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Public hearing time! #Boulder City Council will consider approval of the Boulder Parks & Rec master plan update.…
City Manager Nuria Rivera-Vandermyde is acknowledging that the parks dept lost an employee yesterday.
Project Manager Regina Elsner says this plan has been in the works since late 2020. The process was at times delayed due to the pandemic.
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Open comment has concluded. Lots of talk about public spaces/encampments & decriminalization of psychedelics.
Consent agenda up next. Items of note: first reading of noise ordinance to address issues on University Hill, a $67.5K settlement with a former employee & an ordinance that would add members to the police oversight panel. We'll have a short presentation/discussion on that one.
#Boulder Independent Police Monitor Joey Lipari hopes to add two panel members, increasing the number from nine to 11. This was the original number recommended.…
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Attention #Boulder - a study just released by the Boulder DA's office and @verainstitute confirms that Boulder's criminal justice system is far more racist against Black and Brown people than most other states, and even for Colorado, we're far worse than the state avg. 1/8
Here's data, for example, on Boulder's Latino rates of imprisonment compared to Boulder whites. "If Boulder County were a state it would rank 4th in the nation for" imprisonment disparities between whites and Latinos. 2/8
It gets worse. Boulder's criminal justice system is even more discriminatory toward Black people. A Black person in Boulder is about five times more likely to be prosecuted by the Boulder DA than a white person. 3/8
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#Boulder County is here to share more about the potential extension of its countywide transportation sales tax.
Commissioner Claire Levy says the county wants to get the city's feedback on the initiative and will field questions too.
Deputy Director of Community Planning & Permitting Kathleen Bracke is sharing first. "We're coming up on that critical timeframe," Bracke notes, adding that the current sales tax expires mid 2024.
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at tonight's Boulder Landmarks Board meeting, the local group Historic Boulder announced they are seeking legal council to stop the Millennium Hotel from being redeveloped into student housing #boulder
when you're opposed to housing, anything looks like a Landmark, it seems
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Hey, #Boulder, are you ready for your very last Tuesday night city council tweet thread EVER?
Not because I'm leaving or anything; meetings are just moving to Thursdays starting July 14. Summer break is between now and then, so this is the very last Tuesday night meeting.
They made it a special one for you. We've got
- A public hearing on outdoor dining (but NOT West Pearl closures)
- Discussion of a possible e-bike rebate program, a la Denver's
- And an update from the fire dept
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It's time for #Boulder's annual look at its finances, as well as some economic forecasting for 2023.

Lots o' good info in this:…
Before we start, here are the key dates for Boulder's 2023 budget. I expect to see some freaking engagement this year:
Study session: September 8
First reading: Oct 6
Second reading: Oct 20
Basically, the story is one of continued recovery. Sales tax, other revenue is up, though still not back to pre-pandemic levels. Boulder's budget has continued to exceed expectations (which were pretty dire).
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It's a Tuesday night in #Boulder, so that means a city council meeting.

Not feeling v much like tweeting after today's mass shooting. CC will be voting for the first time on gun violence prevention measures before moving into a study session.
I expect we will hear a few words about the shooting at an elementary school in Texas.

I myself have none.
Every week, I sit in support group and witness the after-effects of violence... decades after the events, we are still struggling to heal. Still.

Trauma is being created needlessly for thousands of families each year. It can be survived, but it cannot be endured.
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A thread of Catholic churches that have been vandalized, attacked, and their members harassed by pro-abortion extremists:
Sacred Heart of Mary in #Boulder, Colorado (Tuesday, May 3rd, 2022). The church was also vandalized last September, with similar pro-abortion slogans, along with slashed tires and smashed windows. ImageImageImage
St. Joseph's Priory in Armada, Michigan (just north of #Detroit), a chapel of the SSPX (Wednesday, May 4th). ImageImageImage
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It is I, your humble city council reporter, #Boulder, about to bring you another live meeting thread.

Though I am but a lowly woman who cannot be trusted to make decisions about my own body, I'll do my best to tweet this meeting for you.
Tonight we've got a joint public hearing with Planning Board to consider the East Boulder Subcommunity Plan (which I've actually read)*

