam Area Plan
+ (Maybe) a discussion on the city providing off-duty cops to BI, Inc., which monitors immigrants/asylum seekers and is owned by a co. that runs detention facilities...
... and Public hearing and (maybe?) vote on Community Benefit, a project to determine what developers will give the city in exchange for being allowed to build up to the city's height limit (55 feet)
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Hey, all. It's #Boulder City council night. Just a study session, so go back to your knitting if you'd like. But we've got budget stuff, a CU South update and progress report on the police oversight task force, so maybe pay attention.
I'm going to be working from home today bc I just got home from vacay 2 hrs ago and my dog's (benign) tumor, Tumor Willis, is bleeding. I don't want to leave her alone in a vulnerable state. So @bouldercolorado if you can make sure the livestream is working, that would be great!
Here's a picture of her in a T-shirt/makeshift bandage until I can get her to the vet tomorrow. To atone for my absence.
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Crap! It's almost 6 p.m. and I haven't done my obligatory, "Hey #Boulder, it's city council night!" tweet yet.
Here's what's on tonight (at least the big 'uns): Adoption of the open space master plan. Last visited in a joint study session with OSBT in June.…
Changes to use tables in the Opportunity Zone and possible lifting of the demolition and development moratorium EXCEPT for the areas that contain old, affordable apartments. Those will likely stay under a demo ban.
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It's not Déjà vu: It's #Boulder city council night Part 2.

Tonight: Council discussion, vote on tobacco taxes, higher age limit and vaping flavor ban. Here's where we left off:…
Then after that, we'll have council discussion and feedback to staff on Alpine Balsam. No story on that (yet; I'm waiting for tonight) but here's last night's Twitter thread.

Warning: It's long.…
No public hearings for either of these things: We had those already. Two of the longest ones in recent memory.
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I got here an hour early and oh, boy, the things I've heard already.

Right now, a lady is telling two people, "That's classist. I don't even want to listen."
And the ppl are saying, "You can judge me. I don't care."

#Boulder, it's going to be a WILD city council night.
I'll get this out of the way early. Here's what we've got going on tonight. In the low-stress, yay! Boulder category: Council is contemplating updating its city language to be more gender inclusive, and considering add'l protections under hate crimes ordinances.
We last visited this all the way back in February. (You'll have to scroll down to read the pertinent parts.)…
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Hey, #Boulder. Happy Tuesday. Council is back after a brief respite.

At the risk of sounding *incredibly* lame, I kinda missed you.
Here's what's on tap tonight: Two public hearings, related to the issuance of $20M in certificates of participation to fund construction of the "backbone" of an eventual fiber internet system. Council OK'd using debt back in June 2018:…
We last visited this in April, when council decided to spend $2.3M extra to connect low-income communities and other key areas to the backbone.…
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Yo, yo, yo, #Boulder, we're 10 min away from the first *full* council meeting since summer break. And I do mean full: We've got CU South flood stuff, Hogan Pancost, appointments to Housing and Open Space boards, and a consideration of possible vaping regulations.
Some background on Hogan Pancost:…
CU South is pretty much where council left it last time. (See story) Tonight they'll be discussing two workarounds to get CU on board: either redrawing land use maps or shrinking the size of the detention pond…
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HEY EVERYONE, big news:
@SimpleEnergy and @Tendril are merging to form a new company — which is now the leader in energy software and will power the fight against climate change.
Our new company is @Uplight 1/
@SimpleEnergy @Tendril @Uplight @adriantuck @bfeld @JustSegall @davidcohen tl;dr: we’re effectively pulling together five companies: @SimpleEnergy, @Tendril, @EnergySavvy, EEme and @FirstFuel to create SaaS platform w/ nine-figure revenue serving over 75 utilities and who cover over 100 million homes and businesses. 2/
@SimpleEnergy @Tendril @Uplight @adriantuck @bfeld @JustSegall @davidcohen @energysavvy @Firstfuel You should read the full release about the formation of @Uplight at…. It’s good. Go read it. I’ll wait. 3/
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This is going to be a packed thread. Sooo many facts and figures; it may be hard to keep up.

Here's the presentation, so you can follow along.…
Boulder has been planning this for a few years:…
The budget has been upped (as has, I think, the scope) to $150K, $50K of which is yet to be spent.
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Hey ya'll...Did you miss me? No? Well, too bad: City Council is back and so am I. Buckle up, #Boulder.

Well, maybe not until next week. Tonight is just a study session on the city's climate strategy and retail health.
Some very interesting notes on this for council. The retail study, in particular, was *packed* with facts. Expect a robust Twitter feed tonight.
We're getting started. The Young Women's Voices for Climate is here, in costume. As what, I can't tell, but I earlier heard them rehearsing a song about the climate crisis set to the tune of "Can you feel the love tonight?" from the Lion King.
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E-Biking from work to TAB meeting. I will tweet public comment and North Broadway Project.
I'm no @shayshinecastle, but will do my best. @wjrigler @bouldergobldr…
20 mph across city.
N. Broadway. Can't wait till next redesign.
Need separated bike facility now.
David Adison. Goose Creek.
Alpine Balsam.
Promote carsharing in that parking garage.
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Most people people know DC Proud Boy rally organizer Luke Rohlfing as the member of the #ProudBoys who looks like Ralph Wiggum, but in 2017, he was rallying with neo-Nazis in the Traditionalist Worker Party in #Boulder, including Will Planner, part of stab attack in #Sacramento.
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Hey, ya'll. Taking a break from my vacay to live-tweet tonight's Raucous Caucus at the #Boulder Elk's Lounge.

