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I think it’s helpful to start with the framework of the #Boulder POP mission: to serve the community by reviewing cases and making recommendations for remediation, if necessary. Police shouldn’t be afraid of oversight. 1/
I don’t think we should throw the baby out with the bath water by saying this case of LSM misjudgment means the POP is a corrupt organization.
If you make this argument then you must also side with the notion that one bad cop spoils the whole police force. 2/
This is an argument used by fringe ideologues. I see this entire ball of wax as a problem of scarcity. The POP is overworked and under resourced. They feel sensitive and defensive. The police department is also overworked and under resourced. They feel undervalued. 3/
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The latest tactic for Lisa Sweeney-Miran is to have people write to #Boulder City Council to support a diverse panel on the POP. What is diverse about Lisa? She is a white girl who has never had any personal bad experiences with police. (P. 282 of the independent counsel report) Image
She says she has seen others be treated with disrespect through her work with the homeless and in her position with her non-profits. But is this diversity? This describes so many people in our town who do important non-profit work. Image
Diversity is defined as “the practice or quality of including or involving people from a range of different social and ethnic backgrounds and of different genders, sexual orientations, etc.”

This doesn’t describe Lisa at all.
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Independent counsel recommends @LSweeneyMiran resign from the #Boulder POP or city council should consider removing her:…
From page 13 of the 317 page report Clay Douglas writes, “On our March 26 telephone interview, Sweeney-Miran said “abolitionist” is not a term she would use to describe herself and she is unsure what the term means because she has not used it to describe herself...
… At that time, she failed to address the statement, in John Neslage’s January 19 complaint, that “She has also added the hashtag #abolitionist to her new Mastodon account.” In an April 2 follow-up interview, Sweeney-Miran said she is not sure what a Mastodon hashtag is…
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A bad batch of Fentanyl has hit the streets of Boulder. 🧵
A couple years ago in 2021 when it was mentioned by @BVSDcolorado it was after a spate of deaths including this boy, Jack Swanson, who attended Boulder High: Image
Colorado responded by passing House Bill 1326 which increased the penalties for possessing or distributing fentanyl and will pump tens of millions of dollars into efforts to prevent overdose deaths, as well as drug treatment and education campaigns.…
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The email from #Boulder High School in response to exploding propane tanks:

Dear Boulder High School Families and Staff,

As you may have seen in the media, there have been several fires that Boulder Fire Department has had to put out in the tent encampments, just outside…1/
…of the western boundary of our school property. In the first case on Friday, student athletes were running on the multi-use path when they had to turn back after spotting the fire. On Tuesday, student-athletes were practicing at Recht Field when the fire started. 2/
…This fire resulted in students being evacuated from the field and canceling practice.

Given these developments, we are working with our partners in the City of Boulder to increase measures to ensure the safety of our students. 3/
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@annie_mehl reported last week @bouldercolorado hired @farahmuscadin as a POP consultant to guide the panel in a variety of matters.
@farahmuscadin recently resigned from her POP post in late last year after returning from maternity leave citing her desire to focus on family and care for her our-of-state parents:…
In 2021, a Houston arbiter found she “improperly conducting investigations into officer misconduct and dictating the questions that could be asked of witnesses during interviews to assess whether an officer had acted inappropriately.”
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@boulderweekly has a fairly balanced piece out this week on the diminished safety of #Boulder Creek and its surrounding areas. All the progressive propaganda in the world cannot withstand the opening paragraphs about the lived experience of a local 9th grader:
The piece takes opinions from citizens across the board on this issue, but there seems to be no accountability from city council for the safety problems that persist. As you know, we are passionate about taking local leadership to task on these matters.
The usual players weigh in: @DADoughertyCO reminds us we can’t jail people out of homelessness; @boulderpolice reminds us they are drinking out of a fire hose; and @JenniferLivovi1 pounds her familiar drum citing lack of services. Absent is the pull quote from @AaronBrockett12
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News on the most recent complaints related to the new #Boulder POP candidates has been scant, so we will share what we know: Resident, musician and faculty member of The New School, Emily Reynolds filed two complaints against some members of city council in late January. 🧵
January 30, 2023