*Am currently reading. I've been moving for the past 3 days.
And then a couple quick discussions on
- Allowing video testimony from the public
- Council appointments to a couple groups
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🧵While this spring in #Boulder sure has felt #windy, is it windier than “normal”? I checked @NREL’s M2 tower (near the wind turbines just east of Eldorado Canyon) using data from…
This photo of the Flatirons Campus is ~ 2017; I circled M2 in yellow. 1/5 View of NREL's National Win...
With data going back to 1996, and wind measurements at 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, and 80m above the surface, M2 gives us tons of choices for data. I used 1 Jan – 24 Apr for each year, using the 1-min average wind speed, and plotted the distributions of these data. 2/5
Every height, and every “extreme” wind I choose (99th, 95th, 90th percentile, or even just the mean wind speed), shows that the spring of 2022 is middle-of-the-road for wind speeds. Here’s the 2-m level, where 2012, 2009, and 2006 are the most extreme: 3/5 Image
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Current wind gusts in #NM at 4/22/22 12:25 in ABQ Image
Current wind gusts in #CO Image
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#Boulder city council is back in chambers for tonight's meeting, where we're talking outdoor dining. (And a super brief CU South flood mitigation update)
No public attendance, though. That starts next month.
Jay Elowsky of Pasta Jay's is here speaking during open comment about outdoor dining and the West Pearl closure.

"The real stakeholders are the ones who signed on the leases, the ones who are liable for the rents and loans they took out," he says.
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Hello, #Boulder. Prepare yourself for a v lackluster night of tweeting from me as city council discusses
- Efforts made on racial equity over the last year
- East Boulder subcommunity planning (which is almost done)
Oh, and a quick update on the library district process.
Reminder that next week's meeting will be in person for council and staff. The public is (probably) returning May 17.
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Hello on this beautiful Tuesday, #Boulder. We've got city council starting in about 15 min. (Though I hope you're still outside enjoying the sunshine.)
Tonight, we've got a public hearing for some budget stuff. Adding in $$ from ARPA, the infrastructure tax extension; and appropriating $$ spent during the Marshall Fire and windstorm.
And a 2-hr+ discussion on the library district. Council hashing out some key sticking points tonight for a potential future district.
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Now a report on traffic/street safety in #Boulder.…
So much to report here.... basically, aside from 2020 (an anomaly), the number of crashes overall has declined in recent years but the number of crashes resulting in severe injury and/or death has stayed fairly consistent.
Boulder does a Safe Streets Report every 3 years that looks at crashes and trends

65% of severe crashes happen on arterial streets (larger ones) despite the fact that they make up a minority of all Boulder's streets
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I'm here! Another #Boulder city council meeting. Tonight: Board and commission nominations (with a public hearing) and discussion of traffic crashes / injuries + deaths, and efforts to prevent them.
The "official" name of that latter subject is Safe Streets Report (as in, a study Boulder does every ~3 years on crashes and trends) and Twenty is Plenty — the city's 2020 move to lower neighborhood speed limits to 20 mph
Lots of interesting data in that one.
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Next up: Gun control legislation that #Boulder (and I think other area municipalities) are considering.

Staff presentation:…
This is a redo of the city's 2018 ban on assault weapons and large-capacity magazines that was undone by the courts in March 2021. Now a new state law allows local control.
In addition to that redo, they're proposing a bunch of new stuff, including:
- Raising the age limit for purchasing firearms from 18 to 21
- Instituting a 10-day waiting period for purchases
- Disallowing open carry
- Disallowing concealed carry in "sensitive" areas
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Library district is up first. Tonight, council will be hearing recommendations from the advisory committee they put together last year.…
What is a library district? It's a self-governing entity that runs libraries. They're quite common: Colorado has 57.
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It's a Tuesday. I'm in #Boulder. You know what that means... city council meeting thread time.
I know I previewed that council would talk about its plans for ARPA $$, including a guaranteed income program, but they moved that to next week.

Tonight we've got: Gun control and library district.…
It has not been a great mental health day for me, so I'm not sure how coherent my tweets will be. And tbh, I may give up altogether if I need to. But we'll see.
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Alright: Main event. The FBI and #Boulder PD agreement.
To use BPD officers for the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force.
"The decision to support the MOU is critical and many safety implications for our community are at hand today," Chief Herold says.
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Something you might want to be aware of, #Boulder: A new public hearing tmrw night on the police dept's agreement with the FBI to provide officers for anti-terrorism work. First discussed Jan. 18.…
Not a ton of info (council members have received confidential notes), but some concerns have been raised bc of the FBI's focus on Black Lives Matter protests/organizers.

Tmrw night is the vote to approve the agreement. Sign up to speak at the hearing:…
And you can read more about this in the Jan. 18 or Feb. 1 meeting packet (my notes are in the above linked thread). Find those here:…
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#Boulder city council retreat Day 2: Starting in 1 min
Starting the first priority topic tonight: Occupancy reform.
Yates is presenting on that.
He's starting with a 2016 retreat list:
Bandshell update
Camping ban statistics
Mobile food truck ordinance
Portland trip (to learn about homelessness)
Middle-income housing strategy
Beer pong tables on the Hill
P dog relocation
Public participation
Head tax
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Not that you *need* a Retreat recap, #Boulder, but here it is.

Council's 2022 priorities for housing...…
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