Don't forget to go explore. Map Camp starts on the 13th (i.e. Tuesday) but you can log into the platform, find where things are, plan your day now.
X : What are you planning for the introduction to #MapCamp
Me : It's already on the site, a short video introducing map camp. You can watch it now and then just get started on the sessions when they kick off on Tuesday.
X : What's through the windows?
Me : Three session tracks - archway, square and round - full of goodness.
X : No, I mean in the lobby / network area ... the outside of the office?
Me : Apocalyptic Mars landscape i.e. a quiet space of learning in the midst of a maelstrom.
X : Will the sessions be on youtube?
Me : Yes. You just can't ask questions unless you're there.

• • •

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8 Oct
Four years later, I'm still concerned that we are ignoring the causes (fear of being forgotten, loss of control, lack of opportunity, percieved unfairness) in order to pursue comfortable narratives for the symptoms ... oh well ->
... they were racists, they were ignorant, they were conned, we were robbed, it was the Russians ... anything to avoid saying that we (in our "wisdom") have created a manifestly unfair, unjust and excluded society in which a large number of people have rightly become angry.
X : How do you fix this?
Me : You won't like it.
X : Try me.
Me : You have to introduce exclusion / disadvantage in the opposite direction.
X : Such as?
Me : Anyone who has attended University or Private School should be permanently excluded from voting.
Read 4 tweets
7 Oct
X : What is the main lesson from COVID? Resilience? Supply chains? Adaptation? Adoption of digital tech?
Me : Lack of competency in leadership kills. It's not a new lesson, just a grim one.
X : What are the main casualties of COVID?
Me : People. Or do you mean something else?
X : Economy? Specific industries? Way of life?
Me : In the West? Truth, trust and fairness. I'm not sure how we're going to recover those.
X : Are you left or right wing?
Me : It's irrelevant. The fear of being forgotten, of lack of opportunity, of lack of control and unfairness has been ruthlessly exploited. We keep focusing on the symptoms (i.e. brexit) and not the causes. You can't rebuild bridges that way.
Read 4 tweets
7 Oct
X : What is cloud native?
Me : Containers and buy our kubernetes, give us money or you won't be cool but we also mean serverless but maybe build your own serverless on kubernetes and DevOps, it's got to be be open source, you're not really hip are you? What was the question?
X : What sort of definition is that?
Me : It's not about definition, it's a way of thinking, it's culture, it's ... buy some of our stuff, we've added new and improved microservices.
X : You're just making this up.
Me : It's fluid, you've got to be in the zone, it's anti-fragile.
X : This is hopeless.
Me : See cloud. Not the concept of providing compute as a utility but the term. Do you want some stickers?
X : Stickers?
Me : I've got some old "cloud" stickers for your data centre. I could scribble on "native" in biro if you like?
Read 14 tweets
7 Oct
X : Any views on cross comparson of countries regarding COVID?
Me : None in particular. We will need to learn lessons hence the need for a Royal Commission i.e. why is the UK death rate per 1M approximately 130x that of New Zealand? What things can we do better etc ...
... COVID is only one of many future shocks we have heading our way from environmental consequences to material constraints. It would be a horrendous waste of life not to learn the lessons that have been so costly.
X : Do you think Gov will avoid a Royal Commission?
Me : It can't be avoided. To do so would be a form of negligence bordering on the criminal. To try to curtail the necessary investigation and learning would open up Gov to accusations of corporate manslaughter.
Read 11 tweets
3 Oct
X : You know that project you spent a day mapping for us and said we would fail in these specific contracts.
Me : Gosh, that was seven years ago.
X : Well it failed in exactly the contracts you pointed to.
Me : You didn't change the contracts?
X : No.
Me : Why?
X : We spent five months writing those contracts, you spent a day mapping.
Me : You thought that time spent was somehow associated with correctness? The more words the better?
X : I'm not going to end up an X am I?
Me : No-one will ever know.
Me : Look on the bright side, a lesson learned. Next time map your project, apply contracts to the map and then chalenge whether you're building it the right way.
X : An expensive lesson.
Me : I won't ask. Water under the bridge. You're not getting those millions back.
Read 11 tweets
2 Oct
X : Has UK Gov handled COVID well?
Me : Many things we could have and could still do better on. However, compared to letting this virus run rampant then I applaud the action taken. But there are costly lessons (in terms of lives) to be learned and that needs a Royal Commission.
Me : I would also emphasise that we're not through this yet by a long shot. No, things are not "perfect", they never are. There are failures in the system and unfortunately those failures mean loved ones. But there are also good efforts being made. Hence my encouragement of Gov.
X : You're not answering the question. Is UK Gov handling this well?
Me : We could have and could still do better on many things. Let us leave that to a Royal Commission. Now is not the time. We should start by supporting positive actions being taken.
X : No criticism?
Read 7 tweets

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