Boulder City Clerk and Staff:

“Pursuant to City of Boulder Municipal Code Title 2, Chapter 7, I am filing a complaint for a Code of Conduct violation against Mayor Brockett and Council Members Benjamin, Folkerts, Friend, Joseph and Speer…”
…the six members of City Council who voted to approve the recommendations of the Police Oversight Panel Selection Committee at the City Council Special Meeting on January 26, 2023.
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1 in 4 flippers sold their homes for LESS $$$ than expected in our 4Q22 survey. Elevated rates and falling home prices are scaring buyers wary of buying on the way down, but investors are clearly looking to acquire now and refinance later. 🧵Flipper comments to follow ->
#Austin flipper: “Austin has an overinflated housing market that is compounded by elevated interest rates. This has resulted in a downward spiral in qualified buyers. The fix and flip market is pretty much gone. Prices in most areas are down about -30% or more in recent months.”
#Baltimore flipper: “We’re looking forward to a big 2023. I hate to say it, but a lot of it’s going to be on the backs of consumers with hardships, or circumstances where they have no other options. But that’s our bread and butter.”
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Hey, all, it's about time for the #Boulder city council meeting. Reminder: Tonight council will be voting on the recommended new members for the Police Oversight Panel.
As a recap: Police chief, union and some residents are opposed to two appointees who have been critical of the police in the past, and expressed support for the Defund the Police movement and/or interest in the Abolish the Police movement.
They (police folks) say this makes these 2 ppl biased against police, and therefore incapable of weighing alleged misconduct of individual officers.
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In her post vote plea, city council member @SpeerBldrCC
“wanted everyone to think about how easy it is to confuse disagreement and criticism with bias.” She then went on to invoke some true scenarios around the systemic state of policing. 🧵1/
Unfortunately she’s making the wrong argument and it is she who doesn’t understand the legal difference between the terms. Time stamp: 2:15:44
Once again, the #Boulder Police Oversight Panel Ordinence clearly states, “members of the police oversight panel shall be volunteers who, immediately prior to appointment, shall demonstrate: an absence of any real or perceived bias…”
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Here is the ethics violation complain filed against the #Boulder POP plus the email string:

