In Uruguay, which has one of the best records in the world in fighting Coronavirus, the salaries of all public workers - including the President, his ministers, all MPs, but excluding medical workers - earning over 80,000 pesos a month were CUT by between 5% and 20% from March.
In the UK, which has one of the worst records in the world in fighting Coronavirus, MPs are on the verge of receiving not one, but TWO inflation-busting pay rises during the course of the pandemic.

These things are not coincidental. To put it mildly.
Uruguay is a VERY expensive country and 80,000 pesos a month, especially before tax, is not a huge salary at all.

But the example of solidarity was set from the top down. "If we're going to ask you to make sacrifices, so will we".
In Britain, the attitude of its government and legislature is: "You plebs must sacrifice and in many cases, die. There's different rules for us".
It wasn't even a leftist government that did this in Uruguay. It was a centrist/centre-right one.

In properly functioning democracies which care about ALL of its people, global pandemics are not about greed, selfishness or playing politics with death - but protecting everyone.

• • •

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THREAD: The big picture.

This has been a dark year, at the end of the darkest four years many of us have ever known in Western politics.

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Fake news. Dark money and even darker data use. Fears exploited; science and evidence ignored.

"Where?", we wondered, "is all this leading?" For huge chunks of that time, the answer has looked like: "Fascism. The end of democracy. The return of the nightmare years".
The post-mid-1990s liberal left had a lot to answer for that. Because when you abandon millions and millions of people - when you cosy up to big business and except neoliberalism with all its excesses - where do you expect them to go? What do you expect them to do?
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What's Biden? A healer. Trump's exact opposite.
The idea that Biden was just "another Hillary" has always been nonsense. First, because Hillary was almost as divisive as Trump. Second, because he appeals to working class voters in the rust belt in a way she just didn't, at all. Third, because he's too plain gentle to be hated.
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NARRATOR: Trump went inside and closed the balcony windows. With the cameras off, he doubled up in pain and felt like he could hardly breathe. Maskless, he ordered his assistants to help him into bed.

But still, his father would be proud. He was STRONG! He could beat this!
If only Melania was there... but she was quarantining elsewhere in the building. And besides, they slept in separate bedrooms. Had done for years. Poor Don.

He turned on the TV. He wanted to yell FAKE NEWS at CNN - but was so weak he could hardly speak.
That 'performance' had taken it all out of him.

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A serious point about what's happening in football right now. Football without fans is not and has never been football. It's something else. Something completely ersatz and artificial.

Yes, it can be wildly exciting, crazy, mad. But it's not football. Not in any serious way.
What we're watching all over the world are glorified training matches. With training match scorelines. And in which all sorts of players and teams who can't deal with pressure from fans - who have no bottle - are turning it on. Because there's no pressure at all.
Watching the Amazon doc on Spurs, one of the things I found most cringeworthy was when the giant scoreboard had a Zoom link to fans, at home, celebrating a Spurs goal. I know, I know: they're fans. What else are they supposed to do?

But I just found it... naff. Incredibly so.
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- That he won't deliver 'the will of the people'

- That he wants to divide the country at a time of massive national crisis

- That he's just another woolly London liberal

- That Labour haven't changed under him at all
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