I have graciously been lent a computer for the night since mine crapped out this morning. If you've got a spare, lmk.
It is, in fact, raucous around here. Lots of noise, dozens of people. And a 5-min delay.
But we're getting started now-ish.
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Hey, #Boulder. Are you stoked? No? Well, get stoked: It's the last city council meeting before summer recess!
Full agenda tonight, including a muni public hearing, transportation master plan update, a discussion about living wage for city workers + moving janitorial staff in-house, more board and commission appointments....
And two council members will be picked to hear an oral report of the independent investigation into the arrest of Sammie Lawrence.
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We're a few min away from the #Boulder city council / open space board of trustees joint study session. I'm watching from home tonight bc my lower back is *fully* wrecked...
...or at least trying to. The links don't seem to be working for me. Any of my regular readers wanna help me out?
Ya'll, this is embarrassing. I've been directing you to watch meetings online for *months* and yet idk how to do it.
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Hey, ya'll. We're a few min away from the #Boulder city council study session. Two discussion items up tonight: Large homes, large lots and use tables (what can be built/operated where in the city in terms of businesses, offices, homes, etc.)
My latest on both, which are ongoing projects and have been visited in recent months.…
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If you guys hate having to wait a full week between #Boulder city council tweets, you're in luck: I'm back with a special meeting tonight. The topic: What council wants to do with Alpine Balsam, the 8-acre former BCH campus.
If you recall, during an April budget discussion, several council members asked for an out as costs to redevelop it for city offices mount.…
Tonight we'll get a look at what those paths could be. Staff has presented 4 options: Stay the course, Rezone and sell, Sell now, or Pause and do more analysis.
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Getting ready to start a #Boulder city council meeting. Lacking my usual vim and vigor, but I'll at least keep you informed.
Tonight's topics are the open space master plan, a discussion of possible ballot measures, and an in-depth look a possible tax on natural gas and a vehicle registration fee, both intended to raise $$ to fight climate change.
Starting with the open space master plan update. (I hate reporting on master plan updates. It's all philosophy, no substance).
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Guess what time it is (again)? PRAIRIE DOGS!
The pdog and ag folks have trickled back in, no doubt after dinner and (hopefully) some drinks.
This part of the memo was a slog to get through. But I had to, bc all the $$ bits were sprinkled throughout a lot of open space and planning jargon.
I did it for you, #Boulder. Bc I love you.
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Hey, ya'll. It's #Boulder city council night, and it's gearing up to be a wild (and long) one. We've got prairie dogs. We've got development. We've got police oversight. We've got library funding.
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Hey, #Boulder, I'm not late. City council starts at 6:30 tonight. It's a *special* meeting, and by that I mean it is being held on a week typically reserved for a study session, and there are no open comment or public hearings.

Every council meeting in this town is special.
Tonight's discussions include: Boulder's prep for the 2020 Census, and a vote to approve using ~$2.5M of the already approved $20M in debt funding for connections to the fiber backbone.…
Then council will approve (or not) an agreement with the St. Julien to build/operate/manage an event space, which civic and nonprofit entities will get first dibs at reserving (for 3 days a year).
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Hey, #Boulder, it's city council night. A full meeting, including a public hearing over the city's proposed leasing of Harbeck House:…
The first look at updating Boulder's building codes (which sounds like a total snore, but there are actually some interesting things in there.) We've also got a discussion on meth use in the city, which has been decouples from one over homeless encampments.
And council will be voting to call up the Liquor Mart development: 147 apartments and ground-floor retail.

Also, there's a cop sitting between me and @CassaMN, so I feel lonely. Like in the old days, before there were two ppl covering council meetings. *le sigh*
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Hey, guys, #Boulder city council is still happening tonight. It's just about to start: a 7 p.m. meeting so council could have its annual sister cities dinner. They're downstairs; sounds like they're having fun.
Tonight's study session will cover the city's finances, including $375M in unfunded projects, both immediate and long-term wishlist items.
The second item is a report from the Sexually Violent Predators Working Group, which is making 8 recommendations for things like housing, community education and outreach, and responsibilities of council.
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Hello, #Boulder. It's city council night. I've no idea what to expect tonight in terms of length/craziness. I am in a MOOD. And that mood is: Over this BS.
But I'm going to try and focus on the 3 good things that have happened since I left the house:
1.) I had EXACT CHANGE to pay for my soda water at Alfalfa's
2.) A cute puppy licked me on the hand
3.) Councilman Sam Weaver is wearing a bolo tie
Tonight we're talking two main issues: Affordable housing and the citizen task force to study police oversight…
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