@annie_mehl @boulderweekly
As you can read, a John Neslage of #Boulder was named as filing the ethics complaint violation. He was the gentleman (flanked by the 1100 police calls) who spoke a couple of weeks ago about his daughter being sexually assaulted by a man in the @boulderlibrary
Cc: @annie_mehl
Neslage pressed @boulderlibrary Director David Farnan after this city council meeting on the claims that the perpetrator had been reported and all due diligence within the scope of the library performed. Farnan was 💯true to his word and all actions were performed.
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The #Boulder city council meeting is on in five minutes:…
I love this Joni Teter & Matt Appelbaum Housing Legacy Day declaration! As an affordable homeowner for 17 years, I am grateful for this concept and this program. What a beautiful moment! @AaronBrockett12 🙌🏼
Beautiful words from Rabbi Soloway as he notes this International Holocaust Day declaration. Anti-Semitism is an evil that should have never taken root. I recommend the new Ken Burns documentary on the subject that shows, in particular, America’s complicity in the genocide.
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Thank you @yellowscenemag for giving us the publicity. Putting out a story that says we are affiliated with Safer Boulder because @lsweeneymiran told you is not reporting, it’s gossip. Feel free to reach out to all parties when you are running a story. Because credibility.
Here’s a piece from October 2021 where @yellowscenemag promoted the now castigated candidate, Steve Rosenblum:…
As for the claim that I am pro police. I’m not even sure how to parse that. I can tell you we need police and I can tell you I held the first rally for #GeorgeFloyd in Boulder. We knelt for an hour and all went to Mateo afterwards. I don’t believe @yellowscenemag covered it.
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🧵#USA Verschärfung des #Waffengesetz|es - Stärkere Vorschriften für Umwandlung von Pistolen zu Langwaffen. Laut Justizministerium und #ATF, werden künftig jede Handfeuerwaffe mit einer angebrachten Schulterstütze als Kurzlaufgewehr betrachtet. 1/x…
2/x Zuletzt versuchten Waffenhersteller in den #USA die Vorschriften zu umgehen, indem sie spezielle Halterungen für Pistolen verkauften, die es dem Schützen ermöglicht, die Waffe an der Schulter zu stabilisieren.
3/x Laut #ATF, wurden zuletzt solche Waffen bei den jüngsten Massenerschießungen von den Tätern eingesetzt, #Dayton #Ohio #Boulder #Colorado
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Massive 6.4 #earthquake rocks #California leaving people without power | Dec 20
- Its #epicenter was 210 miles north of #SanFrancisco, where a quake hit last week…
6.4-Magnitude #Earthquake Hits Northern #California | -3h
Northern #California #earthquake causes 'widespread damage' to roads, homes | -2h
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So seems like there still might be confusion on the whole two maps thing, so hopefully this thread will help... #sunshinewildlandfire
Most of the confusion seems to have stemmed from the city and county putting their maps on separate platforms and people referring to "west Boulder" to include both city and county
On the left is the map #Boulder County was using, where we still have three mandatory evacuation areas. On the right, the map used by the city, where there were temporarily evacuation warnings
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ALERT: #Boulder County responding to structure fire in Sunshine Canyon. Per scanner, evacuations are imminent
They are calling out mandatory evacuation grids over the #Boulder County scanner right now. Once I get info on the areas those translate to, we will post them
UPDATE: Per scanner, Sunshine Canyon structure fire has moved into wildland and jumped the road, is no longer contained. Now at about 1/4 of an acre
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I'm putting the "live" back in live-tweeting tonight. In-person for the #Boulder city council meeting.
I'm here because they're voting on how to spend the rest of Boulder's ARPA money: Just over $11M.
They're also talking about possible upcoming transportation projects. The ones Boulder is seeking regional/federal $$ for.
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Big takeaways from our survey of fix-and-flippers last week: 1) Rates have massively slowed transactions and prices are falling broadly. 2) Lots of talk about flippers changing strategies, holding-and-renting instead of flipping, or exiting the space entirely.

#Atlanta flipper: “Many highly-leveraged flippers will need to go out of pocket to sell or will default on no-recourse loans. We will not see improvement until the 2nd half of 2024. Many will not make it to that point and there will be some bargains for cash-flush investors.”
#Baltimore flipper: “Sellers are still not reacting to market shifts. Sellers need to lower prices.”
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Public hearing time! #Boulder City Council will consider approval of the Boulder Parks & Rec master plan update.…
City Manager Nuria Rivera-Vandermyde is acknowledging that the parks dept lost an employee yesterday.
Project Manager Regina Elsner says this plan has been in the works since late 2020. The process was at times delayed due to the pandemic.
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Open comment has concluded. Lots of talk about public spaces/encampments & decriminalization of psychedelics.
Consent agenda up next. Items of note: first reading of noise ordinance to address issues on University Hill, a $67.5K settlement with a former employee & an ordinance that would add members to the police oversight panel. We'll have a short presentation/discussion on that one.
#Boulder Independent Police Monitor Joey Lipari hopes to add two panel members, increasing the number from nine to 11. This was the original number recommended.…
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Attention #Boulder - a study just released by the Boulder DA's office and @verainstitute confirms that Boulder's criminal justice system is far more racist against Black and Brown people than most other states, and even for Colorado, we're far worse than the state avg. 1/8
Here's data, for example, on Boulder's Latino rates of imprisonment compared to Boulder whites. "If Boulder County were a state it would rank 4th in the nation for" imprisonment disparities between whites and Latinos. 2/8
It gets worse. Boulder's criminal justice system is even more discriminatory toward Black people. A Black person in Boulder is about five times more likely to be prosecuted by the Boulder DA than a white person. 3/8
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#Boulder County is here to share more about the potential extension of its countywide transportation sales tax.
Commissioner Claire Levy says the county wants to get the city's feedback on the initiative and will field questions too.
Deputy Director of Community Planning & Permitting Kathleen Bracke is sharing first. "We're coming up on that critical timeframe," Bracke notes, adding that the current sales tax expires mid 2024.
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